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How to create Evergreen Facebook ads campaign?

How to create Evergreen Facebook ads campaign?

– Hey, this is Jason. Today we’re gonna talk about
one of my favorite topic, how can I constantly reach fresh audience with my Facebook advertising campaign. Now put it this way, this actually came before, another question, which
is people would be asking, “How frequent should I change
my advertisement creative?” Now, let me answer this question in this in another way around,
which is if you’re able to have opt-out mechanism
and you have the ability to control how many
times your audience sees your advertisement during a period of time or you have a way to push
them out from your audience after they have done some action, your campaign should be evergreen. So, I have two methods for you to achieve evergreen campaign. The first one is by using the
native Facebook advertising objective called reach objective. Now, reach objective is the only Facebook
advertising objectives that gives you the ability
to control the frequency. Like, you’re able to
actually put, for example, how many times, somebody will see your advertisement
every how many days. So what can you do? Say, for example, if you have a relatively big audience size, you
know, you try to reach out to female with kids below 12 year old that lives probably 20 or 50 kilometers radius from Klang Valley area. Now that would be probably
about 500k to 800k. Now in order to reach this
relatively big audience size, the amount of money to
spend is actually quite big. Now you are looking at,
this is not a bench mark, but based on our, plus, minus, every ring that you spend,
you are able to reach about 30 to 80 people averagely. Now with that kind of amount in mind, in order to reach these 500k to 800k once, it’s gonna cost you a bomb. Another thing you have to remember, now, based on our observation and based on all the theories that we have verified, most of the time people
will not buy from you the first time they see your ad. So it’s very important for you to have the ability to constantly show up. But the problem is, how am I supposed to make sure that my ads is
reaching the fresh people? So this is first one, which
if you use reach objective, what you can do is, you can
control how many times say, for example, Facebook says that they will optimize for people to remember your ads you need to show 2 times every 7 days. Now the number of days can go up 90 days, meaning that if you do,
say, 3 every 90 days, this group of people will
only see your advertisement up to 3 times in the 90 days period, so this is the longest that
you can stretch, which is 90. Now this is one of the way
that you can make sure that, look, I have so much
people to reach, you know? In order to make sure
that my amount of money can go in and optimize for optimum reach, this is the objective that you can go for. Now, what if, is when you go for reach, Facebook will go for the people, I mean, it’s actually unbiased, but the problem sometimes when
it comes to certain campaign, we want to make sure, we want to have some action-based objective instead. For example, it is
unavoidable, for example, if you are a real estate
developer, we do these a lot, one of the few objectives you will be using is lead gen and messages. Now lead gen is very straightforward. When people click, it opens a form, and then they can submit information, which you can use them to
call them or whatsoever. Now the messages is other one, which means when people
see this advertisement, they click, they will start a conversation with you on the messenger level. But these two are very
high-quality, high-intend actions, but in order to do all these, how can you keep a lead gen campaign and messages campaign evergreen? How can you make sure that your lead gen and messages campaign always
reach to the fresh audience? Okay, let me teach you
this very simple trick. Now let’s say if you
go for lead gen, okay? The first trick here, number 1, is to use, if you can, video. Now, video could be in any form. I would not recommend something that is too lengthy and et cetera. What I can suggest is slideshow video. Of course, if you have nicely done video, I don’t go against that, but
based on our case studies, sometimes those lengthy
videos may not work that well. But remember, the reason
why we use video is because we want to capture intent. Now when it comes to video, there are so many things that you can do. See, first you can do long video, you know, those normal,
nicely done video, et cetera. Second is you can do
slideshow combining several of the interior shots,
exterior shots, you know, the key USB, et cetera,
together to create a video. Or, what else you can do? You can actually use a still image video. Now, do you get what I
mean by still image video? You do a video, But the whole video is just one image. That also works as a video. Now what you do is, you use video and then you capture people who watch at least 10 seconds, Or 25% of the video. This is the custom audience
that you will be creating. Custom audience. Then after that, what do you do? You exclude this group of
people in your campaign. Of course the other thing
that you can exclude is, of course people who open lead form. Or open and submitted So these two must be excluded, no brainer. They opened the lead form,
but they did not submit, you probably want to move
them to the next campaign, which, you know, with
another call to action to make sure that they take the action that you’re looking for. And those people who have submitted, of course, no brainer. You have to opt them out. Now the thing is, in order to reach evergreen campaign,
you use this mechanism. Use video first and then you use 10 second or 25 second exclusion. That will make sure that
those people who have watched your video up to 10 seconds
if you have a longer video. Or, if you do a still image video, let’s say if you if you do a
five second still image video. Now if 25% means they
have watched one seconds or one and a half seconds already, fulfilling the criteria of exclusion, which the whole campaign
automatically exclude them from seeing your advertisement ever again. So if you have a larger
audience and then you want to make sure that at the same
time, using the lead gen, which is optimizing for the
result that you’re looking for, at the same time, you want to make sure that your ads or your
campaign are reaching, always reaching to the fresh audience. This is the method. So if you are interested to find out more, you can actually visit TribeUpAcademy.com, which is here, because we have a class that teach you exactly how
to do this for your campaign. We will actually walk
you through step-by-step, click-by-click to make
sure that you master this exclusion, inclusion, intend-based targeting techniques and et cetera. So the class is open right
now; you can sign up. You can visit TribeUpAcademy.com. We have already put the
link over in this post. You can click the link
and go and find out. Alternatively, now if you have a company and business that you need help, you know, you want us to come
in and help you strategize this and have you set up
this, you can also contact us. You can just drop us a
message and we will be able to in touch with you to find out more how can we actually work together further. Yet again, if you are
interested to find out more, visit TribeUpAcademy.com. I’ll see you in the next video. Thank you. (slow electronic music)

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