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How to create your first campaign with Spatially Ads

How to create your first campaign with Spatially Ads

Hi there I’m Matt Griffin and welcome to
Spatially. Today, I’m gonna give you a sneak peek into setting up your first marketing campaign. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be greeted with a screen like this. by this point, you’ll have answered a few quick questions
about your business location and business type, which we’ll use to help
personalize your experience. I have this account set up as a yoga studio in
Seattle so all the keywords, templates and targeting will be catered towards
yoga studios. To get started, hit create new campaign which will open a page with our for targeting objectives. Our Starter plan features our most popular targeting option, geofencing, which is what we’ll use for this campaign. After you pick your objective, you’ll be asked if you’d like to advertise on Facebook or Google. In this situation I’m gonna select Facebook. Next, you’ll see a map centered around
your business location. From here, click the pin icon and drop it wherever on the
map you’d like to advertise. You can specify the size of your target anywhere
between half a mile and 25 miles. You can type in a business name or address and
automatically drop a pin. You can even drop multiple pins to target different
businesses, neighborhoods, or competitors. After that’s done, specify your age range
and gender of your average customer. For my yoga studio I’m gonna target women
between the ages of 30 and 50. When you’re ready, hit next step to move on to
our ad builder. This will look a little different if you use Google but with
Facebook it’ll have a headline, image, description, and URL. All these fields have been pre-populated with text based on my industry type. You can go with
these presets or overwrite any of these fields to make your ad seemed more
personalized. I’m gonna keep the headline and description the way they are but I’ll upload a new image and URL that links to my home page. Now it’s time to detail
exactly who I’d like to see my app. Remember, we already set the age, gender, and location, so this will be one more layer on top of those demographics. You can start by typing in any demographic, interest or behavior and see a list of
recommended targets. I’ll start by typing in yoga and select yoga from the
drop-down. This will cause my ad to only show to those people who are interested
in yoga. I’m also gonna add Fitness and Wellness and Healthy Diet. That’s two more interests that resonate with my audience. After that, hit next step, where you’ll
be taken to a screen where you can select your campaigns
name, duration, start date, and budget. I’m going to name mine yoga memberships and
run for a month. I’ll set $150 for the total budget, which
equals to $5 a day. All it’s left is to click complete purchase and your
campaign will automatically be sent to Facebook or Google for review. Once your
campaign is up you’ll have access to reporting on your dashboard as well as
weekly email showing you how your campaign is doing across key metrics. And that’s it! You just launched your first campaign in Spatially in under three minutes. Thanks for watching and happy advertising.

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