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How To Create A Google Ads Draft & Experiment

How To Create A Google Ads Draft & Experiment

Hey guys, Silvio Perez here, and in this video,
I’m going to show you what Google Ad campaign experiments are and how you can go ahead and
use them. To get started, just go ahead and go to your
Google Ads Campaign tab and click on the campaign that you want to publish and experiment for. I’m going to click on Tutorial, and then on
the bottom left if you scroll all the way down, you’ll see Drafts and Experiments. Just go ahead and click on that, and then
here’s where we’ll be able to create our drafts and our experiments. All a campaign draft is is just the changes
that you make that you want to either test or publish to your original campaign. What a campaign experiment is, it’s just basically
a way of testing safely I would say different changes you want to make to your existing
campaign, so with a campaign experiment, you can make changes to your existing campaign
and then divide the amount of traffic that goes to your existing campaign versus the
experiment. For example, you can do 50% going to your
existing campaign and then 50% going to the experiment you’re running. This is really helpful, so you don’t have
to go ahead and create an entirely new campaign, and then have that campaign competing with
your other campaign and whether or not these changes actually work. Let’s go ahead and create a campaign experiment. Just click on this blue plus sign, and then
name this campaign experiment whatever you want. I’m going to name it Test, hit Save. Now it’s going to pull up your original campaign,
so if you look up here, it says Original Campaign Tutorial, so this is where we can go ahead
and make changes and test it against our existing campaign, and see which one works. Something that’s awesome to test with campaign
experiments is location targeting, so if you go into your analytics and you see, hey, you
know what, this location doesn’t seem to be working that well. Maybe the bounce rate is really high and the
average time on page is really low, and you want to go ahead and test whether or not removing
that location will help improve your campaign. This is a great example of a campaign experiment. With this campaign of Tutorial, I’m going
to go to Locations, and I’m actually targeting Michigan and Miami, so let’s go ahead and
say hypothetically I realize you know what, Michigan is doing terrible. I want to see whether or not excluding Michigan
is a good idea, so I make my campaign experiment. I’m going to go ahead and remove Michigan
here in my campaign draft, remove that, and now we’re going to test whether or not removing
Michigan is a smart idea. Now I’m going to click Apply up here at the
top, so apply this campaign draft. Now you can either apply the draft to the
original campaign, so you make the changes here in the draft and then you apply right
away and then you upload it to the existing one, or you can run an experiment, and that’s
what we’re going to do. Click on Run an Experiment, and we’re going
name this experiment Excluding Michigan. Then you can even start a start date and an
end date which is super useful if you want to run it for let’s say two weeks, and you
can have that already set and it will pause for you. Then down here where it says Experiment Split,
this is where you’re going to decide how much traffic you want to send to the experiment
versus the original campaign. If you want to do a 50-50 split, just put
50%. If you want to do a 70-30, then put 30%, and
so on and so forth. I’m going to have 50%, so it’s straight down
the middle, 50-50, and I’m only testing one change, so it’s an AB test right now on just
the location. I’m going to click Save, and then now this
is saved and the experiment has now been created, so if you can see here, it says Status Creating,
it’s split 50%, and now the start date is today, so this is going to go ahead and start
running as soon as possible as soon as it gets published. That’s pretty much it, guys. Now we’re testing whether or not excluding
Michigan works, and if you go back to your campaign tab, you can see here the experiment
campaign that you made. It says Tutorial, that’s the original campaign,
and then that’s the name of the experiment right there, Excluding Michigan, and it has
this little vial or beaker icon to show you the difference between the two. That’s pretty much it for this video, guys. I hope you got some value from this. If you did, please go ahead and subscribe. I post weekly content on PPC Advertising,
and go ahead and leave a comment down below on something that you got from this video
or maybe some ideas of future topics you’d like to hear, and thank you so much and take

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