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How to End a Fight in Seconds

How to End a Fight in Seconds

Okay guys so we’re going to be looking at how to end a fight in seconds, this is crucial. Your faced with a bigger, larger attacker. The importance of going preemptive is huge when your faced against a bigger attacker. Well, then what’s the secret, how do you take out a larger, bigger attacker? You got to hit first man. I want to put as many odds to as fast as possible. People say, Is it a cheap shot? Maybe it’s a cheap shot, but do I rather take a beating or take a chance of having somebody like Gio who is literary over-weighs me by a lot more, let him hit me first or do I go first. I rather hit first and take my chances. Again, you want to try to verbally diffuse the situation. You want to deescalate but when you’ve done everything you can, when your attacker is no longer communicating, well you got to hit preemptive, you got to hit first or you could take a chance and go say, I want to be a good Samaritan and I don’t want to have problems with the law, and take the chance that he might go preemptive on you, and he might send you to the hospital and be like well, at least I’m a little.
At least I don’t have any trouble with the law but maybe you are like broken jaw and sucking through his [INAUDIBLE AUDIO] top a straw tube. But that’s really your decision. But, what I would do I would go preemptive and I would hit first. You are faced with a larger attacker. What is the secret to end a fight? I will give you guys some of the most important first strikes. The first one is the head-butt. Top of the head in the facial area, what do I do? If I’m talking to my attacker, “boom” head-butt, right into the nose, right into the face. I could go from here, natural stance or I need to grab, or I can grab the person then go straight into the head-butt. However, remember if I grab him he might flinch. If he flinches and his head comes down and I go for a head-butt, I might take the shot so I want to be careful so if I’m going to set up a head-butt, I’ll start talking first a little bit slowly to bring him down, I’m going to start tilting my head down like I’m talking to him, I won’t make an eye contact. Whack, I’m just going to explode straight into the facial area. You have what, double palm strike. So if I’m faced again here with my attacker, one hand will come forward the other one will come back and I’m going to snap the neck driving the power forward, snapping the head back creating a lot of damage right into the head. You’ve got a hammer fist. So, if I’m here, I’m talking to the attacker, boom, straight into the bridge of the nose. Right again, hammer fist is a very powerful strike. So if I’m here, I’ll go straight into the bridge of the nose from there the fight doesn’t end, I always say no matter what strike you use, it’s going to be your first strike. I look at it as a machine strike, if I’m going to head butt him, much is gonna head but if I’m going to head butt him, I’m going to go right to palms, elbows, neck cranks, I want to make sure that I don’t give him one second to gain any kind of momentum. I want to disorient him as quickly as possible and hit him with big blows and finish the fight in seconds. So you got your head butt, you got your double palm strike, you got your hammer fist. Elbow’s man, right? So find me here when I’m talking, I could elbow right through the center light again very devastating strike because it’s so not telegraphic, it’s not coming around. It’s coming straight through the middle so it’s just this I’ll just go right through the chin. Boom, snapping his head back, okay. so those are some of the most devastating strikes that you can do in a street fight and those are some of the big ones, yeah you can go for the balls but if the guys is on drugs, if he’s on the adrenaline, I’ve seen it in fights. What I always say if I walk up to Gio and just kicked him in the nuts, I’d probably drop him but in the middle of the fight when his adrenaline is going, it might make him double over but I want to cause damage to the head because this is the biggest factor where I’m going to finish the fight in seconds. I want that head to snap as fast and as hard back and create as much damage in the brain and finish the fight as quickly as possible. Thanks. [Code Red Defense]

100 thoughts on “How to End a Fight in Seconds

  1. Don’t watch these bullshit videos. If you’re insecure about your ability to defend yourself go find a Krav Maga studio. But NEVER let anyone that close to you on the street. NEVER. Even if you want to do this guys little headbutt or awesome head strike. Ya better hope the big guy fucking with you isn’t taller than you. Seriously don’t listen to these bullshit videos and never let anyone inside your outstretched arm on the street. While you’re headbutting you might be getting stabbed in the gut

  2. Don't let a violent aggressor inside your breathing space. Period. If you are unable to escape, hit as described in this video as soon as the aggressor lunges at you, at that point you have every right to self defense. However if you sucker punch or head butt some dude screaming at you because you are afraid, that makes you the aggressor.

  3. Stuff like this dont work in the hood. You got to step in after a haymaker is thrown trip the opponent, grab arm and throw or armbar and snap their arms and fingers. Especially fingers just in case opponent want to be weak and resort to gunplay. I say you wont be playing videos games, opening doors, eating with your fingers, tasting cheetos of your fingertips, if you cross me. So think about that when you weigh the scale of putting up your hands or anyone that see me. Feel free to let bullies know this and tell me how it worked out.

  4. Jesus, what world do you inhabit that you have to do these things? Yeah, yeah…the real world, I hear you say. Guess what: I'm glad I don't live there.

  5. Your first move is a head butt?!?! So what if he steps back very slighty and grills you with a solid uppercut lol. Nice, your first move is to release eye contact and go for the hail mary of stupid moves lmfao. What a joke, lol first move ends up in a pendulum and gets his head slammed into a curb! Ahahahaha these youtube warriors are great for a laugh.

  6. a headbutt ? thats all there is to it. i feel so much saver now knowing the solution to any dangerous sitiuation.

  7. .380 hollow points work well, too.
    Some would say only as a last resort, but I'm a disabled veteran who avoids conflict as much as possible, so justifiably, it's my first resort.
    An old, broken down bear is STILL a bear. Be careful who you provoke, youngsters!

  8. How to end viewing a video in one minute and 2 seconds: Repeat the same trash on multiple occasions and bore the viewer to death. No surprise there's 10K thumbs down.

  9. how not to get in a fight.
    1) always mind your own business
    2) don't talk sh!t
    3) daddy always said nothing good happens after midnight, except sex, so go home
    4)stay in shape, less likely to be a target
    5 when provoker starts talking trash, walk, don't communicate
    6) if 1-5 didn't work, practice your psycho look, talk to yourself, mumble about serving another "10 in the pen, just like after the last MF was talking trash to ya"

  10. Talk, talk, talk. *If you want to stop the fight, just strike as hard as you can on a sensitive point and follow it up with a couple of blows. Show no mercy, because the other party won't. Never get into a 'clean' fight. It's not how you play the game that counts, it's whether you win or lose. Don't be a loser.

  11. People like this are paranoid,they expect to get into street fights every time they leave the house.When was the last time you saw a street fight? let alone be in one.Perhaps they'd be better off going to safer places instead of strutting around looking for trouble and finding it.

  12. Never saw any of this bullshit in actual street fights. I've been in many, and witnessed many more. This is total bullshit, headbutt someone like me or do that double palm shit to my chin and it will just make me mad. Real fight ends up on the ground, better have a solid top and ground game, go straight for the head with solid strikes, don't ever open palm an opponent (like you are a kung fu master? How much open palm strikes you see in MMA?) and dominate the takedown, grapple, wrestling, and execute shit like ground and pound. Otherwise learn to talk your way out of an easy assault or battery charge.

  13. Someone tryed to headbutt me in the nose once! luckily I put my head down and we clashed foreheads, then because he was such a big tough guy I think he thought that was gonna be it! and my little skinny 14 yr old self would just stay scared and not retaliate? But! I punched him in the face with a "punch knife" then grabbed his hair! pulled his head down and punched the shit out of his face! Crazy shit! look out who you fuck with, I was one scared, tired, traumatized kid and I just blacked out and turned animal, I think the guy deserved it, he looked way older and was stocky confident, and was also scaring my friend, I was just a kid still not anywhere near fully grown, that kind of thing happened a lot when I was a kid and ended up leading me down the wrong path, but I'm not sorry to people like that as they would have become humbler hopefully and I didn't kill them so thank god for that. These days I just stay away from people and places that assholes hangout at, simple really, and I learnt to box etc…. which has prevented me from being so violent, I know how to defend myself pretty well with just my fists, but yea I feel for young men in these shit environments where, because they aren't bought up properly and confident with the skills they need, they unfortunately kill each other and ruin their lives, So I have to say Boxing saved me, otherwise I was starting to get large prison time and being threatened with life behind bars like some of my brothers, people should avoid places with alcohol etc.. In my case, it became like a curse to stick up for myself because I didn't have the skills and had to resort to being an animal, anyway as long as there's populations of fatherless children being bought up by mad women and single parent, step parent homes, because the feminists fucked up the family unit? we will always have lots of future prisoners, mentally ill people, gangs etc…. I'm just glad that I made it out and away from that telegony, abortion, hoe and pimp cesspool the left is so intent on nurturing for the vote! the politicians that promote and create these welfare states will receive all the karma for these events, activities, and environments! its a shame I cant take them by the neck through my life experience so they can really taste the hopelessness confusion loss of identity etc… but just like that guy that attacked me? Karma is a bitch! I have to say the most important thing for me was education from the late great srila Prabhupada, His books turned my world around, great man.

  14. if its a drunk guy it’ll work💀 i train Muay Thai. you need way more than these little steps💀 just ganna piss the guy your fighting off🤣

  15. You also have to consider that you may have a high probability of running into said attacker the next day, later in the week, etc… I don't suggest attacking anyone. Not good advice to give. Shame.

  16. If you avoid assholes in the first place you don't have to worry about anything. Moreover, if you do attack first you don't need to all of this stuff on the video; a quick punch to the adams apple and it's all over. He might die, but it's all over.

  17. Right off the bat unless you are Bas Rutten, a headbutt is NEVER a useful option. What better way to immobilize the attacker and give yourself brain damage? If your gunna butt heads you better understand the physics behind butting heads

  18. how about looking him in the eye with fists balled so he (attacker) will be expecting you to swing with one of your arms. that's when you act like your swinging but instead a swift buckling kick to the side of his knee cap or straight forward to the front of the knee cap

  19. Fuck hitting first with bigger opponents only, I wanna be the one walking away unharmed, i'll strike first no matter what size my opponent is, you never know how strong or skilled they are, size rarely means shit!

  20. Literally the worst peice of shit for a tutorial i ever watched.
    Head games??
    A real fighter doesnt give you a chance to get that close and knows when someone is going to try something.
    And that approach for the headbutt is all fucked up.
    Never open with a headbutt. Its better to be used in middle of a combo.
    People like you get others hurt because of the asshole jock douchebag way of fighting.
    Any soldier or professional fighter wont fall for those talking approaches thats leads into fighting.
    Nope im done…

  21. lol, only bar fight i was in, ended in .5 seconds. he had a good 8 inches taller and 100 lbs more…. he wanted my chair, i am the only one in the bar till him and his buddy walk in. got to the push, slowly walked in. eye contact, headbutt , falls down ko. lol gg

  22. This guy is clearly a FAKE dude .. he does the talk .. but he know's sh-t about real martial arts or fighting. "hammer-fist is the most powerfull strike…" .. wtf?

  23. Lol There is always a stupid kid on the internet dancing around talking talking talking born every minute.

  24. Most people their adrenaline takes over and get winded before that fighteven began!
    Personally to me. You should always think your life is being threatened and I always take off my clothes and fight naked
    And that gets them. Dazed and Confused swinging your dick and running.Lmfao

  25. How to end a fight fast? Simple; kick him in his nuts, next shove your fingers into his eyes, after that punch his throat and from there you can kick his nuts in again and simply reapeat. If he falls to the ground stomp on his nuts and than his throat and head….no bull shit this really works.

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