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How To Create A Facebook Ad For Beginners (2019) – Facebook Ads Tutorial

How To Create A Facebook Ad For Beginners (2019) – Facebook Ads Tutorial

What’s up guys Jason Wardrop here and in this video I’m gonna show you how to set up and create your Facebook ads for beginners in 2018 alright so this video I’m gonna first hit how to actually set up the Facebook ad Kind of the strategy of like how I like to create it of the ad copy and all that so When I first got started, and I was kind of brand new with the whole Facebook Ads process I thought all I really needed to learn how to go through and do is just go through and figure out how to Set up my Facebook ad campaigns like how to target how do I choose the right objective all that stuff then I? Quickly realized that my bigger issue is I don’t need just to know how to set up the details of inside the ads manager but I need to know how to communicate properly With my target audience right so I want to show you guys like I I’ve spent a lot of money on Facebook Ads if you guys watched on my previous videos you guys kind of know that but I want to show you some my top performing ads and Dissect them a little bit of why they perform well and then after I go through and show you kind of some of these hot Ads and how to structure them I’m gonna show you Inside of the Facebook Ads manager how to go through and set all this up So this is kind of a little Facebook ass tutorial for beginners if you’re just getting started, right? So let’s jump into this is the first Facebook ad right here right so this is a video testimonial So this is trying to get people to register for our webinars, or live trains that we do But this really could work for any type of lead that you’re looking to go through and generate alright So this one you can see right here She’s a it’s got a video testimonial all right, but you can have a picture there You can have a slideshow you can have a number of different things But what’s more important is the actual ad copy and this is what I want to break down for you alright, so First I hit the exact target market that I want to speak to okay, so I work a lot with real estate agents with Real estate brokers mortgage brokers loan officers This one’s obviously specific to real estate agents and brokers, so I say hey real estate agents and brokers And then I go through and I say something to pique their interest Right so hey latosha got 11 leads and set two appointments for just nine dollars in our first 24 hours So first of all if I’m a real estate agent. I see this ad I see okay It says real estate agents brokers like it’s talking to me right and then one thing that real sages I know they want and know pretty much any business owner wants is they want leads right? not only leads But they want to be able to set appointments so I start out by going through and also using her name LaRoche Oh right here because I want to get personal of saying like hey, this isn’t just like some random theoretical person This is like this is her video testimony right here She’s got eleven leads And then I stayed on top of that Her leads booked appointments with her to kind of even sweeten the deal a little bit more And then I have a call to action That’s where I finished off with okay, so I say the real estate agents broker, so I call out the target market Say something, that’s gonna kind of pique their interest Sweeten the deal if you can sweeten the deal there, and then also have a call to action alright So I’ll show you guys a few more and the same thing just really quick I want to hit this this is important like even if you’re like let’s say you’re a local business Okay, let’s say you’re a local real estate agent. Okay your target market Could be something like let’s say you live in Orlando, Florida. Okay could say hey, Orlando Homeowners all right, would you like to increase the value of value of your home, okay? So it’s like Orlando homeowners if you’re taller if you’re targeting people in Orlando, and you’re targeting people that own a home, okay And they see this or like or add a homeowner, okay? That’s me like that. I can relate with that right, and then the next one of like going through and peeking their interests Hey, would you like to increase the value of your home now? what a homeowner would not want to increase of out of your home right so we go through do that and Then you can go through and you could have another line, sweeten the deal and then a call to action Hey get my my 3 step guide of how to go through and increase the value of your home ok So it really works with any type of market, and I’ll show you guys a few other ads here So this one’s more of a success testimonial while this is another video And I kind of cut up the video and like have all these different Testimonies you can see that’s why I’ve got all these pictures kinda little montage right here So I say real estate agents the brokers, and I just go hit all these different testimonials And that’s one thing I found is if you do have testimony work in that type of business Then it’s really nice to use those because then people can see like oh like this person’s the real deal They’ve actually had success and then always obviously finishing with a call to action right okay, then here’s another one This is hunter and you can see this is interesting guys one thing. I put on here. I put agents and brokers Okay, and at the time. I wasn’t thinking like beyond real estate agents and brokers Where as you can see this ad later on I ad real estate agents and brokers because I actually got hundreds and hundreds of insurance agents and insurance brokers Reaching out to me like hey is this for insurance too, and then I’d be like actually no sorries it’s just for real estate actually so I It was it was beneficial because I was able still go through and generate a lot of leads in the insurance space but That’s one thing to keep in mind is getting very specific and very direct with the audience that you want to go through a target So I said you know once again Agents and brokers where I would probably make this real estate agent brokers or insurance agents brokers like whatever specific niche You’re trying to hit then Hunter got twenty five leads one client on a contract just one week So that’s kind of like peeking their curiosity peeking their interest and then even kind of sweeten the deal Hey made five grand off six seven dollars spent on advertising See how I did it on this free train so that’s kind of the the call action right there Okay, then one more and guys you can see all these I have videos video testimonials And those have worked really well if you have a picture I also have some other ads that that have really worked well with pictures so this one right here You can see agents and brokers kind of hitting the key concept and then the call-to-action down there right now to show you guys another one let me try to find one with a Actual picture okay guys so here is another one. I just want to show you guys. It’s a little bit different strategy Okay, and this is I’m already targeting real estate agent, so I’m not necessarily calling them out, but I’m starting with the question Okay I’m starting with a question to pique their interest to get them kind of still thinking you know so say hey Are you struggling to make Facebook work for your real estate business? Which in my experience a lot a lot a lot of real estate agents and brokers Really like that. They struggle with Facebook Ads they like they maybe you’ve tried a little bit, but they’ve wasted money And they haven’t really seen leads and a lot of times They just get likes and comments, so I know that’s a pain point No, that’s something. That’s gonna really go through and connect and talk with them right now This is a key concept in any type of ads that you’re creating you need to know their pain points And you need to know how to best connect and speak to your audience right so then I go through and I kind of like this is the Value-add or kind of like sweetening the deal right so in the last 12 months of generate over twenty three thousand five hundred real estate Leads that number is now over thirty thousand And I kind of sweeten the deal our team has now helped over twenty one hundred agents and brokers so now they know okay? He can generate leads, and oh wait. He’s done it for more than just like one person He’s done it for over two thousand agents brokers. So then it’s like man. Okay. That’s like really gonna Go through, and it can probably work for me too, and then I go through and I compare it I kind of like going through and comparing it to what they’re used to what they know, okay, so? You can get you can get leads for a fraction of the costs Compared to other advertising networks like Trulia Zillow and real calm and grow your sales right so now I say hey Let me show you how to do this call to action, okay, so Very different strategy you guys can see right here. This is an image It’s not just a video okay And then I’d go, and I same type of thing I go and I call out the the audience okay And I’m saying hey, are you starting to make Facebook Ads to work and your real estate business, so it’s specific to the niche Okay, but it’s asking a question peeking their interest and then showing hey. Here’s some value right here look I’ve done it like I know what I’m doing and I’ve helped tons of others and hey you’re probably used to this like spending 30 bucks per lead on on these other sites Let me show you how you can get leads for a tenth of the cost okay? So that’s just another ad I just want to kind of break down for you all And now if we come over here to the ads manager this is kind of like the second part of the training and Really quick guys if you guys are still watching to this point if you comment Facebook ads down below. I will get you guys my Facebook Ads mini-course so you guys can have that and use for your business Right so it gives you a quick rundown of all like the whole Facebook Ads manager face with pixels lead forms How to go through and generate leads versus just like clicks to your website and so all those key details for your business all right, so Comment down below Facebook ads and then I’m just gonna kind of whiz through this part because in that mini course I’m gonna actually dive in a little bit deeper on these different aspects of like your marketing objective Okay, so I’m just gonna hit traffic right here, and then for the the ad level okay So let’s hit continue in the ad set level This is kind of your target like what audience you want to hit you want to hit real estate ages Do you want to hit people that live in a specific city like Dallas or Omaha, Nebraska? or Salt, Lake City, Utah And so you go through and you hit this which this video is more about creating the actual Facebook ad right So what we’re gonna do here. This is where you will actually create the Facebook ad okay so right in here You can use an existing post from your Facebook page so like for example right here This is or right here this one right here You can see how this is an ad that I created inside the Facebook Ads manager where it’s got the headline It’s got a little like description right here, and I’ll link out whereas this one, okay? I doesn’t have the headline all that stuff because I just created as a normal post on my Facebook page so you can do either one so in order to do something like this you go create it first on your Facebook page and You can say hey use an existing post from and then you pick your Facebook page right there And you just come down and select a post okay So like I can go through and select any of these previous posts that I’ve done so like right here Here’s a facebook lab that I recently did And use this for your video, okay, but then if you wanted to go create a new ad okay This is kind of like what this this video is all about is creating Facebook ads and just kind of like getting that beginning step Put together so we can go through we could do a single image Okay, kind of like this one right here, or we can do a video just like this one right here or This is a carousel so it’s like if you ever seen the ones we’re like you can scroll through like on your phone And there’s multiple images multiple things going on you could do that there’s a slideshow this collection one and so this one’s like a little bit more for e-commerce and stuff, but It’s kind of want to show you guys how this all works, so you choose your format so this one We’re just gonna do a single image, and then you can go through and use free stock images that they have already queso It’s kind of nice you just click on this you type in you know let’s say, let’s let’s do a home and This one looks kind of cool. Let’s say you’ve got a home theater business right something like that We click on that or you can say hey, I’m gonna upload an image from my desktop Or you can go through and browse a library so like if you’ve already uploaded images You can browse the images that you’ve already uploaded. You can see a lot of images. I’ve already uploaded right here okay, so we just hit cancel right there, and then see how this has all of like the shutterstock kind of like the the Watermark on there once it goes live It’s not actually gonna show that okay, and then what we’re gonna do next is it says oK. We’ve got the image It’s gonna say. Hey where you actually wanted to send these people okay? Now. Let’s say our website We’ll just say our website is our celebi’s com that’s our software right here Okay, so we’re just gonna copy and paste this link and we’ll throw it right in here okay, so we’ll click on that and Then this is gonna pop up some basic kind of stuff. It’s gonna pull it from the actual website So this is Arsenal mmk G You know it’s brand yourself all that stuff, but then see how it says home right here This is where we would actually go through and take let’s just copy and paste this just for a quicker example here Okay, this is where we’d go through and paste it in right there, okay? Now the cool thing is this shows you like this live preview And you can see what its gonna look like on the mobile newsfeed on desktop newsfeed on all these different areas And then you could even scroll through and see what it looks like on some of these different platforms, okay? And so that’s kind of nice Or if you wanted to see what it really looks like you could say hey send it to notifications of Facebook it’ll pop up right here in your Notifications where you can go through and pull it up and see it big like like one of these ads okay So that’s how it is, so let’s just jump back over here Let’s just go pull up the this is the desktop newsfeed you guys can see right here Okay, so that’s one like that. You’ll typically see if you’re on your desktop so for the the headline you can say You know whatever like typically whatever your your cult your headline is on your landing page I like to keep it consistent with that. Okay, so like for example on our site right here It says brand yourself generate leads grow your business now. This isn’t a typical landing page I’ve got another video that can link out to of how to go through and start generating leads if you’re completely brand new I don’t like to send to my main website, okay, but for this one. Let’s say this is your your your headline right there I would just go through hey brain yourself generate leads grow your business. Okay, so it pops up right there, and then You can select okay, call to action. I usually like to learn more, but you can see all these different option You can say no button send a message apply now book now. You can see all these different options I usually like to do just learn more okay, just like kind of piqued their interest there and as far as the display link It’s optional. I usually just leave it so just as Arsenal and cage comm it’s gonna It’s gonna pull the root domain URL of whatever domain you’re sending people to as far as the newsfeed link description This is only really gonna pull up on your desktop view okay? So like if you’re on these other ones like for example your mobile It’s not enough room for this to actually show up Okay, so this is only really important for this desktop So you can say you know if you like let’s say obviously this this picture doesn’t match this whole ad set up I just want to kind of show you guys the creation okay, so we can say get started with your free 14-day trial Alright, so you can see this will pop up right here But then if we go through and check out some of these other ad views like this It doesn’t show up on this one right here on the feature phone doesn’t show up on the mobile newsfeed So it’s just gonna show up on that desktop newsfeed, so these other placements. It’s really not as key Not as important, and then the URL parameters. That’s super super advanced I just kind of leave that right now, and then once you’re done all you do is hit confirm And you were set you are good to go all right, so anyway guys. Hopefully that video was helpful If it was go ahead give it a thumbs up Also, if you guys want my more in-depth Facebook Ads mini-course which will walk you through the whole campaign objectives and what campaigns to choose the ad sets and how to target and what you should be doing right there and Facebook pixels would go through and set up your tracking on all your websites or Even the Facebook leave forms and how to generate leads versus just getting likes and comments all that stuff Go ahead and comment real estate or not real estate Sorry comments Facebook ads down below And I will shoot you over my facebook ads Mini-course they hope you get started with whatever business that you might be in could be real estate could be e-commerce It could be really whatever it might be this will all be helpful for whatever business You’re in alright, so go ahead comment Facebook ads down below. Also if you guys are brand-new here. My name is Jason Wardrop I launched a new video every single day how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business so make sure you guys subscribe and also hit that notification bell So you are notified every single time we launch a new video because we’ve got tons and tons of free comment content always Coming your way so with that said guys. Thanks so much for watching today Give it a thumbs up you guys found it helpful, and I will see you all tomorrow

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  1. Hey Jason great videos. I have a daycare center and would like to target only families within a 5 mile radius from my school. I went through and setup an ad with certain interests for parents who would be interested in daycare schools and set up a geographic location. However, I still get people from all over the world liking my ad or post on Facebook. How do I make sure I only target those customers that are close to my school?

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