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How To Create A Facebook Ad In Less Than 3 Minutes

How To Create A Facebook Ad In Less Than 3 Minutes

Hi this video is about How to Create a Facebook
Ad in less than 3 minutes Herman Drost DrostDesigns.com Are you tired of social marketing?
Have you spent months uploading videos, blogging and tweeting without making any money?
Perhaps you’ve invested heavily into social marketing but it’s left you tired, frustrated
and broke. Facebook advertising is a fast and effective method for generating immediate
traffic to your website or landing page. Here are the steps for creating a Facebook
Ad in less than 3 minutes So first you go to facebook.com/advertising
or login to your facebook page so you can go to manage your ads or you can
click on this little arrow here which says create ads
so you can click on there or you can click on manage your ads and from what kind of results
do you want for your ads we’re going to go for page likes then put in the URL or we’ve
got a facebook page here already tubevideo bootcamp then you can select your images you
can select up to 6 different images this will be like 6 different ads will be created
then you fill out edit your text and links so here you fill out the headline
then you fill out your text you can put sponsored stories go to advanced options here also and
choose you have a Newsfeed or on the right column so we just went to the right column
next you want to create your audience so I’m going to target the United States you can
select your age which can be 13 up to maximum. Gender we can select ALL Interests here you
can just search something can be like business industry and just go search engine marketing
and you can see over here your audience is going to be 660,000 people if you live in
the United States and here we’ve got connections so only target the people not connected to
my facebook page and interested in all so we can leave that. Language is going to be
English so leave that unchecked. Education is going to be anyone and categories leave
that also campaign and budget so you’re going to give
your campaign a name and you can select your budget per day it could be $5.00 $10.00 and
then schedule run my campaign continuously starting today or you can set a start or end
date which I strongly suggest so you can do a start date and end date and for your bidding
we can do for likes so here you can do clicks or impressions so we’re just going to do likes
and here your bid will be optimized to get more page likes then you’ve got to place your
order This will officially start your ad and that’s
it congratulations And now I’d like to invite you to download
the Facebook Advertising Guide so you can
reach millions of new customers Click the box above or visit the link
in the description below this video Thanks for watching.

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  1. Get people to watch your vid and get paid for it every time they do and every time the forward!! Works great in every industry and for personal!


  2. Thanks for the info. For those of us with hearing issues, the background music was too loud and distracting. I found it almost drowned out what you were saying.

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