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How To Create Facebook Ads With Kit || Shopify Help Center 2019

How To Create Facebook Ads With Kit || Shopify Help Center 2019

It’s time to create your first ad with Kit. Before you get started with this video, make
sure you’ve set up Kit. You can watch the previous video in this series
to learn about adding Kit to your store. Click the subscribe button for more videos
about marketing your business! If you want to navigate the video, then use
the time stamps. To start building your first ad with Kit,
open the conversation that Kit started with you when you set up the app. In this example, Kit was set up with Shopify
Ping as the communication method. Ping is an iOS app that you can use to read
and respond to messages. You can use Shopify Ping to chat with customers
on your store and to chat with Kit. A greeting message from Kit appears in Ping. If you chose SMS text or Facebook Messenger
to communicate with Kit, then go to your message history and open the conversation. To start the conversation with Kit type “Hi” After you say “Hi” to Kit, Kit gives you
a list of options to choose from. To create your first ad, select the first
option “Market Products”. In Ping, you can simply tap Market Products. If you use SMS text of Facebook Messenger,
then reply with the corresponding number. Kit lists the different types of marketing
activities that you can create. Learn more about Kit marketing from the link
in the description. In this video, a Facebook ad is created, but
you can use these steps for most types of marketing campaigns in Kit. To begin, select “Run an ad on Facebook” Kit asks you which product group you’d like
to market: Priority Products are a custom set of products
that you select from your Kit dashboard so that they can be featured in ads. You have complete control over which items
are included in Priority Products. To add or change your priority products, go
to the Kit homepage at kitcrm.com and click Priority Products. The other product groups are based on data
that Kit gathers from your Shopify store. You can’t edit the product selection in
these groups. The product groups include:
New Products Recent Best Sellers
Slowest Moving Inventory And Showcase My Store. Showcase my store includes some of your newest
products and best sellers In this example, Priority products is selected. Next, Kit asks if you want to create an ad
for a single product, or an ad for all of your Priority Products. Multi-product ads can help you boost brand
awareness, traffic, and conversions. Single-product ads can be useful if you have
a specific product that you want to sell. For example, an item that is overstocked,
or a seasonal product. In this example, a single product, the Original
High Waist Pant, is chosen. After you select a product option, Kit asks
what your budget is for the campaign. Kit uses lifetime budgets, which means that
the budget you choose is the amount you want to pay for the entire length of the marketing
campaign. The length of time that the Facebook campaign
lasts depends on the budget selected and the type of ad. With a budget of $30 USD or less, the Facebook
ad run for 2 days. If your budget is higher than $30 USD, then
the ad runs for 7 days. After selecting the budget, Kit sends you
a preview of the ad. If you use SMS text or Facebook messenger,
then Kit sends you a link to preview the ad. Kit’s ads come with pre-built ad copy. Ad copy is the text that appears on your ad. You can edit the ad copy for each ad to reflect
your brand. To edit it in Ping, tap the pencil icon next
to the ad. If you use SMS text or FB Messenger, you see
an edit option after clicking the preview link. You can edit the ad copy to reflect your business’
tone or to add a discount code for a sale that you’re running. For example, this ad is edited to read “Get
20% off with code ALY20.” Tap Save to finish editing. Next, Kit asks if it can publish the ad. Tap Yes if you’re ready. Kit sends the ad to Facebook! If you ever need to stop one of your marketing
campaigns, log into kitcrm.com. Next, click the menu and then click Performance. All of your past and present campaigns are
listed. Active campaigns have an End Campaign button. You can click the button to end the marketing
campaign on Facebook. If you end a marketing campaign early, then
the amount you pay depends on the popularity of the ad. You’re charged when someone clicks or views
your ad, up to the maximum budget for the ad. You can see how your Kit ads are performing
by going to kitcrm.com and clicking Performance. For more videos about marketing your products,
subscribe now! If you still have questions, then comment
below or contact the Shopify support team.

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