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How To Create An Instagram Ad 2019 – From Start To Finish 💰

How To Create An Instagram Ad 2019 – From Start To Finish 💰

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here And in this video, I’m gonna break down how to create Instagram ads and I’m gonna show you from start to finish So by the end of this video you are going to be an expert when it comes to Instagram advertising now This is a great link right here that is directly from Instagram that we’ll add below this video So you guys can click on this and kind of check out the latest and greatest So no matter if you’re watching this, you know As soon as I launch this video or several months or even several years from now This will be updated because as you can see up here, it is directly from Instagram So this is all about all of the different ads that you can create and I’m gonna show you guys how to create all these In this video right here so you can see right here. You’ve got Story ads So if you’ve ever been on Instagram and you see the top little stories up there This is be able to create an ad. That is somebody’s clicking through their stories They’ll be able to see your content your ad click out to your business. And so that’s super cool right there And then also we’ve got the photo ads which is kind of like the standard as you’re scrolling through the newsfeed Everyone’s seeing those sponsored ads and then also the video ads so you can see right here makes it really easy to go through Create your own and then also you’ve got the carousel ads, which is really nice If you’ve got like an e-commerce business or if you’re a real estate agent be able to go through and feature Multiple photos of a single home or specific product and so you’ve got these collection ads once again You kind of see the different different shots different photos that you’ve got right there, right? So anyway with that said guys what you can do is you can either come up here create ad from this link right here or if you’re over on your Facebook profile Which for those you guys maybe don’t know? Facebook actually owns Instagram they bought them several years ago. So you’ll actually create your Instagram ads Inside of the Facebook Ads manager now there is a way to go through and create the Instagram ads on the Instagram app I don’t recommend doing that just because there’s a lot of limitations which maybe down the road There’s gonna be some better functionality some better features on the mobile app But I highly recommend going into the Facebook Ads manager to create your Instagram ads for right now at least Alright, it’s gonna be a better experience for you. You’re most likely what I’ve seen you get better results So what you’re going to do a here you can come over here. There’s two place you can go you either click over here on the left hand side right over here if you’re on your facebook news feed which is ads manager or You can come up here to create Which they’ve made this really simple easy button where you can go through create a facebook business page create an ad So we’re gonna create an ad so the exact same way that you go through to Set up a Facebook ad is the same way you’re going to go through and initially start setting up your Instagram app so we’re gonna click on add right here and Then this is going to kick us into the Facebook Ads manager, which you can see right here. It’s already having us set up our Facebook campaign Alright, so what we’re gonna do from here is this what’s your marketing objective now based on what you want to do with your business Depends on which marketing objective you are gonna go through and choose ok So if you want to get a lot of people to click to your website or to your blog or whatever it is you want To probably choose this traffic objective right here If you want a lot of people just to you know engage with your post a DoubleTap like your Instagram add you probably want engagement and the cool thing is Facebook also known as Instagram, right? They have so much data on all their users They know which users to show your ad to That are more likely to click on the link more likely to engage with the post And so they’re based on the objective that you choose that’s going to determine Who they show the ad to within the specific audience that you target right now for this example? Let’s just say we’re gonna do the traffic ad we want to get people to our website to our blog To our business down here. So we’re just gonna give this campaign a name. So we’re just gonna call it Instagram Advertising Demo, it’ll say traffic and honestly guys, you can name this campaign anything you want really doesn’t matter This is just a way to organize things for you So you can kind of know which campaign is marketing which which promotion or which offer a product that you’ve got. Ok Now we’re going to come down here in Facebook. You can see made it super easy where you’ve got the campaign, which is overall objective Then you your ad set which is like your daily budget your targeting your placement So this is actually what we’re gonna choose to say Hey, we want to show our ad on Instagram You can show in the news feeds and the stories will show you guys that here in just a second then last but not least Is actually creating the ad creatives. So what people are actually going to see okay, so we hit continue You can see we jump from the campaign level down to the ad set level Okay, so up here this ad set we can go go through once again. Give it whatever name you want, but we’ll say Instagram ads And we’ll just call this demo for right now Okay, so now from right here website traffic that’s good. We don’t need to mess with that That’s just just leave it as is dynamic creative unless you’re pretty advanced. I won’t mess with that offer. Same thing guys And then coming down here to the audience This is where we can go through and set up some of our targeting of who we want to target with our Instagram ads Okay. So for this example? Let’s just say just because once again, I know a lot of real estate agents follow me So let’s just say you are a realtor so one thing that I would like to do is if I’m a realtor I’m gonna go to the Locations and instead of choosing a United States. Obviously, we don’t want everyone in the United States We want to choose our specific location. So let’s just say I just moved down to the Arizona area I’m actually right now in Utah, but I just moved to Gilbert, Arizona. So let’s just say, Gilbert, Arizona Okay, so you come in here it pulls up a lot of the Phoenix metro area now We don’t if we are a realtor Okay, and this is not necessarily the same for like a restaurant owner or something like that? But we don’t want to choose everyone in this location, right? Because we want to choose people who are looking to probably buy or sell a home Now people everyone in this location could be people that are passing through they’re traveling. They’re visiting family. They’re for business So it’s not necessarily that they’re gonna go through and buy a home. Okay, so we’re just gonna go over here click on people who live in this location Now one thing I want to point out though Is this kind of cool because if you’re like a tourist business you can say hey I only wanted to select people who are traveling in this location If you’re a restaurant Maybe everyone location because whether you know they live there or red whether they’re traveling you want to just capture everyone So that was just one little note. I wanted to point out So people who live in this location and then look over here Phoenix is a pretty big community or not community but City and the surrounding areas surrounding suburbs so you can see we got 2.9 million people now if I’m a real estate agent and let’s just say I’m spending $10 per day on my Instagram ads That’s probably too big of an audience to go through and Mark it too, right? So what I might want to do is see how it’s got this 25 mile radius. I want to do one of two things either one is Shrink this radius down to just 10 miles where you can see we’ve got seven hundred and eighty thousand people still okay Because we’re almost pulling a little bit of Scottsdale Tempe almost getting to Phoenix right over here Or you can come over here click on this and say the current city only, okay Now this dropped us down to a hundred and sixty thousand people Which if you know if you only got like a 1020 dollar per day budget That’s probably a really good audience size now if you’re not in the Phoenix metro area and you’re like in a smaller town, you might want to go through and Extend this to a 25 mile radius a 10-mile radius But that’s just a little quick tip on going through and doing your targeting Okay now coming out here, but we’re assuming once again that you are a realtor Just leave the ages wide open leave the gender to all because Facebook is they’re kind of being a little bit that they don’t like people that discriminate we’ll just put it that way and Instagram is the same thing because once again Facebook owns Instagram So languages, I’m just I like to leave this just open-ended. Okay now for the detailed targeting If once again, I’m a realtor and obviously you guys you guys can kind of like use a you know use your Imagination depending on what business you’re in of who you want to include in your targeting who you want to include? For example, if you’re like, you know a restaurant you probably want to include everyone you don’t want to eliminate anybody. Okay? Well for this I usually like to leave starting now that my audience targeting completely wide open because I want to be Marketing ran myself to Everyone in my community everyone in my area now I might want to come over here and exclude some people so we’re just gonna click exclude And we’ll say real estate agent okay so now we can pull up real estate agent real estate broker and you can see we’ve got 93 million people Which I think that’s just people interested but we see job titles right here a hundred and nine thousand so we can come through and so we’re not showing our Instagram ads to these other Realtors, which really are not going to be our target market, right? So anyway, we’d come over here. You can exclude a few of these right here real estate agent And so I usually like to do the job titles because that means that’s like that person is actually doing that It’s not like, you know, they’re just interested in it, but they’re that’s their actual job title, right? So now coming down here Connections will leave this say this audience. You can go through and save this audience But for this example, we don’t really need to go through and do that Now this is where we get to the part of showing our ads on Instagram Specifically, okay. So this placement is basically saying where do you want to show your ads? Do you want to show it in the Facebook newsfeed the Instagram newsfeed on the Facebook right-hand column the audience network Instagram stories There’s a whole bunch of different places to go through and show your ads now What facebook says is they want to go through and have you show your ads on? Every possible place every possible platform that they have the reason why is because there’s more and more Facebook Instagram advertisers coming on to Instagram every single day and so It’s kind of like, you know, supply and demand there’s only so much real estate as you’re driving down a freeway There’s only so many billboards that they can go through in place in front of these drivers and So they want to go through and spread the wealth and have you advertise on all of these different platforms However, if you are like if you have a business that is specific to Instagram Maybe you have a big Instagram following or you really want to promote your business on Instagram What you want to do and you’re not really like concerned about Facebook. What you want to do is click on edit placements right here Come down here, and you can see like this platforms Where do you want to show it Facebook audience Network messenger and just leave Instagram checked on right here Okay, and then down here as far as the placements you have the feeds where you’ve got the Instagram feed So what that means is if somebody’s going through let’s say somebody in Gilbert, Arizona someone of your target market This is on their Instagram profile checking out their friends pictures liking them and all that stuff they’re scrolling through then your ad will pop up right there in that fee and that can be a Photo ad it can be a video ad a carousel ad and we’re going to show you guys those here in just a second Okay now coming down here. You’ve got the stories, right? So the stories is at the very top, you know those little bubbles when you’re on Instagram and you click on it to see your friends stories and you’re tapping through and Then an ad pops up so you can have an ad pop up as you’re going through and creating this Okay, so then those are the main ones for Instagram. So you’ve got your Instagram newsfeed as well as your Instagram stories Okay, and now you can see over here because we just are marketing on Instagram It’s dropped down the potential reach to ninety seven thousand people. Okay, so it’s about 160,000 I believe before but because we’re not showing our ads on Facebook now just Instagram it dropped down a little bit Okay now coming down here What we are going to do is as far as the link click link clicks the optimization for ad delivery We’ll just leave that as is you don’t really need a mess with that But then here this is where we’re gonna set our daily budget now Everyone’s daily budget is gonna be completely different based on what your marketing budget is what your goals are what you want to accomplish But typically I like to start out with at least 10 dollars per day Okay. Now if you only have five dollars per day three dollars per day, whatever it is, you know It still is gonna be beneficial to you. As long as you’re like, it’s good to just get something out there Don’t let like too high of a budget keep you from advertising. It’s always good Even if it’s just a dollar two dollars per day to start advertising To start see those impressions those clicks and kind of just gauging how those ads are working for Okay, so we’re just gonna do a $10 budget or you come down here and do a lifetime budget So like let’s say we only want to spend $100 or something like that for the entire month. You can come over here change this up to $100 for the next month now I like to do a daily budget the reason why is because when you do a daily budget You can run your ad set continuously So like for example, if you do just a lifetime budget You have a start and end date then what happens is what if that ad is performing extremely well Okay, and then all the sudden the end date comes it shuts down the campaign You have to start all over and not all campaigns are created equal Okay, so you want to run it continuously and then if it’s not performing you can shut it off But it if it is performing you just let that keep running and keep bringing leads and clicks and all that stuff into your business Okay, so now coming down here all this stuff. You don’t really need to mess with you don’t need to touch now we’ll just click continue and then This is where we can choose what type of ad we want to create, you know for the Instagram stories Instagram newsfeed Whatever we want to do. And so we’re gonna go through and you’ve got your Facebook page right here, but Obviously if we’re just just marking on Instagram, we want to choose our Instagram account So we’ll link our Instagram account If you don’t have an Instagram account, don’t worry you could just use your facebook business page as The the account that you’re actually marking from so when you’re there scrolling through at the very top versus a person’s name It’ll just say the name of your facebook business page. So either way works, but if you do have an Instagram account And click right here to add your Instagram account or just say hey, I’m just gonna use the selected page Okay, which will do for this example because I don’t have an Instagram account to go through and connect for well I do have one but it just it takes a little bit of time and I want to make this quick into the point this video but add an Instagram account pop it up connect. It’s very easy kay So coming down here guys we’ve got the difference of the Carousel ad which is Basically you just throw in a bunch of pictures and people can kind of swipe through So if you are a realtor this can be a great if you’re trying to market a listing or an open house bill show a variety of images or You can just have a single image or a single video So a video of a home or something like that or a single image Usually if you just use a single image the best type of image to use is just the exterior of a home and then a collection this is usually used mostly for E-commerce stores. All right. So for this example, we’re just going to do a single image or video Okay, then we’re gonna come down here and we’re just gonna upload an image. So you just upload an image from your desktop Okay. Now, let’s see. I think I’ve got an image right here. Boom So let’s just say this is the home that you’re trying to go through and mark it. Alright so you got this right here and then as We scroll down we can see an example of what the ad looks like. Okay So like you see right here website URL. This is saying where once someone clicks on this ad Where do we want to send them to? Okay. Now the best place to send them is typically a landing page so you can generate leads or I mean obviously you can send To your website, but it typically is not going to convert as many website visitors into leads as a landing page but for this example, let’s just say Google Is the page that we’re gonna let’s say this is our website where we’re gonna send people Okay, so we’re just gonna come in here throw the URL in right here And then the primary text this is what’s going to show up in the little comment section of the little description down below the app So this is the text just so you can kind of see this right here. So you can write obviously whatever it is Hey, you know like we’re having an open house click here to get the more details It’s on Friday from you know, 6 to 8 p.m. Whatever it is, so you want to go through? And have all this right here and then your call to action You’ve got learn more you got apply now book now sign up you could do no button right there You can see how actually that’s still popping up. I usually like to do learn more though Okay, so I usually like to do learn more and as far as all this other stuff, this is kind of more advanced stuff So I would really want it mess around with it. I would just mostly focus on the image okay the text and then the website URL now a quick note guys one thing so like if we’re coming over here and We see the difference between you can see a preview of the Instagram stories or the Instagram newsfeed Now the best way to set up your image if you’re using Instagram The newsfeed is to use a square image. So the dimensions are 1080 by 1080 and this because it’s gonna take up the most real estate as they’re scrolling through the newsfeed so you can see this isn’t a Perfect square and so it only comes down so far whereas if it was a perfect square 1080 by 1080 you can get a bigger image and it’s gonna catch more people’s attention as they’re scrolling through their newsfeed now if you’re like, How do I do that? It is very easy you go to a site called canva zan Viacom it’s a hundred percent free. I know canvas has been having some issues today but basically all you got to do is choose a 1080 by 1080 dimensions post throw your image in there and then Rescale it so that it fits in place But one thing that we need to take note is when we’re marketing on our Instagram stories This is someone holding their phone up vertically, okay So a square image or a horizontal image like this Probably isn’t your best bet to go through and do this So what you want to do is you want to probably take a photo or a video? holding your phone up vertically and so that you can maximize the amount of real estate that you are using here because as you see right here someone’s clicking through this is not a super well setup Instagram story ad because you’ve just got the image right here and Obviously you can have the text down here which is good to have like kind of a little bit of a call-out But it’s even better like if you’re on the camera maybe having like a little 10-second 15-second video and you’re just saying hey, you know, we’re having an open house. It’s awesome here like you could even do it at the actual house and it’s a Flip up or what swipe up. So I swipe up to get all the details for the open house. Ok So that’s just one thing to keep in mind as you’re going through and doing Instagram newsfeed ad Versus an Instagram stories ad as yours going and setting all this up and then once you’re ready all you got to do is click confirm and Then Facebook will go through they’ll review your ad and once it’s approved it will go live All right, obviously this is demo. So I’m not gonna actually hit live But it does go live and usually it takes you know It can take up as much as a couple hours If you have more like an aged count where you’ve like actually made some spend on your Facebook ad account It might take as ms. You know, as few is just a few minutes right, but don’t worry Just give it a little bit and then it’ll be able to go through and go live So anyway guys this is exactly from start to finish how to create an Instagram ad if you do have any other questions Just drop a comment down below. I’m more than happy to answer all of your guys questions if you found this video helpful Go ahead. Give it a thumbs up. And if you want my 100% free at Facebook ads mini course Where I cover Facebook ads, I cover Instagram ads everything step step by step in more detail Well, I’ll also add a link down in the description as well as in the top comment So you guys can grab that 100% free Facebook Ads mini course So anyway guys with that said, thank you so much for watching today And if you are a brand new here Make sure you subscribe because I launched new videos every single week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said, thanks so much for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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