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How to Create Facebook Lead Ads for Beginners [Step-by-Step Guide]

How to Create Facebook Lead Ads for Beginners [Step-by-Step Guide]

What’s up marketers and entrepreneurs do
you want a step-by-step guide to running and using Facebook lead ads if so then
stay tuned to this video we’re gonna walk you right through it alright
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gonna want to get that so you may have seen Facebook lead ads before and a lot
of people are confused about how they work and how to actually set one up
effectively so like I said in the beginning in this video we’re gonna go
through some step-by-step processes that you’re going going to want to make sure
that you take care of to make sure that your ads run effectively but also some
tips that I’m going to recommend you implement into your campaigns so that
way you get the best result and spend the least amount of money to get those
leads so let’s go ahead and hop right in now there are several reasons why you’re
going to want to use lead ads or lead forms on Facebook’s platform let’s go
through those really quickly number one because they’re optimized for mobile
that is super important obviously today’s day and age it needs to be
optimized for mobile number two as you get fewer drop-offs from conversion
right and the reason why is because they’re staying directly on Facebook
when they see that ad they’re not going to a click funnels landing page or on
your website to submit that information so what does that mean less steps
involved meaning they’re more likely to convert number three is forms can be
customized customization is key and you can add in photos and URLs and copy and
change everything up to make it look like it’s your business and really fit
your brand so that’s important number four is that it integrates with your CRM
so that way you can directly take that information imported into your CRM and
start marketing to those people either with
Facebook ads on in another form Instagram ads email remarketing whatever
you want to do to remarket to those people number 5 is you can easily reach
the people that really are involved or want to know more about your business or
your clients business that you’re working for it’s because of the fact
that you’re going to use these and this is one of those key points I was talking
about one of those tips from Cereal Entrepreneur is that you should be using
these lead forms on people that are already familiar with your brand not
cold traffic yes you can use them for cold traffic but they are most effective
when someone already knows your brand so let’s go through setting these up I’ll
give you some more tips alright guys so let’s go ahead and get into creating the
lead ad or the lead form for your ad campaign essentially what I want to
recommend first is if you guys are new to Facebook ads and marketing you’re
gonna want to use Facebook or Business.Facebbok.com this is actually business
manager the business manager platform you don’t want to use the boost post
option trust me if you’re a marketing professional or even if you’re not a
marketing professional and you’re looking to do to do this for your own
small or medium-sized business you’re going to want to use the ads manager
platform so you actually come in you’re gonna go over to all tools and you’ll
click ads manager once you have that you select your ad account right here and
then boom you’re gonna create your campaign now what we’re gonna do is
we’re going to create a lead generation ad you’re gonna name your ad so we’re
just gonna put tests for this is going to be something internal that you’re
gonna want to create for yourself once you do that you just click create next
step is to set up your ad set which is all of your ad targeting options where
it’s being placed all of that so you’ll select the business page right the
actual Facebook business page you’ll come in and if you have a catalog
integrated with products you sell online you can integrate that into it we’re not
going to do that for this example you’ll set your targeting now some key points
here to understand about lead ads is the fact that lead ads work better on
traffic that is already warm to your content that already knows a little bit
about who you are so that being said you’re not going to use the use a lot of
saved audiences you’re gonna use primarily custom audiences people who
have visited your website take an action on your Facebook page or Instagram page
something like that before right Saved audiences you can use but
that is if you have no data whatsoever even then
even if you know you don’t have a ton of website traffic I recommend taking
customer lists email lists whatever you can and uploading those and creating
look-alikes rather than using saved audiences you’ll
set all your targeting all of this is super important if it’s everyone in this
location I want you to take that into consideration you know someone like a
restaurant they can service everyone in a location right but let’s say they have
a TV repair store you’re only gonna want to do people who
live in this location why because if I’m traveling if that would include everyone
in that location I’m not gonna get my TV repaired so I don’t need this service to
be shown to me right so don’t do everyone in this location for a service
like that if that’s who you’re trying to generate leads for for example you would
want to do people who live in this location right and vice versa if someone
is traveling and that’s who you’re trying to target say you’re trying to
sell suitcase repair I don’t know if because somebody mess up their suitcase
while they’re traveling that could be something you would want to do set up
your age range set up your gender set up any languages that might mean anything
to you and then boom that’s all of your geographic and demographic targeting
then you can set up your detail targeting and you know narrow things
down even further you can exclude audiences you can add a connection type
whether they like your page again all of that remarketing comes into play there
then you’re gonna set up your placements I recommend always doing edit your
placements you’re not going to do Instagram let’s just say for this
example we’re not gonna do Instagram we don’t want to do Facebook stories or
instant articles this is totally up to you and how your audience will engage
with the platform being used set up any mobile devices if you want to target a
mobile device specifically then you have your budget and schedule you’ll set
up either daily or lifetime all of this is you know standard setup for a app
right doesn’t really matter it does matter but it for this example trying to
show you how to set up a lead form this is not as important this is information
you need to take you know into consideration with your entire Facebook
campaign and also your budget and everything like that but once you get
all that set up we’re going to move on to the next step and remember you want
to be naming all of these you know relevant to whatever step it is you know
whatever your audience was that’s what you’ll name your ad set your ad name is
gonna be lead generation you know lead gen form and then whatever the
call-to-action may be something like that right set the page set the Instagram
placement if you are going to advertise it on Instagram and then you’re gonna
actually set up the ad so the ad can be set up on it as a carousel a video and
image I recommend images and video they’re
just the easiest but like I said for that remarketing purpose if your
remarketing people who are already super interested in your product they’re a
lead already and you just want to send them some testimonials and get them to
maybe even you know set that appointment or call in this would be a perfect way
to do it you send them a carousel ad showing them video testimonials of
clients right that your client has had set up that testimonial wheel and then
the call to action is call us right so that’s where you come down he’s set up
your call to action you know where is it learn more something like that book now
get offer apply now whatever is sign up you know whatever is going to be most
relevant to your load your campaign that’s what you want to put right there
alright then what you want to do is you set up your Facebook pixel right you
integrate that and then we’re going to set up a lead form now you can see I’ve
already built out a test before let’s just go ahead and create a new one you
can also duplicate one and then make changes later first thing you’re gonna
do is come in and name your form do not forget to name your form it’s just,
just name your form alright go into your settings that’s the first thing I like
to do you’ll set up your English configuration settings or language
settings then you’ll want to determine whether you want it to be restricted or
open restricted means no one else can share it to other people that are
allowed to sign up for it like if I saw an ad and then shared it with someone
else they wouldn’t be able to sign up for that lead form because they weren’t
directly sent that ad from Facebook’s ad targeting options right so why would
that be useful well say you you target people in Florida and for some reason
your audience is guaranteed to share it with people who live in Washington State
right you don’t want people in Washington state because you don’t
service them so it would be nice for you to do it restricted so you don’t get
that type of engagement and waste time and money on people who don’t matter
right or you can leave it open if you don’t care who submits the form you’re
just trying to let collect cold traffic boom there you go leave it open set up
your field IDs if you would like to set up custom field IDs tracking parameters
so if say you were in an area where there’s a Spanish
speaking population and an english-speaking population you would
set up the parameters language and then English language and then Spanish if you
had two separate campaigns one with English copy one with Spanish copy right
that’s all that is then after you’re set up there on your settings the next part
is just setting up the form which is easy you’re either going to be more
volume or higher intent as your form type more volume is for people like less
qualified cold traffic so these are people who are coming through the funnel
you’re going to get more of these people to convert but they could be less
qualified as far as a lead is concerned whereas with hire intent you’re making
them go through a extra step you can see it added review screen here where it
actually makes them review the information they submitted any extra
steps and this is something for you guys to always keep in mind whenever you’re
creating an ad every extra step you add whether it’s submitting their first name
and last name in two separate boxes for submitting their first and last name in
one box that’s an extra step right that could
keep someone from submitting their information and usually does so keep
that in mind you know if you want higher quality leads and this is what you want
to use if you want just as many leads I eat cold traffic that’s what you want
to use here but for higher intent I recommend using this objective or form
type when you want to retarget people who have already visited your site or
engage with your brand previously because you know they’re already
qualified now we’re going to find the most qualified leads out of you know the
traffic or the audience that we have set next is your intro boom you’re just
gonna come down here you don’t even have to have this it is optional if you don’t
want that up there if you want it super simple you can update your questions
right here you can change this little headline that’s existing right here or
you can add more information kind of up to you what you want to do you can use
the image from your ad so if we turn this back on you can write a headline
that’s gonna pop up right here so you know super cool download so the key here
is whatever you wrote in the headline of your ad copy right so if we close this
down and we go out let me save we’ll come back to the save whatever if you
come back over here this little copy section right here the text here and the
headline here needs to be very very closely related to the copy that you’re
going to include in this form why because again copy it needs to be
consistent whenever you’re going from the one step to another step in your
campaign it always needs to be consistent and the message needs to be
clear the call to action needs to be clear the last thing I can give you guys
as a piece of advice is if you’re getting a ton of people in traffic to
that lead form but nobody’s converting then that means you know a couple of
things number one it just and usually it’s that the offer is not good enough
people are not interested in whatever the offer is that you’re trying to offer
them so that’s why they’re not converting that’s if you’re getting a
ton of traffic and no one’s converting they’re not finding the offer you know
relevant or if you’re getting a ton of impressions on the ad and no one’s
clicking through but you know it’s a qualified audience right you know as
people who they’ve already submitted their emails to a list on your email
list right so you know they’re qualified but none of them are converting through
to the next step or setting an appointment well in that case your offer
might not be enticing enough so maybe consider adjusting your offer but
whatever you told them you were gonna offer on that carousel ad or the image
or video you need to make sure the copy remains the same here right so if you do
that you know free download if this if that’s what you say on the main page you
need to put it here download or you know whatever right I recommend using an
uploaded image meaning you’ve created a separate image from the images used on
the on the actual ad otherwise it’s gonna use images used from your ad
alright that just makes it a little more customized a little more unique and more
engaging you can in paragraph or bullets so for example I could do you know get
twelve thousand dollars in value or I could do you know tons ton of free stuff
you know whatever to try and sell whatever it is that we’re trying to
offer them okay next is questions and this is where you actually the questions
you’re going to send over to your CRM or to collect in your lead form so the cool
thing is you don’t have to collect email if you don’t want you could do phone
numbers if you want phone numbers alright if you don’t want to do full
name you can unmarked that new first and last name it’s completely up to you what
you want to collect right just remember that every step you add in
means they’re less likely to convert and from there you’re going to do you know
if you want to add custom questions so for example where do you live right for
a real estate agent and actually I don’t want to do that for that I want to do a multiple choice where do you live
you do Atlanta Buckhead another state right and then you can see right here
you drop it down boom they can select those options on the form then what you
could even do from there to make it even more you know whatever information
you’re trying to collect that’s why these what needs to go in there but you
could say you know if you selected another sorry for all the typos another
state above which state do you live in and then they can write in a short
answer right and that’s gonna go to your CRM next thing is your privacy policy
make sure that you actually have your privacy policy so you know you just want
to type in privacy policy and then you actually have to have one on the website
so your client needs to have a policy attached at the bottom of their website
somewhere that you can link to in this form otherwise Facebook will not let you
run their ads also if you have if you deal in the financial industry or with
alcohol drugs or any other heavily regulated industry there are probably
some things that you need to take into consideration with Facebook’s privacy
disclaimer so make sure you read their rules and then if you have a custom
disclaimer you need to add you need to add that there finally the thank you
screen and this is where you actually just set up to thank you give them other
information hey make sure to check your email and whitelist our blah blah blah so
that we you get all of our stuff you can do download if you want to actually put
the download right here and then you can put the website link to that open public
link right there you know with download load now and then
boom or you can even do you know call business you can see it does phone so
call us and then you put in your phone number right there whatever the area
and the phone number and then that’s it make sure that you name your ad right
that’s about it name it you’re gonna save it and you’re
gonna finish it and then you’re gonna check for stuff that you missed because
I was doing this on the go finish well and now you can see our ad our lead
generation form is set up this is what people are going to see when they go
through it there will be images there when you guys set those up all of the
other information set up boom we click confirm now the next step guys is
understanding how to find your lead forms edit them archive them find the
leads and download them and integrate it with your crm right so let’s talk about
that really quickly first thing you need to do is go to pages then you’re going
to click business manager and then you’ll navigate to your business page
from there once there you’ll either see publishing tools up here or you’ll click
right here and then click publishing tools that’s gonna load your publishing
tools options and all of your lead form options for your campaigns and for lead
forms created you’ll see right here lead ads forms right here right so you do
setup this is where you’ll integrate it with your CRM I’m not gonna go through
that in this video because every CRM is a little bit different but you’ll find
your CRM you’ll follow the steps to set it up and boom then you’re integrated
with your CRM and you’re collecting leads and following up there the other
thing you’re gonna want to know again is you’re gonna wanna click forms library
if you need to archive a form or preview it you can do that there unfortunately
once you create a form you cannot edit it I don’t know why Facebook doesn’t
allow you to edit your forms unless they’ve changed that recently see if you
click on it and click actions the only action is to archive right so that’s it
but the important thing is not this boost option don’t use that remember the
important thing is this download that’s where you’re actually going to download
leads you’ll see your leads count right there and then BOOM you’ll just click
download it will download all of your leads into a CSV so that’s using lead
forms that’s setting up lead forms and running lead ads that’s all you really
need to know if you have questions about anything please leave a specific comment
do not write one word answers hey what’s this you’ll be specific about what come
or what type of content you’re looking for or what you still need help with
with lead ads and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can so that is it for this
video everybody thank you much for watching I really hope that
everyone enjoyed it do me a favor and if you haven’t already make sure to hit
that subscribe button in the bottom right hand corner of this video and the
notification bell so you get updates to all of our free training and like I told
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enjoyed this training and I will see you guys on the next one until then Cereal Entrepreneur out guys ready to start living the six-figure work where ever be your
own boss lifestyle well at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how
to use a laptop and internet to start your own social media and digital
marketing agency get started with our free Facebook Ads training links in the
description below guys see you in the course, Cereal Entrepreneur out! you

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