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How to Create Instagram Ads in Mailchimp

How to Create Instagram Ads in Mailchimp

Hi, I’m Laura Jones. As a researcher at MailChimp, it’s my job to understand our customers and help build things that empower them to grow their business and sell more stuff. A great way to reach your audience is to go where they’re already hanging out. And you can do that by advertising on Instagram. When you create an Instagram ad in MailChimp, you can easily reach new and exisiting customers and get a clear view of your return on investment. Let’s try it out! In your MailChimp account, create a new ad campaign. This takes you to our easy step-by-step editor. You can run the ad just on Instagram, or you can advertise on both Facebook and Instagram at the same time. Now, decide who should see your ad. To reach your existing customers, target your MailChimp list. Even better, harness the power of your list to find new customers with the same interests and demographics as your best customers. You can also refine your audience by geographic location if you only want your ad to be seen by people in a certain country, state, city, or zip. Then set the budget and decide how long you want the ad to run. Did I mention we don’t charge you anything extra? You pay the same price you would on Instagram. Now create your ad. Pick a single image or add multiple images to make an eye-catching carousel ad. Then add a headline and a link. That’s all there is to it. Now that you’re done, here’s the best part of using Instagram Ads in MailChimp. When you connect your e-commerce store, we’ll show you exactly how much money you made from the ad and how many new customers you acquired. Say goodbye to the marketing black hole! We will give you the confidence to know your ads are working and your business is growing. With MailChimp, Facebook Ads, and now Instagram Ads, you have yet another channel to find new customers, build your brand, and sell more stuff.

21 thoughts on “How to Create Instagram Ads in Mailchimp

  1. Very excited about this new feature. Looking forward to try it out.
    Thank you MailChimp for being awesome and innovative. Luve!

  2. I don't understand the benefit of this. Facebook already does this. When you set up an ad on Facebook, you can simply put a check in the box for it to run the same ad on Instagram also. Facebook also gives you more customization than what you showed here on the video, like the ability to do Canvas's.

  3. I will try it because it seems easy to use. But my question is this, is it more affordable than facebook? For me I think Facebook is a complete rip-off, so I will try it and report my findings.

  4. I am using Facebook and Instagram both but after looking into video it looks promising so I will give a try and see what's happnds.

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