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How To Create Profitable Facebook Ads In 2019 – FB Ads That Actually Work!

How To Create Profitable Facebook Ads In 2019 – FB Ads That Actually Work!

on this video I’m gonna be teaching you
how to create profitable Facebook ad campaigns we’re going to be diving into
some of the methodology so you can really understand and grasp a few basic
concepts that you need to know before you start running ads so that you need
to make sure that your ads are actually profitable that’s coming up right now what’s going on guys my name is Gabe Ekemezie and I heard internet marketing guide and welcome to my channel on my
channel I teach internet marketing entrepreneurship and anything that
usually needs to help you build business and brand that you want and as you
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we’re continuing in my brief Facebook Ads course and I’m going to show you how
to create profitable Facebook ad campaigns so this is part 2 of this
ultimate free Facebook guy and series that I’m doing and without further ado
let’s go ahead and just dive into today’s video okay so I got my
handy-dandy whiteboard here I’m gonna be walking you through some principles you
know to really help you get your ads profitable but in order to understand
how to get them profitable you need to know what to expect so I really want to
kind of just explain to you a few different things okay one thing I want
you to realize about Facebook ads and about this course particularly is that
this course is really designed to really help you master and get Facebook Ads
working for you because you got to understand there there are so many
different types of businesses whether you’re an e-commerce whether you’re just
internet marketing network marketing affiliate marketing you might have known
consulting or you own a high ticket products whatever it is this course is
gonna be perfect for you because what I want you to do is grasp the fundamental
aspects of Facebook Ads so that you can apply it to any business model of your
choosing the second thing though is that you know you might be watching this in
everybody that is watching this is gonna be at a different place you might have
already ran Facebook Ads had some success you may be intermediate
you may never have run a Facebook ad in your life and if that’s the case that’s
why I really walk you through and I teach you the basics but we will
eventually get to the most advanced stuff but I really want to make sure
that this course is teaching you everything you need to know no matter
where you’re starting at no matter what a level of expertise you have this stuff
is gonna be very helpful for you the reason why I want to show you how to
make profitable Facebook ads is because when you understand this principle I’m
about to teach you you can apply this and no matter what you’re doing my goal
for you is to be successful in your Facebook ads and to make money change
your life and do the things that you want to do with the power of internet
marketing so let’s go ahead and get into this and I’m going to teach you guys
this concept so whenever you’re talking about Facebook Ads
or any advertising go one thing I really want you to understand is this concept
called the results marketing triangle okay and this was actually created by a
guy named Dan Kennedy he was like a thing this X was named he was a marketer
you know back in the day way back before they even had Facebook or you know even
internet marketing really he understood this principle that I want you to
understand right now and that principle is if you want to create a profitable
campaign especially if it’s a profitable Facebook ad campaign there are three
components that you have to make sure are in place your message your market
and your media this right here if you understand this concept you’re gonna
create profitable ads I’m gonna break down this triangle for you but so let’s
just go ahead and work through this triangle our media obviously is Facebook
right at least for this particular course if you are you know running
Google Adwords or you know whatever case this concept is still gonna work for you
but right now what we’re talking about Facebook right so that’s our media right
its Facebook a lot of Facebook you can find your market ok Facebook has over 2
billion people by now and everyone basically has a Facebook profile your
market is on Facebook I don’t care what you’re selling whether you’re selling
services whether you’re selling dog sweaters whether yourself it doesn’t
matter what you’re selling ok there’s somebody there there’s a market for it
on Facebook so once we have those two things dialed the last thing that’s left
is your message all right guys this right here is going to be the main
component of making sure your ads are profitable all right and I’m gonna show
you how to get your message on point so that the message you create for your ads
is targeting the right market on the right media platform when you do that
your ads will eventually be profitable if you implement these steps that we’re
going to teach you okay so there’s two components to your message the two
components of your message the FIR in psychology you can break this down
into two things right one being what motivates people all
right motivation what is gonna motivate your
particular person to buy why should somebody care what is this gonna what
problem or what what service are you providing that’s gonna help somebody
else so understanding what motivates people is gonna be the first part that
your message has to have in it the second component of your message is what
do they want to buy oh alright once you understand and your message that the
psychology is going to be coming from the motivation what is what is
motivating that person and what they actually want one you can get that right
in your messaging you are well on your way to creating a profitable Facebook ad
campaign well so when it comes to motivation with your Facebook Ads
there’s there’s two schools of thought that you can focus on right you can
focus on somebody’s pains and problems or you can focus on hopes hopes and
dreams right now I particularly and most marketers particularly the like focusing
on pains and problems first not because we like to you know make people feel bad
but just by human nature people will tend people are more motivated to run
away from their problems and pains versus run towards their hopes and their
dreams so if somebody has a problem I have a problem losing weight or I have a
problem with my finances or I have a problem with my relationships focusing
on that pain focusing on that problem and then having or offering a solution
to that problem is gonna make somebody or at least it’s gonna encourage
somebody to want to buy more versus focusing on hopes and dreams now you can
still focus on you know the dream of being financially free or the dream of
having a six-pack or a toned body or whatever but you know just the way
psychology works unfortunately us as humans we tend to run away from pain
more than run to it’s something that is good for us so
that’s why I focusing on pains and problems is really going to be something
that I’m gonna use a lot and a tactic that you should use his world and your
advertising okay all right so that’s the first part of our message psychology the
second part I’m gonna title it easy math alright easy math is the second part of
this message okay and uh let me kind of clear out some space here so remember
guys psychology is one I’m actually gonna send it up here so number one side
number two easy math okay so what do I mean by that
it’s as simple as this you want the numbers in your advertising to work
before you start to scale something up and the simple numbers are going to be
looking at is your CPA over your a OB now for those of you who may not know
what this means I’m gonna break this down CPA means cost per acquisition and
guys if I smell this stuff wrong I’m a terrible speller
so I think that’s right but anyways cost per acquisition how much is it costing
you to get a result whether that’s a buyer whether that’s a lead a sign up a
viewer for webinar whatever it is that’s your cost per acquisition
now you’re a o B stands for average order value how much profit is your
particular product or service after you sell it and you want that to be bigger
than your CPA so in layman’s terms when you’re running Facebook advertising or
any advertising in general you want to make sure that the amount you’re
spending to acquire a customer is less than the amount you make when you
actually sell your product and you want this to be at a one to two ratio okay
meaning if it costs you $5.00 to acquire a person to buy something and when they
buy something and two worth $10 you’ve made five
dollars in profit right one to two ratio and you could use this for anything if
your product is you know if you’re selling something that’s you know $1000
I mean if you if it cost you $1000 to get one client but your services cost
$2000 that’s a 1 to 2 ratio making you know a $1,000 profit right so that’s
what I mean by easy math now guys this is freaking you out don’t worry we’re
gonna be diving into this I’m gonna be teaching you a profitability formula
that’s really gonna help you guys out but this is what the easy simple math
that I really want you to just get for now right CPA versus a over your cost
per acquisition and your average order value you just want to make sure that
this is less than this okay that’s all that is so to sum this all up with this
results marketing triangle we understand our media which is Facebook we
understand our market which and if you don’t know your market yet we’ll I’ll
show you some tools so in order to figure that out but your market is on
Facebook that’s the point thing that’s the only thing is you need to realize
that since we’re using Facebook your market is somewhere on Facebook okay so
once we kind of have those two down the next thing is our messaging they’re two
things that create our message and that’s the psychology what do people
want to buy and what motivates them to buy member we talked about pain points
versus hopes and dreams and the easy math which is making sure your CPA is
less than your AOV how much it costs you to get somebody is the less than how
much you make once you get them and when and once you have this all figured out
you are on your way to creating a profitable Facebook Ads guys so before
to end this video real quick I want to sort I want to explain a
couple of things that you’re gonna need so here are a couple of things you’re
gonna need what you need alright one thing that you’re gonna need there’s a
marketing final all right so what is a marketing
funnel so a marketing funnel could be multiple of different things if you are
doing e-commerce for example that is a marketing funnel right because you are
sending people that you are getting from your advertising directly to your store
or maybe it’s Amazon you know eBay Shopify whatever whatever you’re doing
right you’re taking those people that you’re getting from your advertising and
you’re sending them to the store to your order page for whatever product that
you’re marketing and that’s taking them through the funnel process another
marketing funnel could be lead capture page alright so this could be you know
click funnels it could be a word press if you’re using WordPress lead pages
whatever software you’re using to collect lead leads you know that is
another marketing funnel that you’re going to be using and just just to help
you understand marketing funnel is where it’s going to be the process that takes
somebody from just a lead that you generate from an ad to a buyer okay so
for example with this lead capture page example what you’re gonna do is you’re
gonna have your facebook ad right and your facebook ad is going to go to a
lead capture page now the capture page they can put their name and then can put
their email okay and then this email what you’re gonna do is after you
collect this you’re gonna send them to a thank-you page or it could be an order
page where they can buy your product okay and you make a sale now but the
nice thing about lead capture pages which you talk about a lot and don’t
worry there’s a lot more videos on my channel that I’ll go more until the
capture pages like click funnels and all that kind of stuff is if somebody
doesn’t buy which by the way depending on how well your marketing funnel is but
is created about you know only about 10% maybe we’ll buy the first time seeing
your product tense 20% now it depends if you already or an authority and you kind
of have some you know popularity or well known that’s probably gonna be higher
but if you’re just you know selling things 10% of people are gonna buy the
first time they see something okay so what about the other 90% well because
you have this lead capture page where you’ve captured their name and email
what you can do is you can follow up with those people with email and as you
follow up with those people with email that they’re made in ninety percent you
can get sales from them as well all right the fortune is in the follow
up I don’t know if you’ve heard that before but that’s the key to follow up
follow up follow but that’s how this lead capture page works so this is an
example of a marketing funnel now with the e-commerce and the Amazon eBay we
kind of skip this part right here the same thing kind of applies except you
kind of skip this part here you just go a shake from Facebook to the order page
so that’s a marketing funnel all right now another example of a marketing
funnel could be a webinar right you could be sending people from Facebook to
a webinar if you don’t have all the stuff that’s okay you can be an
affiliate and that’s that’s where you don’t necessarily have to own this
marketing funnel you could just use somebody else’s marketing funnel and
direct the traffic that you’re getting from Facebook to that product or service
and you get a commission off of that all right so that’s one thing that you need
is the marketing funnel okay the next thing you need all right guys
so the next thing that you’re going to need is a budget a testing budget alright and you can start off on
Facebook the beauty of Facebook is you can start off with just five dollars a
day now or those of you who are just getting started you might not have that
much of an advertising budget to start off with five dollars a day is gonna be
perfect that works just fine however if you are more intermediate-advanced what
I recommend is having a budget of about you know 50 to 100 bucks if you can a
hundred fifty bucks a day is ideal because that’s where you’re going to be
use the most get the most data out of Facebook the quickest so you can
optimize and become profitable quicker and scale faster but if you don’t have
$150 a day sitting at a bank account which most of you probably don’t and
that’s perfect Franco I did it you know okay you can start off with five dollars
a day five hours a day is perfect and the reason why you want to start off
with the testing budget is so that with a testing bunch of what you’re going to
do is you’re going to gain data data is the name of the game guys this data is
what’s going to tell you what’s working and what’s not working and the reason
why I recommend having a little bit of a high budget is because the faster you
can figure out what’s not working the faster you can change it to get
something to work meaning the faster it works the more profitable you become and
the once you become profitable that’s when you’re able to scale okay and you
can scale a facebook ad to as far as you can go but as long as its profitable it
doesn’t matter then the day data is really what’s important okay because the
data is gonna help you figure out what’s working and your Facebook Ads alright
alright guys so that’s it for how to create a profitable Facebook ad campaign
remember the results marketing triangle the three components that you need in
order to get a profitable ad campaign – the message the media as well as the
market and then once you have that stuff things that you’re gonna need is a
marketing funnel and the testing budget we have these three things you’re ready
to go you’re ready to create profitable Facebook ad campaign so hope this video
is helpful for you guys if it was give me a big like and if you have any
questions leave them down in the comment section below also don’t forget to
subscribe to my page so you can get notifications of future videos that I’m
doing and last but not least if you like my free ultimate Facebook ads copy cheat
sheet where I give you 10 copy secrets that will help you create effective ads
oh and remember how I talked about the messaging is very on point that’s
actually one of the three parts of the triangle we just went over so if you
need help with a copy click the link below in the description sign up and get
that free PDF and that’s it guys thank you so much for watching I really do
appreciate it now if you’re following along with a pre Facebook ad score you
can continue on to the next lesson and if you’re not you should be so you can
go ahead and continue anyways but if you’ve got other things to do I hope to
catch you guys on the next video peace our friends

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  1. Love your content here I have been watching lots of content on YouTube for quiet some time now your good trust me I'm in the ecom space here you should be more noticeable with the quality content you provide thank You!

  2. Thanks bro. I’ve been watching how to use facebook ads on YouTube and getting info and finally just bought a course that explains it all and damn facebook ads is AWESOME. I’m making over $5000 profit off of one ad. 2019 is my year. I want to make $10,000 a month. Where has this been hidden lol. If anyone interested they have free webinar check them out for sure. https://bit.ly/2zWtms1

  3. Rather than using a high spend on a testing budget, would a higher number of creative ads a, b, c tests at scale help to figure out what isn't working fastest?

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