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How to create Display Ads in Google Ads 2019

How to create Display Ads in Google Ads 2019

Do you want to show your image Ads? Here. Here. Here. Here. And everywhere on the internet. Then watch this entire video. Hi! everyone i’m Sundeep, welcome to our YouTube
channel. In this channel we talk all about Digital
Marketing, How you can grow your business online. The image Ad which you saw on the right side
of the YouTube, and on different news channels, and everywhere in the form of banners, those
are called Display Ads. And in this video we gonna talk about how
you can create display Ads in Google Ads, step by step. Display Ads are identity based marketing. Here you will chase your customer based on
their interest, behavior and the places they visit frequently. You are not targeting your audience based
on their intention, or based on their search terms. So the pros are, First one. It’s cheap. Second one, It is very helpful to brand your
company. And the con, or the negative side of this campaign
is, it is not going to give you more sales. If you wanna know more about intent base marketing
and identity base marketing, click the above link and watch my previous video. Lets start creating a display campaign. To create a display campaign, First going to
your google Ads manager, then click on campaigns tab and click on this plus icon and select
new campaign. Here i’m going to take a custom campaign, and
my goal or my campaign type is display. In my upcoming videos i’m going to talk about
shopping, videos and universal app types. Select stranded display campaign, you don’t
have to give your website here, click on continue. I’m going to name it as EntitleMedia Display
camp. I’m going to leave this locations, language
and bidding. You can watch all this tutorial in my previous
video by clicking the above link. So i’m going to give $100 as budget, and Ad
group name: Display 1. Here you can mention your target audience. what are their interest. Are they interested in banking and finance?
are you targeting beauty salons? are you targeting restaurants? are you targeting homes? You can target any kind of audience in this
section, and you can also target based on their activity or research and everything
here. you can target your audience based on their
interest, based on their behavior, based on their search, based on their age, everything. Once you select all those things, upload your
Ads and hit on create campaign button. And wala you are done!. Coming to the Ad dimensions or image dimensions,
google has its own dimensions. And in the description we have listed all
king of dimensions you can create an Ad. Please go through the dimensions. And if you have any questions please leave a comment below. And if you like this video, please like the
video. And do share this video and consider subscribing
this channel. Thank you, have a good one.

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