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How to Create a Facebook Carousel Ad [18:03]

How to Create a Facebook Carousel Ad [18:03]

– [Lori Ballen] Okay, today’s
lesson is to essentially show you how to create a
carousel ad in Facebook. So, regardless of your Facebook objective, whether you are optimizing for
conversions or impressions, or you’re doing a lead ad, any of the ads that allow
for photos to be uploaded in a carousel fashion, this is going to apply. So, we’re gonna go ahead
in here really quick and I’m just going to create a campaign. And I’m gonna use real
estate as an example today, so I’m gonna do my cutting
edge real estate listing and this campaign is gonna
be my Listings To Leads Single Property Website. We’re gonna focus on that
one in this campaign. I’m testing and measuring, actually, several landing pages right now. So this is great. Let’s just go ahead and
put it for conversions, for registration, so
don’t worry about those, remember you’re focusing on the carousel, how to make the carousel. So however you’re setting
this page up is fine. So then the first objective
for my first ad set is gonna be no demographics. I’m testing multiple demographics against each other to find out what is the
lowest cost per lead out of all of these different audiences that are typical for
real estate right now, so that we can come up
with some best practices. Okay, so now we have to create the ad, so campaign, then the ad set, and then the ad and the
ad is just going to be Cutting Edge Carousel. All right. Now, we have to save this to a draft. This is a new step now in Facebook. It changes every day. Every day I log in here
there’s something different. It’s just constantly changing. All right, so for right now we’re doing objective is conversions,
this is an auction. Campaign spending limit. I highly suggest this. So let’s just say I’ve already got a couple of others running, so I’ll just do 100 bucks
on this one for right now. Registrations, review draft. So what that means is, no
matter how many ad sets or how many ads you
create in your campaign, if you’ve got a budget set on it, then you won’t overspend that budget. It spreads out evenly. It spreads out throughout all of your ads. Not necessarily evenly, but it won’t exceed that,
which is kind of a nice little buffer you have there, right? Let’s see, it’s telling me to edit. So let’s go here and now edit the ad. So, next thing I have to do is choose what Facebook
business page I want to show, and I want this ad to run
under, so that’s done. All right, so now we’re to the objective of what this video’s about today. So here. Your choices, whatever
your choices are here depends on what your
objective was that you set up. So we’re doing a conversion ad. So we could do ad with image or video, ad with multiple images, and a carousel, which is what
we’re gonna work on today. So let’s just focus on that one for today. Okay, now scroll down and choose, manually choose images, videos and links, but we’ve gotta go down
and out our URL in here that we want them to pull from. So I’m gonna use the listings to leads single property page. (bright music) Okay, that actually has a
pop-up that forces registration and I can change where
I want that to pop up. If I want it to be 15
seconds, or 30 seconds, so I’m gonna test this page now against some others that I’m using. That’s my concept here,
is to run a whole bunch of different landing pages,
whole bunch of different ads against each other in demographics, and kinda come up with
some best practices. So here I’m gonna go
ahead and grab that URL. I grabbed it up here. And I’m gonna paste it into here where this See More URL is. Now let’s see if I choose to
grab the images automatically. Let me see what they grab. Oh no okay, so we’ll just
upload them manually. So many options here
guys, it’s ridiculous. I mean, so many options. Okay so here you’re able to
preview what it looks like in a mobile feed and a feature phone, desktop. So here’s where I want you to be careful. If you view them in desktop, you have to keep in mind, see it pulled all the
just the one picture, we’re gonna replace those. If you view from desktop,
you’re gonna see a lot more text and a lot more, well a lot more text, and then if you click down to mobile, you’ll see that it starts cutting it off. So for me, based on my experience, mobile gets the most traffic and leads off our Facebook ads anyway. So I prefer to optimize for
mobile, not for desktop. So what that means is less text. I don’t want a bunch of text cut off. So I’m a lot more careful with this. So here’s what we do. First we’re gonna put the text
that describes this property. So whatever it is that
you want to put here to point out a feature of that property. See how it puts it up here? Maybe I’ll add the location. This one is in, I think this
one is in the northwest, 89149. So I’m gonna put something like this. But you can put emojis in here. So on a Mac you hit Control, Command, Control Command Shift bar and you can grab these little emojis, or use your emoji bar if
you have one of the new Macs and I’m not sure how to
do it exactly on a PC, but there is a way to
do it on a PC as well. But see, these little emojis are definitely eye-catching, okay. So then instead of this, maybe I want another emoji
with a little finger pointing and I do something like this. Now you can see how this is
gonna show up on a mobile feed. Let me see if I can space bar that down. I put it in the wrong spot. I can just cut, we can
paste that right up here. See how it’s laying it
out as we type in here? I’ll get it, hold on. You have to kind of play with it until you get the right
settings you like there. There we go, that’s
what I was looking for. And then I’m gonna put Las Vegas, 89149. And I’m actually gonna put
North West Las Vegas, 89149. Okay, that shot down to another line, so let me go ahead and
make it another line. All right, we’ll go ahead
and do another emoji here, like a map or something. Let’s do a pin, like the
little pin on the map. There we go, that’s what I want. North West Las Vegas. Add the word Nevada. Maybe I don’t want these all capitalized. Two and a half full bathrooms. Okay, that’s really perfect
right there, in my opinion. I think I’ve got what I want there. Now, I could, if I was
optimizing for desktop, I could, if you look at this, I could put in this great
big paragraph right here. But I just think chunky text
doesn’t always work well and little emojis or
bullet points and things where the eye can scan quicker, since you only have, just a
millisecond to catch their eye as it’s scrolling past. These are helpful. And again, once you
figure out all of your, you know you do your split testing and figure out which
images get more clicks, which landing pages get more leads. Then you can test which
emojis or which titles, or which description. You just kind of test one thing at a time until you get the best performance. When you’re first starting out, you’re just running ads. But as you start to get more experienced with it, now you can start
testing them against each other. We’ll come back on another lesson and do messenger set-up. Today we’re just focusing
on the carousel add. All right, so here is your pictures. So we have one, two, three. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine, 10, so you have the
ability to add 10 images at the time of this video. Again, they’re constantly changing things. So we may not do 10. But you have the option to add 10. I think 10 is a little much because what else do they have to look at if you’ve shown them every picture? And if you show them pictures that may not be as appealing, you know, let’s say it’s
got a great kitchen, and it’s got a great pool, and then you put in a bedroom or stairs or something that’s a turn-off, then you’re less likely to
get them to click through on the advertisement. And if you give ’em two
pictures and they don’t think that there’s necessarily
more for them to see, they may not click through. So we want them clicking
through to that lead form. Or to the website page, whatever it is that you’re
attaching on there, right. So, I like three, I’m testing this again, but right now I’m liking
three images of the property. If I have three good ones, and then by broker logo,
licensing requirements and kind of a pitch for my team here. So, lets, or brand, my own brand. So, here, let’s go
ahead and select images. And you actually can select video too, but today I’m just gonna
worry about the images. We’re gonna select image. I’m gonna upload image. And then what you can do here is you can either browse, you click here and it’ll open your files, or you can go ahead and scroll down, oops we lost our page there. Oh no this is fine. So then we can go like this. So I’m opening my little finder in what we can do is we can drag ’em in. So either way works. Now I suggest putting
the best picture first, but I’m gonna show you something new that Facebook is allowing us
to do now that’s really cool. It allows us to actually position the most popular
picture automatically, which we didn’t used to have. So there’s my little kitchen so I’m gonna click confirm. Somehow my page got shrunk there. There we go. So there’s the picture. Now, we’re not done with that picture. Right here, you’re gonna
put the destination URL, okay, so we’re sending
them to that landing page. Now here is a chance
to say something about that kitchen. So I could put something
simple like large kitchen, or quartz countertops. See where they show up here? Now remember, if you keep this on mobile, you’ve now optimized for mobile. If you change that to desktop, and you put too many characters in there, now you’re gonna see a bunch of stuff cut off on mobile, so it’s not
really optimized for mobile. So I suggest that. Now your description here, this is completely up to you. You can use this to put
something else about the kitchen, like custom cabinets, large island, see where
it’s starting to cut off? Okay, custom cabinets. Or, I can put, in my case,
I’m putting my phone number. So, what I have found is the more serious customers
will pick up a phone and call. And so I wanna give them
that option at any time. Okay, so that’s one
reason why I’m doing that. All right, so now we have See More URL, and then a See More Display Link. Now let’s go back and put our image to, so we’re gonna select an image. Now I’ve already uploaded mine, so I’m just gonna go ahead
and drop mine in there. Now same thing on image two. You can now change, you’re not changing that destination URL, but you
can now change that headline and whatever’s on the bottom again there. So, headline in this case, I might put something like large loft. And then again, let me try to get this
to scroll again for us, large loft and then, upstairs, let me see how this fits, it’s not scrolling for me,
okay I’m gonna come back to it. I’m gonna keep it at two
words, I don’t like… And then put the phone number. Let me see what that
says about the fireplace. I’m assuming that’s a gas fireplace. So we’ll do, I really want those to be two words so I can keep them consistent there. Okay, so there’s that one. Now let’s scroll down to the third image. For the third one I’m
gonna do this bedroom. And up here I’m gonna put the master also has a sitting area. Okay, so now we’re gonna
go grab our fourth one and in my case it’s going
to be my company logo that is required by our brokerage and I wanna make sure I’m covered there. And then number five is gonna
be some kinda branding for me. So I’m gonna go ahead and
put my team info right there. Okay now on those two we
can also put something here. So in this case I’m gonna
put Keller Williams. 9420 West Sahara. And then on number five… Okay, now let’s see, here now the No Button, you can choose, send message, apply now, book now, contact us, these
keep changing too by the way. Constantly. It’s amazing how much
is showing up in there. So I’m gonna put learn more,
for this particular ad. Right, let me see if it’s gonna let me look into those on mobile yet. I’m just not able to
scroll on those right now. The way my screen is set up. Here’s where it would show
up on the Instagram feed, if you want it to be on Instagram. So you’ll wanna take a
look at all of these, wherever you are choosing to show them. You’re gonna wanna take a look at how they’re showing up on there. And really that’s it. I’m not gonna go through any
of the other items on here now because those are each one of these I’m covering individual,
the actual segments, so you know how to create all of the ads, and what each one of the options means. So that is how you create your carousel.

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