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How To Create YouTube Remarketing Lists In AdWords

How To Create YouTube Remarketing Lists In AdWords

Hello. In this video I’m going to show you
how to link your YouTube channel to your Google AdWords account and then set up a remarketing
list of those people who watched the video so you can target them on the Google Display
Network. Keep watching and I’ll show you how. Hello I’m Uzair and thanks for joining. This
video is all about how to set up a remarketing list of those people who watched the video
or a YouTube video either on YouTube or anywhere on the Internet. So there are a couple of
things you need to do before you are able to remarket to them. So let’s head over to
our AdWords interface and I’m going to show you how you can do this. So this is the new
Google AdWords interface. You go under shared library. Under audience manager and then you go from
the audience’s list you click create remarketing list and then
you’re going to go to the YouTube users. If you haven’t linked your YouTube channel to
AdWords account I would highly recommend you do that even if you aren’t uploading any videos
right now but as soon as you start to upload videos onto your YouTube channel, then you’ll
be able to get the data from YouTube analytics into AdWords. So you click on link YouTube
channel add Channel. Now to add your channel you must own that channel or be granted permission
by the channel owner. So then you’ll be able to do that. So you add channel either you
based your URL for your YouTube channel or you put in your name of your channel. Sometimes it doesn’t show I own the channel
and then you go to YouTube. Once it loads up I will select which one I want to make.
And now you’re going to go to this prompt where you can assign a name to your AdWords
account so I can just SF Digital test account and now it gives you some checkboxes for your
permissions for your accounts so your account and call to action remarketing and engagement. Them all to be
checked and go finish and now we can see that my test account is linked in over here. And when you go back to your AdWords account
you will see that the channel has popped up here and it says awaiting approval. So let me refresh it. Now it’s linked. So all you need to do is
just refresh it because AdWords thinks that I’m not given the permission from YouTube.
So once that’s done you go back to your account under audience manager. And then you go plus
YouTube visitors. And now I’m going to create a name for my audience list so I can say something
like. Who watched me. YT video. So anyone who has watched any of
my videos on any of my YouTube videos. You get loads of options over here viewed
any video from a channel certain videos. So if you’ve got different subjects and different
topics then you can select and create very granular audience list. Mute any video as
an ad from a channel, subscribed, visited a channel page. So you can see what we got
for this video. I’m going to select who viewed any video from a channel and that is my channel.
Again initial list size include people from the past 120 days. You can change it or you
can select start from an empty list. And the membership duration whether you wish to keep
it 30 days or, you can make it a maximum of five hundred and forty days and you know I’ve
said it in the past that I don’t I never tend to go that big because if someone is not converting
after 90 or 120 days, then there’s no point in chasing them, it’s just going to annoy
them. So you can choose whichever, did your membership duration in here, create and now
you’ve got your audience list of those who watched any of
your YouTube videos and that’s how easy it is to start targeting those visitors, but
those viewers of your videos. And this is one of my most favourite targeting practices,
because the way I use this strategy is I put up videos like this one on YouTube, optimise
it for organic traffic so anybody who finds my video on YouTube or anywhere else and watches
it, they automatically get entered into my remarketing list on AdWords. And then I can
remarket to them, using either a video ad or an image or text ad on the Google Display
Network. And that works very well for me, the initial targeting either it could be from
a video ad or just somebody who was searching on YouTube for a particular video and came
across one of my videos and they watched my video. So as soon as they watch my video,
they get entered into this list. So that’s how easy it is to create an audience list,
for your remarketing using YouTube. I hope you enjoyed this video, if you would like
me to create videos like this one, then please enter it in the comment box below and I’ll
do my best to create one for you. I thank you for your time and I really do appreciate
it and I look forward to seeing you in the next one.

8 thoughts on “How To Create YouTube Remarketing Lists In AdWords

  1. Great video, Please is it possible to retarget to certain videos that are not on your channel? if its not, How can i achieve that with video remarketing? i will very grateful if you can help me out, thanks a lot

  2. If you're retargeting people who viewed a certain video you have on your channel, is there a minimum number of views that particular video must have before it will start showing your ad?

  3. so I had 100k watches in the last few weeks, and I just started to create list. it said "include the last 30 days" so I thought I'd be fine. but its showing me a ridiculously low amount of people like 500 while i got 100k watches. will it fill up? does including past 30 days not work?

  4. The videos in the youtube channel are being used as ads. According to ad views, there have been more than 100,000 views of those video ads. However, the Youtube remarketing list I created is showing up as "Populating"… and it's been two weeks! The videos are public.

    Any ideas why this could be happening?

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