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How to do CPR on a Child (Ages 1 to 12 Years)

How to do CPR on a Child (Ages 1 to 12 Years)

[Music] You arrive on the scene
check the scene for safety Check the child for consciousness
gently tap the shoulder and shout “Are you okay?”
“Are you okay?” If no response call 911 immediately “You… call 9-1-1” If the child is lying on their stomach turned them over onto their back They should be lying on a hard flat surface Check for breathing and signs of life Watch the chest for any normal movement Look for signs of life and breathing
for no more than 10 seconds No breathing or signs of life begin CPR Position the hill of one hand on the center of the
child’s chest place your other hand on top With your elbows locked and arms straight Lean over the child’s chest and
compress the chest two inches in depth 30 times “1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6
and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10” “And 11 and 12…13…14…15…16…17…18…19… 20…” “21… 22… 23… 24… 25… 26… 27… 28… 29… 30” After 30 compressions give breaths Give breaths by tilting the head back lifting the chin and pinching the nose Place your mouth over theirs and give
two slow gentle breaths Just enough to make their chest rise
Continue with 30 compressions and two breaths “1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5
and 6 and 7 and 8 and 9 and 10” “11… 12… 13… 14… 15… 16… 17… 18… 19… 20” “21… 22… 23… 24… 25… 26… 27… 28… 29… 30” Continue CPR until you see signs of life
another rescuer takes over or help arrives [Music]

58 thoughts on “How to do CPR on a Child (Ages 1 to 12 Years)

  1. Wait so do you only need to perform CPR once the patient shows no sign of life? Not exactly by the time the patient becomes unconscious?

  2. Thank you for this video! It is very helpful. I have to babysit in a few days, and in case this happens, this helps me a lot.

  3. This is totally wrong process…because we shouldn't give cpr by heal of our hand to the child. It is deliverded at lower half of the sternum centering between the nipples. Compress is deliverded at the rate of 100 /m..after every 15 compression 2 ventilation are provided. There are…2 techniques for child first 1 is two finger techniques n another one is two thumb encircling. That process is for adult only

  4. Omg no, okay fist of all she had to tilt the head back to open airways and second of all before performing cpr she had to check for pulse, the kid/person can not be breathing but if they have pulse you CANT perform CPR

  5. So for an adult, you do the chest compressions on the lower chest, but for children, it’s on the middle area of the chest?

  6. Video: "gently tap the shoulder and shout are you ok are you ok"
    Me:"phoo i got this taps shoulders a-are you o…FRICK I FORGOT"

  7. One question. How do you know how much force to apply? Like an adult doing it to someone that small, isn't there a chance of ribs breaking or serious internal damage?

  8. This is a bit outdated. While this is correct procedure for an adult, a child's cpr starts with 5 breaths, then goes on to have 15 compressions, 2 breaths, 15 compressions etc.

  9. Wow, it looks like a baby is dying right in front of me. I know how to save it but let me just go through a few procedures before I get started. I'm sure a few seconds won't hurt anyhow.
    First, let me make sure the coast is clear. Ok, I dont see any rapid unicorns, evil villains, or yukuza gangsters around? While I'm at it I might want to check and see if there's any strong thunderstorms headed this way.
    Excellent, looks like it's a pleasant 72° with a slight westerly breeze. Perfect day to fly a kite if you ask me. Now where was I? Oh yeah, "You there, Yeah the one just looking at the helpless baby that's not breathing, Call 911 for gods sake, what are you stupid or something". I'm sure glad these onlookers take orders so well or else who knows who they would've called before 911.
    Ok, now I'm going to start this process. Let me just look around a little more. Ok alls good, Now where on earth did that baby go?

    Sorry people, If I see a helpless baby it's straight to the 30 and 2. And for my childs sake, I hope you make the same decision also.
    Regardless, the video was very helpful. 30 and 2.

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