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How To Create Ads For Instagram Stories | Increase Instagram Followers, Views, Website Visits & More

How To Create Ads For Instagram Stories | Increase Instagram Followers, Views, Website Visits & More

Hey everyone this is Viren and welcome
back to my marketing channel. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to
create ads for Instagram stories. So a few weeks back Facebook decided to
launch ads for Instagram stories and you can use the whole bunch of targeting
available to you on Facebook ads for Instagram as well so let’s get right
into it and create an ad for Instagram stories. If you are new and you don’t
know how to get started with ads in general on Facebook please refer to some
of my earlier videos in this playlist otherwise you can start right from here
and let’s start by going into our ads manager and I’m going to create a new
campaign. So you can use Instagram stories for a lot of different marketing
objectives like reach traffic or app install so we are going to just get
started with traffic. You can decide if you want the traffic
for your website or app. I’m going to leave this as a website. You can add
offers to your ad now. This is a new feature that Facebook has added and this
is available for all kinds of ads. Let’s create an audience. I’m going to quickly
create a small audience. So I’ve very frequent international travelers, who
speak in English, in the age group of 18 to 35 in the city of Mumbai in India
because I’m going to try and create an ad for a holiday package to Dubai. Now
this is the interesting part where you’re going to edit the placement and
go to Instagram and select Instagram stories and as soon as you select
Instagram stories. You’ll notice that all the other kinds of placements have been
unchecked because Instagram stories requires a 9:16 format of content
which is not supported on any other placement kinds. So let’s continue with
this let’s set up budget of say about a thousand rupees daily. Run my ads
continuously for link clicks. Bid amount is automatic. I would like to
charged on CPC. Standard delivery. Let’s continue and make the ad. Make sure
Instagram account is connected and now you can select either a single image
or a single video. Here are some of the image guidelines, the pixel requirements,
the ratio, keep little to no text. I’ve prepared an image, let me just upload it. This is a Dubai holiday packages
ad made for a travel agency swipe up now and when you swipe here’s a learn more call to action. So you can
just add the destination URL here, I’m just going to leave it at my site. if you want you can send the users to
just chat with you on messenger. If you want you can change the call-to-action,
I’ll leave it at learn more. That’s about it we’re done. We can place the
order and as you can see we’ve created the Instagram story tutorial campaign. It’s pending review and this usually takes about 10-15 minutes for it to get reviewed and the ads will begin. That’s it for this tutorial, now you can
go ahead and try and try Instagram story ads for yourself. If you have any questions,
any doubts please leave a comment below and I’ll definitely get back to you. If
you like the content I’ve been making please do hit the thumbs up button,
subscribe to my channel and come back again for another tutorial. Thank you so

23 thoughts on “How To Create Ads For Instagram Stories | Increase Instagram Followers, Views, Website Visits & More

  1. subbed! this is awesome!
    Man I have a few questions :'D
    -When you just start with F+S, is it best to choose traffic or conversions, or?
    -That "clients get notified of your discount" feature seems crazy! How does it actually work, u go a video on it?
    -U got some material on how to make a IG story ad? i.e making the pic, how/where best to add the text etc? Coz for example, I dont know how to get a picture to be those requirements man :'(

  2. Thanks for your helpful videos , Kindly how we can verify Instagram business account for Dubai Charity Association @dubaicharityuae

  3. very helpful, Thank you.
    can you help me in? I need to know how to automatically post the creatives from the Facebook page to the Instagram business account.

  4. Hi, I started a campaign with 150 aed per day similar to urs but I chose facebook fees and Instagram feed and stories.. since 4 hrs no new follower yet

  5. I followed everything..& even the review also confirmed…but the add is not showing in my Instagram story…Any solution ??

  6. Hi, Can you link a sponsored IG Story Vid to your new IGTV channel? Do let me know if you've figured it out. thanks!

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    :43 my rest of 2 pages are showing. Need help

  9. It's very helpful thank you, but when I make an advertisement from Facebook ads, the advertisement not showing in my Instagram profile. is this normal ?

  10. Great stuff. Quick question. For the CTA button, it is possible to use your Instagram account instead of a website URL? I understand that I can add any URL, but I want to take people directly to my IG profile and not the web version of my Instagram account.

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