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How To Create Facebook Ads Using This Secret Tactic – Converts Like Crazy!

How To Create Facebook Ads Using This Secret Tactic – Converts Like Crazy!

– How to run profitable
Facebook ads utilizing one of the oldest, classic closing
techniques in the world? (funky music) Hey, it is Peng Joon here,
and for a really long time, after studying and learning
with the best of the best when it comes to sales, marketing, psychology of why people buy, and really truly implementing
and doing it myself, one of the things that I do when it comes to running Facebook ads that don’t suck, ads that actually talk to the audience in a way that’s engaging, that actually helps people
by giving them a solution to a problem is the
Feel, Felt, Found method. Now, basically what the
Feel, Felt, Found method is one of the oldest
ways to close a customer, and this spans probably back
to the Zig Ziglar times, if you’ve been on this path
or journey for a while. One of the things that I found is that when you actually utilize this
method in the online world, when you merge it with ads, this is when it just absolutely blows up. Now what is this Feel, Felt,
Found technique all about? If you are new to this, you will know that the number one thing that every single salesperson
is literally trained to do is to never disagree with
a prospect or a customer. Because disagreeing creates
resistance, it creates friction. So rather than disagree, here’s the typical conversation, right? Customer is told that the price
on the investment is $1,000. Customer says, “This is too expensive.” An amateur salesperson
would disagree and say, “No, it’s actually not that expensive. “In fact, if anything, I’ll even look “at the price of a competitor’s. “We are actually cheap.” Now, that’s disagree. The moment you disagree with
your customer or your audience, that is when your customer
builds up a level of resistance, because now, opposing opinions. But what if you utilized
this angle instead? Now what is this angle? The Feel, Felt, Found method, which is I know how you feel, I felt the same way,
and here’s what I found. This is what the conversation
will look like now. Customer says, “It’s too expensive.” “I know how you feel. “In fact I felt that
it was expensive, too, “when I first thought
about buying this product. “But here’s what I found. “In fact, after selling this
to many different customers, “we found that our best
customers got the most value “investing in this program “and it got their returns
back many times over “after three months, six
months, whatever it might be.” And if you could utilize this, not just in closing people offline, on the phone, one-on-one, but you could also use it on your ads. What if you could deploy this technique? Literally, you could utilize this for any market, any niche, any topic. Fitness, do you ever feel like you struggle with eating right? Especially with a busy schedule? I felt the same way. I knew that I had to eat right, but because of my busy schedule, because of my travels, because of jet lag, I struggled to eat right. Especially because of the
airplane meals and the hotel food. Here’s what I found. I found that if I could
pack my supplements and bring them together with me, even when I’m on the go. It made all the difference. Whatever vehicle, whatever
product, whatever opportunity, whatever offer you want them on. What if you could show them
the frustration that they have and show them that you too
were once in their shoes? That you too were in their
position of struggle. Where you faced the similar
challenge, the similar obstacle, and you felt the same way
and here’s what you found. This method of sales of closing is one of classic ways of closing and if you utilize this both in the online and offline world, you will absolutely crush it. Especially when you bring
it to the ads world. One of the things I’ll love
for you to do right now, is don’t take this video as one of the many videos
you watch on YouTube, but actually make it practical. Start asking yourself how
can you create this ad that you can implement
on Facebook right now that follows this Feel,
Felt, Found technique and implement it right away? I would love to know what it
is that you’re working on. Let me know in the comments below. What is the ad that you can create right after watching this video? And as always, if you found
this video to be helpful. In fact, if you loved this video, I just created literally this book called “Million Dollar Ads.” This is just one of the many frameworks that is located in this book. Where I literally compile what we found after spending over $1 million in ads, how to create ads that don’t suck using timeless principles like this one. This is just one of many
principles located in here. And if you like this training,
just all you need to do is head over to milliondollarads.com, where I’ll show you exactly what we found after spending $1 million
running Facebook ads. If you liked this video as well, go ahead and click on Subscribe for more videos like this one. And I will see you in the next video.

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