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How to Create Facebook Local Awareness Ads

How to Create Facebook Local Awareness Ads

In this episode, I’ll show you how to use
Facebook ads to target people that are near your
local business. I’m Christian Karasiewicz from Social Chefs. Welcome to Social Snacks,
where you’ll learn social media marketing tips to grow your business in under five minutes. Here we are on our Facebook page. If you want
to better target fans when they’re near your
business you wanna run local awareness ads. You can access this by clicking on the
promote option, and select promote local business. Within this dialog box you’ll be able to
specify a radius, change the location of the map, specify an age, a gender, and a budget
for what you wanna target people that are near
your business. All this information is being pulled from the address and the phone number
that you have specified in your Facebook page. So here we are, once I’ve customized the
text and I’ve added an image, the key step is under the call to action box, select call
now, or get directions. If I select call now it will add a call now button to my Facebook
ad, so this way people aren’t going to a contact form to which you’d then have to
reply. If they tap that button on their mobile device they’ll be able to call your business
right from your Facebook ad. If you wanna give someone directions to your business all
you have to do is change the call to action to get directions. Now, when someone clicks
the get directions box, it will open up their maps application and map them to your local
business. Click the subscribe button below. If you have
an idea, comment, or suggestion leave those below as well. Go to socialchefs.com for fast
professional training from leading social media professionals.

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