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How to Create Landing Pages | Google Ads PPC Training

How to Create Landing Pages | Google Ads PPC Training

Hi, Mike Mancini
with PPCVideoTraining.com. Today’s video we are going to
be talking about landing pages and how we create our landing
pages for our clients. Stay tuned. All right, just a real
quick description here for those who don’t understand
what a landing page is. A landing page is a website
page that you send people to once they click an ad. So here we are on Google
where we did a search for pest control companies. As you can see, there are a
number of pest control ads that come up and you can determine those because they have the little
green ad box next to them. Once you click on one of these ads, it will charge the company
a certain amount of money. It could be 50 cents. Typically for a pest control company, we find they’re probably on average of three to five dollars,
so we’re not gonna click on one of these because it
will cost that company money, but once you click on one of these ads it will take you to a landing page and the landing page might look like this. Here is a sample landing page
for a pest control company. As you can see, there are a
number of call to actions. Phone numbers for the different areas and a form for someone to fill out if they’re interested in pest control. Below that, there’s some more information about some of the other pests
that they protect against, a little bit about their company, some more about their
services, some testimonials, and at the bottom there’s
another call to action. This is a landing page that
is designed to get people to either call or fill out the form, so how do we create a page like this? For our landing pages, we use
a company called Instapage. Now I’ll put the link also in
the description of this video. Now the great thing about Instapage is the ease of creating
these landing pages, and I’ll show you a quick example. We’re gonna create a new
page, a standard page, and it will give you a number
of options for these pages. Now if it’s a Lead Generation
or a Thank You page or a Webinar sign-up page or for an app, whatever it might be. Let’s just click on Lead Generation. It will break it down
and show you the examples of different Lead Generation pages. You could scroll through
and let’s just click on preview on one of these. Here’s one for a rental website, and you could scroll down. It’s just got some other
things about the company, why you should choose them,
some helpful information here, calls to action, testimonials,
some great imagery, and somebody might say, well I don’t know how to create that. Well, the best part about it
is you click on Edit Page, name it, we’ll just call it rental page. You could take the exact page and change a few different things on it
to brand it for your company and to make it relevant
for what you’re selling. This might not be your logo, but what you can do is
you can delete that, add your own image, and just
click and move it around. That’s how simple it is. If you want it to line up
or center with other things, it will show you how to do that. It will help you with alignments, but it literally is that easy. Click and drag. You want to change this text? All that you do is double-click on it and you can change the text. You can move these images
anywhere that you’d like. You can change these
images, so on and so forth. Now when you get down to the bottom here, you want to change the call to action, and you can click on where
you want to link it to. All of this is truly that simple. This is how we create
all of the landing pages for our clients by using this
company called Instapage. Once again, we’ll put the
link down in the description. I’m not going to give you a full tutorial on how to use Instapage
because of the fact that they’ve got a million of
those videos on their website. They’re very simple to use,
they have great support staff, and they’re very affordable. And I would not endorse a company that we don’t actually use. So I hope that helps. Hope you enjoyed the video on how we create our landing pages. We’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, please like it and subscribe to our channel, or share a video with someone else who
may find it interesting. Or if you know of someone who’s in need of PPC or Google AdWords services, please forward our information to them. We’d love to help. Thanks so much for watching.

6 thoughts on “How to Create Landing Pages | Google Ads PPC Training

  1. What other ways have you found (or do you use) to create your landing pages? We're always trying to learn more about what we do. Let us know in the comments below!

  2. I like your videos a LOT. Great presentation, clear ideas, good logic, detailed… yet not overly complicated.
    Been hitting "like" button to your complete first 5 days series, these peripheral but critical videos too… and yes, I subscribed also.
    Most of your content seems to revolve around corporate advertising. It would be awesome to see you press your knowledge into the shopify/ dropshipping arena. That is my interest and why I searched for you in the first place.
    Keep up the great work, you are rocking it!

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