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How To Create A Facebook Business Manager Account & Ads Account || Shopify Help Center 2019

How To Create A Facebook Business Manager Account & Ads Account || Shopify Help Center 2019

If you want to create ads with Kit, use the
Facebook marketing app, or other marketing apps, then you need to first create a Facebook
Business Manager account and an Ads account. If you’re new to the channel, consider subscribing
for weekly videos from the Shopify Help Center. Check out the timestamps to navigate this
video. It’s important to note that the Facebook
visuals in this video might be different from what you see depending on any updates Facebook
has made to their admin. Shopify is not able to support Facebook issues,
so please be sure to use the Facebook support articles listed below for further help. First, you need to create a Facebook Business
Manager account. This is a free tool to organize and manage
a company Facebook account. You oversee your Facebook business pages,
ad accounts and more. You’re also able to have staff logins so
employees can help you manage everything. To start, visit business.facebook.com. On the Business Manager page, click Create
Account. Enter the required details, and click Next. Then add your business details. When you’re finished, click Submit. Once you’ve created your business manager
account, you need to create an Ads account to link it to. A Facebook Ads account is where you manage
marketing campaigns, billing information and pay for invoices. Visit facebook.com/business/ and click Create
an Ad In the top left drop down, you see all of
your ad accounts. This example shows a personal ad account already
created. To create a new ad account, click Ads manager,
then Business manager. On the new page, click Add ad account. Then select Create Ad account. Enter your details and click Next. Select what this ad account will be used for,
and click Create. Enable Admin access and select who has these
permissions. Finish by clicking Assign. A new ad account has been added to your Facebook
Manager account. Next, you need to link a payment method to
the ad account you just created. Click Business settings. Open Ad accounts. Beside Ads Manager, click the arrow to open
a drop-down menu. Open View payment methods. Click Add Payment method. Provide any necessary details about location
and currency. Click Continue. Select a payment method and click Continue. This example shows Payment method from Business
Manager – a credit card that was previously uploaded. Select Make Primary to make this the primary
payment method for this ads account. While you’re in this section, it’s recommended
you set an ad account spending limit so you don’t accidentally overspend while you’re
learning how to create ads. This can always be adjusted later. The limit you set is the maximum amount of
money that can be spent on ads. Once the account spending limit is hit, all
ads stop running. To learn more about Facebook Business Manager,
check out the Facebook help articles linked below. For more videos on how to grow your business,
subscribe now! If you still have questions, comment below
or contact the Shopify support team directly.

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