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How to Design a Facebook Ad in Under 3 Minutes

How to Design a Facebook Ad in Under 3 Minutes

In this video I’m going to show you how to design a Facebook ad in under three minutes let’s do it Want free help to grow your business? Go to 52ways.com If you want to grow your business today Facebook is where it’s at It’s the biggest website in the world
and people spend more time on Facebook than any other website if you’re not
there guess who will be there your customers so at some point you’re gonna
need to learn how to market your business on Facebook now I’ve got some
good news and bad news the bad news is the free days of Facebook are over but
the good news is there are still so many great strategies that you can use if you
understand Facebook’s very powerful advertising platform now this is not a
full deep dive into how to set up and run Facebook ads but I am gonna show you one specific tool right now where you can design an image ad in under three
minutes it’s pretty cool so let’s check it out here we are on a great website
which is called canva and you can find out a canva.com now if you haven’t got
an account you can simply create one with your Facebook or Google login
otherwise you can create one with a username and password so what I’m going
to do now is login to mine and what you’ll see is you can actually click
here on this button where it says create a design so once you’ve logged in you’ll
see that there’s hundreds of different designs for all sorts of different things you’ve got some four social media posts some of the documents blogging
marketing materials etc but we’re gonna go right down to the bottom where it’s
got Facebook ad so once the page loads you’ll see that down the left hand side
there are literally hundreds of different Facebook ads that you can
choose from and you can customize these for your particular business what I’m
gonna do is click on one right now but clearly this is not right for my
business it’s about surfing and I’m gonna design an ad for one of my friends
who has a company that builds websites so first thing that I need to do is go
into here uploads and I’m gonna find an image now once that image has uploaded
what you do is you drag the image into the actual ad now you can see it already
had a filter but I want to remove that filter and I can easily do that by just
going back to normal now what I then do is I can move that person into the right
position and I want to make sure that she’s on the right hand side and I’ve
got enough space on the left hand side for my text now
I’ve just got over here and I’ve written a few words and I’m now going to go back
and I’m going to add this in how I do that is by double clicking and actually
just cutting and pasting in the words now specifically with Facebook Ads they
have a limit and that is text can’t take up more than 20% off the ad so we need
to make this text a lot smaller so what we do is we highlight it and then we
literally make the text smaller so that’s looking much better right now so
I’m going to take it put it over here and I’m also going to make it a little
bit smaller as well and I simply just need to drag this here and now it’s in
place now the contrast isn’t so great with this one so what I’m going to do is
I’m going to click on it and change the color so we’ll go over here – let’s just
say pink and what I’m going to do is go a step further and make it even a little
bit darker so I do that by clicking on the plus and then making it darker so
the contrast is much better now one other thing that I want to put into this
ad is also logo but again we need to keep it small because no more than 20%
of the ad can be text so what we do is we take our logo and we just slide it in
am I going to resize this we’re going to put it on the top and basically we’re
done what I’m now going to do is click on ‘download’ and within a few seconds you’ll see that it’s now saving my Facebook ad it’s in the right dimensions it has a eye grabbing image and it also has text that is no more than
20% of the size of the ad so what I’m going to do now is open it and wallah
we’re done here’s our Facebook ad designed in under three minutes it’s
that simple and it’s all thanks to a fantastic graphic design tool which is
called canva so there you have it a great tool that you can use to design an image ad for Facebook in under three minutes if you’d like to find out more
information about how you can grow and transform your business then check out
the links below and better still come along to one of our live events where we
go into these strategies in much more detail Thanks so much for watching see
you again soon Want more great tips to grow your business? Then it’s time to attend Australia’s best one-day business workshop go to 52ways.com and claim your free tickets today

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