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How to Cut Your Online Advertising Spend

How to Cut Your Online Advertising Spend

>>Brought to you by businessblueprint.com.au>>[Music by Business Blueprint]>>Will Swayne: He started with an optim page
for a free report which is a very high quality free report. And he gets about 30 percent on that, and
then on the thank you page instead of saying the usual thing which is thanks for requesting
a free report, please look at your e-mail inbox. He actually says thanks for requesting a free
report but he’s.. here’s an offer to buy some of my products which had to do with video
training. So, he has a 97 dollar offer right there..
and three to five percent of people depending on the day will actually purchase the 97 dollar
product right there and then. And then if they yes to that he says well
actually now that you’ve got your credit card out.. he doesn’t say now you’ve got
your credit card out but he says if you like my entry level cost then what about getting
my complete system. So it’s a.. various different price points
have been tested but let’s say it’s a thousand dollar system. And three in twenty of the people that said
yes to the first thing will say yes to the big course in one go. If he went from free to thousand, do you think
people would purchase? No .. that’s just too big of a jump. so you might get the odd one but not too many
and then if they say no to the 97 dollar, he will say ok, well what about I take out
this and that and just have the real core of the core. And it’s 27 dollars or 47 dollars right
there and then. And by doing this you’ll get to know free
and again the matrix sort of go up and down a little bit like, likewise but on balance
he gets you know three in hundred people to buy this one and then 15 percent of those
buy this and then a couple of percent buy this. So immediately what he is doing is creating
cash upfront so that he actually gets paid for all of the traffic before he has to pay
his google bill or before he has to pay his affiliates or any other people driving traffic
for him. So it’s a cashflow positive model for generating
business in the door. And of course the 95 odd percent who didn’t
buy anything they’re gonna get their traditional order responders and offers and up sells and
come to a webinar and all the rest of the offers you might expect in a lead funnel like
this. So I think a combination.. this is more of
a product based model. John this morning dealt with perhaps more
of a lead generation or a service based model but either way I think the worst thing you
can do is just have a thank you page that just says thank you. You know there’s always something else that
you can offer and there’s always a percentage that will optim to the next thing. So if you are not currently doing this in
some variation then please give it a go because it will magnify the traffic that you’re
currently getting. Second thing is that everyone is always talking
about how you traffic online. You know whether it’s pay per click or seo. Well all that’s stuff is a cost you know
it doesn’t matter you know .. SEO traffic certainly isn’t free you got to hire people
to do it.. so.. or you gotta do it yourself which is a time cost and opportunity cost. So the more dollars you can generate upfront
the more traffic you can generate. And in fact traffic sort of flows downhill
like water to the site or the sites with the highest average of visitor value. The sites with the highest average of visitor
value in other words the sites that are making the most money off each visitor can afford
to pay more per click on pay per click.. they can afford to spend more money on SEO.. they
can afford to give their affiliates greater pay outs.. they can afford to do all sorts
of other marketing ventures that the less profitable competitors can’t do. So that’s the value of this to make maximum
dollars per customer. Once you do that the traffic will just you
know.. will come to you relatively easily. So hopefully this is the strategy that you
can use on your websites. If you’d like any tips or pointers about
how you could apply this then give me a shout out or call or something I’ll be happy to
give you some ideas.

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