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How To Create Dynamic Facebook Creative Ads | Automated Ad Creation

How To Create Dynamic Facebook Creative Ads | Automated Ad Creation

Hey everyone this is Viren and
welcome back to my youtube channel for another Facebook marketing tutorial. In
this tutorial, we are going to discuss Facebook dynamic creative ads. What that
means is that traditionally if you wanted to create an ad for your audience,
you would generally test out a lot of different combination of creatives like
different images, different call to actions, different text and so on. Now,
Facebook has made that a lot more easier for you. In just one ad creative you will
be able to select multiple images, multiple texts, multiple call to actions
and now Facebook will automatically create combinations and determine which
is the best combination for different segments of your audience and that’s
really awesome. So I’m gonna show you how to create something like that on your
account. Before we get started, what you need to know is that this has not been
rolled out yet to all ad accounts. So it’s entirely possible that you do not
have access to this right now. In case you don’t just sit tight and I’m sure
it’s getting rolled out to all of us very soon. Another thing to keep in mind
is that for some reason you cannot create this currently under the ads
manager. This can only be created through the power editor. So let me quickly jump
into the power editor. Go to all tools and here is where you will find power
editor. Once you here in the power editor you need to click on create campaign. Let
me give this a name. Another thing to keep in mind is that
this works for now only for conversion objectives which we see here –
conversion, catalog sales or store visits. So let me select conversions for
now give the key result as Leeds and click on save draft once you’ve given
the ad set and ad a name. The draft has been added to power editor. The campaign
is here. You need to go under ad set and edit the ad set here. Select the
conversion which is best suited for your website. And here you can see the man of
the hour dynamic creative – automatically find the most effective combinations of
creative assets for your audience. Let’s select this. It will give you a warning
that a lot of features and the ad set does not work currently with dynamic
creative ad so those will get deleted if you have any of those features selected.
Let’s click continue because we haven’t even begun making the ad set so far. Let
me just quickly create the ad set since this is not the major part of this
tutorial I’ll just quickly create this. Select an audience, select the age group, language, demography. I’m creating ads for my snapchat content
currently so selected snapchat here. The placement is fine, the ad can show and
mobile devices. Optimizing it for conversion. Conversion
window is seven day click or one day view. All of this works for me. Let’s now
quickly close this go under ads and edit the ad. This is what is the major
part of this tutorial. Let me quickly select images – I have some
already ready for this tutorial. Quickly select all three, open them. Here you can
see that you can upload a maximum of 10 images so 3 is fine for me. Let me click
on continue. Here you can add the website URL, so let me add the website URL to my
snapchat ad tutorial. Now like you can see here you can add multiple
combinations of texts so let me add a few. There you go, I have three. The display link is going to be
virenbaid.com. We can add different headlines as well so let me add a few
combinations here. I have three combinations here. Next up
news feed link description you can add multiple of them as well. You can add multiple combinations of
call-to-actions as well so let’s just select a few. I’ve selected two – learn more
or watch more. For now here you can see only one variation of the ad but if
you click on this you will be able to see multiple variations. You can change
any of the text, change to a different image, different news feed description or
different call-to-action. Now this will be shown automatically in various
combinations to different segments of your audience and Facebook will
automatically determine which segment responds best to which combination of
your creative assets. Once you’re done with all of this you can click on review
draft items, confirm, and the ad will go live. As you can see the dynamic creative
ad is now active, the ad set is a pending review. Now one thing you need to
understand here is that Facebook is not going to show you data separately for
all combinations of your creatives and if you want to see which creatives are
working best for you you need to export the analytics for this ads and in those
reports you will be able to see which ad is working the best for you. I hope this
tutorial helps you get started with dynamic creative ads for Facebook. In
case you don’t have this on your account right now I’m sure this will be rolling
out soon for all of us. That’s about it for this tutorial, I hope I was able
to teach you something new and add value to you. if I did please hit that thumbs
up button, comment and let me know and subscribe to my channel for more
marketing content. If you’re looking to have a one-on-one session with me the
best way to reach me is through Instagram the link is right here. Thank

11 thoughts on “How To Create Dynamic Facebook Creative Ads | Automated Ad Creation

  1. Great vid, thank you.

    Would I get the same result by creating multiple ads manually under the same ad set?

    Will the different variations be delivered without any audience overlap in that case too?

    Thank you

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