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How To Create An In-Stream Video Ad Campaign Inside Google AdWords

How To Create An In-Stream Video Ad Campaign Inside Google AdWords

Hi this video is about How To Create A YouTube
In-Stream Video Ad Campaign Inside Google AdWords
What if you could generate 100s of views or clicks to your video or landing page in just
one day? What if you only had to pay as little as 1
cent per view? In-stream video ads or Trueview ads as they
are sometimes called allow you to play your video before somebody elses video.
You only pay when someone watches your video ad for 30 seconds or if they engage with it.
Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com Here’s how to create a YouTube In-Stream Video
Ad Campaign Inside Google AdWords Log into your Google AdWords account by going
to adwords.google.com Where it says “All Campaigns” click the drop
down Select “Video Campaigns” then scroll down
to the red box Click the drop down
Click “video” for “video ads on YouTube and across the web”
Put your campaign name in here..I’ve got “Campaign 10”
Budget..I’m going to put $5.00 per day Because I’m doing an in-stream video ad I
unclick “YouTube Search” and unclick “Videos on Google partner sites”
Then you can also select “countries and territories” I’m going to leave it as is but you can select
United States or you can put in even your own town here if you just want to target a
specific town or city Languages..leave it as English but you can
choose any language if you’re from a different country
Devices…I’m going to leave it at “advanced mobile and tablet options”
You can also schedule your ad and “ad delivery” I’m going to leave it as “Optimize for views”
but you can also optimize for conversions or rotate evenly
Once you’ve done that click “Save and continue” Now you’ve got to create an ad group
Before this was called “targeting groups” now it’s called “ad groups”
So give your ad group a name..I’m going to leave it as “Ad group #1”
You put your video URL in there and as soon as you put that in there it’s got “Video ad
type” “drive views, awareness, or conversions” And you can choose your video ad format which
is “In-stream” or “In-display” In this case I’m going to choose In-stream
You put your display URL in there..this is the website address that appears in your ad
This can also be a video or your YouTube channel trailer..here’s my landing page
It’s got 3 characters too much so I’m going to remove the www. and http
Then for the final URL..this is the landing page where people go after clicking your ad
It could also be your YouTube watch page or your channel URL
In this case I’ve got my landing page You can also select a companion banner
I’m just going to use the auto generated image from the videos in the channel
Then give your ad a name..so I’ve got “Video ad 1”
The maximun cost per view (MPV)…this is the maximum you wish to pay
They are suggesting 5 cents to 20 cents In this case I’m going to just put 1 cent
As soon as you put that in there it will give you an estimated reach over here so I get
400-500 views with a predicted budget spend of $5.00
For Targeting you can do demographics..in this case you can choose male or female, unknown
I suggest you leave this as it is..once you get the campaign going you can also adjust
this Leave Interests as they are
You can also narrow your targeting..in this case you can choose Keywords, Placements..this
is the videos that play before your video ad
Remarketing..these are remarketing lists of people that you’re targeting and topics but
we going to leave it as is Then we are just going to save the ad group
Click “save ad group” Currently my ad is under review
This might take an hour or 2 for AdWords to approve it
The name of your campaign will show up in the left side here under video campaigns
And that’s all there is to it. Now you know how to create a YouTube In-Stream
Video Ad Campaign Inside Google AdWords. If you want to learn how to set up your first
video ads campaign or receive advanced training then download my video ads cheat sheet
Click the card icon or click the link in the description below this video
Thanks for watching

16 thoughts on “How To Create An In-Stream Video Ad Campaign Inside Google AdWords

  1. Herman, you always do such a good job thoroughly explaining each step in your tutorials. I appreciate your help greatly. In addition, you always respond to your viewer's questions! I highly recommend anyone watching this video to make sure you subscribe. A lot of great tutorials every week!

  2. That was clear and concise on how to build a campaign. Thank you, I have not done a campaign yet but will in the future.

  3. Good stuff as always from Herman! That was easy to follow considering it is one confusing interface to have to work with.

  4. Good tips Herman! That stuff can be overwhelming, listening to someone describe how to create an in stream video ad is a lot easier than trying to figure it out.

  5. Fantastic! Thank you! I was baffled and frustrated by the lack of instructions or even a glossary on the AdWords site, and I ended up deleting a campaign because I couldn't find where to edit my video ad's header and text. I have the feeling if I follow your steps it will work perfectly! 🙂

  6. When you create in-stream video ad campaigns inside google Adwords. Will your videos be seen on Youtube or in Google search result?

  7. My ad was recently disapproved for destination mismatch. I redirected all traffic to the same video as the ad. Coudl It be because my videos are 3-5 hrs long?

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