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How To Create Instagram Video Ads

How To Create Instagram Video Ads

You want to learn how to use Instagram
video ads for your business well in this video we’re going to cover step by step
everything you’re going to want to know about Instagram video ads so stay tuned alright welcome back and thank you for
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you learned so before you start you want to actually go ahead and start referring
to any of your campaign Maps that you might have created for any of your other
platforms like Facebook or if you already had a campaign map created for
Instagram that’s gonna help a lot because it’s gonna tell you and kind of
guide you in picking what types of videos you’re going to want to run and
when like whether you would want to do a feed ad versus a store yet so you want
to make sure that you’re doing proper planning if you’re not planning your ads
if you’re just going in and building an ad or going in and shooting a video
you’re doing it the wrong way really you guys need to look into campaign mapping
it is super super important for anything that you’re going to be doing with AD
platforms once you figure out where a video is going to be placed in your
campaign map or in your actual overall campaign the next thing to do is to try
and figure out okay what is the actual goal of this video what is the message
what call to actions you plan on placing in the video when do you want to place
those call to action should we do it in the first 5 seconds 10 seconds you know
so you want to actually think and structure out the video so that way it
delivers the right message and asks for the right things at the right
time some of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen have been people will create a
video ad you know talk about their call to action or the offer they’re trying to
get these people to take until the very end of the video when in reality you
only have 15 seconds or 60 seconds or 45 seconds depending on the style of ad
that you’re actually going to set up on Instagram to deliver that message right
so we want to make sure that we get that hook and then that call-to-action out
really quickly and then repeat it again at the end usually so there’s a
structure to creating the videos that you’re going to want to basically
perfect in your own way because it’s different for every style of video or
every client now there’s a ton that goes into marketing on Instagram so if you
want a full walkthrough go from beginner to advanced on using Instagram as a
marketing tool then you’ll want to check out this video up here in the top right
hand corner or come back to it at the end of this video and check it out then
so let’s talk about some of the metrics that you’re gonna want to be aware of
really quick so with stories you actually only have 15 seconds to deliver
a message so what I would actually suggest you doing is figuring out a way
to deliver a short blast message to someone that is also super engaging and
enticing outside of that 15 second story option you can extend those stories a
little bit longer if you like and the way that you’re going to do that is by
creating an Instagram carousel story okay and so what you’re doing is you’re
actually stringing three different videos together into one so this is
actually going to give you up to 45 seconds on a video so it’s a little bit
longer it’s still a very quick message so make sure that you plan it out
properly the biggest mistake most people make is they don’t plan their message
out properly or they don’t give enough information in
a 15-second video to get someone to click seriously if you’re going to run
stories they need to be well done and well planned out next is your Instagram
feed right because that’s another place that you would run ads and ads in the
Instagram feed have to be a minimum of three seconds and up to 60 seconds long
so it’s a little bit longer and it’s in that natural more organic placement of
the feed in Instagram so they do have a different effect but stories are the
most cost effective currently just because it is a newer form of
advertising and not all of the local and small medium-sized businesses have
started taking advantage of it really if you guys have looked on Instagram
stories you’ll notice that most of it is the larger businesses and corporations
using it so if you use stories you actually have an upper hand on
a lot of the local competitors for your clients alright so now that we’ve
discussed a little bit of the intro material let’s go ahead and jump in and
look at what campaign mapping looks like okay guys so as you can see in front of
you we have what is a campaign map template okay this is my template no
we’re not giving this away I’m sorry you will just have to use and we do have
some video trainings on it which we’re gonna talk about in a second but take
this visual seriously because it is something that you need to start
planning when you run any type of it any type of campaign if you’re gonna run
campaigns on Instagram Facebook YouTube wherever you need to be planning out
what your ad series look like most people where they mess up as they come
in they create one ad and that’s it they have no follow up process they have no
remarketing incorporated and as you know if you’ve heard me talk about dr.
Jeffrey Lantz rule of seven you have to touch base with someone at least a
minimum of seven times in a period of 18 months for them to be able to recall
your brand meaning if you don’t touch base with them at least a minimum of
seven times in 18 months when it comes time for them to buy they’re not gonna
think about your business right so that’s why this is important but also it
gives you some structure it allows you to actually see visually what these
potential customers are going to be doing along their journey down the path
of potentially buying that product or service right and so guys what you can
see here is we’ll have an ad and then where the ad is directed to along with
the campaign goal and then the audience’s that we plan to remarket to
so as you can see in this audience right here we have a blog that we were sending
people to in this ad right here what we did was we took a custom
audience that’s what CA stands for and then we made it for the last seven days
basically every anybody who visited this URL in the last seven days and this is
what you’re going to want to do with your Instagram video ads as well yes
this is for Facebook but Facebook and Instagram are both managed on the same
platform so it is very very useful guys and if you’re not doing this you don’t
know what your goals are you don’t know what the message is your call to actions
your audiences you don’t have a big-picture view of what your campaign
should look like and I guarantee you if you’re not getting results with your
campaigns ninety-five percent of the time this is the issue because you
didn’t create a map and you didn’t create a plan with all your audience
loop audiences listed out what types of conversion or ad objectives you were
going to use what the message and copy and goal of
each individual ad was and then what comes before it and then what comes
after it right you can see here visually what ad comes first what ad comes next
what have they done here for example if you guys are trying to join my marketing
agency course you might see an ad on how to start a social media marketing agency
which will drive you to our blog article we’re gonna remarket those people with
something else that will drive them to a lead magnet so hey do you want our free
training on how to start a digital marketing agency cool they go to that
lead magnet they sign up then what we’re gonna remark it with them even more hey
did you know we had a product right so this is where people mess up though
understand the importance of campaign mapping and make sure that you’re doing
it for any campaigns that you create okay now that we understand what
campaign mapping is and hopefully now that you’re doing it for your ads the
next thing we want to look at is the different types of video ads for
Instagram and we’re gonna start with some examples yay so we have a product
feature ad which is gonna be your first one and this is how you show your
followers what products you carry and why those products are unique right this
is an example actually right here from stitch fix that shows different styles
of men’s clothing and then at the end it lists three benefits that sets it apart
from the competitors so you can see right here it’s a very quick and easy
video there’s nothing complicated about this there’s my it’s not even really a
video it’s actually more just images in a slideshow form right but this took no
time for them to create because they’ve probably taken these photos of their all
their apparel way in advance and now is showing some benefits right personalized
style free shipping all of those benefits this is a product feature it
shows what products they have and gives reasons why this product is better than
others next I want to show you a product in action video or ad and this is
actually one by GoPro showing why it’s the best camera for outdoor video right
there is no shaky video it’s showing you buy the product was great and you have
$50 off when you buy that hero 7 black now right so it is a great product in
action that’s showing the product in use and what it actually can do these are
great videos for products next is a sneak preview style of video and this
one is actually showing a different textile that’s being brought in or it’s
really a different type of material that they’re going to be using in a new line
of clothing so guys it can be used for pretty much anything you can you can do
a sneak preview of any new product or service that you’re
to incorporate into your business if it’s not something you previously had
and you’re bringing it out you should promote it number four is going to be a
behind the scenes style ad and this is just showing what goes on at this
clothing factory it kind of looks like yeah they make dresses so that’s all
they’re doing they’re making dresses and they’re showing what the steps of the
dress making process look like what are what their equipment looks like what
their factory looks like right it’s just showing people about the business and
people love to be able to relate to a business but they can’t if they never
get in with the business itself right if they never go inside right so this is
showing people that they’re actually real people they’re here doing the work
by hand themselves that’s why those tables are sitting there
great version of a video number five and then this is something I know that you
all have seen by now especially with all these makeup freaks out here and and
just kidding but you guys know what I’m saying it’s just a product tutorial all
right and it’s showing step by step what a product or how you should use that
product really a big issue that a lot of people have with buying a product or
services they might not feel comfortable using it either because they don’t know
how to or they’ve never seen it before or it’s brand new and nobody’s ever used
it right so these types of videos allow people to see okay it is super easy for
me to use now that they feel comfortable with it they might buy it finally is
going to be a series of videos and you can see right here we have one talking
about Kentucky Fried Chicken & Waffles a product that they’re coming out with
right and they’re just drizzling syrup over it slowly and it replays right next
we have another one with miss Butterworth’s because they are actually
partnering on this venture with Miss Butterworth so you can see it’s a series
of different ads right now we have another one and you can see he’s
actually going in and about to kiss he’s kissing the syrup bottle so that’s great
miss Butterworth’s is getting kissed by the colonel so guys you can see a series
of videos it kind of tells a story it makes it to where it’s not just one
video it’s a series of three videos showing an entire story building up to
the whole fact that they’re partnering with Miss butter miss butter works for
their new chicken and waffles meals right so this is a really great way to
tell a story and to get people who engaged with one video to watch the next
video right so you can with this video specifically you wouldn’t definitely
create an audience of people who viewed this video and send them
next video right people who are viewing the first video you want them to see the
second one and then you want those people to see the third one right so
these types of videos are really really great and I recommend looking at all six
obviously these are not the only styles of videos to create but these were just
a few ideas for you to get started so cool question I want you to leave it
right below this video are you using Instagram video ads at all either for
your agency or for a client or have you used them in the past before have you
even started using them to get a feel for what the like if so right yes or no
below and right what’s been struggle or what you’ve been struggling with when
creating video ads okay guys so now let’s talk about setting up your video
ad very quickly it is not difficult to do the cool thing is like I mentioned
Facebook and Instagram do their ads on the same platform on business manager
right so all you need to do is go to business facebook.com and you can
actually set up your business manager account and get your Instagram account
connected there once you get that done then you’re actually going to come in
you’re gonna go to ads manager you’re gonna click create and this is again
once all of your video is completed and edited your copies ready your goals are
all set up your lead magnets landing pages valued two offers that you’re
gonna go with all of that set up then once you do that you’re going to select
your objective okay so with Instagram you can’t use all of these objectives it
actually only works for brand awareness reach traffic engagement app installs
which are right here video views which is gonna be right here sorry I’m already
on it and then you have conversions right over here you alright guys so next
we’re going to choose our Instagram ad objective all you have to do guys if
you’re not sure which objectives you can use for Instagram whether it be feeder
stories you can just go to Google type in Instagram add objectives and click on
the link for Facebook go to the help document in shows rehear brand awareness
reach you can’t do engagement stories you can’t do messages for stories you
can’t do catalog sales for stories and you can’t do store traffic for stories
but that’s really everything else you can do so pick wisely so now that you’ve
selected an ad objective we’re just gonna name it you know name it and then
we’re going to click continue once we do that then we’re just going to set up our
audience or our ad set name I usually like to wait
until after I select all of my different audiences unless I already know what
it’s going to be ahead of time so usually if you’re using a cold audience
and you’re gonna make some adjustments you would want to name it after if you
already know it’s gonna be a remarketing audience and you know which audiences
you’re gonna use you can just go ahead and name it all right then you’re gonna
set up your objective where you want it to go so whether it’s the website to app
messenger or whatsapp you can miss it advertise on whatsapp messenger now
you’re gonna want to select whether you want to do dynamic creative or not I
would prefer not prefer I would recommend that you guys just
if you don’t sell products on your website and you have you don’t have the
pixel setup you don’t need to do dynamic creative dynamic creative is going to
show people things that they’ve already visited or seen in the past right so if
they go to my store and they check out a pair of flip-flops that I have on my
website and they look at you know a specific kind of flip-flops well in that
dynamic ad it’s going to show those flip-flops to that person as long as we
have our products and catalogs uploaded into Facebook so if you want to do that
you can it’s kind of up to you once you do that then you’re going to actually
set up your audience whether you’re using a custom audience or whether
you’re going to create one in here using interests again this depends on where
the video is being placed is it in the top of the funnel middle little funnel
are we remarketing or are we trying to drive traffic cold traffic totally up to
you what you’re gonna do right there and it’s different for everybody so I can’t
give you an exact example but you guys get exactly what I’m talking about right
so create your custom audience or create your detailed targeting selections right
down here once you get done then you’re going to select your placement so you’ll
click Edit you’ll click out of all of the other ones and then you’ll select
whether it is a feed or a story you can’t do them both at the same time I
mean you could but really it’s just ineffective to do it that way so if it’s
only a story or if it’s a really a 9 by 16 video only do it as a story if it’s a
16 by 9 only do it in your feed it’s just my recommendation you can test it
if you like but it’s a waste of time in my opinion after you get done there you
will set up your budget very simple right whether you do a daily or a
lifetime budget up to you if you’re gonna do a daily budget you’ll really
you can set to set it to run continuously or you can set a start and
end date whether it’s a daily or a lifetime budget then you’ll so
your optimization for a delivery whether that’s on landing page views or other
options right so what does this mean basically landing page views means did
they make it to the page that you told them to click through to write that
Instagram ad it’s usually driving them to another page is that your website is
that a landing page what is it right so is that what we want to optimize for
people who are going and visiting that site do we want to send it to more
people like that or do we want to do people who click on a specific link or
just an impression people who saw the ad or our daily unique reach they’ll
deliver it to up to people once a day meaning they’re not gonna see it any
more than once a day usually I just recommend doing landing page views or
link clicks those are gonna be the best two options for you there from here
you’re just gonna click continue we do need to add a location before I can
continue this or just add the United States and back in here now we’ll move
to the next section from here guys it’s very simple are you running a carousel
or a single image or a video a carousel again it’s gonna give you more time to
get a message across usually right especially with stories you’re gonna
have up to three that you can string together simultaneously so if you’re
doing a story ad and you need a longer message I would recommend doing a
carousel story if not then you can just do a single image or video right and
then same for your feed posts are you gonna do a carousel a single image or
video so we’re just gonna leave it as a single image or video for now we would
click and upload an image right here then we’re gonna come down and we would
just add in our copy all right so it wanted me to upload a video so that way
I could add enter in the caption for some reason if wouldn’t let me enter the
caption without a video so or an image up here so I put an image up here yay
it’s just a picture of me then we have our website or Facebook event right
where are we trying to send them to the website or that event usually it’s just
gonna be a website could be a Facebook event if you guys are hosting an event
and trying to promote it on Instagram then you’ll just add your caption and
this is where you want to make sure it’s something captivating something that’s
gonna get them to click on learn more right or to click like or something
right to get them to engage you’ll add your URL in right here and then you’ll
set up your button if it’s signing up for something you’re gonna select sign
up make sure that it makes the most sense to whatever it is that you’re
trying to actually get them to do you can put in your display link boom we’ll
add that there at the bottom and then we’re ready to go really even for
Instagram you don’t even have to enter display link because you don’t even see
him on this make sure that your you turn your pixel on and then you’re ready to
go you just click confirm and your ad is good it’s no more complicated than any
other Facebook ad that you’ve ever tried to set up ever finally guys all you’re
going to want to do after you get your video ad set up is actually going and
look at some of the data make sure that people are actually watching your videos
so look at the view through rate and see how much of your video people are
watching if they’re not watching at least 20% of the video then I would
recommend either creating a new video or just getting rid of that ad altogether
and maybe trying a different goal or a call to action or something like that
also if you notice that people aren’t clicking through on the video that you
create to go to your landing page or wherever it is that you’re trying to get
them to go and it also is probably an indicator that that video isn’t giving
them the information they need to actually make that click or it just
might not be valuable to begin with so make sure that you’re actually looking
at if people are clicking on videos and if they click are they watching the
videos so if you’re not getting people to actually click you could be targeting
the wrong audiences it might not be the content it might just be the audience’s
you’re targeting aren’t vibing with the message that they see before they even
begin to watch the video right so make sure that all of those things line up
properly and if so you should have a good Instagram video campaign alright
guys that’s it for this video thank you so much for watching so do me two things
number one make sure you leave a comment right below this video describing what
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the best answer wins number two is since you stayed till the very end make sure
to check out this video on the top right on creating Instagram story ads that are
very high converting we promise you you’ll love that video too but I’m gonna
get out of here guys make sure you hit that subscribe button and the
notification bell in the bottom right hand corner if you haven’t done so
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you get the help they need until next time guys Cereal Entrepreneur out bye
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