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How to Dominate with Facebook Ads in 2016

How to Dominate with Facebook Ads in 2016

hey this is keith krance from dominate web
media and i made this video so you can make 2016 the most epic your yet for
your business ok if you want to be on the leading edge
of where things are headed ok where things are going when it comes
to facebook ads and paid traffic in digital marketing and not where things
were six months ago or 90 days ago or a year ago I want you to be on the cutting
edge and that’s where we always have been over these last few years and
today’s video is about how you can can be there and and some great action steps
and what I want to share with you are a couple things that ryan deiss brendon
burchard and Dan Kennedy three of the smartest most successful business owners
and entrepreneurs on the planet also all three are are just pioneers
when it comes to marketing and digital marketing specifically I want to talk to
you about something each one of them said it’s very very important that can
be important to your success in making this year an incredible year all right and at the end of this video
i’m also going to give you a good little breakdown of how you can implement this
stuff and and on kind of a tactical basis – so let’s get right into it alright so first of all remember shark
burner shard recently spoke at Joe polishes super high level genius Network
event which is a ten thousand dollars per person event people like Peter Diamandis course
brennan Boesch are Dan Sullivan Tony Robbins were all there all paid ten
thousand dollars and we’re all speaking at this event including you know several
others and and i recently watched the recording of a Brennan’s presentation
because they sold the recordings to to this event and there was something that
Brendan said at the beginning of his top kind of to preface his is 30 minute talk
is 30 minute talk was was going to be about really how to how to go out and
really be true to your audience and be authentic and be be focused on making a
difference button in the first few minutes I’m going to read you I’m going to basically repeat what he
said all right so it’s in the first few
minutes before you got right into his main top I’m gonna basically kind of repeat this
kind of one one minute I’m gonna kind of repeat the one minute of his talk and
and he was talking about how he spoke a year ago to the same group and and what
he said was one of my challenges to the group last year was this if you’re not spending a thousand
dollars a day on facebook ads you have not entered the modern era of
marketing . and if you haven’t started that work it’s time to start that work
because i want to give you an update ok so that’s what we do we we do even
more than that but since I stood on the stage last year we have four and a half
million more followers on facebook since last year over 25 million dollars
in revenue has come in from just facebook strategies alone alright so British are they’ve so 25
million dollars coming in the last year for facebook strategies alone now I i disagree on the thousand dollars a
day you don’t have to be spending a thousand dollars a day to make a huge
impact on facebook we’ve got clients that are spending you know two or three
hundred dollars a day that are are in the mid six figures you know pushing a million dollars a
year so you can make a map big impact on less than that but really i love that
that goal to be able to get to a thousand dollars a day because that is
absolutely game changing and we are in a a period of time where we don’t know how
long this is gonna last I feel like we’re still are in this gold
rush especially with what’s happening right now with facebook video ads and
the prices and how cheap they are that stuff’s going to stop is not going
to be this cheap for this long and burning continues because one of the
things that I heard from a lot of genius Network members was like well you don’t
understand Brennan I got this infrastructure and it’s hard on me and
global blah i’m a student of a lot of people in this room so i take it
seriously when i say this i don’t say it to challenge you I say it because you
have a responsibility to reach more people with the work that you do and
that begins by entering the modern era begins by entering the era where you’re
running facebook ads you’ve got to stop looking at ads as spending money and instead as
more as as an investment every dollar I spend on facebook i get a
dollar 87 back within 90 days so how much would you spend on facebook
if they let me spend a million dollars which they won’t um I do it I do it right now because my
message is that important to me ok but what I get from a lot of people
is is Brendan I started trying this stuff and I can only get a hundred
people to watch my video and eccentric cetera et cetera and then what Brendan
continue to go on and what he said next was you know honor and never forget the
worth of one ok the value of one viewer one person
that watches your video and and then he went on to talk about this really really
cool cool talking to assistant is a great
presentation but what I want to talk to you now is this is keith talking not
Brandon but is is he’s so right okay you don’t have to be spending a
thousand dollars a day to to win on facebook but you need to do the work ok so many people are so focused on I
got to outsource facebook I’ve got to find somebody higher and do
it higher and do it for me so many people are out there thinking you know
who can I hire to get this off my plate I need to hire somebody to run Facebook
Ads blah blah blah and the thing is a lot of people are sometimes you’re
getting in this mobile you’re thinking of how can i outsourced and in an
outsource all this busy work that I don’t like when you have to realize that
this is like high level stuff yes it might be you might not be good at it but
you might be better off in some cases doing the work and then you know over
time after you really dial the stuff and bring it in house train somebody to do
it but this is this is one of the most important things you can ever do you
know we’ve got a couple clients in my navigator coaching program which is
where it’s kind of a done with your we get on weekly call small group calls and
and one on one calls and we’ve got a couple people in that group that have
doubled the double their business last year 2015 and it was all because they
used facebook ads to amplify their already successful funnel ok and they did the work they didn’t just
go outsource it to somebody else and try to hire somebody off elance it doesn’t
work that way this is important stuff I had a good friend of mine I heard the
other day is getting ready to open up another local gym and fitness gym and he
was talking about how on he’s gonna do a lot of marketing offices
in new gym and he wants to have to get somebody hire somebody to run his
facebook is at and I’m like dude you gotta do the work this is how you’re going to fill up your
gym and if you’re going to do anything without any other gyms or if you’re
going to franchise this out you’ve got to have a system and you’re the only one
that can do it you’re the one that’s going to create the videos to create the
content you’ve got to do the work alright so let’s get let’s get I want to
digress too much because i want to get into the good stuff here so in this some
more tactical stuff on but please please this is important stuff and it’s worth
the frustration sometimes it can feel and and sometimes you feel like you’re
wasting your money but you but you’re not because every time you make an
impression out there you’re learning something and also
you’re building your fan base for building your email list you’re building
your custom audiences your branding yourself and your future campaigns will
be that much more successful all right let’s talk about something
Ryan Deiss was talking about just the other day during a video that he created
for his digital marketer engage group his their their membership group which I
strongly encourage you to join if you’re not already a member it’s 38 bucks a
month and it’s just awesome stuff on this is a picture he just posted on his
facebook profile while back with with him and Perry Belcher on his partners
with the shark tank crew and and ask molly was what was Ryan do with the
shark pit crew she’s like she’s like yeah he’s helping
damage on by companies no big deal just consulting with them
okay these guys know what they’re doing and they are always on the cutting edge
and i love the video that Ryan talked about because it’s so much in alignment
with what we do and what we’ve been teaching for for quite a while at
dominate web media and inside Facebook Ads university and when he talked about
was this this new branding ok ryan deiss is talking about a lot of
the the 2016 traffic and conversion event is going to be about this new branding
ok and he talked about when it comes to
branding and selling ok you have to realize that you can do
both and you should do both okay there’s always been people that our
branding is horrible the direct response marketing and you shouldn’t be doing
branding and there’s brand branding marketers that don’t hate direct
response and you’ve got to combine the two and we’ve always we’ve been we’ve
been working on this for the last couple of years but i love what Ryan said was
all branding is is is basically like making deposits of relational equity ok I i call that good will so a lot of times when we talk about
creating goodwill running facebook ads into a and ungated content piece an
article or blog where were somebody can consume your content without having to
exchange anything like their email address or an hour of their time for a
webinar or seven bucks or a hundred bucks or a thousand bucks right so or
they can watch a video inside the facebook news feed without having to pay
for anything and as far as time money or or their
email address and what that is is is what you’re doing in is think about it
as a bank ok but instead of money in this Bank
it’s actually Brian calls it relational equity ok i call it good will so every time you do something where
you’re creating goodwill and somebody doesn’t have to give something in
exchange for not trying to sell something you’re making deposits ok and you want
to build up that that relational equity and then the more you have the more that
you can withdraw ok and that’s when it comes to selling
so you’re selling is basically making withdrawals of relational equity ok or
making withdrawals of goodwill like i like to say but that can also be really
any kind of conversion focused campaign if you’re trying to ask somebody for
their email address or they’re an hour and a half of their time for to sit
through a webinar that all in my opinion is selling okay you’re asking them to
give you something in exchange whether it’s the email address their time of their money
ok so what you want to always be thinking with all of your marketing is
is always be you want to be making deposits but you so you can make more so you have more money or more equity to
be able to withdraw when it comes to your kind of promotional stuff so let’s
think about this way I think about like I like to refer back to facebook ads
because that’s what we really focus on most over here so I if you’re running a
link post ad which is like a page post link add the most popular add you see on
facebook where the image is a clickable link and you click on that image and it
takes off facebook and you’re running a tad into a blog post and they don’t have
to opt in for it i like i like to put a number on it so let’s say that’s a ten
dollar deposit ok if you run a maybe 5 to 10-minute
content video I can be content video that I also has a soft call to action
into some kind of a landing page like maybe a webinar registration page or an
opt-in or something like that that’s borderline right because you are
asking for something but in what you’re teaching your you’re giving maybe five
tips or one or two tips ok this is a great video that we like to
do and I and that’s kind of like you’re making the deposit but they are asking
them for something at the end it might be like a five dollar deposit all right
let’s say engagement facebook posts are like a light campaign where you maybe
have an image inspirational quote maybe you’ve gotta
like you’re given a tip you write out a long post and maybe you amplify it with
Facebook Ads maybe you don’t it doesn’t matter okay the point is this
is purely goodwill ten dollar deposit ok now let’s say you doing a branding
video maybe it’s a three four minute video maybe it’s a 10 minute video and
there’s no call to action at all or you know maybe you have a link to your home
page at the end of the video or in the post but there’s no call to action you
know that would be like a twenty dollar deposit now the other side is
withdrawals so let’s say you run a traditional link
post facebook add to an opt-in page for a lead magnet you know check lister or
checklist or guide or free video series or webinar registration or a free demo or whatever it is right maybe that’s
like a ten-dollar withdrawal let’s say you’re doing a 30-second video
to a landing page I’d say that’s a still withdrawal
because I 30 super sore short video like 20 to 30 seconds you don’t have enough time to really
create any relational equity or goodwill so that’s still kind of a negative ok so
let’s say you’re doing a retargeting that maybe it’s just a traditional image
link add or retargeting video ad but it’s going into a sales page of course
that’s it that’s going to be a withdrawal so i might be able to draw
all of ten dollars so when it comes to your your campaigns if you just understand this you don’t
have to do everything exactly like everybody else you just have to understand the core
principle here and look so i might run a blog post and amplify that and then I
might run I’ll i also might run a link post ad and I might even run about the
same time to the same audience because you know I’m getting ten dollars and
goodwill and I’m taking ten dollars out and I’m kind of breaking even there the point is is that you don’t have to
have like the perfect exact same funnel is we might talk about some time on the
podcast or somebody else might teach or somebody else might be doing as long as
you understand this core principle you will win okay and don’t give up after one
campaign and just realize that each of these different campaigns are serving a
different purpose I’m gonna break it down you even a
little bit more for you in a second so if this is a little bit a lot just hold it just hold on so this
stuff work in the real world yes it does and actually I want to let
you listen in on like a one minute conversation that I had just a few days
ago with one of our coaching clients i love this call and it’s perfect for this
situation because i was on a college too few days ago with Bob Carr who is one of
our navigator clients and witches are high in coaching program at dominate web
media where we get on calls like once a week it with me one-on-one or was one of
our coaches and we have small group calls and on this call it was it was
Richard Oh screwed was one of our coaches myself and also bob carr but bob
has a business where that a lot of people might think that would be
difficult to get facebook ads to work they have a service-based business in
the Northeast where they do garage makeovers garage
flooring they do sprinkler system installed snow
removal that type of stuff and we’re gonna call the other day and I love this
because bob is referencing back to our strategy of you know creating goodwill
driving traffic into to the content and not just lead gen like that’s all they
were doing before was a hundred percent lead gen and what we’ve done is we’ve
we’ve added this this approach and and you listen to this
you’ll notice this isn’t just a long-term strategy this is a short-term
strategy to people are calling in okay check this out it’s pretty cool it’s one of the three things i want to
cover we have time is I use call rail for from my a phone number tracking guys
and I noticed since monday i turned to a dance-off up all someone like Christmas
Eve because that you know what my price spike up and now reviews enough conversion way down by
the way every fired him up got a lot of hits but then no one on monday morning i
do Big E blasts outskirts a lot of different lists for my weber in from
elgin I got two different list i used for a
lot of her list anyway I started getting a lot of phone calls into the office to
the girls and women in my office from call rail they were coming from facebook i got an
identified you know so I happen it’s just stupid stupid with me is I still
can’t figure out where and how yet where it’s good thing but why are people
calling you know where they see and I got the call numbers one error
management question but then again is why it happened I should I want to
amplify that next floor damned if I can figure that out that makes sense I can get phone calls I know that phone
calls coming from my facebook ads i turn my google ads all but i still
know because it comes it is just identify each a different number on your
tracking number yeah so what’s coming from a Facebook ad
so that’s step one I know that for a fact i can tell you where as coming from
but it’s like why I wonder our people only instead of clicking and an old
Christmas time that’s always been a big thing last couple years I just thought that was kind of
interesting you know like hmm you know it’s good it’s a girl sex me know
somebody the phone call message and say hey you sent to a salesman and now give
me up when we should go to with their expertise but it’s like hmm wonder why
you know obviously keep that comes back from with you and Richard been preaching
Jimmy back to on the bar with the article because all of a sudden I
started getting a lot more versions for the garage makeovers and then the phone
also got to make over two floors so whatever we’re doing is working i just
need identified more you can dig into it more where it’s coming from right now if
you look at my leads for today I’m gonna show three if you look at my page but i also got
one from floors i got for makeovers see you got one for making
we have 14 floors starting at five leaves today i’ll guarantee i’ll
guarantee you from loving giving out probably 15 12 b 15 leaves gotcha gotcha but this is not get up
right here by looking at my screen is that what I’m giving up today ok good thing it’s just I just sometimes
want to share with you at all I guess another thing is it’s it’s I
mean it’s good haha it’s just that it doesn’t show up here
as a conversion but it’s really a conversion because we’re calling in
right don’t know but there for hours for
getting my my answering service it’s good i get the same message at
night and passed . so i just thought that was cool because I wouldn’t get in
this much harder to you guys keep ok because until you remember had me going
to start net which gives a brief summary of all yeah i remember one I’ll be perfectly
honest with you come up you have to do something else I was rich and I said you know that shit
ain’t gonna work you know I was a part now I’m seeing it
from just you know shutting them out in and double down and doing what you told
me the base of the foundation right I’m seeing a house like you’re worthy
people coming from and they’re coming back out of the woods so I mean it bring your costs way down and makes you
feel good it just now I want to identify that war but I guess I get you Richard
people like said he’s gonna call in but it’s a good thing because i’m getting
that board now that I was before guys when I was just doing straight
conversions you don’t say it so it’s i guess more
people get interested while mama right you’re building track building value
guys it’s just a nice way of saying thanks you guys but just thought I was
not a cool this week it’s like meanwhile you can always phone call it’s good thing so there you have it ok
that’s just one example out of so many that we have but i just love the way
that conversation was pretty cool so we’re just scratching the surface right
now with Bob and so many things all after like literally
six seven weeks are all the sudden started to become so much more clear to
him when it comes to overall strategy and also just to facebook tactical stuff
implementation so it’s tough to just got to get over the hump now i want to talk about something that
Dan Kennedy said just a few days ago to one of my coaching clients one of my
navigator clients that i mentioned the other day where we were it’s my done with you we work with you
get one we do one-on-one calls and we do the the weekly small group calls and and
and Keith we also gets mentoring from dan kennedy and Dan had made a comment
about just get to 10,000 leads and you’ll be fine and I’ll and I’ll prep
I’ll tell you what he meant by that in just a second but basically Keith had a
traditional business for 20 years selling office equipment or a retail
equipment to businesses all over the country and he sold that business
recently and now he’s rolling out these information products teaching people the
management system that he used to be able to free himself up to be able to go
on a date vacations a year and still have the super profitable business ok and so he did the the the information
product of coaching this management system is new ok but he’s been using it for ever but
now he’s starting to tip sell his training people and how he did it now
and so he’s getting advice from dan kennedy and Dan Kennedy is the
traditional direct response guide to the core right there that you know they this
whole social advertising thing is fairly new to them but it’s funny how quick he
still gets it a lot of people think all the old school
direct response guys don’t get it well Dan Kennedy gets it and what he said to
keith was very very interesting he told him that just get to 10,000
leads and you’ll be fine he sound like a two-thousand-dollar
information product you can’t just sell that to a brand new facebook lead right
off the bat or even within seven days his point was that i use facebook to
generate leads and build your list and try to break even on that ad spend as
soon as you can you sell something after theMaythat’s fine but know that your follow-up
system your trust building is going to be the key and so if you just focus on doing
everything you can do to try to break even and make some good
profit while you’re generating more leads okay you’re using Facebook to
acquire leads and then once you start to build up that pool up to like five or
10,000 people guess what people are going to start
this to start buying with your follow-up system and that’s what happens you start
to sell a lot more stuff when it starts to get bigger and bigger and bigger and
then all of a sudden it’s like holy crap now it’s like this snowball and it’s not
you’re not so stressed out about those brand new leads and it’s kind of like
the brand Charlotte had said they’re looking out 90 days now because they’re
doing so many things to be able to scale out they want to go negative right off
the bat because they just want to get leads because they know they can turn
them to a huge profit within 90 days now some people their goal is to make
that profit back right within 24 hours and that’s totally fine but the point is
is that it’s all about building your assets ok it’s about building a relationship
you can’t just expect generate a lead and then sell them a five-hundred-dollar
product or a thousand dollar product just doesn’t work that way ok and that’s where the strategies that
I talked about the cool thing that even dan kennedy on these guys aren’t even
doing quiet that don’t mind it that the stuff I’m talking about here is even
next level because guess what even though I said he said get to 10,000
leads you don’t necessarily need to get to 10,000 leads at all ok you you really don’t because when you
start to do things like running video ads like a 10 minute video at where
you’re building trust and you’re like you’re speeding up that process so
instead of some time maybe take in two weeks for your email autoresponder spot excuse me so instead of maybe taking two
weeks for that relationship to build up that equity to be able to select more
expensive product a lot of times you can take a shortcut with that by using a
really good video or a Content amplification ad and so you can kind of
speed up that process is when when you follow the way we do things ok so instead of work trying to get to
10,000 leads now keith is a high level I had paid a lot of money to be to be
you know getting mentored by Dan you don’t need to be at 10,000 leads you
could be at five hundred me getting tons of great results but here’s what I want
you to think about for like a year from now so let’s set some 2016
goals so how about you know pick a number so
if you’re watching this video right now and you’ve already got 10,000 fans may
be your goal is to get to 20,000 if you’ve already got 30,000 maybe your
goal is to get to 50 or 60,000 kind of extrapolate a little bit for what your
situation is but even if you’re at zero fans right now are 500 I still think
five ten thousand fans can be the goal for you no matter what your budget is a
year from now ok so let’s say it’s 10,000 fans and the
next thing might be 30,000 website custom audience visitors right so that’s
an audience that you can now reach target with your facebook ads or you can
create a look like audience based off of those 30,000 visitors and Facebook will
create an entirely new audience Cold audience but have similar interests
behaviour and and and likes and interests and shopping habits and stuff
like that ok and and those clicks to your website
or a lot cheaper than you know generating a leader of sale right but
it’s an asset just like a lead is the next thing might be 50,000 video views okay that might sound like a lot right
but guess what the average video view and facebook is one to two cents that’s
in like the business my niche like targeting business owners 35 to 55 60
years old ok the most expensive niche we’re
talking one to two cents per view okay that’s five hundred to a thousand
dollars k can you do you think you could spend
five hundred thousand dollars on a video out over the next you know a few months and of course
you’re not doing that video just to build video views you’re using that view you’re if you’re gonna do one video ad
it’s gonna be to generate leads and sales that’s why we do it but guess what the collateral benefit is now you have a
50,000 video of you audience that you can retarget ok this
is game-changing stuff it’s not just about getting ten thousand
leads it’s about building these assets and then of course maybe 5,000
subscribers so maybe your goals 5,000 leads or 5,000 more leads or maybe it’s 25,000 maybe it’s a
hundred thousand and where you’re at but pick these four
numbers and think about that when you’re running your campaigns and what’s that
lead to 500 customers ok by doing that this this is how you
generate customers when you’re starting to build these assets the customers
start to come more often ok it’s really powerful stuff ok
recently inside Facebook Ads university if you’re not a member of facebook ads
university strongly encourage you to join join up for and you’ll be able to
access all of our recent recorded webinars and get on the next live
webinar of course but inside Facebook Ads university i actually have see what
the next live webinar we always have at the top we have all these really really
good we do webinars every two weeks if you’re
already a member get in here and this one right here how
to use social automation to scale for ad campaigns this webinar is like an hour
and 15 minutes is meet its really this is how you do this right here by
watching that webinar and implementing . okay but there’s some really good stuff
in here that I’d love for you two to go through and go through and sometimes
you’ll be able to see the overview of what we talked about on some of these
recorded webinars of course on the blueprints got all the checklist and
everything like that but let’s get back to it so so basically we can I really
break it down this really just for ads that you need to create to be able to do
this if you look here this is one of the slides that I have in that that webinar
that I talked about it at the end of the webinar but i’ll just give you a little
snippet here too so you can visualize and think about it this way so like maybe you’re spending five to
ten percent of your budget on light campaigns i don’t recommend spending any
more than i usually like five to seven percent on a you know click like like us on like something like you know
getting rdy for social media like us and watch client case studies and how we do
it you know so your goal is to get fans so
you can remark it to those fans and then maybe you’re running content implication
ads with twenty to thirty percent maybe forty percent of your budget you’re going to generate leads out of
that but also more importantly you’re going to be general building these
custom audiences building goodwill making deposits of relational equity and
so if they don’t buy right away that’s okay because now you can run an ad like
down here at the bottom you might run a video ad into an opt-in page or maybe
just a traditional link post ad into an opt-in webinar page or or maybe it’s too
like a impulse buy like you know for somebody but you don’t get this credit
card knife or can opener and just pay three dollars shipping whatever it is on this is more of a
withdrawal right of of goodwill or or relational equity and but if you’re
doing enough of the stuff above you’ll be able to really be able to run these
least conversion focus campaigns without pissing people off I’m keeping hi relevant scores building
these audiences these facebook audiences the website custom audiences your lead building your subscriber base and of
course generating sales right all right so this is exactly what ryan deiss is
talking about this is the truth is how you win in digital marketing and
Facebook Ads youtube ads it doesn’t matter okay we’ve been
teaching this for a while which is why i’m so glad that you’re watching this
video I’m glad you’re part of our world that dominate web media because I
promise you we will keep you on the forefront of what’s working not some quick quick get rich quick
thing or shortcut that’s going to get your facebook
account banned ok we’re going to teach you stuff that works both short-term and
long-term but like i said if you’re already a member of facebook ads
university get into the members area and and can and go through get on the next
webinar ok go through these will last webinars
and click through into each one of these and see look at the content and see how
what resonates with you basic campaign structure targeting bidding ok get into the facebook ads blueprint
program if you’ve got access to that and go through each of these any just go
through and look through the modules and find out which module the you need help
with okay you don’t need to go through all
the stuff yet maybe just click on the checklist and ops manual and see you
know which one that you think might help you and download that right basically what i want you to do is get
to work and do this stuff if if it’s new if it feels like a
foreign language go in there and start once you do like 45 campaigns it all of
a sudden start to like slowly makes sense and I’m like holy crap so what keith was
talking about you know last month actually wasn’t a foreign language how
it all kind of makes sense now and so if you’re someone that you’re
already there and it’s already starting to make sense for you but like two
months ago it was like the foreign language i would recommend going back
and looking at some of these webinars and saying hey M which one should i
watch over again you might there that there’s a super
high likelihood that there’s one or two of these webinars that you watched
before that didn’t really make an impact for you because you’re not ready for it
yet but you might be now so yeah like i said i recommend even if
you’re you want to outsource this to somebody get in here and and do you
learn this stuff could take action get your team in here and do it if you want
to outsource down the road it’s still you’re going to be so much better off if
you’re in here we’re really going deep and and implementing and just fighting
through the frustrations all right so all right that’s it that’s it for this
video I hope you have an epic 2016 i’m really excited I’m really excited for a
lot of the stuff we’ve got four you got some great stuff , and got some really
good video ad training coming down the road and lots of cool stuff so if you
like this video and its public share it with your friends if you’re not a member
of facebook ads university get in there become a member if you are a member get in the facebook group and say hi and
ask some questions so we can help you out there were real active in their my
teams in there i’m in there and get on the next webinar and i will talk to you
soon have a good day yeah yeah

32 thoughts on “How to Dominate with Facebook Ads in 2016

  1. why does americans blab so damn much in their videos..just get to the damn point from the beginning instead of rambling on and on

  2. Hi Sir, have you ever tried booting post without creating a campaign?
    I just want to know if my co-admin spent money on some options, can I see the conclusion in the billing page or not because now I can see only each boost post in the post reach not in a billing page, and can't even see manage ads.


  3. This video dragged on way too long, I couldn't even listen to the end despite not hearing the content I actually came here for

  4. I spend 50 dollar a day and have a lot of like and share but no one buy. What is more better to put ads by one day 20 dollar or 2 dollar in seven day. Does it the matter?

  5. watched 11 minutes of this babble not a mention of facebook intelligent ads, had to cut it off the guy was boring me to death

  6. I tried shopify out of 2 Billion Views could not sell 1 shirt, Cant get out of Africa, no U.S. citizens responding.

  7. Good video but no need for 32mins. Its 2016 we do not have attention spans for 32 min youtube videos to give us 5mins worth of knowledge. But took some bits away from it. Played it at 2x speed and still too long

  8. Waste of time. This is the kind of endless spiel with zero tactics that you'll hear in most of the courses and workshops they try to sell you as well.

  9. You could be making well over 500 dollars in the next week.
    (Just Google search) James make money blueprint

  10. and let's remember also Facebook the biggest CIA spying tool in history and we need you to spend your money on it so that's a new world order can gather more and more of the world's money thank you very much

  11. sorry to bother you, i meed facebook ads,but all my account dead can you help me upload my ads??? i can pay you 15% on total budget!!! thank you!

  12. Guy speaking at 15:46 could have summed up his question in 4 seconds. I'm getting calls from my Facebook ads, why aren't they clicking through and what about the ad is driving them to me..?

  13. Most of these online marketers who are making the most of Facebook marketing know the relevance of projecting their profiles in a particular way. That is evident because these people are looking beyond simple social networking. They are trying to build a creditable network, a fan base for their business that they can tap into for their business profits.

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