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How to Create a Twitter Video Ad for Free

How to Create a Twitter Video Ad for Free

Hello fine people. Today I’m going to show you how to launch
a really cool Twitter video ad without paying for it. It’s not really going to be an ad, but it’s
still going to be awesome! So here we go. The first thing you want do is click on your little icon at the top of your screen on your desktop. Then you want to click “Twitter Ads.” Then you’re going to go to “Creatives”
and you’re going to click “Video.” Then you could “Upload a Video” right here as you see to the right, or as you could see in my case I’ve already uploaded a couple of videos. I am going to choose this one because its all about
my upcoming Twitter webinar. and I’m going to enter in the necessary information. If you’ll notice, check out how much more text you get to put here as opposed to just sending out a regular video tweet. Also in a regular video tweet it can only
be 15 to 30 seconds long; either way it’s super short. But with this, I think you can go on up into- I think we haven’t found the limit yet. but like 10, 15 minutes You don’t want your video to be that
long but you can make it pretty long. Now I’m going to compose my tweet. And then there’s the link. and the TITLE would be “Free Twitter Webinar. Sign up now!” And the description. Ok so I’ve got my description. And then I’ll add my “Call To Action” which is optional. But I’m going to say a “Visit Site.” And then I’m going to put the link again. let me get that link. I’m going to put the link again there. and I’m going to allow it to be embedded and I’m going to say “Standard Delivery.” So this will be tweeted immediately to all my followers. I’ve put in a couple of Hashtags. So anybody searching for “#Twitter” and
“#Webinar” is going to see it. It might be smart for me to include some other
people on this tweet who might be interested in retweeting it for me. I’m going to do that now. So I would call this an “optimized tweet.” I have hashtags; I’m also including some
other people in there so when I tweet this out, #Shannon is going to get notified. and also #yourteammagazine. They are great interactors with me; they retweet
a lot of my stuff and they have a large audience. So they’re going to see this and they might
retweet it for me. Or they might sign up for the webinar. Then I’ve got my “Call to Action” where
they can click to the website. I could have put any link there- it could be like a link to
my Facebook group. And then I have a description and really I should put more in the
“Description” because I’ve got plenty more characters left. So let’s “Preview.” So this is what it’s going to look like in the Twitter feed. I love at the bottom how its BOLD- “Free Twitter Webinar. Sign Up Now!” This looks good to me. Now I am going to tweet it out to the world. So let’s look at the real tweet. And there it went! Hopefully I’ll get some retweets. And I can come back here and I can click on the little icon here that says “View tweet activity” and I can see exactly… it looks like its gotten 10 impressions and that number will go up. One great thing that happens that is important
to pay attention to – that when you start to get so someone has already your analytics, one thing you see here is
“Views to Profile.” (I’ve also gotten 1 retweet just since we’ve
been recording) Sometimes people will come back and click on your profile, much more
than you think they ever will. So go back to some of your old tweets, and
go into your Twitter analytics (the View Tweet Activity button at the bottom of each tweet)
and see the people who are peeking back at your profile. But that’s a whole different kind of video. I hope that was helpful. And if you aren’t already a member, don’t
forget to join my Facebook group. www.Facebook.com/groups/inTheFrontRow See
you there!

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