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How To Create Better Facebook Ads | TOP Advertising Agency Secrets

How To Create Better Facebook Ads | TOP Advertising Agency Secrets

Facebook ads work great. Mmm, let me clarify that. Great Facebook ads work great. Terrible Facebook ads, not surprisingly work terrible. Which in this video
we’re talking all about how to create way better Facebook ads. Let’s get to it. Hey there my name is Adam Erhart, Modern Marketing Strategist, and welcome to the Modern Marketing Show where we help you make
marketing that matters. So if you’re interested in learning about the latest and greatest
marketing strategies, tools, tips, tricks, and tactics well you may want to consider subscribing and hitting that notification bell. Alright, so if you’re here
now watching this video, which apparently you are, then you’re interested in
learning about creating way better Facebook ads which is amazing because I’m sure you know that Facebook ads are one of the greatest marketing opportunities
we have available today. That said, there’s also a
lot of really bad information going on and a lot of people
are taking this information and getting really bad results. Which is kind of tarring the
reputation of Facebook ads. Fortunately this has been going on since the very beginning with
some people going out there and creating really bad ads
and then blaming Facebook, as not a platform that works. On the other hand, we’ve got marketers that are creating amazing results and getting great returns on investment from their Facebook ads and this always comes down
to having significantly better Facebook ads. Not shocking, right? So with all that said, what is it that separates
the amateurs from the pros and those who are losing money or maybe hitting break even from those who are getting
significant two times, fives times, even 10 times
return on investment. Well that’s what I wanna
break down for you here in this video. Now the first and probably single most important piece
of advice that I can give you, and this comes from years and
years of running Facebook ads, from my clients teaching my students and running them myself
in my own business, is that the Facebook ad itself is really just one piece of
the entire marketing puzzle. So what does that mean? Well essentially when you’re looking at what you’re running Facebook
ads for in the first place you probably have some kind of end goal. Whether it’s to collect a lead or to make a sale right off the bat, whatever it is, you’ve got
some kind of end objective and the Facebook ad is one way to help you reach that end goal. But it’s not going to do all
of the heavy lifting for you. You’re going to need some
kind of a sales funnel or marketing funnel or
customer journey or map or whatever you wanna call it. But essentially you’re
gonna need something that guides that lead or that prospect all the way through the journey that gets them to the end goal that you’re shooting for. One of the biggest mistakes I see when I’m doing an ad audit or I’m looking at a customer’s add account is that they’re often
trying to do way too much in the Facebook ad itself. So they’re trying to
introduce the product, they’re trying to call out the market, they’re trying to build rapport and they’re trying to make the sale all on that very first ad. And this is kind of
like asking for marriage or making a proposal
on the very first date especially to cold traffic or to people who have no idea about you
or about your business, what you do or why you’re relevant to them in the first place. Fortunately the solution
here is really simple. And that really just comes
down to respecting the funnel. Meaning, you wanna have
some kind of progression, some kind of journey that
you can walk people through all the way from first
click to final sale. Typically, and if you’re
just getting started, a great way to do this
is just to have an ad go to a landing page and
then have the landing page take them to a thank you
page when they’re done that. Super simple. Now if you’re not familiar
with marketing funnels and the power they can
have on your business well I’ll make sure to link up a video in the description below and right above here just by
clicking one of the cards. The next way to create
way better Facebook ads is really to focus one thing at a time. Now we touched on this
briefly in the previous point about the marketing funnel. But again, I really want to reiterate this and make it a little more clear about what the objective
of the ad itself is. Now in the previous
example we talked about trying to build brand awareness and trying to build rapport and trying to talk about their problems and your company and all that stuff. And all that’s okay but
you have to remember what the objective of not
the entire campaign is or the entire funnel but rather what the
objective of that ad is. And I can tell you with exact certainty the objective for your ad should be simply to get the click, that’s it. So if your end goal is to make a sale or to have someone add something to a cart or to have them download a lead magnet or sign up for an application or register for a strategy session or whatever it is, all that’s good but the goal of the ad itself is simply to get them to click, to take them to the next step. Now the point of the next step is to get them to take the next
step and so on and so forth. Don’t try to go out
there and make the sale right on that first ad, rather make things a little bit income, see what I did there? Well you wanna do the
same thing in your ad, You wanna be helpful but
you wanna be incomplete. Because curiosity is an
incredibly powerful driver. So you don’t want to give
absolutely everything away right up front. So just how much should you give away? Well you need to give away
as much as is necessary to get the click as we just covered in the previous point. Meaning, you wanna build
a little bit of curiosity, you wanna make sure
that you’re calling out your target market in your ad, you wanna make sure that you’re
identifying their problems and possibly the pain
that they’re going through and then you want to allude to the fact that you’re going to
be able to handle this or at least one aspect of it in the next part of the funnel. Whether by clicking or watching the video or signing up or whatever
they need to do next. There’s a popular sales quote that says the fortune is in the follow-up, but this quote applies
equally well to marketing. Who sales sales and
marketing can’t get along? Now the reason that this quote is so valid and so relevant to marketing is because there’s a small
percentage of the population, around two to three percent and these are hyper buyers. And they’re ready to take action and essentially act right now. But being only two to three percent it’s a tiny, tiny fraction
of the entire market so you don’t want to ignore
and completely forsake that other 97 or 98 percent of the market who may not be ready to buy right now but are going to be sooner than later. Fortunately with Facebook ads we’ve got an incredibly powerful tool in the retargeting campaign. Meaning that we can follow up with people who either didn’t take action or only made it halfway through the funnel or whatever it is but didn’t complete that final goal that we’re shooting for. Well with retargeting ads, we’re able to go out there again and put our message in front of them, we’re able to put out different offers in case we can try to hit
them from different angles or provide different hooks
or different incentives and essentially stay top of mind and continue to build the
frequency and the repetition with we show up in front of them. Now this is incredibly powerful
for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that
we’ve been trained as humans to associate frequency with trust. Meaning the more that
you’re able to show up in front of your ideal target market, the more they’re going to
begin associating trust with you and your brand and your business. The other benefit here
is it’s gonna give you multiple different
conversion opportunities further down the road. So once you get someone
into your ecosphere and your business online presence, well once you’ve got them, you’ve kind of got them in that spider web and you can continue to offer them different products or services
or different promotions and to continue to build
that relationship over time which not only is going
to convert cold traffic into warm or hot traffic but it’s also going to enable you to continue to build value and trust and authority with your
existing clientele. All of this leads to significantly higher lifetime customer value which
means a lot more revenue and a lot more profit for your business. Now the final point that I’m going to make on retargeting ads before we move on is that they are absolutely mandatory if you wanna create better Facebook ads. In fact, looking back over
the agency over the years and all the audits that I’ve
done on client accounts, most of the profit and by
far the cheapest clicks and the best return on investment comes from the retargeting campaigns. So if you’re not deploying
them in your business now, you need to be and if you
are running them already, good job but this is where
you really wanna double down and make sure that you’re
truly optimizing them for the best results possible. No matter how good an ad that I create, I know that I can always do better. Especially because things
are going to change and it’s rare that an ad is just going to get significantly
more effective over time which means you always want to be coming up with better and
different and alternative angles and images and copy and
videos to deploy in your ads. This is why split testing or AB testing or multivariate testing, depending which terminology
you want to use, this is why it’s so incredibly powerful. Especially when it comes to Facebook ads where it’s just so easy to do. Basically what we’re doing here is we’re putting our two best ads or our two best images or our two best headlines or body copy against each other in a
free for all death match, fight to the end. And only the strongest is gonna survive which is going to become
very obvious, very quickly with cheaper cost per acquisition, cheaper cost, higher click through rates, better return on investment or whatever metric you’re
using to justify choosing one ad over the other. Now the key with running
an effective split test is really to focus on
one variable at a time, meaning you’re gonna want
to test different images against each other. Or you’re gonna wanna
test different headlines or different body copy or
different calls to action. The last thing you want to
do is test a different image or video and headline and call to action and lump it all together because you’re not gonna know what’s responsible for
the better performance. So again, one thing at a time here. Alright so you’re well on your way to creating way better Facebook ads. The next step in your journey is to check out this video below on Facebook ads tips and tricks. Which is one my top rated videos on Facebook advertising in general and can really provide you
the next step in your journey to creating way better results
from your Facebook ads. So check out that video now and if you enjoyed this video well make sure to give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel and say hello in the
comment section below. I’d love to learn a little more about you and your business and what
you’re up to right now with your Facebook ad campaigns. So thanks so much for watching and I’ll catch you next time on the Modern Marketing Show.

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  1. Hey,
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  2. Adam, you're really a brilliant guy, but you speak way too fast. As a result your listeners have to continuously review your recording or give up in frustration. I like you and I feel you have a superior grasp of how FB advertising works. I wish I had to the tech savvy skills to take your advice and implement it in my own law practice. I can't seem to cross over techno-bridge. Thanks for the illuminating discussion!

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