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How To Create Instagram Ads In 2019 – Instagram Ads Step By Step Walkthrough

How To Create Instagram Ads In 2019 – Instagram Ads Step By Step Walkthrough

How can you make converting Instagram ads that reach the right audience and make the people that you’re targeting Stop scrolling on Instagram go to your website and opt-in by check out Whatever you want them to do. Im Rafael Cintron, your 7-figure ecommerce coach And today I’m gonna teach you how to make converting Instagram ads for 2019 and 2020 Let’s go to my computer and find out. All right, so now that we’re here my computer I’m essentially gonna take you step-by-step how to create your first Instagram ads and create converting Instagram ads and what exactly you need to focus on when you’re targeting people on Instagram so that they See the picture click on it sign up and buy right so when you create Instagram ads you have to create them through the Facebook Ads manager So essentially go to create campaign on the face against manager. You create it like a Facebook Ads campaign so essentially it has the same layout and the same structure but When you go here, let’s say you get conversions and you want to sell a product let’s say it’s an e-commerce product myself through Instagram Then let’s do conversions demo Instagram now, what do you do commercials that moisture on now? We’re going to start off With the targeting and the placements and the placements is I want you to do this first before in choose the target user pixel Whatever you choose because this is the defining Section where you divide is it going to be a face scatter. It’s gonna be an Instagram So here you go to placements on the bottom and you’ll always get automatic placements when you create new campaigns you’re gonna go to edit placements and you’re going to take out all Facebook all Audience Network and all messengers. So you take them out you take an audience network you take out messenger and then you take out Facebook and Now you’re essentially you’re gonna create an insert I’m at and there’s two types of ads so you can create their speed ads and their story Yes, right story yet or a little bit different you have to size them differently and then feed outs are just like regular Facebook ads but made for Instagram. So now let’s choose our targeting. Let’s say We’re targeting United States if you want to learn about targeting, you can check out my video on Facebook ads targeting sent you same principles apply as Instagram, let’s take out Germany just put United States from 21 to 40 women and since I’m used to Something swimming. I’m just going to target the interest that I used to target. So let’s do 21 to 40 women That are interested in forever 21 Again if you want to learn about targeting You can check the video in the description or it’s going to pop up in a lot of these corners You can check out free cigars targeting my weather So that is done. I’m gonna check the conversion pixel. And for now. I’m just going to choose view content so people that go to my site and I already chose Instagram feed and Instagram stories now I’m gonna put a daily weather of 20 dollars per day and continue now when you’re creating your Actual app what I want you to do when you create the ad is go on to your ads manager and go to the page Post section you go to a page post section and in the Facebook section is where you’re going to create your actual write you’re gonna create your ad for Instagram and then Place that ID that new ad that you created into the campaign that you’re creating I’ll show you how to do it right now. Right so you’re gonna choose your page and then create your post always on Instagram what works best is Photo ads, right? so picture apps that Capture attention and the secret to getting attention on Instagram isn’t that much of the headline? It isn’t that much of the text It’s all in the picture and the picture has to be strong Right, if you want to see some of my ads I didn’t show you some of ads, you know It’s this is one of my most highest converting app is to get people To my three ecommerce course to then upsell them into my private coaching program. Obviously, that is my coaching business I also have ecommerce businesses. Well, this is my coaching business And essentially the image does all the work for me like alright having trouble making sales and e-commerce and Shopify Yes, that’s important. The headline is important. We’ll look at how capturing the images it says free econ course make 10,000 per month It’s like a strong image right if you’re selling Essentially, let’s say you’re selling like an e-commerce product. Your image has to be bright it has to be powerful has to capture attention because people are looking at their feet and most people let let’s let’s say we’re going on Instagram and Most people what they do with their Instagram feed and I notice by research by hanging out with people have spent a lot of time on Facebook on Instagram is don’t do like this right don’t go like that and They’ll keep watching and watching and when they find a good one they click and they like and they keep going and going and going They don’t like on Facebook. They don’t scroll slowly. They don’t comment on everything they just go up up up up up leg leg like so your image has to be strong powerful and if you’re doing a video It has to open the first five seconds of the video has to be very very strong that’s like influencer shoutouts That’s why I recommend so much just doing like a strong picture and then your picture Will eventually lead them to check out the headline and the headline is important just like I teach all my face got strainings The first is a rhetorical question. Hey, are you having trouble? Are you doing this or you’re doing that and then you explain the product? This is more of like paid stuff paid content So you can check that out in the private coaching program that I have Now let’s say I’m creating a new ad I create a new post and let’s say I’m creating an ad for bikini now Let me pick one of my most converting ads For bikinis And and Now let’s create the actual page shows the actual Instagram ad you created here in the page flow section. Let’s say ready, or Want to look stunning? For your Next vacation right now. It’s winter so women are probably not going to buy so many swimsuits But if you’re talking let’s say like frequent travellers women that travel a lot then this is a perfect copy for that one Look story for an expectation. Our swim suits are 50% off Just this week Or whatever ad copy ready to check my other videos I teach you how to do specific ad copy You create your ad but on Instagram the most important thing is your image your image is everything like if your image is Strong and stunning that’s is going to catch your attention and then the read the help So if you’re thinking okay, I need to focus on one thing it has to be the image then when you create your actual ad you take that page post ID on the top and You put it as an existing post Obviously, you know, you make your product be the same as as a page. That’s just a demo I’m just showing you that you create it. So you would go into my page and then add Select post and for Instagram account you can essentially use the selected Facebook page or if you go to the Business settings on your business manager, you can just add an Instagram account. So you go to business manager You click add Instagram account and then you add your username and password, you know? And that will connect your Instagram account straight to your business manager and you can choose it here But for now, we’re just going to choose the selected Facebook page Enter post ID and then you put a boast of your right here And Boom see right the image is the first thing people are gonna see right. This is not I didn’t pick the perfect image Let me pick a better one actually because this is I don’t know how to little black boar on the side So let me pick a better image. Alright, and now once we look stunning For your next vacation Our swimsuits Are 50% off today only or whatever your ad copy is Then you create the posts right here on the page post section you take that ID that I just told you and you add it onto your Enter post. Are you ready? And boom now the image capture attention when women see this image you’re like, oh wow she looks beautiful, what is this And then they go on to read the headline in the description and the text, right? you have to focus on the image and making sure that’s powerful and potent and then you could go ahead and you know the ad copy you can mess around with it and Do whatever you want with it and specially like lead them to your to your page from there on the image is the most Thing but the image is what is going to determine if your added works or not Now you click confirm and now you’ve created your first Instagram act right? It’s simple It’s very very simple lot of people overcomplicate this or like hey, how do I make Instagram ads the same as Facebook? Yes It’s basically the same thing you just choose a different placement and then you can do it Through the facial section right here now if you want to create just a story ad write an Instagram story at What you’re going to do is go back to the placement Sections right here on the left side and you’re gonna click out click feed and just leave stories, right? you’re gonna keep the stories only there and then you’re gonna go on to the next page and I don’t recommend using a page post. I’m using the page shows ID to then transfer it to the ad I don’t recommend doing that. I recommend just keeping it with the create app for stories Then you have to make sure that your image size is the correct image size For example when you go here it’s going to tell you 1080 by 1920 pixels you have to make sure that’s the right image size just because it’s not gonna fit well when people look at it right when People look at their stories They’re essentially going Side to side to side right they’re going like that and go on to the next and next and next and next and next it Has to fit that size so that people are attracted to it And I really recommend doing stories just because not many people know how to do it And now many companies are spending that much money on learning how to distort and putting effort into it So I left definitely recommend getting a graphic designer If you want to do it you can get one with the one of the links in the description on how to hire a Freelancer or hire a graphic designer you can go to that company and hire a freelancer right there so they can create Story ads for you. So they fit well and they capture attention very strongly. So essentially that is it, right I just showed you how to create jet normal Instagram ads right when people see them on the feed and then when you create story at I definitely recommend going in here and Doing to just create ad instead of doing the page post and something that I forgot to man always add a link To the top of the page post so that when people click on it, they go straight to there right for example with my ad There’s a link right there right for econ course people click on boom They go to my full free ecommerce course So essentially you have to put your ad on the top of the image on the page host X I forgot to mention that sorry about that but you put the link on the top of the image on the top of the page post text if you’re going to create just a normal Instagram, right So when people see it on the feet, not a story, but that’s essentially it it’s very very easy to create Instagram apps It’s just the same thing as creating a Facebook ad the targeting if you want to learn about targeting you can check out my other Facebook Ads videos on how to do targeting it Applies the same principle as it does to Instagram Your image is your strongest thing If you want to do a video it has to capture attention in the first five minutes if you want to learn more about all Of this about advertising blowing or misses building a successful business Check them out other videos right here. Go to link in the description It says full econ course my full free ecommerce course Instagram Facebook Google whatever you want to learn about e-commerce how to absolutely crush it with this Going the link in the description and get that course Thank you so much for watching subscribe to this channel If you want to go to the videos like this video if you enjoyed it, and I’ll see you on the next one

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