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How to do paid search and get results

How to do paid search and get results

Hey YouTube, I just got back from a great coffee meeting with a very special person And we talked about paid search and social media advertising, and I want to talk about that with you coming up Hey entrepreneurs small business owners and do-it-yourself advertisers my name is Stuart Takehara. I’m a professional marketing advertising coach I’ve been doing this for over 20 years now, and I’m really excited that you’re here with me today I want to talk to you about paid search Facebook social media Google AdWords, but before I do that I got something to share with you. I met today with a really good friend Ling Lu. We connected after maybe like seven years online She originally saw my video that I posted about the H&M stuff and were like oh my gosh We needed we connect so we did talked about a lot of stuff about where she’s at what I’m doing But one of the things I want to talk to you about is something that we talked about she asked me she says What he what are your thoughts on? social media advertising The pay-per-click kind of offerings that includes I can guess Google Adwords and Facebook And YouTube and all that and I said you know what I think most people Do it only partially right like maybe they get to that 80% now don’t get me wrong I am the king of unfinished projects and the king of procrastination I will start something like my tool chest wall over there I will start something and then I will get into a good enough phase of like 80% and then be like okay I’m done its operational, but I never quite get to that finish line I never focus on that last 20% of where where we need to be and I think a lot of social media advertisers and do-it-yourselfers are kind of the same way because it’s so easy just Spontaneously put up an ad just like that online where you can go on and you can select the age demographics and the location and the and the titles and the earnings and Education and you know you can just go online you can say hey hit start right now It’s so easy to do it could be so spontaneous for a lot of people to say yeah Let me just try it and see what happens I’ll go and spend 10 bucks a day you know for a week, so that’s seventy dollars, and let’s just see what happens What if you said two she goes I have a client that says oh, I do it because it’s fun But you know what it might be fun But it’s still advertising you have to take it seriously what you’re doing is is real advertising with a real message See here’s the thing about advertising right if I spend a hundred dollars. I want a hundred and fifty dollars in return I want a hundred and seventy-five dollars in return for every hundred dollars I spend I want a hundred and seventy five right so that way I know that my money is working for me So the more I spend in advertising the more I’m going to grow my business, but a lot of people don’t do that. They just say oh, I’m gonna Do it just to kind of see what happens? Well I can tell you what’s gonna happen It’s gonna be a waste of your money Don’t even worry about it unless you’re gonna do it right and this is one of those times where that last 20% to get you to that finish line is gonna be so important let me give you an example of one of the ways that I Did when I was at the casino right so if I wanted to run a blackjack ad and I wanted to target blackjack players in a 50-mile radius I go on I say here’s the demographics male and female I want 21 to 60 years old blackjack players table game players casino players And I go through that whole process Right, and then I create that great ad and that great headline play blackjack in Los Angeles and all this blackjack closer You know why drive to you know all the all the buzz words that you think of and all the on all the headlines you Get people to click on that ad right so somebody sees it and they say I wanna play blackjack And I didn’t know it was so close to they click on that ad then what happens Where is that link when they click on that words you’re gonna take you and that’s really the key Because most people will take you to the website But that’s where this last 20% you need to put in that effort don’t take them to your standard website You have to take them to a custom landing page So if they click on this blackjack ad and then it takes you to a website, that’s specific about blackjack That’s not your normal page but something specific for a First-time guest a first-time visitor that talks about why my blackjack is better than all the other black Jack’s and why? What we do in our bonus hands and our jackpots are so much better than everyone else And then I say give me your name and your email address, and I will email you $30 and free blackjack play for new players right so now. I’m talking to them they wanted to know about blackjack they clicked on it it talked to them know all about why our Blackjack is the best and then I gave them a sample to come try it for themselves And that sample was normally expiring seven days from the day that they got that coupon so there’s a really immediate call to action so if you’re a restaurant And you’re trying to promote a lunch special don’t send them to the main page where they got to funnel through all this send them To a special page, that’s lunch only that has the lunch menus on it that talks about all your different specials And then maybe a coupon to bring it this coupon and we’ll give you a free appetizer Or give you a free soft drink. You know on your first visit. That’s that’s taking it to the finish line That’s how you’re gonna get the return social media advertising the Google AdWords all that stuff. It is real Advertising just as the same as if you’re gonna run a billboard or an outdoor He needs to be thought through on what you want to try and accomplish During this ad and we talked about what real advertising really means real advertising requires homework it requires some preparation It can’t just be a spur-of-the-moment spontaneous. Oh, I’m bored. I’m gonna spend 100 bucks. You might as well Just kiss it, but or give it to me. You can mail $100 straight to me I’ll put your name on the wall and that will get you more advertising and better return probably than what you would waste on on everything else it also requires research because you want to know who you’re targeting and the age and the demographics and the Lifestyles to make sure that you’re getting the right ad in front of the right people right and it requires thought and it requires effort You need to put that extra effort and to make sure that that last 20% is really what’s gonna take it out of the ballpark? What they clicked on is what they’re offering and that you capture their data And there’s a strong call to action that turns that visitor into that buyer And so you’ll know exactly how well that ad campaign performed for you during that time So you know what you spent and you know what you earned? It’s very simple, but that last 20% people just go online they hit subscribe and say I would just send them to my website Right so if you are an app if you’re a mobile app if you’re a retail business you need to make sure that what your headline and your ad is you’re sending them to a specific landing page Just for that headline take the guesswork out of it for your customers send them straight to that page with the call-to-action Make it easy for them to do what you want them to do, and they will reward you with their money Which is a whole point of advertising so please please, please Just spend that little extra time to knock it out of the park all right So here’s what I want you to do next if you have never visited my channel Or you got something new out of this be sure to hit the subscribe button because I do marketing and advertising tips for entrepreneurs small business owners And you do it yourself advertisers the other thing that we also do is I’m a professional marketing and advertising coach and if you become a member of our site You get a lot of access a lot of behind-the-scenes Access if you have ads and you have headlines that you want to try. You know we probably have a private forum Where you can put that up there? I’ll go in there, and I’ll say yes do this or do that Oh, this is great, or have you considered that you know that you get a little more one-on-one coaching And those plans start as low as $30 a month to have complete access and behind the scenes you can also suggest videos if you say hey, I want to know how to do this, can you do a video on this topic you know That’s where all that great feedback comes from and then the other thing too is if you want even more Coaching if you want to do one-on-one hourly talks through Skype or FaceTime You want to get more on a coach’s schedule I can absolutely work with you on all of that, too It is not expensive and for what you’re gonna get out of it. I will make sure that your ads are Absolutely stellar and thank you so much for joining. Please in the comments section below Tell me what you think Have you tried dealing with online ads have you tried a what have you had success in it And did I miss anything so I’m gonna leave all those links and all those information in the descriptions below if you go to my website StuartTakehara.com/Membership Membership you will find out all the different benefits that you can get by becoming a member of our online community Okay, so in the meantime. Thank you so much for watching Continue working smart keep hustling and we’ll see you next time Yeah, so I created these uh, I got future if I want to do a video And I would say you know I’d love something I like a lot of fun different ones like it. Oh where to go You

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