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How to: Easy Flat Iron Curls (No Twisting!)

How to: Easy Flat Iron Curls (No Twisting!)

(calm music) – Hey, everyone, Kayley here with an easy way to get flat iron curls that doesn’t involve the
annoying twist and pull situation so I think it will make
the whole curling your hair with a flat iron process
way better for you. So that being said, let’s get into it. So today, I’m gonna use
the T3 SinglePass Luxe Iron because it has beveled plates and they’re also flexible
so they bend with your hair and that just means
that it’s going to glide a lot smoother through your hair while you’re trying to curl it. I’m also gonna grab a little
bit of heat protectant spray. This one is the Crystal Shine
and Hold by Schwarzkopf. It adds a little bit of shine
and a little bit of hold which I am never gonna say no to. So I’m gonna show you
this with the iron off. I encourage you to
practice with the iron off and then do it once you feel
like you got the hang of it. This method is gonna be a
lot like wrapping your hair around a curling iron. If you were to curl this piece
of hair with a curling iron, you would just wrap it around until it heats up and
then it would be done. It’s gonna be similar with
this but it’s a flat iron. So you’re gonna put the
flat iron at your root. For the front of the iron, you’re gonna wrap it around
like it’s a curling wand then when you get to the back, just pull it through the plates, clip them together and
then slide it through and then whichever way you
wrap the hair around the iron is the way the curl’s gonna go. So I’m wrapping away from my face, bringing it through the plates, clipping it and then sliding it through. If you want it to go towards your face, it’s the same principle. Put it at your root,
wrap it toward your face, pull it through the plates, clip and slide and that’s the method. So now that you got the idea, let’s show it with the iron on. So starting with our section, wrap, pull, clip and slide. I always give it a little twist at the end and there you go. Okay, so there is the bottom half. Now, I’ll do the top half. Boom. Now, a little helpful tip from me to you is that no matter how
good your flat iron is, if you are clamping these plates together, it’s gonna be really hard to glide the iron through your hair because you’re literally grabbing the hair with the flat iron. So my advice, keep it loose. You can have them just closed
or even a little bit open. The heat’s still gonna be on your hair. It’s still gonna curl your hair but it’s gonna make your life a lot easier than if you’re just like ergh, grabbing onto the hair with that flat iron because that just makes
it really difficult. On a side note, something
else I really love about this flat iron is that it has ceramic and
tourmaline mixed in the plates that actually seals your
cuticle as you’re using it so your hair is a little healthier and a little shinier after you use it. That’s something I really love about T3. Keep your hair healthy but styled. There’s the first side done. Gotta do the next side. On this side, it’s the
exact same principle. You’re gonna wrap your hair either away or toward your face depending
on what you want to do. I feel like I really actually
enjoy doing flat iron curls now that I figured out this method whereas before it was
always kinda like eh. I didn’t really love it. Okay, so if you wanted to
do it towards your face, just to show you guys ’cause
I have kind of alluded to it but so you guys can see how it works. If I had a curling iron, I’d be wrapping it this way
to wrap it toward my face so it’s the same principle. Iron’s open. Step one, wrap it around the front. Step two, pull it through the plates. Step three, clip. Step four, slide. Le curl. And I’m just gonna leave it there. We’ll just have one random curl going the opposite of everybody else. Always be that curl, the curl that’s just doing
its own thing, loving life. Be that curl. PS, it really helps if
you brush this first. I feel like some of you guys might ask me if you can do this on short hair. The answer is absolutely yes. You can see here I have this really short
piece of hair next to my face. It curled just as well as everything else. It’s like my ear length. So yes, absolutely, you
can do this on short hair. Okay and last one. (singing) And there we go, flat iron curls. I’m gonna break these up a
little bit with my fingers or you can just shake them out. Just do this number, same thing. Then I’m gonna hit my
roots with a little bit of this Ouai Texturizing Hair Spray. This adds a little bit
of volume and texture so I’m just using it at my roots because I have fine, flat hair and I will take all the volume
and texture that I can get. Then finishing off with
some Ouai Soft Hair Spray. I’m just going to spritz this onto my hair and then scrunch because I think that accentuates
the curl really nicely. So just spritz, spritz, spritz,
spritz, spritz and scrunch. And that is it for these flat iron curls. I hope you guys give it a try ’cause I find it so much easier than that whole twist and flip situation. This method really works for me and I actually really enjoy it. So give it a try. See if it makes your life easier too. I have one extra little
bonus for you guys. T3 offered to do a giveaway for you. They’re giving away their
Touch of Luxe gift set which is the SinglePass
flat iron that I used today and this Patricia Morales hair pin. This thing is rose gold plated. It is like the nicest
hair thing that I own. So if you want to win
this set, linked below. May the odds be ever in your favor. That’s it for this video. Hope you’ve enjoyed it and
I’ll see you in my next one. Bye.

100 thoughts on “How to: Easy Flat Iron Curls (No Twisting!)

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