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How To Create Facebook Ads For MCA

How To Create Facebook Ads For MCA

what’s going on champion it’s your girl
Bianca more with B. Moore Successful marketing in this video I’m going to
show you how to create Facebook ads for MCA alright so the first thing you want
to do is head over to your ads manager and go under consideration and if you
are using a video you can go to video views now if you’re using just a regular
picture then you would go for engagement but for the sake of this video I’m going
to choose video views alright and it’s going to populate a little boxes for the
campaign name and I’m just going to name this MCA video views and then click on
continue here in the ad set name what I’m going
to do is put MCA video video views and today’s date which
is January 5th alright so I just put this to stay organized so I know what
date I made this ad and I know what the
actual ad is alright so after that what I usually do is come down here to where
it says locations and I always change this from everyone in this location to
people who live in this location alright I don’t want visitors because you know
they may be from somewhere like over in Europe or Australia or you know visiting
from another country and MCA is only for Canada in the United States alright but
for the sake of this ad I’m only going to target the United States now I’m
going to show you a little trick here alright sometimes there are fees for
different states and a lot of people once they pay their forty dollars they
don’t know about the fees for their states and what they’ll end up doing is
either canceling their account or just not getting started with the business
which in turn we’ll give you a charge back so you want
to avoid that at all cost so what we’re going to do is exclude those states that
require fees to start an MCA business okay so what we’re gonna do is
head to Google and we’re going to type in states that don’t need license
licenses for MCA all right got a little tongue-tied there all right so then
we’re going to click on states that do not require license to sell mca
memberships all right so this gives you the whole list of states that do not
require a license okay so these are the states that you want to target so what
you would do here is type in those states all right so I saw Florida on
there Alaska Arizona Colorado am I going to put all 30 here right now just so we
can speed things up with this video got Alaska Colorado Florida alright so you would do that
with all 30 states and if you want to um go ahead and throw Canada on there you
can do that as well but I do not target the whole United
States because you know there are fees for some states alright so what we’re
gonna do next is scroll down I usually target people from 21 to 39 just because
the videos that I post usually can resonate with people of these ages of
this age group more so than someone who you know as a teen doesn’t have a credit
card yet to actually purchase an MCA membership and people who you know are
over over 40 and may not even be interested in you know living this kind
of lifestyle or promoting things the way that we promoted an MCA so I chose 21 to
39 and I keep the gender at all alright you can test it out and see which one
works best for you but I always choose all you know sometimes men can relate to
other men so if you feel more comfortable targeting men you can do
that and if you feel more comfortable targeting women you can also do that but
like I said for this video I’m choosing all and four languages
I choose English alright English USA or u.s. alright and for the detailed
targeting now this is the meat and potatoes this is where your money is
going to come from alright so what we’re going to do is start typing in the names
of big marketers if you don’t know them go to Google type in things like big
Network marketers alright and then you can go through all these and you
actually find the names of network marketers all right um just gonna give
you some little tidbits where you can start because like I don’t see any names
here but you can type in things like you know Tony Robbins he’s a public speaker
motivational speaker and marketer all right
so we’ll start with Tony Robbins ok right here will type in Tony Robbins all
right and we’ll click on that all right so the reason we’re choosing Tony
Robbins is because we know that he’s a motivational speaker we know that he’s
into marketing and so we know that other marketers look up to him all right so we
want to attract business minded people who are already in the mindset of being
in a business owning their own business spending money or investing in their
business so that’s why we chose Tony Robbins all right so what Facebook does
once you put in interest is an interest in is they give you suggestions so all
you got to do is click on suggestions and then they put a whole list of other
people who are just like or similar to the first interest that you put in so we
have ty Lopez I saw a grant cardone and if you’re unsure about who these people
are like I said you can just go to Google all right and check to see if
they’re actual markers but Facebook’s pretty good at pinpointing you know
related interests so you really don’t have to worry about it not matching ok
so now that we have some marketers in there there is no specific number on how
many interests you have in here I like to go super broad so that I know that
you know up my over here is going to be a lot of people
okay but I want them all to be business money so I’m only putting business
related interest in this detailed targeting all right so I’m going to now
put in the name of marketing magazines the reason I’m putting marketing
magazines is because I know that if people are looking at these magazines
they’re obviously interested in marketing and they also spend money okay
they’re not getting these magazines for free guys so it’s good that these people
are already spending money so they would not mind spending money with you so what
I’m going to do is type in entrepreneur magazine okay and what Facebook is going
to do like I said before is find suggestions of other things related to
entrepreneur magazine all right um it still has some of the marketers here but
that’s okay what we’ll do is scroll down just a little bit you have Fortune
magazine you have Fast Company magazine you have success magazine these are all
magazines that you need to target because we know that people who are
business minded are looking in these magazines okay and another thing that I
didn’t hit on about the marketers is that people are already investing in
these marketers for knowledge okay people are paying hundreds of thousands
of dollars to go and see Grant Cardone they’re paying hundreds of thousands of
dollars to see ty Lopez and to buy his content to see what he’s teaching on how
to become a better marketer so they would not mind spending a measly $39.90
on you okay so that’s another reason why we’re targeting big marketers okay all
right so we have success magazine we have Entrepreneur Magazine and
now you can type in tools that marketers use ok now you can type in things like
WordPress see if they have it there they do Aweber again this the reason we’re
choosing these things is because marketers are already investing in this
they have a buying habit so you know for sure that you know they’re spending
money online already they’re already investing in their business and you want
them to see your offer okay so you got get response we’ll put that in there and
MailChimp Infusionsoft is pretty big all right and so that’s pretty much how our
target when I’m doing targeting for MCA um you can also go in here and add
entrepreneur blogs or vlogs or entrepreneur pages that you can find on
Facebook you don’t have to just stop here okay
so right now we have a pretty good reach over here as you can see potential
reaches three hundred and sixty thousand people okay and so that you don’t have
to come in and type in all this stuff again all you have to do is click Save
this audience okay so we’ll name this marketing
interest okay and click Save so the next time you come in here to create an ad
all you have to do is scroll up to the top where it says use a saved audience
and boom it’s already there done for you so it uh saves you some time
alright so now this is what I do for placements okay I always click on edit
placements and I only want mobile all right and
they also have connected TV I have no idea what this is it’s kind of new so
I’m just gonna leave it there I guess if somebody’s looking at
Facebook on their TV or something I don’t know but okay so who what we’re
gonna do here is click on instant articles take it away
we can leave the in-stream videos we can leave the suggestive videos and leave
feeds okay scroll down we’ll leave in stream videos as well okay and a daily
budget okay so right here is where you can put your daily budget I always start
my ads off for MCA at ten to twenty five dollars it depends on whatever your
budget is whatever you can afford so I’ll leave it here at twenty dollars you can even start as low as five dollars
and you will still see results but the best results come from the more money
that you spend okay so the more money you put the more times your ad shows so
it’s telling me right here with a budget of 20 dollars a day my estimated daily
results will be two thousand two hundred to five thousand nine hundred people
that’s how many people will see this ad in one day all right
and over here it says video views so 630 630 to 1500 times um it will be viewed
and then I will click on continue okay now you can use an existing post if
you already put one up on your fan page or you can create a new one for the sake
of this video I’m going to click on use existing post alright so right now I
don’t have an MCA ad running but let’s just say that this one was an MCA ad so
what we would do is make sure that I selected the right business page that
we’re going to promote from and then find the actual video that we are going
to promote and for the sake of this video it’s going to be this one and then
we’ll scroll down and then hit confirm right and that is how to create
Facebook ads for MCA all right so I hope that this was very helpful I hope you
got a lot of value and I hope that you start to rack in a lot of cells if you
have any questions go ahead and drop them below or you can add me on facebook
inbox me ask me any questions about MCA and I’ll be sure to reach out to you if
you are interested in joining MCA I also left the link down below as well
it’s lavishlifeextraordinaires.com and once you click on that link go ahead
sign up for the business and make sure you get in touch with me it be more
successful marketing at gmail.com and I’ll be sure to send you our team
training where I go more in depth on how to get sales with MCA using Facebook ads
and also using Instagram Google and YouTube to completely destroy your
competition when it comes to making sales for MCA so this Bianca Moore would
B. Moore Successful Marketing I’ll see you guys on the other side

13 thoughts on “How To Create Facebook Ads For MCA

  1. Is there a way to do paid fb ads,even if my fanpage has been flagged,and I can't do paid ads anymore? Can I use another fb acct,etc?

  2. good video i have a question i made up a ad for mca benefits and f-b turned it down i heard that you cant put mca or motor club of america in the ad is this true and if so you write up and ad without any company name in it thanks for your help

  3. wouldnt it be faster to Exclude the states that need licenses instead? I had this isssue as I am from Cali and it has the highest fee but i did not let that deter me.. It almost did though.

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