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How To Create Instagram Stories For Facebook Ads

How To Create Instagram Stories For Facebook Ads

– In this video, we’re
gonna be talking about Instagram stories and video ads. (upbeat music) So there’s been a lot
of talk recently about video ads for Instagram stories and we decided we’re gonna take
matters into our own hands, jump into doing it for ourselves and for our client accounts. So I’m here to talk you
through the kind of stuff that we’ve done and what you
wanna think about creatively when you’re creating your
Instagram stories video ads. Secondly, we’re gonna talk
about some of the results that we’ve seen so far
and I’ll talk through some of the numbers that we’ve gotten. And finally if you were thinking about creating some Instagram stories yourself, either for organic or for ads, some of the apps that we use to be able to do stuff like that and some of the apps that
I use personally as well. Alright so, here we go. First things first. Instagram stories, so the
clip that you saw before that was a collection of some of the ads that we’ve created for some of our clients and you’ll notice that first of all, you really wanna make
sure that your creative can fit into the proportioned format the format that we’re
looking at right now. Second really to that is
try to keep it as upbeat and as punchy as possible,
understanding the consumption of Instagram stories really is all about a capturing that attention and
getting people to swipe up. So really get into that
frame of mind, right? And also, I guess the
more that you play around and I’ll get into this later
in some of the app stuff. But the more that you play
around with some of the tools that you’ve got because of the
templates that they give you it really starts giving
you a few more ideas about the creative and the
different ways you can flex your creative mind and execution as well. Really think about the
brand that you’ve got or the brand that you’re working with. Understand the audience
and what really drives them whether it’s really
epic looking type stuff or whether it’s a bit
fast and flashy and fun. Or whether something a bit more considered and that can really educate the way that you drive your
Instagram story ads as well. Also, think about creative ways that you can get your
customers to swipe up. So whether that is in your added self itself in the bottom here where you have little prompts to get people to swipe up or get a bit more creative and you can see for example, Gary V’s videos especially on Instagram stories as well as his stuff on Snapchat, you can see some really
interesting ways that, just creative ways that
his team gets people to swipe up in Instagram stories, they’ve got cool little graphics and then in Snapchat,
he’s actually got a small little, mini Gary V just
putting his hands up to go swipe up, swipe up. So which for some of you
can get really annoying for the ones that don’t
like Gary V in your truck but for those that do, you
might find a bit funny. So next thing, let’s talk about results, I think some of you, especially
the more technical marketers amongst you will probably
hear some of these numbers. Alright so I’m going to check out my stats on my monitor over here and
you guys can pay attention to the stats down below. Alright so first things first, we tried a we got some data between the performance of our Instagram stories
versus our more traditional ad formats, whether
that is image carousel, or single image or anything like that. And this is on mobile
only data by the way, so let’s have a comparison real quick. So CPMs, looks like that
is $3.27 instead of $5.95. That’s a 45% redcution, we like. Cost per click, $0.50 instead
of $0.65, 23% reduction. We like that. Click through rate, this
is an interesting one. So it’s .66%, pretty low. Instead of .91%, already
also kinda low as well. So that deteriorated by 27%, more interesting stuff. Conversion rate, 1.82% instead of 2.84%. I can know you guys are wincing right now. Here’s an interesting
part, return on ads spend, 4.26 instead of 3.69. So it’s a 15% increase. Again this is Instagram stories
versus more traditional ads. And then following that,
we did another kind of breakdown as well. This is still kind of early
days but, this is essentially our Instagram stories like
a carousel, if you will of three images versus Instagram
stories video ads, right? Same kind of breakdown again. CPMs, $3.20 instead of $4.04. CPC, $0.47 instead of $1.10. Hey! Click through rate, we’ve
got .69% instead of .37%. Yikes! And CVR is 1.7, I’m
sorry, conversion rate, is 1.73 instead of 3.75. A bit of a wince there. Here’s the interesting part, return on ad spend, 4.3 instead 3.92. So, really what we’re seeing here is that even with the low click through rate and the fairly high CPM,
Instagram stories video’s showing us at least, and showing me that video is actually pretty powerful at driving sales. So essentially, we’re
gonna keep testing this and we’re gonna, as much as possible, I’m gonna come back and
keep feeding you more data the more that we test this stuff out. But, those are the
results that we’ve gotten, and I’m gonna move on really quickly to the final part ’cause I’m
trying to keep this video really really short. Okay, so let’s talk about
the apps that we like using. So if you’re on your nifty phone, then the two apps I like to
use are Legend and Quick, which is an app by GoPro. So, out of the two, you’ve got Legend which essentially if you’re
really big into quote cards or anything like that, then by the way Legends’ only in the square format, but you can really start using Legend to create some really interesting looking video quote cards if you will. Obviously with the high amount of text, it’s not really all that
usable or friendly I guess, because of the high amount of text but that’s why I prefer using Quick. So in Quick, you can actually go in there and set format certain whether you want it to be portrait, whether
you want it to be square or whether you want it to be landscape and off of that too, you can start putting some text in there. It is a mobile app so it keeps everything templated, not so much customizable but, it really gives you
a good starting point. And it also gives you some some stock, limited
amount of music to choose with your stuff as well. So that’s a pretty good one. I like using Quick
especially if it’s something really quick and dirty on the phone. Now, if you are on the desktop, however, we started off by using Magisto. That was one of the, in
browser video editors which is with the slideshow-y
kind of feel to it. And then we start off with
that and we moved over to now using Shaker which is also which also happens to
be a Facebook partner. So, we are using Shaker right
now to do most of our videos and anything that we can’t do
with in Shaker for example, or we need something really customizable because again, Shaker
is meant to be coming in and helping you with social videos so they wanna make it
as template as possible, easy for the end user as much as possible so it’s not exactly for if
you want super customized video with the fonts and
the coloring and all that down to a tee, but
again, it’s social video so we wanna move fast. So it’s not necessarily
the right thing for that. In a way, that’s why we love Shaker but in the event that we wanna move away from that and we need that
extra level of customization then we jump into something
a bit more powerful like Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects, if we wanna get to that level. But for the most part again,
because we wanna move quickly, we wanna be able to use
something like that. So shaker is the wonderful choice. And there we have it. That is my really short video
about Instagram stories. I’m gonna end here and
ask you the question, amongst you, who is right
now using Instagram stories? Are you one of them? Are you using Instagram story video ads? I would love to hear (mouth
whistling) how your experience so far and if you have any questions, leave them in the comment below. This is Dee signing
(fingers snapping) out.

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