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How to Create Facebook Ads That WORK in 2019

How to Create Facebook Ads That WORK in 2019

– What’s up future millionaires? Today in this video I’m gonna help you fix all of your Facebook Ads
within this one video and show you how to create
Facebook Ads that actually work. Because we all know there’s nothing worse than spending tons of
time and tons of money on something that doesn’t even work. And actually made a video
similar to this in the past, and you guys loved it so much that I just thought I’d make a new one that’s twice as valuable
and twice as good. Let’s jump right into it. And the reason I’m making this video is because I know a lot
of you guys out there have watched hours of YouTube videos only to get zero results. I’ve straight up done this in the past. And I’ve even thought my ad was amazing and then it got zero results. If either of those have happened to you, this is gonna help you fix that. And I’ve already spent hundreds
of thousands of dollars on Facebook ads and thousands of hours in the Facebook Ads Manager, and I just wanna let you guys know before I jump into it, it’s not your fault if
your ads are not working. You probably just learned
from someone who didn’t know what the heck they were
doing or were using methods that worked years ago. This is gonna be fresh stuff, and I think you guys are
really gonna love this, and I truly believe this
video’s gonna save you at least 20 hours of trying to
figure this out on your own. So here’s what we’re
gonna cover in this video. First off, by the end of this video I’m positive you will
know the exact reasons why your add is not performing
the way you want. And I’m gonna cover how
to create Facebook Ads that work for local businesses, eCommerce, and info products. And we’re also gonna cover
the most common reasons why your Facebook Ad isn’t working, and then how to diagnose and fix any issue that’s causing your ad not to perform. And we’re also gonna show
you some real-life examples of bad ads and how they can be fixed. Two of my successful
Facebook Ads to compare. How to write and produce
ads that will bring your customers to their knees
begging for their business. And if you stay until the end I’ll have a special bonus content for you at the end on how to create amazing Facebook Ads. So let’s get started with this, and I just wanna jump
into the potential goals that you guys will have
with your advertising. ‘Cause we need to make
everything super clear for you to get these ads working. So there’s only three
potential goals you can have with creating your Facebook Ads. The first one is generating
leads for local businesses that are gonna turn into customers. The second one is to generate sales for your eCommerce store. And the third one is to
generate leads for training, for training for an info
product to then upsell them. So here is what we do
pretty much simplified. And this is super important because we need to figure out where the problem in your ad is. There’s three simple steps
with most of your guys’s ads. And there’s the Facebook Ad that people are gonna see on Facebook. Then from there we’re gonna collect their information somehow, whether that be a lead form
or a landing page, whatever. And then from there there’s
either gonna be a phone call or some kind of sale where
they actually buy your product. And so if we kind of
go into that even more, in the Facebook Ad we offer
something of value for free or reduced price like a
free session or free consult crazy discount, or a free resource. In the lead form, that’s where,
or landing page, whatever, we capture their name,
email, phone number, whatever kind of information we need, and then on the thank you
page we give them directions on what to do next or
incentive to take action now, depending on what kind
of industry you’re in. And with that said, that means only three things can be wrong. Your Facebook, your landing
page or your lead form, or the sale. So we need to figure out what
part of your funnel is broken. And the first part is your Facebook Ad. And the way to tell if that’s broken is if you have a high cost per click. And that’s if your cost per
click is more than $1 to $3. Now keep in mind this is
your cost per link click. Don’t be looking at your cost per click all because that is just anybody clicking anything in your ad. You wanna look at the cost
per link click for this one. So, anything that’s over $3
it’s definitely way too high of a cost per click. And that’s where you know your Facebook Ad is probably the problem. Now the second part of your funnel that could be broken is your landing page. And you can tell this if you
have a good cost per click but you have a high cost per lead, maybe more than $5 to $25 plus. That means people are
getting to your landing page but they’re not converting at a good rate. And I say $25 plus because some industries it may actually be good to pay
something like $50 per lead. It completely depends on your industry. And it’s a pretty big range. So you kind of have to work
out these numbers yourself based on your sale conversion rates and what your profitability is. But it’s usually gonna be somewhere within that $5 to $25 range. So some of you might even be in that range and you might be just
over estimating yourself or over judging yourself when
actually your ad is working. And so the last part is the sale. And you can tell if your
sales process is broken if you have a high cost
per customer acquisition and you’re getting leads but few sales. So if you’re getting less than a five to 30% conversion rate, so you’re getting somewhere like a one to 4% conversion rate, then you might start having a problem. Now at the same time,
if you have something like an eCommerce store, 1%
conversion rate may be good. Just, once again, these
numbers completely depend on your specific business. So make sure you work out the numbers on how much you need to spend per customer to get a sale and make profitability and kind of work out
these numbers yourself. And then you can figure out and diagnose which part of your funnel is broken. So now I’m gonna show you how to fix each part of these funnels. And I’ll be honest with you guys, most commonly the one that’s
broken is the Facebook Ad. And so here are the main reasons
why your Facebook Ad sucks and how you can fix them. The first thing is a bad offer. And that means pretty much there’s, from the customer’s perspective there’s not enough pain
or reward to take action. Because you guys gotta keep in mind that, for somebody to see your Facebook Ad, to stop and look at your Facebook Ad, to read your Facebook Ad,
and then take action on it and fill out their information
or whatever they need to do, that’s a lot of steps involved. And your offer, whatever
you’re saying in your ad has to be good enough to
actually get someone to do all of that work. And a lot of times that’s
the most common reason that your guys’s Facebook
Ads are not working, is your offer just straight
up isn’t good enough. So you wanna ask yourself if I
was a person in this industry would I actually be willing
to go through all of that work to take this offer? So ask yourself that
question when thinking about if your ad is actually working good. And the second reason is nobody cares because people are just
scrolling right past your ad ’cause your ad just straight
up looks like an ad. Why should somebody care
about reading your ad? That’s something that’s
very key to think about. So that comes along with
the creative, the headline, and everything like that. Why should somebody care about your ad? What value are they
gonna get out of your ad? Because if you don’t get their attention the first second they see
your ad you’re done for because this is not like a
TV ad where they’re forced to watch your ad. This is on Facebook when
they have the option to scroll anywhere they want, they have no obligation to
stop and look at your ad. And now the third reason
your Facebook Ad sucks is because you have a stock
or a generic looking creative. And, because this guys, this just straight up screams ad. People have become accustomed
to seeing ads on Facebook, so if your ad looks like an ad people are just gonna go right past it without even thinking about it. So avoid stock photos and generic-looking photos at all costs. You want your Facebook Ads to almost look just like a normal Facebook post, because then people are a lot more likely to pay attention to it. So it’s really good to
have faces in your ads and things that look
very original and unique and actually stand out to people and not just like in a
generic stock-looking photo you got off Google. It’s not gonna perform very well, I can tell you guys that. And now the fourth one is bad copywriting. And there’s a couple things
related to bad copywriting, and one could be your ad is too confusing. And I want you guys to know a fifth grader should be able to understand your ad. If you don’t think a fifth
grader can understand your ad you’re not explaining it simple enough because if your ad is
not simple to understand people are not gonna waste the time. They’re just gonna go on to the next ad. They have a short attention span. They’re gonna go onto the next post. If they don’t understand
your ad, they’re done. And they don’t understand your ad, they’re not even going to opt into it. So you can even ask somebody else, ask them is this very
too easy to understand? Somebody that’s in your
family, your friend, whatever. Now the second one is not concise. And this kind of comes
back to making it confusing because if your ad is
repeating the same thing over and over again in
just different ways, you’re not bringing anything
new with your ad copy, and people are gonna get bored
and they’re gonna click away. So you only wanna say things one time. And you wanna keep things
as concise as possible and as short as possible. That doesn’t mean your ad has to be short. Guys, you can have really long ad copy that performs amazing. But you shouldn’t be
repeating the same points over and over again because
that’s just straight up boring and you’re gonna lose people’s interest. Short ad copy’s good,
long ad copy is good. But there should never be stuff where you’re saying the same
things over and over again, that’s boring people. Now another thing with bad
copywriting is just bad grammar. And I can’t really
teach you guys that one. You have to figure that out on your own. You need to take some English classes or get the Google Chrome
extension Grammarly and get the paid version of that. That can help you with your grammar. But you can even have somebody
that’s good at grammar look and read over your ads. This is really important here because if your ad has bad grammar, they’re instantly gonna
trust you a lot less and be a lot more, less like
to keep reading your ad. Now another one is no call to action. I see this very often. And you actually see it in
one of the bad ads I show you. They don’t even really
have a call to action. So you need to have a
very clear call to action that tells the customer
exactly what they need to do. Because if you don’t tell
’em what they need to do, then they’re not gonna do anything. And then the last one is not easy to read. I’ve seen people write their ads in like a long block paragraph. That’s just straight up not easy to read. Nobody wants to see a long block paragraph that just looks really hard to read and there’s not very good
grammar and things like that. It’s just gonna be a rough time. So you wanna make your
ads look very easy to read and also actually be very easy to read. They should flow very
nicely, not start and stop. And that’s how you can
actually create Facebook Ads that work super amazing. And so here is the number one
way to fix your ad overall. You wanna look at your ad from
your customer’s perspective. As somebody that’s actually
scrolling down Facebook. They see your ad
completely out of the blue, what’s gonna make them
stop, look at it, read it, take action on it, and then
fill out their information and do all of that work? So once again, put yourself
in the customer’s shoes. Is your ad good enough? Ask yourself is your ad good enough for somebody to actually
do all of these things. Ask yourself personally, if you saw this ad on your Facebook, would you take action on this? So you need to be good at putting yourself in your customer’s perspective because I know a lot of
us Facebook marketers we get stuck in this, oh
what’s the conversion rate and all of this stuff that we forget to take the customer’s
perspective into account. And so here are the other
reasons why your Facebook Ad may not be working besides
those main four ones. One, is that you have no clearly defined advertising strategy and goal. So luckily in this
video we already defined the three different
advertising strategies or goals that we’re going to have. And believe it or not,
I see this all the time. People don’t even know
what they’re trying to do with their Facebook Ads. They haven’t defined a process that the customer will go through. And the easiest way to define this is think about, if you’re, like
if they’re a local business or whatever kind of business, you wanna think about
what’s the simplest way that we can take them from somebody that’s seeing your ad on your Facebook to becoming a new customer? And most of the time, if
it’s like a local business, for example, you can ask them, well how do you guys
normally get customers? Or how do you normally get customers? And they will tell you the process that they normally go through, and then you make that
process the same exact way to actually get them
signed on as a new customer for their business. So let’s say it’s a gym for example, and the normal way they get customers, they first sign up for the seven-day pass, and then they start a membership. So all we do in the ad, if you offer the seven-day pass, they sign up for the seven-day pass, and then at the end of the seven days they get automatically
charged on their credit card and they become a new member. So we have to have a very clearly defined advertising strategy and goal and journey that the customer is going to go through and you guys will be absolutely amazed. So few people actually have this. So you need to define
the step-by-step process that your customer is gonna go through. Now the second one is
too specific targeting or an audience that doesn’t match who your ad is meant to target. For as far as too specific targeting, this is a really common mistake. People think Facebook
Ads are like so powerful with their targeting
features, and they are. But a lot of people use
them not the right way. You don’t wanna create a
laser-targeted audience of like a couple thousand people. That’s not the way to work
with Facebook’s algorithm. You wanna give Facebook a good variation of people to choose
from because, trust me, Facebook’s algorithm is smarter than you. So it’s actually, believe it or not, it’s better to, a lot of times, keep your audience targeting
a little bit broad. As long as you’re kind
of in that green range that Facebook recommends, you’re good. If you’re doing local
business I would recommend at least 50,000 people, if you can. That’d be kind of like my
minimum that I would recommend because if you don’t give Facebook enough of an audience to work with, you’re not gonna be able to take advantage of its algorithm’s capabilities, because its algorithm
is gonna be even better than its targeting options. And if you give it an
audience of a million, it’s not actually gonna send your ad out to a million people. It’s gonna take its previous data, and it’s really only gonna show
your ads probably a couple, 10,000 people within that
one million audience, and that’s already a very small portion. So if you’re starting with 3,000, then it’s gonna only be able to target like 50 people out of that 3,000, because you’ve just limited
your audience so much and you don’t wanna do that. Facebook algorithm is so smart that you wanna take advantage of it and kind of give it a
wider audience to work with a lot of times. Now that doesn’t mean
give it all the people in the whole United States. That just means you just
wanna narrow it down to specific interests or a
couple different interests that you feel your customer base is in. And another mistake that
I see a lot of times is that your audience just
straight up doesn’t match who your ideal customer is and I’ve seen, I actually had a student recently that was trying to do an
ad for boudoir photography, which is people that are
normally getting weddings, and they had just a bunch
of random interests in there that had nothing to do
with engagement or wedding or photography or anything like that. So, you need to make
sure that your audience actually matches what you’re
targeting within Facebook. And that’s very important. And just as an example,
let’s say you’re trying to target chiropractors on Facebook. If you put the interest
chiropractor in there, you’re actually gonna be targeting people that are interested in chiropractors. So that, some of the people
may be a chiropractor, but you’re also gonna get a
lot of people in that audience that are interested in
going to a chiropractor. So you have to think about
your interests in that way and think about, is my
audience actually in, like is a majority of this audience the target customers that I’m looking for? That’s a good question to ask yourself when you’re doing your targeting. And so the third reason your
Facebook Ad may not be working is the straight up wrong
campaign objective. I see this one super commonly. Honestly you guys, the only
two campaign objectives you should be using 95% of the time is the conversion objective and the lead generation objective. And for most of you guys it’s gonna be the conversion objective. For lead generation, that might be for mostly local businesses. But if you’re using like
traffic, please stop. People recommended that years ago, but guys, Facebook is so
much smarter than that, and if you want people to
actually convert into sales, please stop using traffic
and use conversion ads, set up your pixel. I’m not gonna show you how to set up your pixel in this video. You guys can easily look
up a five-minute tutorial on how to do that, super easy. You need to be using conversion objective. Stop using the engagement
stuff and the reach objectives and all these random things, please. For god sake, just start
using the conversion objective because if you’re telling
Facebook to go for traffic or go for engagement. Facebook is giving you those things. They’re not giving you actual sales, which is actually what you want. So, please set your campaign objective. Take the time to set it up the right way. I’ve seen this mistake too many times. And another one is improper
campaign structure. This is if you’re giving
Facebook like one audience and one ad to test from and you’re not giving it any variation. Facebook, like, you guys are
setting yourself up to fail if you’re only giving
it one targeting option and one Facebook Ad because
if that doesn’t work you’re pretty much done. So I would recommend giving it at least three targeting options and three different ad variations or completely different
ads so that Facebook, you guys have a lot
more chances of success if you have multiple
different ads and audiences rather than hoping that one
specific thing is gonna work. And another thing with that, too, is you also wanna make sure your name, your campaigns, ads, and ad sits properly so that everything is super organized and that you don’t have to
click into every single ad to see the results. Because if you’re having to do that you’re not working very effectively and you’re not gonna
be able to actually see which different audiences are working best and which different ads are working best. So make sure in your name you include what kind of audience you’re targeting and what kind of ad angle
are you using there. And now the fifth reason is
that you just have straight up disapproved or sketchy ads and doesn’t follow Facebook’s policies. With that one you are just completely ruining your trust with Facebook, and if your ad is getting disapproved or it’s not following their policies or it says too much text in it, you’re not gonna get very good reach and you’re not gonna even reach very many people for your money, so you need to make sure that
there’s no errors on your ad because that will cause your reach to just completely not work, and this is a huge reason I’ve seen a lot of people’s ads not work. So make sure you’re
following all their policies, search Facebook Ad policies
and read over all of those to make sure you’re following
all of those policies. Now here’s a real-life Facebook Ad that I just saw yesterday, and this popped up on my Facebook. And this is actually a
service that I used recently. So I have a really good
perspective on this and know exactly how their
service works and everything. And this is for personal chefs. And you can see here the ad copy says eat well with customized meal prep. All meals prepped according to your specific needs and preferences. Special diets welcome. You can see a lot of these
problems I already talked about. One, this kind of
instantly looks like an ad because of the photo. Now if this had like a
better closeup of food looking really good and with
like a person’s face in it, I do like that it is a custom photo, not a stock photo. So that is a plus. So the photo’s not terrible. I wouldn’t say it’s great, though, either, because it doesn’t really
get your attention, and you instantly know
that it’s probably an ad. You guys don’t want your
ads to look like ad. I can’t tell you how much
of a huge thing that is because you wanna make your ads kinda look like normal Facebook posts, almost. And you can see the headline
is custom meal prep. It’s kind of boring, like, I’ve seen dozens of ads
for custom meal prep, what makes this different? And then once again
there’s no call to action. It doesn’t tell people what to do. And then on the landing page there’s not really any offer here. Just says customized meal prep. There’s no offer. There’s no like, get a
$100 off your first order or even, you don’t even have
to give money off, per se, but there has to be some kind of offer. There has to be, get maybe like a free nutrition strategy
session or something like that. It doesn’t have to be
necessarily like a discount, but there’s gotta be
some kind of great offer that people actually care about. And with the ad copy, it’s
just straight up boring. And once again, it doesn’t even, this, as you can see, this is
an ad specific to Kansas City, but it doesn’t even make it clear that this ad is customized to Kansas City. So what could we maybe
say instead in this ad? Well, I would say, Kansas City, how amazing would it be to
come home to freshly cooked, how amazing would it be to
come home to freshly cooked, super healthy meals, or
something along those lines. Or do you find it difficult
to eat healthy every day because you don’t have
the time to cook the food? Or something like that. This is not the perfect, but you actually have to
take the time to figure out what people care about
and make your ads engaging in a way that people
actually care about your ads and come up with a good headline
and everything like that. So you can see why this Facebook Ad is clearly not working very good. And so here’s another one
that’s kind of ironic. And I say it’s ironic because this one’s an ad made by a social
media marketing company, and it’s just straight up bad. Because, it’s, once again it’s like a very generic looking thing. It looks exactly like an ad. If you see this on Facebook
you don’t care about this, you’re just skipping over this. And if you’re a business
owner that wants Facebook Ads and you say, oh start making
sales with Facebook Ads, wow, that’s so enticing. There’s nothing really
that stands out here. How do we know they’re
gonna get good results? These business owners are
seeing ads every single day of people trying to
sell them Facebook Ads. Why should they click on this company? It has absolutely no value in this ad. It’s honestly just overall terrible. And 95, 99% of people are just gonna not even read this ad just
because of the way it looks. There’s no value here. Start making sales with Facebook Ads. Wow, didn’t know you could do that. Okay, so here’s another real
life Facebook Ad comparison of one of my clients on the right and one of another business in the area that was kind of trying
to compete with them. You can say the same offer is the free offer is the free seven-day pass. And you can see the one on the left there has a send message ad. So it says ask us about
our free seven-day pass. So then they have to click send message and then they have to, hey, I was wanting to get your seven-day pass. That’s just so much more
difficult for the customer. And then they’re gonna
have to go back and forth with the messages and all of that. It’s just gonna be such long process and not very good customer journey. And then the second
thing you’ll notice here is with the creative, the one on the left is
kind of black and white so it’s very boring and not very colorful. It doesn’t really stand
out to your eye at all, compared to the one on the right. It’s a video ad, but
even if it was an image it’d probably work great, too. You can see how the colors
just pop completely way more. And you could see how
this could maybe even look like a normal Facebook post or
something along those lines. And then on top of that, in the first sentence
of the ad you can see it calls out the local area, and it kind of gets
them a lot more excited, gives them more of details
about the gym and why, what makes them completely different. They can take the offer
right away if they want to, and it actually leads to a lead form, which will, all they have to do is they will actually automatically have their information put in, and they’ll just have to press submit. And then it’ll give them
directions on what to do next. So there’s a much more
clearly defined process on how they’re gonna become a customer. It also makes things much more trackable because with the send message one, they’re not gonna really
be able to track it unless they manually count things, which is kind of gonna be really annoying. And I mean, even by the
engagement you can see the difference there on
the one on the right. It’s like 45 shares, 100 likes, and then like five likes
on the one on the left. So, how to fix your landing
page, lead form, and funnel. Let’s jump right in. So here’s why your lead form
or landing page is broken. Like I said guys, most
of the time it’s probably gonna be your Facebook
Ads that’s the problem. But here are the reasons why your lead form or landing page could be broken. The first reason is it’s
not congruent with your ad. It doesn’t match exactly the same things that it says in your ad. So you can see the one on the right there, the lead form, it says enter info below to claim your free seven-day pass. If you were to see that
ad that I just showed you and it says that exactly, it’s very clear exactly
what you’re getting. It matches the ad perfectly. Now the image doesn’t match because it’s just a different ad creative, but it should match the
ad creative, too, there. That’s kind of just built
in with the Facebook. And it should even match the ad preferably and look the same. Same offer, same wording, same everything, because then people will see, not be confused what the heck happened. And then the second thing
it’s not a good enough offer or reason to take action. So if your offer just
straight up isn’t good enough they might have been interested
in you guys a little bit, but if your offer’s just to very good, there’s not enough reason to take action. They’re just not gonna
convert, straight up. And you can see the third thing there, and this will actually
help you with your sales, is the thank you page
should give exact directions on what to do next. This will help you guys’s sales, kind of leads into the next point. But you can see the
one on the right there, it says your voucher’s in your inbox. But usually what I say there is I say, but way, and then it says due
to limited availability your seven-day pass is
only valid for 48 hours. Please schedule a tour or
come in between these times. And then you could actually put a call now button at the bottom there. Or you can say, you can say call now and you’ll get an
additional seven days free or get your first month at 50% off, or you’re saying a $45
cryotherapy session, you’re saying get your
second cryotherapy session for also $45 or whatever. You can say kind of things like that to make your sales process easier because if you do it like
that you will hopefully have more people inbound calling you rather than trying to reach
out to every single person. Now of course, these same
things apply to info products and eCommerce as well. So you wanna, of course,
keep these things in mind. The second reason for
those is it’s usually just not gonna be a good enough offer, a good enough reason to take action if they get to your landing page and then they don’t end up buying. And once again, this always comes back to putting yourself in the
customer’s perspective and figuring out why
they are not converting. You can even show your
landing page to other people and ask them what they think and if they would buy this product and figure out why or why they
would not buy this product and get customer feedback. Now the next one is how
to fix a business’s sales. And this one’s mainly gonna apply to, well, I mean this will pretty much apply to everything, to be honest. You’ll just have to apply
it to your own industry. But, this, you can know this is a
problem if your leads are not turning into sales. And you’ll wanna make sure, this is for local businesses
that are getting leads where they get phone numbers, you wanna make sure the
leads are called instantly. This is so important and because (voice muffled) percentages. If you call a lead instantly
or a contact lead instantly, you’re likely to get a 68% response rate. If you take five minutes it’s down to 50%. If you take 15 minute it’s 40%. One hour, 32% to 40%. One day, 25%. So you can see the longer
it takes your client or yourself to contact the leads, the less likely they’re gonna be able to, they’re gonna respond. Because think about it this way. If you put your information
in a lead form on Facebook and then you get a call two minutes later, you’re very likely to
realize you’re getting a call because you just put your
information in for this thing. And you’re also gonna
remember things a lot more. You’re gonna be way more excited about it ’cause you just got hyped up about it compared to a day later you’re probably not gonna be as hyped up, maybe even sold yourself out
of it and things like that. So, it’s gonna help you a
lot more if you actually go ahead and make sure the
business is calling those leads as quickly as possible because it really makes a big difference. And these are response rates, by the way. These aren’t necessarily close rates. And you also want to
implement texting with your, when leads come in as well. So you also want your client
to text leads that come in because a lot of people nowadays, and you guys know this personally, when you get a call from a random number, you’re probably not gonna
answer it a lot of the time. So it’s very important that your clients also leave a voicemail and they text them so your person can text back very easily to your client as well. Because a lot of people
may not answer the phone just ’cause of that. They might think it’s a scam number. So with texting they
can very easily reply. And you wanna word your text in a way that is very easy for somebody
to reply to your text. So, you shouldn’t say when would you like to come in this week? You should try to make it
even simpler than that. You should try to think
about how can I make this as simple to answer as possible. So you may even wanna
ask, what’s the best day for you to come in this week? Or give them like two time
options or things like that. And you also wanna make
sure that your leads should be called as well
before they actually come in because when they talk to a real person they’re gonna be much
more committed to actually closing and becoming a sale because if you’re only
texting someone back and forth and you set them up for
a time through text only, then it’s usually not gonna, I mean, it will a lot of
times they’ll show up, but the show-up rate will be less than if you actually talked
to them on the phone. And with your texting
you could actually say, what’s the best time of day for you to get on a three-minute call to get you booked in for your first session? Or something along, or get you booked in for your free seven-day pass. Whatever it is you can make
your text really simple and just get them on a call to get them, explain everything because let’s say, for example, it’s a yoga studio, and they’d never done yoga before, they may not even know what to bring. They may be confused or nervous, and with doing a call you can
explain all of those things and answer all of their questions
they could possibly have and tell them exactly what to expect. And I also recommend, if possible, give your client a
sales script or training and you wanna, like I said earlier, you wanna make sure it’s an
easy process for the customer. They shouldn’t have to give you like a long detailed response
or even think about what to respond because
when you text someone, for example, they may be at work, so you wanna make it like
a one-word answer for them to actually respond to your text because if you don’t make
it very easy to respond to they’re gonna read the message, they might be busy with something, and then they’re just gonna forget about your message in the first place. And I would also recommend, if you’ve never done this before, follow up with some of the leads yourself, get some practice in because
then you’ll understand how the leads are actually working and what gets them to
respond to things like that. So if you’re an agency or even if you’re the business owner yourself, I highly recommend following
some of these leads yourself and learning the process and actually get good at closing them. And I also recommend implementing a Google Sheets Lead Tracking Form. You can just make a Google
Sheet with some columns. You can set up Zapier, sorry if this is getting
confusing for you guys, but if you don’t understand
you can pause the video and kind of rewatch my words
and search up under Google how to use Zapier, for example,
but you can set up Zapier that goes from Facebook
Lead Ad or ClickFunnels to a Google Sheet and then
it adds your new leads to the Google Sheet and
then the business or you can manually like write in notes, when they were contacted or
if they booked an appointment, you can keep track of everything and see exactly what
your conversion rate is and everything like that and see what the most common problems are and sort out everything. See the key with fixing your Facebook Ads is you need to figure out
exactly where the problem is so you need to narrow it down, where is the problem occurring. Is it occurring, like with the sales part, is it occurring, are they
not answering your messages or picking up the phone, or
are they picking up the phone and scheduling appointments
but they’re not showing up? You need to figure out which part of the process is the
bottleneck happening, and then once you know where
the bottleneck is happening you can think of different
strategies to fix that. So, now we’re onto the bonus part of this, kind of some extra content for you guys. And this part’s gonna
be super valuable, too. So I’m super excited. How do we actually create
Facebook Ads that work? So, here’s our marketing process that I go through to create
a Facebook Ad that works? One, you wanna know the ideal customers wants, needs, and pains. And you wanna put yourself
in the shoes of the customer, maybe even ask your client,
or ask some customers what their wants, needs, and pains are. Secondly, you’re gonna create an offer that appeals to that ideal customer. As far as coming up with an offer, I have, I mean the easiest way is think about what’s, how do you normally get customers? What’s the normal process they go through? How can we take the
through that same process? If you don’t have like a new offer you can just think of, I
mean, there’s discounts, there is a free resource, like a free training, stuff like that. There’s a free consultation, but I prefer you make a better name for it so it could be something cooler like a free credit repair
strategy session for example. See, that’s a way cooler offer, and it kind of takes them
through the normal process still. Just some kind of offer. I have other videos on how to
choose amazing offers, too, if you want to look more into that. You can also look at what your competition is doing, too, of course. Now the third part, is you want to create an ad that captures customers attention and hits home with them. So, first off it has
to get their attention. Then they have to be wanting to read it, and that’s gonna hit, because
it’s hitting home with them, and then it’s gonna actually
get them to take action. So we kind of already talked
about this in varied detail, so we’re gonna go to the next one and that’s creating a funnel
that drives customer action. Customer journey that they
specifically go through and it tells them step-by-step
what exactly to do and it’s a very specific
process they’re gonna go through to become a customer. And then finally, with the sale the business must effectively follow up and close the lead. Now if you’re obviously an eCommerce store you might have like an
email followup process or just something that
allows you to close the lead, whether it be your sales
page, whatever it is. And so here are the components
of writing an amazing ad. And guys, on the right here, I honestly, I feel like, honestly I feel like this is one of the best
ads I’ve ever written, and I’m very proud of this ad. I think you guys’ll get a huge
amount of value out of this. So you can see there. Here are the components of an amazing ad. The first thing is a
target audience and a hook. Usually I always, if it’s a local ad I always
call it the city or the area. So in this one you can see, so the hook in this one
is ever wondered why some people can never
work out, eat fast food, and stay slim year round while others can eat completely clean, work out daily, and still not change. I’m sure almost every, like everybody, unless you have that situation where you can stay slim without eating,
while eating bad food, you’re gonna pay attention to this ad, because you wanna know
why that can happen, especially if it’s in your local city. And you can see the headline
plays into that as well. It says the number one health problem people are facing in this area. And the second part of
this ad is pain points. So you can see the pain points are other people can never work out, eat fast food, and stay slim year round. So that’s the pain points to this person that’s reading the ad. Now we kind of explain
why this is going on. So we say most people
don’t know the difference is metabolism, which is
highly different by hormone. Testosterone, estrogen, cortisol, insulin, and hormone sensitive
lipase are just a few that take a large part in this. As a fitness studio here in blank, that’s why we partner with this person to help people understand the importance of maintaining optimum hormone levels. So I’m just kind of explaining there. Just kind of telling
the story a little bit. And then we give them the
solution to their problems. So we said, ever wondered
why some people can do this? Well the reason other people can do this is because they have
these hormone balances and they have a different
metabolism than you. And then we tell them
how they can potentially help fix and improve their metabolism. And then from there we
give them the offer, which is tap to learn more
for a free consultation with Angela to learn more
about what this company does and set up a simple hormone test. So, very straightforward offer. And we tell them exactly what to do, exactly what to expect. So we first agitate, we, well, first off we hook
them in to get them to read the whole ad, and then we provide them with
value and a new solution, and then we give them the
offer and a call to action. And I want you guys to keep in mind, all your ads may not always have all five. You may only have target audience in hook and an offer and a call to action. You may or may not have the
pain points and solution, depending on how, if your, let’s say your offer is
like absolutely amazing, you don’t even need to even
explain any kind of story. Let’s say it’s like $1,000
off this $2,000 product. So it’s a very amazing offer. And you may not even have to do any pain points or solution
or anything like that. But these are the main
components of an ad, and this is how you can
write an amazing ad. So here’s what you guys need to do next to actually get your ads up and working first off, you need to figure
out your offer and your angle. Secondly, you need to create
your ad and your funnel based on what you’ve
learned in this video. And then I want you to go back, after you’ve created
your ad and your funnel, go back through this video and make sure you did not make any of the mistakes. You can skip around the video, go back to the parts where I talked about the common mistakes. Make sure you did not make
any of those mistakes. And then finally, finalize
your ad and test it. And I recommend doing multiple ads because if you have multiple ads you have higher chances of success. And then fifth, you should
then review your results and see how you can
improve your ads even more. Maybe one of the three
ads did a lot better. So how can we make more ads
similar to that third ad that performed really good? And how can we make that one even better. So you’re gonna learn from your
results and get even better. And finally, that’s the end of this video. So I hope you guys found
a lot of value in this, and if you did I would like
you to subscribe to the channel and check the links in the
description for more value or there may be other
videos on the screen here that you can get a lot more value from. And really start generating an amazing profit from your Facebook Ads. Once again, really hope you
guys enjoy this content. Look forward to seeing
you in the next video.

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