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How to Earn money with DU promotion Ads | Earn money online

How to Earn money with DU promotion Ads | Earn money online

if you are a new youtuber and you youtube channel is not monetised or you are working very hard to monetise your channel then also if you want ads on your youtube videos? and earn some money wait there is a solution for this that is what I am going to tell you guys in this video how to get ads on your youtube videos with the help of du screen recorder this is a new feature of du screen recorder known as ad promotion if your youtube channel is monetised then also you can get ads on you youtube videos I am going to tell every information regarding this Please don’t skip watch the full video becoz every step is interdependent Hello guys how are you my name is Rahul Sharma and you are watching FUN with RS now this is our phone open du screen recorder and you can see there are some on my videos which I made on my phone about PUBG here you can see promotion settings everything is 0 here now there are some rules I am going to explain all these rules to you in short and clear I will tell each and every rule in short and easy first you have to login with your google account I have created a new google account for this special video allow it my google account is now logged in select any video you want to upload on youtube then click on ad promotion now the video is generating promotion materials this is my smallet video so it will not take much time DU is creating your promotion video completed two steps are completed there are two more to go video has been generated now share this video to youtube share it click on share and select youtube add title you want to add you can clear this description if you want to you can write you want to in description you can even erase the du link the video is now uploading let me pause the video now processing is going on video is now successfully uploaded now copy the url/link of this video by click on share and copy link then again move to DU screen recorder click on ok and paste the URL you have copied now click on ok you have created your promotion video succesfully as you can see here after making a promotion video you can also customize your ad setting or change your ad if there is another but only only 1 ad is left of TikTok In which I will get $0.61 for /1000 views the amount may differ if you are living in a different country you can also withdraw your money by PayPal but you should have earned atleast $10 because DU recorder is an international site so It will require a International wallet PayPal is very easy to use you can make a PayPal for receiving payment or if you have an existing freelancer PayPal account to receive money now I will show you how DU will pay us and for what let me open my promotion video you can a ad of 3 sec at the very starting of video another there is a watermark at left uppermost corner and a 3 sec ad in the last of the video so for this DU will pay you if you loved this video than please comment share with your friends and subscribe my youtube channel FUN with RS and press the bell icon for latest updates THANKS FOR WATCHING MY VIDEO!!!!!!!!

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  1. Literally i liked, just, , just commenting, saying love you.. This is most unique powerful worth watching video… Thanks a lot

  2. Bhai Is se hamare channel ko nuksaan to nhi h jaise koi copyright aa jaye ya phir channel banned ho jaye batao.

  3. Sir Promotion contents me jane ke baad download pe click kr ne baad wo side open nhi ho rhi he sir please help. Mi

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