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How To Create Snapchat Ads – Snapchat Ads Full Tutorial 2019

How To Create Snapchat Ads – Snapchat Ads Full Tutorial 2019

It’s Rafael here And today I’m gonna show you how to use Snapchat ads! How to sell products services, whatever it is that your business sells or your store sells How to do it through snapchat outs how to set up an account have a set of ads themselves And how to go through every single stat on the back end and essentially how to make money from a platform Stick around and you’ll see exactly how I do it my students do it and I’ll take you step-by-step Let’s go to my computer and find out Alright now that we’re here my computer we’re gonna essentially go through how to create a snapchat account. I Snapchat business accounts or snapchat business account snapchat ads and everything that you need to know right? So you’re gonna go to Forbes’s Dot snapchat comm this is where you create the actual account you click on get started here on the bottom and Then obviously it’s a demo account. I’m not gonna show you the my original account So I’m just gonna go ahead and create an account here Rothfeld Centron put YouTube demo account So YouTube demo isn’t actually available. So I’m gonna check YouTube demo to maybe somebody took it. I’m gonna put my email in And Then birthday I’m gonna choose around the birthday time actual birthday before alright sign up and accept And then it’s gonna essentially create your account we’re gonna go inside the account and show you how to create ads on snapchat You’re gonna get an email basically saying, you know, thank you for creating the account. Then you have to put in your business name we’re just gonna put I’m gonna put my Just Rothfeld Center on My business name ruffles and Trump brand and Then go ahead and check your time song and everything, right? This is just standard for creating a an apps account and now You are essentially in the backend of your account Now you can essentially create your add your first snapchat at it’s pretty cool. Now. I’m gonna show you how to do it, right? It’s a full tutorial No, nothing left. If you have any questions about this whole tutorial make sure leave them down in the comments Leave me a thumbs up down below So now essentially what you have is you have three different types of ads that you can create on snapchat, right? You can create a snap ad you can create a story at and then a filter ad I’m pretty sure You’ve seen the three types of ads essentially the filter app folks are ad is the The one that works the least but is one that you can do for brand awareness for example, when people are scrolling on snapchat filters, they can see your filter and they’re like, oh What is this company that creates some grand awareness kind of thing, right? but the actual snap ad which is where you swipe up and then the story at which is the The one where you know people watching on a story they can swipe up as well both of those are very effective for getting clicks sales and essentially conversions on your site Right, if you want someone to sign up for a program if you want someone to buy a product physical product online course product Whatever it is those two are the best snap ad and this story ad essentially the story yet is the one that Essentially lets you be in the discover feed, you know that snapchat when you go on discover on snapchat, there are gonna be some hats it’s not just gonna be Trending news right? There might be some training news some celebrity news But there’s always gonna be ads there and that’s where you can place your ad. You can place it on the story, which is Associate, you know when people are scrolling to stories You’re gonna see your ad this is the most effective just because it’s gonna hit people more when they go on the discovery They’re just like browsing around. Maybe they’re not really Paying attention to whatever it is. They’re looking at which is what happens all all with Instagram stories and snapchat story ads People are just wandering around that’s that’s what happens with the story out here with the discover feat So I highly recommend just using the snap ad if you just want to create some brand awareness just get some people, you know Maybe retarget people that have gone through a website and Facebook or from Google then you want to do the filtering story But for now, let’s just do a snap Right, so we’re gonna create the ad let’s name. Yeah, demo a number one Cheryl yes brand name you have to put the real brand name. So whatever your brand name is Let’s say we’re creating for Rothfeld syndrome brand. So my brand put it right here and Then this is where it gets creative, right This is where if you either upload one of your videos Or you can create a video right here on the platform. You can create your own video. And essentially let’s put a headline, right? let’s say I sell a Ecommerce course, right? I teach people how to build businesses and how to grow businesses with social media With e-commerce right how to build ecommerce companies. So we’re gonna go ahead and say how you can make Ten thousand or more With e-commerce or you can make ten thousand or how you can make 10k With ecomp boom now you got it, right and now we’re gonna actually create one You can upload one straight if you have a video right? Let’s say you create a video on your phone You you talk about whatever it is Or you have an influencer or create a video? If you want to learn how to get influencers You can watch the videos I have here on the on my web on my youtube channel But essentially you can create a video here, right? Let’s say these are the designs that snapchat provides to you to create your own video. Let’s say I want to do mmm Let’s say, okay let’s pick For example, this one’s pretty cool Right here Let’s say you’re saying ecommerce product or you’re an e-commerce brand and you want to sell a product through snapchat apps We’re gonna try ahead. We’re gonna go ahead and try this ad and Now for the image, let me let me actually pick one of my brand images so one of the images that I have one of my brand’s product price one probably plays Oh So this is actually the images are scrolled through So let me go ahead and pick The first one You can go ahead and replace it right here. So you upload your own image. Let me upload one of my old images right here For example, I used to sell I I sold hundreds of thousands worth of Bikinis and dresses so that’s what I’m gonna do right now. Okay some product one Um gonna go ahead yeah product one. There we go product product image number one now I’m go ahead and replace that right now with I don’t know why it’s Saying product serie, and I’m not sure what that means. But let’s just let’s just use product one, two, three, four five so Alright so product to let’s go ahead and change product to Product image Twenty minutes to two right here We’re gonna replace it with a bikini image And then as you can see, you know I’m not just gonna go through every single one of these but essentially this is a Really cool way for you to create an ad for e-commerce, right? You can essentially let’s say you have four products that you want to sell this is the perfect way to showcase them and essentially show them off to people you have 10 seconds to Essentially show all the products. So let’s hear an e-commerce brand right now. I have a client that I’m working with That is a leggings brand and essentially what we’re creating is snapchat ads with different legging styles and different legging colors So that’s what you can do essentially take The different images and the different products that you want to promote and then change the prices description and everything on here You know you can put you know $59.99 Whatever it is, right? And then have that and then click Save on there and I was gonna show $59.99 for that specific product right you change the product name product description product price This is a really cool template that they have and if you don’t want to essentially create your own media If you don’t want to choose a video or your influencer, you don’t want to use a video from them You can create your own template right on staff Which is really really cool and sad Chuck gives you this possibility right on their platform right? You can change your logo name and we’re gonna go ahead and close that and once you create that you can essentially just Save it on there. And then your ad is created. Right your ad essentially is now created. Let’s actually Create it completely so let me take that ad Uh-huh. Let me see. I’m just gonna take another Template for example this one. This one seems pretty cool If you want to promote ecommerce products, if you wanna promote physical products, this one looks really cool in The sense that you can promote your product right on your seat Image one two three, four five with the different products. This is perfect this another one That’s essentially, you know image – image 3 image 4 right here is perfect You’re showcasing different products by name from the price easy to promote easier to show off your specific products, right? So this is really cool alright So now that you’ve uploaded your creative or you’ve created your ad right your snapchat ad is finally done now you have to choose who will see your ad this is where it gets pretty interesting because Snapchat has a lot of targeting options like Facebook, right? If you watch my videos you can essentially learn how to advertise yourself on Facebook ever You have my face, of course, but on snapchat it’s a lot more interesting. There’s a lot better Targeting options in the case of like it puts them in a better category for people so you can essentially choose those. Let’s say I’m promoting leggings for women so I want to choose female and Snapchat is really really good if you’re doing like let’s say you know 13 obviously is a little bit on the low end but 13 to 30 is Where snapchat is or 13 to 25 better is where the met you know Almost all of snapchat. Is that age, right? You’re not gonna see really 50 plus on snapchat 60 plus obviously probably not one or two people have it in a large category, so let’s pick ages 18 to 30 in this case Right. See you on snapchat. You can target 35 plus this tells you the demographic on snapchat So if you wanted to snapchat ATS you want to have a product that Has a very very young demographic Just because that is the demographic that has snapchat that hangs out on snapchat and you want to target them through the platform, right? So let’s pick United States. It’s already picked for you so you can choose a state or not Then you know if you have any age restrictions which in this case, I don’t then categories right categories or interests in snapchat now you have lifestyles and then you can just scroll down and There you go right
This is really cool because it’s not like Facebook where you have to like certain pages or like certain interests Here is more of the category that they put you in right? They can put you in baseball fans beach goers and surfers, right if you’re selling a product for for beach goers You have a category right there? Cuz see, you know visitors if you sound like casino offer And see coffee lovers Let’s see. What else? Mmm, energy drink consumer is pretty cool for energy drink Branson, you know You’re watching this in your work any energy drink field Then that’s a perfect way of essentially targeting them on snapchat on the platform Yeah foodies if you’re targeting people that Essentially buy food products or you want to open up a new restaurant or you want to promote a specific? Location that sells food or whatever type of food yourself you have foodies on there frequent travelers if you’re trying to sell something for people that travel a lot and You know, you have all these categories that you can just go on the snapchat platform and learn all these categories which is really really cool and Lauren essentially how they divide them up then shoppers You have apparel buyers Auto product buyers beverage buyers, so they divide people in very interesting Categories and they divide people in categories where Facebook now has removed a lot of their targeting options based on Behaviors right based on whether they buy whether they’re homeowner You know things that people really got upset about with the Canberra Channel it ACCA’s scandal people got upset about this So snapchat still has all these options from the Nielsen Company right the Nielsen family company I think it’s called they get all this data and they have that data Based on how people interact with a platform and other partner data, right? So let’s say you want to target let’s say I’m going to target leggings for women 21 to 30 I Would go with apparel buyers and let me and boom even more right so they have apparel store buyers Which isn’t just an interest, right? They’re not just interested in in this case Abercrombie & Fitch They have a behavior that they buy from Abercrombie & Fitch So in this case, this is very very targeted stuff. Right if you were to choose that one. This is people that snapchat categorizes as apparel buyers and apparel buyers from Abercrombie & Fitch So if you’re a competitor of them boom, you have it right here, right? You can target your big competitor is right on the platform. It is very very detailed target. Hmm. I Guess hallström off. Marshals. I love snapchat ads just because of this targeting these targeting options and these Very very specific things that you can target inside the platform. I think it’s absolutely cool now, let’s go below on viewers and This a little bit more general right this you can’t really you can’t really expect it to be 100% accurate There’s more people that are just viewers right TV live event TV network viewers people I watched BBC America So you might want to target you know people that you know people that watch the Disney Channel if you want to saw some merch You know that you know You want to saw some kids merch or you want to sell? Sports merch you want to sell something sporty you target people that watch ESPN, right? So this is it’s really really cool. Where Snapchat is a bit more interactive than Facebook Facebook has a lot more data to target you but snapchat is more of Category based targeting and it’s really really cool the way that you can just target people through the platform So that’s why I definitely definitely recommend it to you If you want to essentially expand from just Facebook Google Instagram targeting you want to go into snapchat snapchat It’s where it’s at after you master Facebook Ads socially the last one you can have is visitors and Then let me see the options here Yeah, so now let’s say you want to sell something at a retail store You haven’t let’s say you’re an agency and you have a client that is a retail store a physical retail store Boom you have retail store visitors so you can target people that actually go and they just don’t buy online They buy at retail stores. So this is just it’s perfect this category based targeting very very well kudos to snapchat for doing this this way and You can use these to target people very very well on the platform and I definitely recommend you do it as soon as possible Right audience size is gonna start telling you audience size Isn’t really an issue as long as it’s less than a million, right? I definitely recommend you target less than a million on snapchat as in Facebook It’s more of like eight hundred thousand to two million That’s the sweet spot that I recommend On facebook on snapchat. I recommend less than a million just because it’s gonna be really really targeted and you’re gonna have the people that will actually buy your product Add to Cart on your website and You’re gonna have all that data not just people that watch the app and I don’t like it and they scroll by now device You can choose whatever device it is. Let’s say you’re selling like an iPhone charger. Boom Apple And then iPhone right iPad iPhone, whatever it is, right? So in the case where Facebook, you know, you might target people that are browsing different devices people usually log in to snapchat through one device and If they’re logging in through an iPhone 6 and you were targeting iPhone 6, they’re gonna get that targeting, right? They’re gonna get your app. They can see your ad you can see your product. So it’s really cool now you can essentially target people very very well in terms of placement in terms of interests and in terms just the devices they have because it’s showing it to they add into the to the device where they’re Logging into right and Facebook’s a little bit different Facebook name. They log in to their desktop the log to The phone here. It’s just the phone, right? You don’t have any other options. Basically, I got a right back apart from that you Basically if what I recommend is just leaving it on a little bit Right now I’m not really gonna go into bidding on SAP check It’s a little bit more complicated than what it sounds I will make a video on it or I will make you know coaching program or something added to my my inner circle program Later on, but I recommend just starting off at a budget of twenty to fifty dollars a day. I’m gonna start off at fifty. Oh Sorry, yeah, daily. Oh, sorry. Sorry daily budget on snapchat starts out of fifty. I completely forgot about it So daily budget on snapchat actually starts out of fifty dollars a days So if you don’t have that much budget you either want to watch it very carefully or you want to like be on it At all times in the day, right? You have to essentially watch it very carefully throughout the day so that when it spends like ten dollars You check your clicks you check your maybe yourselves and you see oh, okay. It’s working or not But snapchat is more for businesses that want to scale right you’re already having some sales from Facebook You’re I having cess from Google you’re already having good sales from Instagram. You want to scale up with snapchat? This is the best way to do it This is why I’m doing this tutorial for all you business owners out there don’t want to scale and then business address Obviously you have to fill this in paint a method You have to fill it in right after you make the ad so it’s gonna discharge Your paying method and then you create your ad your ad is essentially like any other advertising platform It’s gonna go through an approval process of a couple of hours It might be 24 hours to 48 hours. I think last time was just 24 hours. All my hats got approved in one day so That’s what you can expect essentially But this is the full tutorial on how to use snapchat apps a little bit over 20 something minutes 25 minutes We’ve been here sitting here and then obviously Then I’m yeah, I’m gonna just change if you want to create a filter ad which is the other ad that I showed you which is just a Filter right now a filter that you can use when you’re taking a snapchat at sending it to a friend is you can choose very very specific location targeted and specific location targeting why because obviously if you’re using a filter You kind of want to get people on a retail place right? Dunkin Donuts use it a lot Hmm, my fin user uses it a lot McDonald’s uses like crazy So retail stores use it a lot if you’re opening up a new retail store or if you’re a retail brand you want to use snapchat and filters are really good because you can target let’s say five mile radius around your store and If you’re in a mall, it works really really well because people are bored in the mall They’re watching the filters like oh, I didn’t know there was this brand in this mall? Let me check out the brand in the mall and during the mall ready. So That’s why that’s the case where I recommend filters is if you have a retail store and you want to get people very Close to you, and you essentially want to get that brand awareness Local brand awareness out to people through the filter and then the story had pretty much the same You just have to create the ad who’ll see your ad it’s pretty much the same training options as the the original snap ad So that’s basically it guys. I think I covert all in detail Then you create the ad and then the analytics side on the back end. It’s pretty easy So that’s such an how you create a snapchat at. Thank you so much for watching this tutorial enjoyed it Make sure to give me a thumbs up down below comment if you have any questions Subscribe to this channel and smash the like button so that smashed that notification belt. So you get notifications for every ad for any video that I post and I make things so much for watching check out my other videos on Facebook ads Instagram Google Ads Whatever you want to learn on this channel. Thank you for watching and I will see you in the next

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