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How to Create an Instagram Ad for Conversions

How to Create an Instagram Ad for Conversions

hello this is Fernando from lodomus.com
and in this video I’m going to show you how to create an Instagram ad you will
see it is very easy to create a conversions Instagram ad so if you are
in any of these niches I’m just starting a new campaign okay from the ad manager
this is new if you are in any of these niches you have to select here if you
are in the US credit employment or housing
it means the real estate you have to select that option in here it has some
restrictions like the age gender and you can also use look-alike audiences so I’m
I’m not in this niche for this ad let’s suppose that I am not doing any real
estate ads now because I want to keep it more broad so I don’t select that in
here there are many campaign objectives each
one has a different objective of course the ones that I use the most are traffic
to generate traffic to my website engagement to drive the more likes and
comments on my posts video views to have more views on my videos with this option
I can do then retargeting I will show you that in another video then there is
also lead generation I have a big video about this to generate leads inside of
Facebook then there is messages this is to send ads to my boat
somewhat installed on my pages so I can sell ads to my boat
then there is also convergent if you want to track conversions outside of
Facebook this is very useful if you have an external website and you send traffic
to an external website an external page you have to set up your pixel for this
properly then you also have catalog sales this is for e-commerce and store
traffic this is to send traffic to an offline business but for now we are
going to stick with convergence as this is the most used marketing objective the
campaign objective okay so I keep convergence in here and we are going to
do an Instagram ad I click conversions for example Instagram test as I’m not
going to run this ad and we’re just going to show you how it works
all of this I keep them off because this is a bit more advanced and for now I
click on continue you can get very good results without these options ok so inhale you have to have a pixel
installed on your website I will show you I will do another another video
sorry to show you how to do that if you have a WordPress website so in here I go down down down all of
this you can keep it off no need for that in here you can put your custom
audiences I will show you another ad to how that works but it is very easy you
just select people that have visited previously your website or that have
interacted with your page but for now we are going to keep it simple and without
that in here let’s suppose I am going to target the United States a select United
States and they remove Spain in Spain right now okay so if you are doing housing or real
estate you can’t then change the age and the gender but since I didn’t select
housing so I can filter by age for example from 23 to 55 I want to target
people from 23 to 55 for some reason this is not working but now I want to
remove this from here okay so now it works 160 million in the United States
from 23 to 55 it depends on will offer you have to adjust accordingly this this
age okay now the language is if your offer is for the Spanish market then you
put in here Spanish you can select Spanish on we had 160 million it goes
down to 25 million not that a lot of spanish-speaking people in the United
States you can also select in here English if your audience is all English
but normally when I target the United States I keep it without this because
the more restrictions you put the more expensive your advocate
so now detail targeting this is where you have to select your you’re targeting
let’s suppose you are targeting some dog training you can select in here dogs we
start broad okay with this one to get some suggestions you can see there is
dog trainer and everything you can start like that broad then you click on
suggestions you can see now we are down to
the eight median this is still too big if you are starting out I like to have
an audience of 1 million to 3 millions in here you can select for example we
are doing top training we have adopting offer dog training and I’m going to
remove dogs ok so now we have 18 million on suggestions we can narrow this from
dog training and intersect that with behavior that behavior that working
whatever you think it fits you best I’m going to do dog training with dog
behavior let’s see you go here and you click on narrow you can also exclude but
for now we are going to do narrow in here I select I forgot dog training it was which one it was no dog behavior
that’s it there was a small glitch now I remove this now it is intersecting dog
training with no not the dog behavior so now we have a potential reach in the
United States of two million eight hundred thousand that’s a good audience
size I can keep that next the placements this is going to be reduced because if
I’m only going to select Instagram it is going to be reduced quite a lot let me
show you I remove this and this we need to change this because anyways Instagram
is only available on mobile so now we have Instagram it one down to two
million seven hundred thousand it shows Instagram feed I recommend that you
unselect Instagram stories and you just create another run ad group another ad
set sorry will Instagram stories as the format are different and you will get
different results from each one okay so now in here you can select the mobile
devices for now you can keep them all but I wanted to tell you that normally
iOS devices give better results because normally people that have iOS have a bit
more money than people that are under that have Android devices but for now
I’m going to keep them like that now you put your budget I’m going to do a video
about budget okay and now you click on continue’ in
here we have to select create the ad sorry if you have a an Instagram account
then you can select it in here if not it will use your Facebook page anyways okay
I don’t have any any Instagram for now so I’m going to keep it with the
Facebook page I go down in here and I select image you can also do carousel
which are three four images next to each other which are clickable you can also
select single image or video and collection this is more used for
e-commerce so let’s keep it simple with single image or video inhale I have to
select the media if you have your own image you can upload it right here the
recommended size is 1080 by 1080 pixels this is the best size for Instagram okay
if you have already uploaded some images you can click on here browse library and
select the images from there but for now I’m going to use the free stock images
which are images that facebook gives us they have partnered with Shutterstock
and you can use this images let’s suppose I’m doing dogs so I will
continue with dogs the images have a watermark but rest assured that once you
run your as the watermark won’t show won’t appear so don’t worry about that
let’s see what we have for dogs it is taking a bit of time I don’t know why so we are still waiting a bit come on
come on Facebook I’m going to pause a bit the video and oh right now we just
got the images okay so for example I select that one or that one you can
select two even two you will have two images inside of one ad set this is what
I usually recommend to three images inside one ad set right click on
continue and now we have to create the ad it is a bit slow but it will work
unsure okay so now we have it you have to fill the ad I’m not going to do a
real ad because this will depend on your offer
I put in here primary text just to show you destination website and in here I
will put that oh well done whatever your destination should be okay so in here we
have the primary text then when they click on learn more they will be
redirected to google.com of course you have to use your own website in here
display URL if you want to change the display but for now we can keep it like
that and then the call to action learn more
is good of course you can I have another one
depending on your offer for now keep it as learn more in here you can see we
have to add one add the second ad is in here oh come on interesting time and this is
what remotes won’t show and when you run your ads so don’t worry about that okay so the tracking is good since we are
doing conversion ad we have to have a pixel installed on my on our website all
good and then in here the URL parameters this is for Google Analytics parameters
if you want to know more about this you have to Google UTM parameters to know
what to put in here it is very easy if you are tracking with Google Analytics
which I suggest that you do once you are ready you can click on here on review
and you can change the name you can change the ad set name also and the ad
the ad name once you are ready you click on confirm and after a bit of time
Facebook will approve your ad and you should be ready to go if you have any
questions please leave them in the comments and subscribe to this channel
for more videos like this talk to you soon

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