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How to create and run successful YouTube and Facebook ads – J.R. Fisher

How to create and run successful YouTube and Facebook ads – J.R. Fisher

welcome everybody J.R. Fisher here
good morning good evening good night whatever time zone you’re in I’m joined
by the lovely beautiful intented Jessica would you like to say hi everybody yeah it’s Friday and we have got an
awesome awesome training for you today because I’m gonna show you how to spy on
people’s ads I found a way to do this and when I found it I was like god I got
to share this with other people because you can literally see what the top ads
are and hacked the whole thing to funnel the ads everything about everything so
we’re gonna do that today so I want to make sure everybody can hear me so do me
a favor if you are on this call and I know we have a lot of people in here
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going on dude good to have you here chris is in Ontario Canada very cool so
we got people from all around the world and that’s really awesome
we had some sad news yesterday and I guess it didn’t really happen yesterday
and Wednesday but gentlemen I got to meet a couple years ago Sean Stephenson
who had spent his life in a wheelchair passed away and I want to actually share
a video he did I’m gonna do that the very end today so I’m gonna share a
video and if that video doesn’t motivate you you’re dead inside you’re just dead
with Soler’s to it because he was an amazing person he only stood 2 feet 8
inches tall he had several degrees he had met with the Dalai Lama he worked
for President Bill Clinton incredible motivational speaker and his wife was
the same she was a motivational speaker to who she was you know totally normal
and healthy and all that but they had a really good life together but
unfortunately he had something called brittle bone disease and he got a
fracture to his head and he died in the operating room so if you want to see him
I would recommend that you go to the link I’m gonna put in the comment
section at the end of this training you can also go to any of my pages I posted
a picture of him and what his wife wrote about him and just just really an
amazing person so everybody you know think about his family and everything
all right so let’s get started on this today now we’re gonna talk about how to
create and run successful YouTube and Facebook ads now what’s the best way to
get good at something and that is to copy success so what I’m gonna show you
today is a software in a way and I have no skin in the game in the software so
you can just go to it and you know get it but you know I don’t have an
affiliate link or anything for it but what it will do is it will actually spy
on people’s ads and you can sort it by like the longest-running ads they
which tells you they worked you can see how many views how many comments how
many shares everything it’s just gonna tell you everything about their ads so
obviously if they’ve been running an ad for a long time and you do the same
thing you’ll probably get about the same results so you know I want to get into
that and show that to you I like this this this quote I found there’s no harm
in being a copycat if someone else is doing a good job copy it’s free and
that’s really the truth now I don’t mean copy word-for-word and every single
thing they do but you can copy the concept of what they’re doing and how
they’re going about it you know if they’re doing a one-minute video that
you know has a certain intro and a certain exit you may want to do the same
thing so don’t try to reinvent the wheel you’re just gonna kind of redesign it a
little bit okay so we’re not gonna change you know what works but we will
you know put it to where it kind of fits our personality and that type of thing
so let’s jump into this it’s a simple process okay this is how the process
works number one you find it successful and on
YouTube and Facebook and then you emulate them that’s it step two rinse
and repeat you just do that over and over again now you can do little tweaks
and your ads to see what kind of different results you get but basically
there’s two steps to this guys this is super super easy so this is the actual
software now you’re looking at the panel of it and what I did is I actually
pre-recorded me going through the software so I wouldn’t have any you know
hiccups in it or anything so let me get over here and I’m going to play this
little recording for you make sure my volume is up you’re gonna love this so I
promise you’re gonna love this okay I’ve logged into my account this is called
power add spine this is really an amazing amazing software because you
know when you’re running ahead you can waste a lot of money on ads that don’t
work and you’re not putting them in the right spot
and what this tool enables you to do is actually search ads that are on
Instagram YouTube Facebook and when you do that you can look at the ads and sort
of base how long they’ve been there you can look
at the original ad and by doing so you can do something very similar to their
ad and no you’re going to get results because they’re already doing it so
somebody’s not going to run an ad you know for two three years and it not work
so this is what this enables you to do so
I want to go over here first and show you all the things you can do okay so
you’ve got search mode here so here’s the way you can search you can search
with keywords you can search by have an advertiser and you can search by domain
now I like using the keywords one but you know if you were focusing in on one
of your competitors you can certainly do advertiser or domain but let’s go with
keywords first okay I’m just gonna search shirt in here and see what I get
now what happens is it’s gonna pull up all these ads here and it’s gonna show
you where the word shirt came in the title right here and this is pretty cool
stuff because I can look here and I can see how many likes how many comments and
all this let’s just scroll through down look at this one this one’s got 935
likes okay fifty-two comments in ninety-six shares so that looks pretty
popular it looks like it’s a carousel ad okay don’t know what that is it’s not
interesting me this one here only a few hours left
you get three shirts here it’s got 399 likes hundred fifty comments I just look
through and see what all I find for shirt 1.2 thousand here and as you
scroll it’ll populate more you can see it doing that you know what’s funny is
like this one looks so professional but if you look at it it’s got no likes no
comments and those shares so just because somebody’s I did it really cool
ad doesn’t mean that it works now this one here looks like it worked really
well seven point one thousand likes excuse me
386 comments and 67 shares so let’s let’s do a couple things here first
we’re going to show the analytics excuse me we’re gonna look at the
original post so this is gonna take me over to Facebook and I can see the
actual poster now this one here ah it’s in a different language okay so we
probably don’t want that one because we’re trying to find English ones so I’m
gonna go ahead and close that okay so let me just scroll down and see what
else I see that looks cool all righty this one here so this is a
pretty cool one right here this has got a hundred and sixty-five likes let’s
look at the original ad okay and there’s the original ad right there and it’s a
video and it shows all the different colors of this shirt which is kind of
cool it’s got a hundred and seventy seven likes three comments 20 shares
this is really basic look at this all they’ve done here is to take a shirt and
take four or five photos make a scrolling video out of it and they put
three lines here so there’s not a lot of work put into this one here all right so
let me look a little bit more I like this one 5,000 okay now this is
something this is something I’m gonna get it to here so the man cannot survive
on wine alone he also needs a jog so let’s look at the original ad now this
one here look at this once again you know everybody thinks are gonna be a big
copywriter and know how to do all this stuff but really there’s not much a
whole put into this here if you look at this I can see a lovely shirt for dog
lovers that’s it now here’s something interesting that works very well is
combining two niches this makes this very targeted and people love to wear
shirts like this you know if you put a t-shirt here as a man loves a dollop he
write him so what a man cannot survive on wine alone he also needs a dog this
says I’m a wine lover who has a dog anytime you combine two niches like this
it really works well so that’s something you want to you know keep in mind now
let’s actually click on the link and see the page okay so life is better with dogs around
this this whole thing here this is T all season so this is a store somebody built
on a printer print on demand company and they’ve got all these shirts with dogs
looks like they got beer they got wine beer and wine seems like a big theme
here but it’s all about dogs to all my haters that’s kind of cute right there
woman cannot survive on coffee alone she also needs a dog so they’ve done all
kinds of variations of that and it’s a print-on-demand store so they have no
inventory whatsoever this is definitely something you can do as a matter of fact
you could do t-shirts similar to theirs and you can go in some of these
platforms and search and find the most popular ones I’m gonna go ahead and
close that though but there’s a good idea right there okay so we’ve found one
good idea all right so listen see what else we’ve got here oh my goodness this
one here’s got six point nine thousand six hundred three comments in 1200
shares let’s look at the original ad now once again see what they’ve done here
they’ve combined two things music and that’s a lovely shirt for cat lovers so
there it’s by I heart my cat let’s take a look at it store here order
here so they’ve put two links into here but we’re gonna go with the order one
first forty two ninety-five for the sweatshirt they are making some money on
this and this is T all season once again same print-on-demand store now something
else we can do here is right here is a see show analytics so we can click on
that and what’s that’s gonna do is that’s gonna show me all the analytics
about that particular item so it’s got the basic information here
okay when it was last seen which is a 27 post date it’s got redirects if it had
any outgoing links if it had any in country list if it had any it doesn’t
so there’s not a lot of analytics on this particular one here but tells me a
little bit more about it let’s see what else we can find in here okay and we’re
looking at these high like high-end demand type things now let’s pick one
more here this looks like a good one here what does this one looks like a
little video they ran create a custom shirt size it’s fast easy and you’ll
look and feel better video that place check that out they’re showing all the
options here I’ll tall for you what do you weigh which were based in size this is
definitely custom stuff it’s started so we could go to proper cloth here which
is who did that ad and when we get a proper cloth let’s see what happens create your own size right now so this
is you know this is really kind of sending them to the store however you
know we like to send them to the exact product but this is a pretty big company
in this proper cloth so they must be doing well
all right now something else we can do right now we are looking at all these
different ads on Facebook let’s switch over at the top you’ll notice these tabs
let’s go to youtube and see what we find okay now these are all YouTube ads which
is a pretty cool let’s see what we can find here on YouTube ads now YouTube you
know the chances of people liking and sharing a youtube video that as an ad is
probably a little bit less you know than Facebook but let’s just take a look here
and you got to be careful because this is like this one here is about making a
website we may want to put let’s change this
here to a nice let’s let’s get a term that probably would work on YouTube make
money online I understand people go to YouTube oops
to learn how to do stuff so making money online may be something let’s see what
we’ve got yes bingo make money online we found a
lot here let me just scroll see if more gonna populate yes yes yes there’s tons
because a lot of people go to youtube and try to learn this skill which is you
know a pretty good skill right that’s what iTunes make money online this one
here says one legit way but I don’t see any likes now they may have this stuff
disabled I don’t know this one here is skill boost earn $30 an hour with your
phone work from home jobs it’s got five hundred and sixty two YouTube will see
what they’re selling this looks like an Indian gentleman selling something about
making money at home but it’s really so he’s made it he’s made it look like an
educational video but I promise at the end which was hip to it he’s gonna try
to get us to opt-in an urge to do something was take a look to listen to
this video and also a little place that then I can to get exciting videos
yeah he says it’s an exciting video I was not that excited however he does
have 50 2828 views which tells me he’s been running this ad for a while
he’s also got eight point nine thousand subscribers now what he’s trying to get
you to do see under click more here’s the $30 an hour thing let’s see here
he’s trying to get you to do this click here so let’s click and see what happens free how to stay-at-home moms told on
the easiest copied way to generate daily cash flow you’ve ever seen get instant
access and I promise you he’s gonna ask for my email what do you know he has for
my email so this is a standard it looks like click funnels type page we got a
pop up they put in the email and then the rest of it you could get instant
access so we’ll just put a test email at Yahoo now if he’s emailing this to me
obviously I won’t get it but if he’s let me have it in the next page then of
course I can get it so let’s take a look and see what happens
I do not want to get on his email list okay so stay-at-home mom stumbles on the
easiest copy a trouble he is going to try to sell me something in this video
and he probably has an opt-in pop-up here at some point on the video let me
stop that noise but that’s what he’s doing here so if you wanted to copy
something similar now I just I hovered off the page because he knew I was gonna
close it he’s got a blocker excuse me he’s got a pop-up right here that is an
exit intent pop-up so when somebody takes their cursor and goes off the page
this will pop up this can be done and you know almost any of the click funnels
or card for any of those things you do want to be careful though because some
of these platforms like Facebook this is allows these pop-ups and if you’re doing
this you’re gonna get your ads shut down an account maybe business manager okay
so he’s saying at instant access he’s already promised me that twice and I
have not gotten instant access to anything all these that has got
email twice he’s using Infusionsoft you can see that up here so he’s got this
bootcamp thing that he’s trying to get you to opt-in for so I wanted him twice
and haven’t gotten anything then he wants my credit card information here
does it say what he’s charging that’s interesting
Oh order subtitle a dollar so he’s gonna charge me a dollar than upsell me to
something else that’s just all that’s going on here so I’m gonna go ahead and
eggs out of this but I wanted to show you you know how this works and the
process that people go through these ads let’s go back to the ads again and see
what other ad we can find in here that is interesting now these kind of look
interesting right to see the video and what’s interesting also is you can see
the tags they used it shows the tags that used on the video now if you’re
doing an ad that is gonna be unlisted which most ads are there’s no point and
put these tags because obviously they can’t search for them they’re unlisted
so like this person here put tons of tags here and they’re not necessary and
as you see she’s only got four likes on this so this is not very popular let me
just look through here let’s get 244 this one here is interesting stop
working so hard every day do this instead and let’s look at the original
ad here okay 872 likes I do want to see this ad here because this one you’re
doing well it looks like this is what he’s trying
to get you to do he’s got a free mastermind group here free financial
freedom resources here and 373 profitable niches revealed so what he’s
done and click the sewage cut down here join the Facebook group all right he’s
got all of his links and links to more videos and all that what he’s trying to
get you to do is opt-in let’s take a look and see if that’s an opt-in well
that’s his group excuse me so I clicked on the wrong thing here so let me go
back for the video he’s got resources here one of these will be an opt-in I
can promise you start here yeah then he’s got this stuff here interesting
teach me how this is really going to his homepage and he’s got a bunch of links
in here he’s got some affiliate stuff suck in here just trying to make money
off affiliate stuff interesting alright let’s get out of this and the thing is
you know this is this is just all research you’re going to have to do to
figure out what works three prong 373 profitable niches let’s check that out
he’s got a lot of call to actions in here I would stick to one or two
but this one here okay here’s your opt-in one reserved my seat now this is
probably gonna go to a webinar Jam forum all right so we’ll pick a date so the
way these webinars work is you can set it to where they can like almost
immediately watch it like right now it is 10:40 and he’s got it sent at 10:45
there happens to be one now the reason is because that software
will say you want to let him watch in five minutes and then he gives you two
other dates for the same day because he’s figuring what if they can’t do it
now maybe they can do it here here so I’m gonna pick that date and it’s
probably gonna ask for my email there it is and this does look like a webinar jam
form that he’s put on his page so I could put my name and all that stuff in
there and then it’s gonna show it often we don’t want to put my real name in
here Mike and we’ll put best email reserve my seat reserving your seat okay
your seat has been reserved now he’s got a little video that welcomes you here
he’s got the link for the webinar this is all generated through webinarjam we
use webinarjam – then he’s got little information about the webinar so he
always says this webinar going so that’s another example of how somebody’s
selling something on YouTube and you can do the same thing you really can’t I
mean it’s not that hard I just don’t understand these people putting all
these tags in here if these are ads this is actually a friend of mine this is
John Frusciante right here and you know though it doesn’t show you his likes and
all this other stuff I would bet this is a really great video
I know him pretty well it doesn’t have the original which is
interesting let me click here and see if I can get to it my name is Tony and this
is your invitation to join a webinar and he’ll have some type of opt-in here
there it is so it’s a broken links that ad may not
be good anymore but he does a great job matter of fact he’ll be at a meeting
that I’m going to next month so we’ll share some ideas but as you can see this
really allows you like oh my goodness this is 1.6 million I just I have to
look at one more when I see stuff like that all my notifications let you run
your own online business but don’t know where to start okay so that is when they got up earlier
right there it’s hooking up with Aliexpress to drop shipping right as we
look you see there’s just so many examples in here and don’t let it bother
you if there’s no like shares comments because sometimes people turn that off
like this one here he has 27,000 I know I know of this person damn log and you
can go to show original video is not available the video is private so he’s
turned off that ad is what’s happened there here’s Russell Brunson runs a ton
of ads well look at his ad here does a lot of videos that look like it’s not an
an you know he just grabs his camera so if you think you got to have like fancy
cameras watch these fake flip this around so you can all see a little
better hello how he pretends not to know how to
use this phone so this is story about all these amazing humans and people this
is the creator of click funnels right there Russell Brunson click funnels and
what he’s doing is trying to get you to sign up for click files I promise that
videos are okay all right guys we have a little
glitch here so let me get back to my powerpoint sorry about that that does
happen every now and then fact it happens a lot on PowerPoint I don’t know
why but let me get back to it and we will be back there in just a second
there we go there we go you get to play but let me get down to that particular
slide when you’re live this stuff happens it just happens all right so is
that there it is okay got it make sure you guys type in there if you
can hear me – I want to make sure we didn’t lose our sound sometimes when
that stuff happens you lose sound Jessica can you see you buddy typing in
there today there’s a little bit of a play tape in
there if you can just we you can still give me guys want to make sure that you
can still hear me before I finish off this video hello
hello can you hear me type in that comment section guys okay yeah somebody
says they can okay just making sure just making sure cut let me find out where I
was at on this I was looking at this Russell Brunson thing I think there we
go get to go – yeah there’s two funnels in Bluebell click funnels click funnels
and what he’s doing is trying to get you to sign up for click files I promise to
put all of his videos are so he’s got this 30 days comstar and I promise you
that’s like a get started on click funnels thing what do you do right here
he’s gonna have a training and he’s putting the date in here he’s gonna be
doing this training and I promise you at the end of the training easy to get you
started for click funnels cuz that’s what he does
so you put your email there and you get to go – yeah there’s it’s like funnels
emblem and everything so he’s selling you click funnels a subscription you’re
gonna opt in for 30 days for free or whatever
and then you’re going to pay $97 a month or 297 or whatever it is so that’s how
he’s running his ads but the point the point is check this out
you can see successful ads you can see what they’re doing
you can opt-in you can attend their stuff you could do everything and you
can figure out this ad thing without trying to figure out what works pretty
cool stuff all right let’s move on with the rest of the training ok guys what do
you think of that that’s pretty cool stuff in it how you can actually go in
there and look at other people’s ads and you know basically do the same thing now
when you’re doing this and when you’re searching you know if you happen to get
the software it’s not expensive either doesn’t cost much money but make sure
you put quotation marks around what you’re searching for because if you
don’t it won’t work I figured that out the hard way
additionally you want to think about what somebody would be searching for in
one of these ads like you know if you notice I put how to make money online
because people did videos on that so you know if you’re trying to sell you know
shirts with cats on them you wouldn’t put shirts with cats you’d put type in
there I love cats or this is a cool cat or something like that because that’s
probably what they’re optimized for in the title you know you got to think of
it that way and if you do that you’re gonna find the top ads and what I like
to do is I like to search it by longest-running ad if you search it by
longest-running ad then of course you’re gonna find the ads that are successful
because it ran right okay so I’ve invited as I always do a few
choice people to the inner circle call today and I want you to check your email
I’m starting this evening I’m doing a Labor Day special on the inner circle
but you got to check your email there’s a special link to do it okay
and it’ll blow your mind which you can get you know for the price it’s really
really inexpensive you’re going to get access to my current courses you’re
going to get private Facebook groups bi-weekly coaching calls yearly or more
masterminds in San Diego and of course the relationships and networking which
is price okay you’re also gonna get insight into
the high-level masterminds I’ll be at one next month now I’ll be bringing back
that information and sharing it with my inner circle so those people get access
to all that information like you know the the guy you saw there John Chris
Tony I’ll be talking him I’ll say what are you doing what’s working for you
what’s you know what’s happened and then I’ll bring it back to you guys and you
have access to that and that stuff is invaluable really to know exactly what
to do because that’s where people really get tripped up is knowing what to do in
addition to that once I hit my spacebar there oh I went back one excuse me
excuse me there we go you’re 12 times more likely to succeed as a member of
something like our inner circle because you’re gonna have access this
information you’re gonna have tons of training videos you can have access to
my courses you’re gonna get free software’s and it’s all worth like
46,000 dollars but I will tell you wait till you get the email today do not go
to that inner circle calm for it slash and roll wait till you get the email
today really important because that email is gonna give you some special
stuff if you’re a member of the inner circle and there’s a bunch of people on
here obviously that are what can you submit if you need help with your ads
we’ll help you with that your landing page with your websites picking products
will help you with that will help you with pricing your funnels you get you
get you know actual you know reviews of this stuff so you know what to do you
can submit them you can submit this stuff we go over them in calls you look
at your email subject lines headlines any ideas you may have if you’re getting
frustrated with something something’s not working you can talk to us about
that will help you if you’re having failures and successes we love to see
both of those because those failures leads to successes that’s how that works
and I’m gonna post in just a second in that comment section that video of Sean
Stephenson because if you watch this video guys and it’s an hour long I’m
gonna tell you right up front it’s an hour long but if you watch that video
you’re gonna be motivated to do something I promise you I promise you if
you want to get Carter which is probably the best software in the world for
selling stuff online I would suggest you get a bi t ly forward slash cartridge
case – upper case junior you can get a trial for $1 there’s like things that
eight different do all in one you don’t have to have an
email provider or funnel maker or landing page maker any of that it’s all
made in the membership everything it’s all made in there so let’s do a few
questions I know Jessica’s been gathering them what you want to do in
that comment section if you have a question about anything we went over
today or just marketing in general I don’t mind mind that either you can just
put it in the comment section and Jessica will read off your questions
nobody’s gonna see your questions I you know I’d like to have your name there
you know so we can say hey Bob ask this Tommy ask this but you know whatever the
question is now don’t think that your question is dumb okay there’s no such
things that dumb question it’s just something you don’t know you know you
you didn’t pop out of the womb knowing everything matter of fact you know a
whole lot bored you did then right so no questions dumb feel free to ask it this
is your opportunity to get some of those questions answered so Jessica I’m gonna
I’m gonna turn over to you now I know she’s gonna read off a couple of these
if you would just tell me who they’re from where they’re from and who via the
person’s name and where they’re from and the actual question if you don’t mind yeah anything we like to know that and
I’ll just keep talking till she finds something okay so I see one over here
from looks like Johnny and Virginia Springfield Virginia and he’s asking you
know can you get a special deal and that software enjoy I don’t know I don’t
really know what they got going on now if you just go in you know Google search
and you’ll find that software it’s the only one out there ad Spy something saw
a spy software you can probably search it by that so I don’t know what their
deals are right now somebody else is asking looks like Margaret’s asking in
Pensacola will it work on Instagram the answer is yes it does work on Instagram
also Instagram being part of Facebook you can definitely use it on Instagram
let’s see air Eric I think it’s quite spelled with the K but Eric is
also asking about the inner circle and what the deal is on that basically on
the inner circle Eric you’re gonna get forty six thousand three hundred eighty
dollars for the software for free nuts offer excuse me software and training
for free and you pay a small monthly fee but I would tell you to wait till you
get the email this weekend we’re doing a Labor Day special on the inner circle to
let some people in if you’re not on my mailing list you need to put your email
in the comment section now but I would doubt if you’re not on my email list
because you’re at this call so you had to have gotten a link somehow to get to
the spell so you’re probably on but yeah so that’s all you gotta do wait wait
till this weekend wait for this weekend you’re gonna get several emails this
weekend on that just to give any questions on your side he said you you
and you were talking about the ads you said they wouldn’t be random if they
didn’t work and he wants to know um what what do you mean by they do they work so
do they convert well when I say work what I mean by that David is it’s
achieving their goal so you know your goals can be varied your goals could be
to sell a shirt your goals could be to get people to sign up for your webinar
your goals could be to get people to download something your goals could be
to get people to join your membership and you know if you know your goal is to
do one of those things and people are doing that thing then obviously you’re
gonna keep running me yet you know if you run it for a month and you don’t get
any of whatever you want it you’re probably gonna quit it
so if you sort the actual ads by how long they’ve run you’re gonna get the
ones that are working for people because why they keep doing it you’re not gonna
keep doing it if it doesn’t work so that’s what I mean by that and you can
also look at views and all that kind of stuff too and I don’t really care about
views I care about does it achieve my goal whatever my goal is in that
particular ad in Florida wants to know if you have ever run an ad campaign yes
most definitely probably about 80% the way
ads work you know everybody has the wrong impression of ads people think I’m
gonna do an ad and I’m gonna put it up and it’s gonna work or it’s not gonna
work and that’s not what you do what you do is you do an ad or two or three and
you send it out to ten or twelve different audiences and you do it four
or five different ways and out of that multitude of twenty thirty forty ads
you’re gonna find a few that work and most that don’t and that’s how it is
that’s how it is advertising online but the cool thing is you don’t have to
spend thousands of dollars to do it you know with the you know a couple hundred
bucks you can figure out which one’s work and find a good one now you say
well I don’t want spend two hundred bucks to find out that 80 percent of no
word well you’re gonna find the 20 percent that do and then you take your
money and put it behind those and your way gonna make up for your 200 bucks
that’s how you advertise online that’s how it’s done
you know that is the method is in Georgia and he says that you in other
videos have talked about creating content like blogs and and things like
that how does that work in with an advertising campaign well you want to
drive people to blogs you know because it’s really a gift before you take
scenario and what I mean by that is if you give people good content and they
like it they’re gonna come back and then when you got something you want to sell
they’re gonna buy it for me it’s really quite simple that’s how it’s done on the
internet everybody needs to be a content provider at this point you can’t just go
say buy my stuff because you know you haven’t proven yourself yet you know
right right now you’re on this call some of you are on this call and I know
you’re gonna end up joining the inner circle because you got good information
off the call and you know you’re gonna get more good information so you know I
do these calls and I invite people who are not members every now and then and
if you’re one of those people check out the inner circle because
you’re gonna get a whole lot more there than just this call so we’re running
probably to the end I think now Jessica we’re getting ready to go hit lunch I
really appreciate you guys showing up oh yeah Jessica will you post the link to
Sean Stevenson’s video man you gonna you’re gonna thank me for the
video now this is a video he did nine years ago but he was I mean up into a
few days ago I saw him online and he was talking and everything was fine but
unfortunately you know when he was born he actually wasn’t supposed to live past
early the day he was born because he had broken bones as he was birthed and over
the first 18 years of his life he had over 200 broken bones so he went through
a lot of stuff and yet he succeeded in life and really that’s kind of his story
if you watch this video it’s really inspiring and you know if you think you
have problems or you think you got issues just check out Sean Stevenson’s
video I mean I really implore you to do that it will make you feel better
at the end of it and it’s not gonna make you feel good during it I can tell you
they actually gonna feel sorry for him but that’s not what he wanted that
wasn’t his goal so check out that video and I post a couple pictures in the
group of Sean and I and a little blurb that his wife wrote and I thought one
thing that was really cool is you know when talking about his disease she said
to him at the very end I’m really sorry this happened to you and he said it
didn’t happen to me it happened for me he looked at it as a gift so check out
his stuff guys and check out you know check out his channel and Sean
Stevenson’s got a great channel on Facebook on YouTube and there’s tons and
tons of videos that he did over the years really worth watching so check
that out Jessica do you have any words for anybody at the end of our call today
you know if you guys have Monday off because it’s a holiday I would suggest
you take junior up on his offer when he emails you this weekend if you’re not
already a member of the inner circle and take your Monday instead of just
watching TV or drinking beer yeah sorry going through the inner circle yeah
that’s a great idea and guys I’m gonna let you steal it this weekend so be on
the lookout for the emails you have to be on my email list this is unadvertised
nobody else is gonna see this so guys jump on it when you see it well you’re
gonna wanna everyone say you’re gonna wanna it’s
it’s an incredible deal that we’re doing this weekend this weekend only and I’m
not sure if we’re gonna end it Sunday night or Monday night but it will be
ending this weekend and it’s it’s a true hint it’s not like I’m saying it’s gonna
end and it’ll be there next week it will not so you want to grab it while you can
and grab that information and get your business going you know get your
business going I really appreciate you guys listening I thank you so much for
being here and we will talk to you real soon check me out on Facebook we’re
gonna be going to have a nice lunch actually it’s at a restaurant that I
last ate at when I was 10 years old and they brought it back it was it would
actually got started in 1954 some interesting stuff about that restaurant
and it’s nothing fancy you don’t have to always eat fancy right sometimes just a
little taco stands nice sometimes a burgers nice so anyhow we’re gonna go
check it out I’ll talk to you guys real soon thank you so much for being here
and I will talk to you real soon and I’ll see you in the inner circle hey
thanks for watching my video don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and
click that little bell right there so you can be notified every time I do a
new video also click on one of those videos there and keep watching on my

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