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How To Create Facebook Ad Campaigns That Gets Conversions

How To Create Facebook Ad Campaigns That Gets Conversions

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campaigns are generally easy. Once you know how to set them up they can be fast to deploy with hours. But the hard part is to make them work and get the conversions you need. Take for example Raaj Kapur Brar who lost over $600,000 on Facebook ads that failed to achieve
his business objectives. Uh! Can you? I can’t even, oh god. That’s a lot of money to lose. He ran testing on his ads but his return was almost close to zero. Don’t do it wrong and spend
more than you really need. Here are four ways to design Facebook ads that can get you the
best bank for your buck. ♫ I can’t stop ♫ I can’t stop Number one: identify your objective first, then know your audience. Identify what you want your
add to achieve for you. Is it to generate more sales? Get more people to try your product? Drive awareness? Increase people’s frequency of use? Define your ad objective first. By identifying your goal you’ll be able to understand
what strategy works for you and what type of elements
you’ll need to utilize. After identifying your objective, select your audience. Review audience insights
in your Facebook ad manager to understand your audience and create ads that matter to them. Remember to use interest based targeting. Facebook targeting cannot be
matched by other platforms. It allows you to target
ads based on user location, age, gender, interest,
relationship status, education, and more. After identifying your objective and learning about your followers use their interests to
target your ads around them. When you target users based on interest, you’ll have in increase in
the number of subscribers, followers, and consumers who can’t wait to consume your products and services. You’ll convert more users
into paying customers. You can even target
them based on behavior. If they had a baby during
a certain time frame, got married, traveled abroad, really cool on one hand. But on the other, Facebook knows a lot about us. (The X Files theme song intro) Number three: align your
ad with your landing page. The content of your Facebook ad should be consistent with the
content of your landing page for this ad campaign. With this you’ll be able to
improve your ad relevancy score and pay less for each ad. This also improves your conversion rate. If people clicked your ad and they get the result they want customers are more likely
to trust your brand. A consistent alignment between
your ads and landing pages offers online shopping drop-off rates and increases conversion. Number four: use geo-targeting. Setting up your ad according
to geographic target areas are effective to increase conversions to your brick and mortar stores, and allows you to target
based on locations. After understanding
where your customers are you can place geographic
ads based on their location. By doing this you can
specifically target people who go to a certain area, or live in key cities. At the end of the day Facebook ads should come down to creating effecting ads that are a fit to your consumers. This is how effective advertising works, whichever platform it is. To learn about how effective ads are, and to understand which metrics you need to develop your target audience, download my free PDF
called Numbers Tell a Story Social Media Metrics Made Easy. This will help you understand
how to measure your ad or post performance. Thanks for watching. If you liked this video hit the thumbs up, comment below, or share this with a friend that you think this
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12 thoughts on “How To Create Facebook Ad Campaigns That Gets Conversions

  1. How can you invest in FB ads for the kind of money he did. Man, talk about crash and burn.
    Marley, great info. Thank you(:

  2. I love this video! Such great timing as I have been doing some Facebook marketing with company work with. Have yet to narrow down the focused audience. Would be lovely if you did a video on how to do that or if you can direct me in the right direction. Mostly on how to target other pages, etc.

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