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How to edit your text ad in AdWords

How to edit your text ad in AdWords

With AdWords you have the option to edit your
ad at any time. In this video, we’ll show you how to edit
your text ad and explain what happens once you do. Click “Try it now” on-screen or in the
Youtube description to follow along in your account, or follow the steps as we show them
here: Once you’re signed in to your AdWords account
go to your Ads tab. Hover over the ad you want to edit and click
the pencil. To make changes, just edit the text that’s
already in your ad. To edit the text for multiple ads at once,
check the box beside each of the ads you want to edit. Then click Edit and Change ads Here, you can set text, find and replace text,
append text or change the case of text for all your ads. You can also preview your changes before you
make them. Keep in mind that once you edit your ad, it
has to go through Google’s approval process again. Your ad may not run until it has been re-approved. Also be aware that editing an ad is the same
as creating a new ad, so its performance history will be set to zero. You’ll still be able to see your campaign’s
historical statistics by going to your Campaigns tab and selecting All from the dropdown menu. However, you won’t be able to resume the
original version of your ad. If you want the same text as before, you’ll
need to create a new ad. If you have any questions about how to edit
your ad’s text in AdWords, you can post them for our experts in the comments section
below. You can also ask a question on social media
or join a discussion in the AdWords community. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel
to catch all the latest AdWords videos. Thanks for watching!

8 thoughts on “How to edit your text ad in AdWords

  1. Dear Adwords team,
    These videos are nice and all to beginners, will you guys be creating some advanced level how to videos?

  2. I accidentally removed my Ad and when I re-enter the same Info in a new Ad it was disapproved? Why? It was working fine in the first time.

  3. it was so easy earlier . now they have changed everything which is so confusing ..earlier anyone could have posted ad but now we have to go and learn from some digital marketing tutor

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