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hey in this video I’m going to show you
exactly how to create a Facebook ad that converts extremely well in 2019 that
also includes Instagram ads so you’re gonna learn exactly how to run Facebook
and Instagram ads in 2019 like a professional now my promise to you is if
you watch this entire video you will be an expert I was just like you a few
years ago searching through YouTube Google all of these places trying to
figure out how to run Facebook ads because I saw the success of ads for
other people for their businesses they were growing like crazy right because
it’s very simple there’s billions of people on Facebook and there’s not
enough people going to your business well let’s drive those people from
Facebook and Instagram to your business by setting up really simple ads now our
Facebook ads really simple hmm once you get a hang of them I feel like I am a
professional I’ve spent millions and millions of dollars on Facebook ads
profitably and what I want to do here in this video is show you absolutely
everything I know so you can be advanced and you don’t have to go through the
five years of wasting money wasting time testing this testing that I’m
consolidating everything here in this video so you know exactly not only how
to create a Facebook ad and how to create an Instagram ad but how to scale
them and make them super profitable so your business grows very quickly on
autopilot 24/7 whether you’re sleeping whether you’re traveling whatever you’re
doing you’ll know that your Facebook Ads are driving you more traffic to your
business so strap in take some notes hit that like button because I’m giving you
all of this information for free the full step-by-step guide of how to create
a Facebook ad and how to be extremely profitable and successful with it so hit
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vacation Bell and then we’ll dive right in so there’s a huge opportunity here as
you know Facebook Ads you know Facebook has all of the people in the world
pretty much I would say nearly half of the people in the world use Facebook or
Instagram and their platform allows you to target those people by whatever you
want to target them their age their gender their location different you know
different interests that they like different pages they like it’s so so
powerful so the opportunity is absolutely huge and it doesn’t matter
you know how good or bad you are at Facebook Ads right now because if you
watch this whole thing you will learn everything I know and like I said I’ve
spent millions of dollars on Facebook Ads so I know them inside and out and
I’m here to teach you everything you’re gonna have literally the magic thumb
whether you want to grow your business or a friend’s business or you want to
start an agency whatever you want to do you’ll have that magic thumb that will
allow you to send traffic to businesses no matter what so with that magic thumb
that you’re about to have what I want you to do is lightly tap that like
button because it helps me out so much and then we’ll go ahead and dive right
into showing you exactly how to set up a Facebook ad here in 2019 so you might be
in the position where you’re just getting started with Facebook ads and
you just don’t know how to really get off the ground and create success out of
them or maybe you haven’t even started using Facebook Ads and you want to just
totally learn how to do it before actually spending money don’t worry in
this video I’m gonna show you exactly how to do both those things or maybe
you’ve tested some Facebook ads before and you just didn’t have success well
there are so many little levers that you can pull and tweak and twist inside of
Facebook Ads it’s very hard for a beginner that does
not have a step-by-step process to be successful so I’m here to give you that
step-by-step process so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re doing
things right or wrong because by the end of this video you will be doing
everything correctly so the first thing you want to do when games start with
Facebook ads this is actually inside the ads already so I want to take a step
back and what you want to do is you want to
Google Facebook business manager and the reason you want to use business manager
opposed to your regular Facebook account is simply because Facebook enjoys
working with businesses you actually get better you know costs you get better
support your ads get approved quicker so that’s a common misconception that a lot
of people you know they don’t they don’t know yet right they think oh let me just
start a ad account based off of my Facebook profile but think about it you
know if you sign up as a business opposed to a Facebook profile well
Facebook’s probably gonna take a business more seriously so you just type
in Facebook business manager onto Google and that should take you to this link
business manager overview you could click create business manager I’ve
already created my business manager it just takes a couple seconds and then at
the top here it’s a little cutoff but there’s business settings and when you
open business settings up and by the way if you don’t have a business don’t worry
just use your name right so if your name is Bob Smith use Bob Smith as the
business name it doesn’t need to be an actual business that you set up an LLC
for but if you do have a business go ahead and use that business as well but
if you don’t don’t worry just use your name I have a bunch of business accounts
I just use my name and it’s totally fine but once you do that go up to business
settings here and within business settings you go into here and over on
the left side there’s an add accounts drop-down and under that add accounts
you click add up here and you can request access to an add account you can
add an add account or create a new add account you’re probably in the situation
if you’re just getting started create a new add account if you already
have an add account maybe it was a personal account you can click add add
account or you can request add account this you know pretty simple to do
self-explanatory I’m not gonna spend too much time on that but once you get your
add account set up you’re just gonna click up here where it says opens open
in ads manager it’s gonna take you to ads manager so let me go back to ads
manager here and this is what you’re gonna see right it’s gonna be something
probably blank maybe you have a few ads running already
but this is where you want to get to so I do have other videos showing exactly
how to do that process a little bit slower but I want to dive into the bulk
of this training which is showing you exactly how to target people which
conversions to use which placements to use and so on and so on so you can do
this without spending a lot of money and get really really great results so let’s
jump into setting up our first ad what you’re gonna do here is you’re just
gonna click this create button big green button up here on the top left and you
click create now you get to this this page where it gives you all of these
different options and when I first got started I was just overwhelmed like oh
my god which one do I use so I want to go ahead and take a little bit of time
and talk about each option because even if your experience with Facebook Ads you
might learn something new here and it’s very good to know exactly which options
to use which ones to stay away from and all of that good stuff so brand
awareness and reach under awareness unless you’re a fortune 500 company
which I know there are some watching and you just wanna those tho awareness tab
it’s for those big companies that have like a million dollar budget right it’s
really hey I want as many people in the world to see my ad as possible now if
you have an e-commerce store or a local business or you’re doing lead generation
or anything like that you want more targeted ads that you don’t spend as
much money but you get very targeted results that work very well so I would
actually ignore this awareness aside for now and focus mostly on consideration so
let me talk about traffic first traffic is the the simplest one right it’s
saying hey Facebook optimize my ads to get as many people to go to my website
traffic traffic as in visitors right they click on my ad boom they’re on my
website they click on my ad boom they’re in my app very very basic now engagement
and you can read the things here it says get more engagements page likes or event
responses so engagement is kind of like hey I have this ad maybe a video or
something and I want as many people to like it to share
to comment on it and really just engage with the ad because I’m building my
brand now do I use engagement a lot I don’t
use it ton I’ll show you which I do use the most app installs if you have a
mobile app this is pretty self-explanatory you want to use this
one because it sets up conversions a different way
video views this is a really good one you’re gonna get the cheapest
conversions or video conversions with video views now if you want a ton of
people to see your ads and I can go into this later in different videos but what
I do sometimes is hey I just want thousands and thousands and thousands of
people to see my ads because I’m running a local business a yoga studio in Las
Vegas right I want everybody in Las Vegas to see this video of my yoga
studio because later I can then say hey Facebook anybody who watched 50 percent
of that video let me retarget them with more ads so I can go into that deeper
later video views’ is often a good one to use lead generation is good if you
just want to run an ad and say hey facebook get me as many people’s email
and phone number as possible so I can then call them so if you have a team set
up to do calls lead generation is good messages if you have like a messenger
bot or you want people to send messages directly to you on your Facebook that’s
a good one to use now I usually spend most of my time in the conversion
section because the conversion section I don’t even use catalog sales or store
traffic so I’ll ignore those two for now conversions is my number one used
objective simply because I can say hey Facebook I want as many people as
possible to purchase my item and I want you to use all your superpowers to send
as many people to purchase my product so if I have like a yoga store and I’m
selling a yoga mat well Facebook I want you to send literally everybody in the
world that you know buy stuff online and will purchase my yoga product and then I
want to be able to track how many people purchase that product so you see the
power there instead of going to like engagement say
hey I have this yoga video and I want as many people to like it and share it that
that’s not as cool for me right I want people to come and purchase my product
so I use conversions probably the most out of all of these and then video views
as well but that’s kind of more an advanced topic traffic mmm not usually
traffic is kind of like the most beginner a lot of the times the videos
on YouTube will show you to use traffic because it’s a really easy thing to
explain right traffic saying hey Facebook send me as many people as
possible to my website simple right but conversions is a little different
because I would give up like if for example if traffic sent me a thousand
people to my website and only two people purchased or two people signed up for
whatever you know if you have a local business or e-commerce store whatever if
only two out of a thousand people signed up well okay that’s cool but if I use
conversions and only a hundred people went to my website but ten people signed
up well you see that it’s a much better conversion rate and that’s because
Facebook has the data they know who purchases they know who likes to just
engage in posts so if you go and click engagement they’re gonna send you all
the people in their bucket of people billions of people that they know that
just like everything they comment on everything they share everything right
they have buckets of people so engagements gonna get that bucket of
people that want to like share watch your videos and all that good stuff so
video views they know who’s gonna watch the videos right so all of their
conversions all of their objectives are very very honed in that being said
conversions is usually the one I recommend clients used simply because
most of the time it’s like hey I need more people to come in and you know do
my yoga class or I need more people to purchase my product or I need more
whatever and conversions allows you to say hey Facebook looking your buckets of
people and I want these type of people so for this example I’m gonna use
conversions and if you want me to talk about any other of these objectives let
me know below comment traffic below or in
below or app installs below or video views below and I’ll make a full
training on any of those at any time I’m here to help as much as possible and all
I do ask is you hit that like button and I’ll continue to share all of the
information about Facebook ads that I know so for for now I’m gonna select
select conversions and in this example I’m just gonna sell a product that I
have on a website because I think that’s pretty general whether you’re trying to
sell a product or you trying to get people to your local business or you
have an app or whatever you’ll be able to learn a ton from this video just from
me showing this examples so what I like to do with my naming scheme is I like to
put in the date of the or I like to put in the month
I’ll just put May here and then I’m gonna call this yoga because I have a
yoga mat I’m gonna be saying up in this example so you can really get a full
grasp sort of how I run Facebook ads and how you know people who are crushing it
really run Facebook guys and then I’ll just do that and then down here you can
see create split test I would ignore that for now this is a way to say hey
Facebook I’m gonna set up two ads instead of just one ad and I want you to
tell me which one’s better but at the end of this video I show you a better
way to do this I’ve tested create split test and it’s okay but my hypothesis and
the way I run Facebook Ads is I use Facebook’s power as much as possible but
when I can control something inside of Facebook ads I try to control it because
I can then write tests I can run different tests and I know for a fact
that you know this worked better than this opposed to letting Facebook kind of
decide which one’s working better sometimes they pick too early so ignore
create split test for now and then campaign budget optimization very very
hot right now a lot of people are talking about it I personally use it but
I don’t set it up on my initial ad my initial ad for any client or any of my
own products I set up just like this and that’s why I’m showing you this process
if you want to learn more about campaign budget optimization throw me a like and
comment campaign budget optimization or CBO below and I’ll just go ahead
make another video on that by the way you know I’ll mention things like this
all the time throughout this video because if I went ahead you know I’m
trying to show you everything that works right here right now so you can get
started right there’s of course more advanced methods when it comes to every
single lever I show you like there’s all of these levers you’re pulling on
Facebook I’m showing you the ones that work really well right now that being
said there’s always other levers that can even increase your results more but
I’m not going to be able to fit it all into this video so if you just hit that
subscribe button you’ll see all of the other videos they’re all free but let’s
go ahead and jump into the next section so what you’re gonna do now you have
your campaign name and all you’re gonna do is hit continue all right so this
next section here is where you kind of see the the power of Facebook ads you
can do all of your targeting here I can say hey I only want to target women that
are 35 to 40 in Las Vegas that like this that and whatever or people that are in
Australia that are over 55 and so on and so on so I’m gonna show you all of this
here now the first thing I want to do is you can
see ad set name I’m not gonna touch this for now because I use the ad set name as
a place that I can put all of my targeting in where I can just read it
really quickly and then I can say oh this ad did really well while this ad
didn’t do well right so you can see it really quickly and really easily I’ll
dive into that later now if you haven’t set up your pixel yet you can click
create pixel here and it will bring you to this page right here and you just
simply create a pixel really simple to do you can name it whatever I have a
name there already and then you create it this is extremely important so make
sure you do this part make sure you have your pixel implemented into your website
whether it’s a store or your personal website and you simply go manually
install and then you copy the second one down here don’t worry if I fly through
this there’s another video on my channel that shows you exactly how to sell your
pixel but I just copied it here and I’m gonna go put it into my website
right here I’m using clickfunnels right now it’s pretty much the same thing you
just click Save and then BOOM it’s in my website and then we’re ready to go so
you know watch the other video you know comment pixel below if you want
me to dive deeper into this but the the reason you have to have a pixel
installed is because essentially the pixel is Facebook’s way of tracking
people right so if you said hey Facebook I want as many people to purchase my
product as possible and you set up an ad the way I’m showing you right now then
Facebook needs a way to see okay I they sent a thousand people how many
people purchase them that’s the pixel the pixel tracks how
many people purchased how many people landed on your page how many people add
it to cart and so on and so on so as you can see here I just have this random
product here that I set up the pixel for and it’s all set up now I’m just gonna
activate it it’s all activated and we’re good to go
so once your pixel is set up you should be able to hit refresh here and then
once your pixels set up you simply go ahead and pick a conversion so you can
see none of these are really set off for me right now because I’m just starting
this new account but I’m going to click purchase because I know that I want to
send people from Facebook to purchase my product right so I’m gonna then scroll
down and you can see dynamic creative I’ll talk about that in another video
it’s kind of more advanced nothing to worry about right now and nothing about
offer for now now once everything’s set up and you’re
at this point this is where the magic happens if you want to target people in
the United States and let’s say Canada you just type in the United States and
Canada you can see there’s over 250 million people that’s because they’re
you know we’re not doing any interest targeting yet right if I say I only want
to target women that are thirty five plus you just select age thirty five
women and boom now you can see there’s 79 million people I can target because
that’s us and Canada but let’s go ahead and look at this
product that I’m trying to sell it’s a yoga mat okay so for this example I want
to go ahead and always always always unclick expand detailed targeting that’s
gonna waste a lot of money and if if you unclick it you’re gonna save a lot more
money and you’re gonna you’re gonna make a lot more money so that right there a
lot of people won’t even mention but here in the detail detail targeting this
is where I can say like yoga mat I’m selling a yoga mat so I only want to
target people who like yoga mats you can see the audience size is eight hundred
and forty two thousand people but since it’s combined with women 35 plus and
only United States and Canada it comes out to the potential reach of a hundred
and ten thousand people now you always want to target audiences that are fairly
large dependent on your product now for example if I was doing this for a yoga
studio in Las Vegas well then instead of Canada and us I
would type in Las Vegas so you can kind of start to think like what’s your offer
what’s your product is it something that’s local
okay let’s target a city if it’s you know something that you can ship to them
well let’s target the whole country or multiple countries right if it’s a
digital product okay what if I want to just do worldwide I could type in world
wide here alright now what you can also do is for example you know I’ll go over
to Google if I type in yoga this is one of the tricks I like to use is I like to
see who who’s selling yoga products maybe I also type in yoga yoga mat and I
like to see these brands so Lululemon okay well since I know Lululemon sells
that product I might type in Lulu Lemon boom so now I’m targeting people who
like yoga mats or like Lululemon so you can see my audience went up to 14
million instead of 370 million I’m going worldwide now let me just go back to
United States and you can see how cool this is
because it just keeps changing United States and I’ll just target United
States women 35 plus yoga mat that’s 94 thousand people but when I type in
Lululemon as well it’s now bigger it’s 6.5 million people so you can kind of
play around with this and see how it works but what you could also do is
since these are both in the same category it’s targeting people who like
Lululemon or yoga mats so not necessarily both of them but them
combined so if I wanted to say hey Facebook only target people who like
Lululemon and Facebook or yo yoga mats I would deselect that and I’d click
narrow audience here and I would say yoga mat and take note the potential
reaches 6.4 million before I put in yoga mat and now it’s only 34,000 people
because they have to like Lululemon on their Facebook page and they have to
like yoga mat and then watch this I could narrow even further I could say
yoga pants so they have to like Lululemon yoga mat and yoga pants so you
can see it’s 15,000 people now I know there’s probably a question how big of
an audience should you target and that’s very dependent and I actually go over
that in another video so go go check that other video out but if it’s an
e-commerce product that you can ship anywhere I like to target audiences that
are 50,000 people or more if it’s a local business your audiences are gonna
be small they’re gonna be 10,000 20,000 people depending on how big your city is
right so it’s all over the place but I go deep into that in another video there
should be a way to get to that below if you hit subscribe and maybe comment
local business below and I’ll go ahead and make a full another video about
local businesses or ecommerce businesses whatever you want to know I’ll go ahead
and show you that so you can see how I can target people who like yoga pretty
easily let’s do a couple more examples because maybe I want to target maybe I
have a restaurant that serves pizza right so I want to and it’s in Salt Lake
City so I would go here to Lok patience and I would type in Salt Lake
City Salt Lake City Utah and then I could say hey you know what do you think
how far would people drive for a really good pizza place maybe 15 miles or
whatever you think whatever your your business is I’d say okay anybody who’s
in Salt Lake City within 15 miles of Salt Lake City as you can see here
there’s 270,000 people who are women 35 plus but you know what I think men and
women that are 25 plus like pizza right not necessarily not not that
people under 25 don’t like pizza I’ve just seen that people under 25
don’t like spending as much money so I’m gonna start get people who are 25 and
over in Salt Lake City Utah or 15 miles around it and that’s 770 people seven
hundred and seventy thousand people right so you can kind of see how this
targeting works it’s really really neat and I could stay here all day doing this
because it’s really fun and then I can type in pizza and let’s go ahead and see
there there went from seven hundred and seventy thousand people do one hundred
and forty thousand people now if I’m I’m trying to sell my pizza restaurant well
I’m trying to get people to come in well maybe I set up one ad like this and then
I set up another ad that they also have to like let’s see what other piece of
things come up and what’s cool is you can type in an interest and then down
here it’s going to show you a bunch of different interests that you could
target so let’s say Pizza Hut so they have two like pizza and Pizza Hut
okay now it’s only ten thousand people now at the end of this video I’ll show
you because there’s so many different ideas right like I could have one ad
targeting just pizza I could have one ad targeting pizza and Pizza Hut I could
have one ad targeting so on and so on you know if I’m selling jewelry right I
want to have one ad targeting Tiffany’s I want to have one ad targeting Zales I
want to have one ad targeting you know something else
now you can see there’s so many different combinations here and what a
lot of people teach is just doing this which i think is so so wrong and this
should save you a ton of money they’ve teach just putting all of the interests
in here so Pizza Pizza Hut Domino’s Pizza what else do we have here
Pizza Pizza and like this list will get super long I think that’s the incorrect
way to do this I’ve seen a lot of people waste a lot of money
by building these audiences they’re just too big and you don’t know which one
works well so at the end of this video I’m gonna show you how to set this up so
we can figure out because right here I have four and like if I had more
audiences Pizza Delivery right how do you know which one of these interests is
getting you results how do you know which one is driving sales right there’s
no way to tell when you set it up like this and a lot of people will teach you
to do it this way I recommend putting one interest in and in this example I
will go back to yoga and I’m just gonna type in yoga mat and then we’ll move on
to the next part because I think you kinda you kind of understand the power
of this interest argument right so yoga mat I’m gonna target women 35 plus and
go ahead and play around with this on your own and I’ll show you how to set it
up at the end of this so you can really figure out which interest or which
targeting is really working for you I’m gonna target United States for this one
and now that I have my targeting United States women 35 plus yoga mat that’s
when I go back up here and I I say I say okay well I know it’s women 35 plus and
I do us and you can see like women 35 plus the United States yoga mat and is
there any other target in here the United States women 35 plus yoga mat so
now I can quickly see and look back and if you’re just getting started this
probably don’t make too much sense yet but I’ll be able to see this every time
in each ad and I’ll be able to say okay well this ad did well and this ad did
poorly so let me turn off this ad and turn up this ad right so that’s how you
said if you’re targeting make sure to have this unchecked that’s going to save
you a lot of money and a lot of time then once we get down to placements this
is another huge huge place that’s going to save you a ton of
money if you do this one move right here so placements Facebook has a ton of
different placements and that means where they show your ad so let me show
you a couple if I click Edit placements here you could target Facebook newsfeed
you can target instant articles you can target videos that are in-stream you
could target the right column of Facebook you can target suggested videos
marketplace stories Instagram newsfeed Instagram stories audience network so
that’s other people’s websites and messenger and so on and so on and
there’s so many different targeting options and then you can target by
mobile or desktop now this tip right here is gonna save you so much money if
you only target mobile right there you’re saying you’re gonna save you know
half of your money and you’re gonna get better conversions now if you want to
increase even more you go ahead and deselect everything except Facebook
newsfeed even Instagram you turn off because you know Instagram this the
first best placement is mobile Facebook newsfeed if you target that you’re gonna
get the best results I would say the second best placement is Instagram or
mobile I mean of course Instagram is only mobile newsfeed right those are the
two best placements that being said I’ll show you how to set this up after you
don’t want to target Facebook and Instagram at the same time you just want
to do one at a time so up here I’m gonna say FB nf Facebook newsfeed and I
literally only target mobile because desktop is way too expensive number one
number two everybody pretty much uses their phone all day so like 90 percent
of traffic is on their phones so there’s no reason to pay for more expensive
traffic so take a screenshot of this if you need this is gonna save you a ton of
money in the long run and save you so much time and testing and all that good
stuff that’s a huge part so make sure to do mobile only newsfeed for Facebook to
start and then we’ll go ahead and set up other ads that are targeted Instagram
and different targeting and so on by the way if you haven’t liked this
video yet I please go ahead and throw a like it helps me out a ton down here you
can figure out or you can select if you want to target them only when they’re
connected to Wi-Fi now about this I like to target only Wi-Fi when I’m
advertising a video so for example if I want somebody to come see my like a
YouTube video like this that is 30 minutes long well I only want you know
I’m being very courteous courteous of their mobile data people you know are
always thinking their data right like so if I’m writing an ad saying hey come
watch my training on running Facebook ads or hey come watch my free yoga
training or hey you know whatever sending them to a video or something
that’s long that would take a lot of data I click only when connected to
Wi-Fi because then they’ll actually watch the full video without worrying
about their data being eaten up because you know I think it’s silly that we
don’t all have unlimited data like AT&T and Verizon should give unlimited data
but that’s a whole other story so you know just think about your content if
you’re trying to get them to sign up for a website or buy a product really
quickly you probably don’t need this but if it’s a long-form video then I would
click only when connected to Wi-Fi now budget and schedule now this is a point
again that’s going to save you a ton of money now whether your budget is $5 or
$5,000 per day it does not matter I always start my ads at $5 per ad and the
reason being is because you remember up here how we have facebook we have
Instagram we have all these different levers we have yoga mat we could target
Lululemon we could target you know man we can target women we can target United
States we could target cities there’s all these levers that you can pull
within Facebook you never know which one’s gonna work really well for your
business at the time whether it’s a product or a lead and you’re trying to
get leads or whatever at that moment you never know
gonna work best so you have to set up multiple ads like I’m saying up right
now but don’t worry it’s not gonna take nearly as long to set up the other ads
but you have to test up test all of these ads to figure out which does best
which targeting which placement you know which which age group and so on and so
on so even if you have a huge budget for ads you still want to do like
five-dollar ads because you’ll end up having ten twenty different ads and if
you know other people are teaching you to only have two or three ads that’s
wrong you have to set up a ton of ads in order to really figure out which ones
are doing best and then you simply turn off the ones that aren’t doing best for
example if I set up an ad targeting yoga mat and then I also set up an ad
targeting Lululemon and one was driving purchases for five dollars while the
other was driving purchases for twenty dollars it’s pretty clear that I want to
keep the ad that’s pert selling purchases or sending purchases for five
dollars over the twenty dollar one right so it’s pretty common sense but it’s
overlooked by a lot of people a lot of people will just throw all interests in
the one ad and then you know put the budget at a hundred dollars and then on
top of that Facebook you know their eyes light up if you go down here and you say
hey daily budget of $250 they’re gonna be like oh cool cool great bring it on
bring it on because I know you’re gonna have to set up multiple ad sets to
figure out your winning ads so if you set up one at 250 well I know there’s
more coming behind that so yeah it’s gonna be 500 now it’s gonna be a
thousand now is gonna be 2,000 and their eyes light up they send you a ton of
traffic that’s really expensive and you don’t get as good of results as somebody
who does a five dollar ad even if I’m doing a thousand dollars per day or a
hundred dollars per day or fifty dollars per day I do five dollar ads because
then I can take control and figure out which elements are working best and
that’s the biggest thing with Facebook ads is you have to have control and you
have to be testing to figure out which elements of your ads are doing best so
then down here you can pick conversions and I like to click one day
click dependent on the product if this is something I want them to buy today I
just do one day click if it’s something hey they might buy in a week after they
seen the ad they and then do seven days click or one day if you and you can play
around this is just another lever that you’ll have to pull I’m gonna do one day
click for now and then let’s see if there’s anything else here you’re
probably pretty good if you’ve watched this far so what we’re gonna do is gonna
hit continue and jump on to the next section alright so in this part this is
kind of the third page there’s three pages really to Facebook guys and you
want to click create a Facebook page if you do not have a page already this is
what you’re gonna be advertising from I have my page selected here so you can do
that really quickly but this is the kind of brand you’re gonna be advertising
from so if you have a yoga studio you’re gonna be advertising from that yoga
studio page right or if you have a restaurant you’re gonna be advertising
from that restaurant page and you can check out my other videos or if you want
me to talk more about how to setup a business page comment business page
below really simple to do it’s inside business settings you just click pages
or you can click this link right here but what I want to talk about now is
actually creating your ad because what you saw before was the targeting right
you want to target different people in different places of the world on your
different with your different placements on Facebook mobile only right but now
you want to target you want to actually create the advertisement that they’re
gonna see right so there’s three different formats and I only messed with
two of them carousel or single image or video okay so I guess that’s kind of
three this is this one the carousel but for now I’m gonna talk about single
image or video now video tends to convert the best simply because
everybody is doing video these days Facebook is extremely heavy on video and
they’re saying if you post videos we’re gonna give you cheaper results but that
being said images do well too because now everybody’s running towards video
you can still get away with doing images and
they’ll they’ll convert very well now carousels what these are if you look
down here it kind of are those ads that you can scroll through right there might
be three or four different images or an image and a video and so on and so on so
I would focus most my time if you’re just getting started the simplest way to
do this would be one single image now the second thing I would do and this is
why we set up different ads is because one might be targeting an image the
other might be targeting in a video and then the other one might be targeting a
carousel so remember to always split things apart five-dollar ad sets even
three dollars or two dollar ad sets right like don’t spend all of your money
on one single ad set or else you won’t be able to test these things for
yourself I’ve had you know I have experiences where hey an image ad will
do better than a video or this video ad will do better than a carousel or this
carousel ad will do better than all of them so focus on those three things
images videos and carousel and what’s cool is once you get a couple images
that work well or a couple of videos that work well you can turn those into
carousels right so in this example I’m just going to show you something I have
this product here that I’m gonna be using this image for my ad and I’ll show
you also how to find new stock images so if you don’t have any images right now
don’t worry you can click this button right here free stock image and I can
just type in yoga because this is the product right and you can see there’s a
ton of images you can use so for example with your images and your videos you
usually want to find something that is you know catch eye catching right they
will stop the person from scrolling so this lady right here doing like a
handstand thing that’s interesting that looks like one of my friends would have
posted it and like oh cool right the more you can skew to it not looking like
an ad and it looking more like a friend of yours post of it the better it’s
gonna do so always remember that when you’re setting up your ads try to make
it look not like an ad right so instead of
saying hey get 50% off or hey this that whatever like try to talk and make the
image look like it’s your best friend who posted it if you can do that and
execute that you will see better results than anybody else so that’s one of the
biggest tips I give my clients is when you’re thinking of how to write an ad
what images to use or which videos if you could see your friend posting it
that’s a good ad because people don’t like being advertised too but they they
like buying and they especially like buying if it looks like a friend post of
it so that’s one good image there I could make some other images here but
it’s really simple to do you just go through go through free stock images and
let’s see if we can find another one maybe we’ll go back to that Pizza
example right Pizza and let’s try to find the best Pizza image I like this
one I like cheese and it put it as ad too but I only want one ad because
remember we try to set up ads separately so we know exactly what works and you
can see okay well that’s pretty good Pizza image now you can see there’s
watermarks here don’t worry about those those disappear
once you actually launch the ad which is nice so one more thing I want to note is
up here I’m under create ad you can also use existing post this is a little bit
more advanced if you want me to dive into that comment use existing post
below just to give you a quick little teaser what this does is it allows you
to make posts that don’t necessarily look like ads they look more like a
friend’s post and if somebody likes it shares it comments let’s say you get a
hundred comments and and 200 likes on it in five shares well you want to be able
to use it in your next ad as well right and you’re following ads and you’re
following ads and that allows you to do that with use existing posts but it’s a
little advanced so just comment comment use existing posts below and Allah I’ll
make a full video on that as well just hit that subscribe that
like in that bill and you will be alerted when that video drops if you’re
interested in that but I want to make sure to get through this so you can see
how to launch your ad and then also test a lot of variations of your ad the right
way so I’m just gonna go ahead and add more images here I have this yoga image
that I got right off my store and so you can you can use those stock images you
can actually turn things into videos here by using templates and so on and so
on I’ll let you play around with that but at the end of the day remember to
make it look as friendly as possible test different images test different
videos test different carousels and I’ll show you carousels really quickly if I
select care so here I could say hey you know change image and you can go in here
and upload different images from your library so I could upload image and so
on and so on and it’s gonna look something like this now you can put up
multiple images select another image and so on and so on until you have this
carousel out but for now let’s focus on just the single image app because that’s
the simplest to show you right now and then if you want me to talk carousel ads
comment carousel ads below they convert very very well as well so do video ads
so comment video ads below if you want to know know that know more about those
as well I also have a ton of videos and at the end of this video I’m gonna show
you more strategies opposed to actually the tutorials so let’s get this finish
stuff and what I want to do is I want to grab my link to my store or wherever you
want to send them and where it says website URL you just post it in there
now the same thing goes for text like what are you gonna say to the people you
want to be as friendly as possible remember you want to act like you’re
their friend already you want to talk their language and so on and so on so
one of my favorite things to do is I like to go to Google and I like to type
in I like to try to speak the language that my customer is speaking for example
I’m not a you big yoga person right now but I sell yoga products how do I speak
to them without them thinking like you know I don’t know like how do I
connect with them right because it’s all about them scrolling through Facebook
seen an ad that they are like oh wow that really relates to me and then they
click on it and then I sell the product right so in your instance maybe you’re
selling a product maybe you have an app maybe you have a restaurant you want to
be able to speak to your customer the way they speak and then they’ll click
they’ll really they’ll really feel your ad and they’ll click on it and then buy
your product or visit your restaurant or whatever right so what I like to do is I
type yoga mat and then I type forum and this is going to show me a bunch of
forums of people talking about yoga mats and this is how I really hone in on how
people speak now this says I’m a longtime yoga guy and he’s asking about
is there a good all-around yoga mat available and this person says was not
aware member said I’m studio mat phobic so like I would have never thought of
that like so I tend to buy a new mat if stuck rather than rent one but my go-to
is always a cheap thick mat placed under a super thin mat and they says bolt our
bulletproof the cheaper would last so this is huge says I’m studio mat phobic
like I would never think of that I’m studio mat phobic I would hate to have
to use a nasty rented mat right there that piece of copy that I just wrote
that text really really relates to people that do yoga right I’ve been to a
few yo I’m not a yogi but I’ve been to a few yoga classes and I have that same
feeling like I have to use somebody else’s sweaty mat that’s kind of gross
but what I have ever thought of writing that no but when you do is you just type
in yoga mat and for and boom now you can read all of these
see exactly what they like like for example there’s some instances that it
needs to be a sticky mat and other instances it’s not important so you
really get to see how they explain things and how they speak and then you
use those words in your ads because now you have a leg up to somebody who just
says hey go buy my yoga mat it’s 50% off grab this ultra durable sticky
long-lasting long-lasting sticky mat now I I keep saying don’t like promote stuff
but like at the same time you do want to mention that it is a good offer that
won’t last long right you want to have some sort of
urgency so in your copy you could say something you know first you want to
connect with them you want to stop them and and make sure you connect with them
if you can get a laugh or some sort of emotion you’re gonna win the game right
so use the forum’s and then I’ll say like get this for 50% off today only so
I do use the 50% off I do put some urgency there but not until I really
relate with them and then you just put your website URL in there and then a
headline say no to nasty mats or you know something funny that you you came
you came across on the forum right it doesn’t have to necessarily be funny it
just has to really relate to them and as long as it relates to them in a unique
way your ads gonna do way way better and then the call to action you can say
whatever you want yeah there’s a bunch of things I could always shop now for
now but this is another lever that you can pull to test same with this headline
like I could say anything here and the way I look at Facebook ads you know even
though I’ve spent millions of dollars I still pretend like I don’t know anything
when it comes to headlines or texts or videos and what I mean by that is
you know I do know a lot but I test everything so I let the data tell me
which actually works and then what happens a lot of times is the things
that I think are gonna work like for example this headline it might not work
while the one that I think won’t work does work but the only way I can do that
is because I do low budgets five dollars a day and then I set up multiple ads
testing all of those different kind of hypothesis so news feed description this
is where you’ll actually control this text right here grab one of these
limited edition yoga mats today and then URL parameters this is
extremely advanced comment URL parameters if you want me to make a
video on that but don’t worry about that for your first hundred thousand dollars
of ads right like I didn’t start using these until like very recently so then
you go ahead and your ads done you can see my page of course I’m just using my
ad show page right now and then I wrote some copy based off of the forum and
then I put my link in and we’re good to go and we can launch this at so boom
confirmed now at this point if you haven’t run an ad before it’s gonna ask
you for your payment details put your payment details in but don’t worry
you’re only gonna be spending five dollars per day now you can see the
campaign and what I want to do really quickly before I get into more strategy
I’m gonna put a bunch of really great strategy trainings here at the end of
this so stick around because now you know how to do it literally but you’re
gonna want to have the strategy in order to really really excel and crush it with
Facebook Ads so make sure to stick around for that but right now I want to
show you how to get around ads manager and really work with it so you can see
optimal results and as you can see there’s really three tabs that I work at
the campaign tab which is the campaign I just made the ad sets tab as you can see
USA women 35-plus yoga mat facebook newsfeed so it tells me exactly who I’m
targeting right and then the last one is the
ads tab I forgot to name this and that’s probably good because now I can show you
how to rename things so if I select this right here I open up there’s a pencil
over here and you can see my ad right so I want to name this ad something that
would remind me of what it is so I would say yoga mat tick and phobic because I
will remind me of my copy so I like to name the ad whatever the image or the
video is and then I also like to name it the copy because you know in the future
and I’ll show you how to do this I’m gonna be testing different different
types of copy different types of interests and so on and I want to be
able to see those things now whenever you make a change you have to click
review and in publish up here and then publish like that but most of your work
is going to be done in this ad set tab right here so I’m gonna show you really
quickly you see the five dollar budgets now if you got a twenty dollar budget
this is the way to do it I would go ahead and duplicate this select it right
there duplicate it and then I would duplicate it three times let’s assume my
budget is twenty dollars per day duplicate now what that’s going to do is
simply make three of the same ads what I’m gonna do is close this and I’m gonna
work on one ad so I’m only going to select one the ones that you are haven’t
uploaded and aren’t you know active yet or in green the ones that are in review
or active are in gray so you can kind of see five dollar budget and so on let me
click edit with the pencil and this one you can see it’s a duplicate it’s a copy
of the other one so I’m a delete copy and I want to target and this is where I
go back to my targeting because the last one I’m targeting yoga mat right this
one I want to target Lululemon so i’ma delete yoga mat Lulu
lemon and then I’m gonna copy that in the name so now I’m only targeting
Lululemon women 35 plus in the US so up here I want say USA women 35 plus
instead of yoga mat I want to put in a Lululemon so I close this out and now
you can see I have one targeting yoga mat one targeting Lululemon so I’m gonna
be able to see ok well the yoga mat one did really well and the Lululemon women
one didn’t do well right or the other way around but at the end of the day if
you set up your ads with you know a bunch of budget 2030 dollars all going
to one group of interests you’re not gonna know which one did well so for
this third one I’m gonna target something else so instead of yoga mat or
Lululemon let’s see what else I can target so what you can do is you can
just type in yoga here and see if there’s okay yoga pants it gives me a
good interest there I delete the other one I copy this and it says yoga pants
1.9 million people I could target I’m gonna delete the copy and yoga pants
boom just like that so now I have three different ads they’re all going to the
same same image and copy and then this last one I want to try one more so let’s
go ahead and see what else we can have on yoga yoga and let’s let’s target
hatha yoga boom just like that and then delete that and put that in there and
now you can see one starting off that yoga one sorry in yoga pants once
targeting Lululemon once targeting yoga mat now what I want to do is I want to
name this what I like to do is I like to make a campaign for each different
creative and this is kind of getting a little a little advanced but don’t worry
you got it and I like to put my name of the interests actually in the campaign
level so may yoga mat and then this is the the ad name remember it’s a yoga mat
pic plus the phobic copy and I click publish and now I know this
campaign it’s going all to that creative and that that text and inside of it I
have four different ad sets targeting different interests now the way I
usually do it is I’ll set up ten different ads maybe at $3 apiece or $2
apiece and all going to different interests and then I want to set up a
new campaign right or I want to set up a new type of image or a video what I
would do is instead of messing around with this one I would go over here and
create duplicate on the campaign level so I’m taking that whole campaign
duplicating it and it has the same interest targeting for ads in that
campaign right but in this ad set level I would go
ahead and change the image now right so now I can figure out okay what image is
doing best so I’ll click change image and you could upload a new image here
you could test the video but that’s really how I set it up and it’s really
about testing all of these different variables whether it’s image whether
it’s video whether it’s a different type of copy test things one at a time
throughout all of your ads whether it’s different targeting whether it’s
different you know whatever it might be the the biggest levers and Facebook ads
I can tell you this right now is your creative is number one so if you find a
new creative or you test ten different type types of creative every single day
you will find creatives and when I say creative I mean images or videos or
carousels that does way better than the rest so as
long as you test those every single day you’ll find new creators that do well
the second biggest lever is your audience so you want to test different
interests you want to test different look-alike audiences which I didn’t even
touch on here because that’s a little more advanced but a lot of my audiences
are look-alikes or custom audiences comment custom audience or look-alike
below if you want to learn more about that I already have videos on it on my
channel and I’ll dive into a more here at the end of this video but now
you know my strategy and how to set up a Facebook Ads and be extremely profitable
with them now what I want to do is of course if you have questions for me I’ve
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have a team set up and myself that we help people that hey maybe this was you
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strategies like for example what size of audience should you be targeting on
Facebook Ads should it be a million people should be a hundred thousand
people should it be a ten thousand people how to write your Facebook Ads so
they sell you know how to write copy I’m gonna go even deeper into that in this
video right here so stick around how to make ads that convert how to get
more sales with Facebook ads I’m literally giving all of my knowledge
away for 100% free how to get conversions clicks for cheaper than
anybody else I go into that right after this how to explode your return on
adspend so maybe you’ve heard of row as let’s return on adspend
I’m gonna show you how to get better row as than anybody else out there how to
get your click-through rate up meaning if a thousand people go through your
through Facebook and see your ad how to get that click-through rate to 8% 9%
opposed to 1% right if you have a higher click-through rate you will get better
results and how to analyze the data I’d even touch on analyzing data yeah I just
got the ads launched by the way you want to hit review and publish and then it
publishes the ads how to make your ads go viral because if your ads go viral
then you will have success forever right because now you don’t have to
spend money on the ads and they’re going viral and then definitely last last but
definitely not least in this video here I’m gonna show you how to automate your
success so you can take what you’ve learned today and everything else that
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I’ll see you on the other side so in this video I’m gonna show you exactly
how big your Facebook audience should be when you’re running Facebook Ads go
ahead and like and subscribe and stick around till the end because I’m gonna
give you something really cool that’s gonna help you absolutely crush Facebook
Ads so you might be frustrated because
or just not converting or there’s fluctuation you know one day they’re
doing well and one day they’re not or you just don’t know what size of
audience to be targeting on Facebook ads to get the best conversions and I’m
gonna help you here because it’s really cool once you get your audience down and
the audience size and you have the perfect audience all you have to do to
scale your business is turn up the budget on your Facebook Ads I mean if
you’re putting $5 in getting $10 out and you just turn up your ads that can scale
for forever which is really really awesome and I want to get you there when
I first started Facebook ads I didn’t really know how big of an audience I
should be targeting and I saw some audiences for like 5,000 people some for
like 50 million people and I was kind of lost but now I’ve got a strategy that I
want to share with you right now so the size of audience really does matter
because what happens sometimes if your audience is too small you might get some
conversions and that’s great and you get all excited but then when you go to
raise the budget it quickly after like a week or two you know you you run through
your whole audience and it’s kind of like a false sense of hope that I really
really do not like so what I try to do when targeting the United States I
always try to have a minimum of 50,000 people in that audience and now that
might sound low to a lot of people but my you know from my my test I can kill
it with 50,000 people minimum and if I can’t get 50,000 people in my audience
I’m targeting some interest I will stack a couple more interests in there until I
have 50,000 people because that will give me at least you know a little bit
of runway in case the ads do work then it won’t they won’t like die out like a
5,000 person audience would and like a week or so so if it’s less than 50,000 I
stack in more more interests and you know the reason the reason we keep it
above 50,000 is just so we can actually scale a little bit with the exception of
high ticket products sometimes you can go down to 25,000 but 50,000 is the
general rule and what we really do focus on most
the time is look alikes if you look at our ad accounts right now you know 90%
of our profitable ads are through look-alike audiences but when you get
started with Facebook ads or a new campaign you want to use interest
because you don’t have those look like audiences but once I do get to look like
audiences you know it gets really easy because Facebook makes us look like
audiences you know at a million people so your audience can be a million or
more now I use 1% 2% all the way up to 20% so those audiences could get really
big totally depends on the product but when you’re looking at look-alike
audiences of course you want to stay with a minimum of a million people and
you can actually bring those audiences down a little bit by doing some extra
layer layering of targeting on there but always stay above fifty thousand people
and that kind of brings me to my next point if you’re targeting outside the
United States I bring that look-alike number down to
like two hundred thousand because Australia you know it’s just smaller
than the US so there’s you know there’s not as many people to target but that’s
fine I still keep my like fifty thousand minimum when I do use interest so in
countries like Australia or New Zealand that are smaller you might have to stack
some more interest in there because you just don’t want that false hope right
you don’t want to see a converting ad and then be like dang and it only worked
for a week that’s fine if you want to play that game but you’re always going
to be trying to find new audiences I’d rather stack three or four audiences to
keep it above fifty thousand and like I said use look-alikes as much as possible
and you won’t really have to worry about this another topic is overlapping
audiences which I you know don’t even don’t even think about because I’m
launching so many ads and just trying to find my audiences I’ll make a different
video about that but at the end of the day in summary you want to find
audiences that are a minimum fifty thousand people you know there’s a
common myth out there that you can only target audiences or you should only
target audiences between 1 and 3 million people I hear it all the time I don’t
know why it’s those numbers but I’m here to tell you you know if
you want to kind of separate yourself from the pack if everybody’s doing 1 to
3 million person audiences well go ahead and do something different get 50,000
100,000 200,000 300,000 people audiences and you won’t have as much competition
yes they won’t last for years on end but they can do really really well so go
ahead and try that in review shoot for 50k minimum if it’s under 50k stack your
interest because it’s you know just easier to scale if it’s over 50k and
inside the US when you’re using look-alikes do a million people minimum
you can you can stack it put interest on top of look-alikes if you want to lower
that a little bit and then outside the US it’s 200k minimum for me with
look-alikes but if it’s interest 50k minimum don’t be afraid to go lower just
because everybody says a million plus let me know your results below I would
love to hear and use as many look-alikes as possible so if you want to absolutely
crush Facebook ads and have audience’s interest audiences look-alike audiences
made for you and then launched into your ads I’m talking like make a hundred
audiences in like two minutes and then launch them over a week or two
I invite you to check out ad show there’s a free demo you can click the
link below you can talk to myself or my team to strategize exactly how it will
work for you and like I said it’s gonna find you a ton of audiences that help
you absolutely crush and get reliably low CPAs and kill it with Facebook Ads
so going on in this video I’m gonna show you exactly how to write Facebook Ads
that sell this will drastically decrease your cost per conversion and help you
explode your business so go ahead and like this video subscribe and make sure
to stick around till the end because I’ve got something that’s gonna help you
absolutely crush Facebook Ads so if you’re tired of your ads just not
converting the way they should be or you feel like you have a good product or
service but your ads just aren’t driving the people to that product or service or
you’re tired of seeing everybody else just absolutely crush Facebook ads and
you just don’t the formula down yet I’m gonna show you
exactly how you can start writing Facebook ads that sell it I’m talking
about the copy here so you’ll be able to write ads that relate to people and get
them to click on your ad and then you can convert them on your page so it’s
really neat because once you’re able to write Facebook ads that sell if you’re
running multiple businesses or just one business whatever you’ll be able to
relate to your customers so well that whatever business you touch will be able
to write profitable Facebook ads right you’ll be able to write Facebook ads
that sell whether you’re you’re trying to get app downloads or you have a SAS
product or you’re selling stuff on Shopify whatever you’re doing I’m gonna
teach you exactly how to relate to your customers so that they click through on
your ads every single time and it’s gonna be like a superpower because then
you’ll be able to help other people out if you have an agency whatever you’ll
have this superpower of being able to write Facebook ads that sell every
single time so when I first started with Facebook ads I was testing everything
but I wasn’t getting the best results and one thing I quickly realized was I
was testing everything except my writing skills and my copy skills I didn’t
realize how important that was looking back on it it’s like duh that’s
important that’s one of the first things they see they see your creative and they
see your copyright so nowadays I have figured out a formula and a strategy to
crush it with all Facebook Ads doesn’t matter if you’re running app
install ads or e-commerce ads or your rent agency abs or b2b ad whatever if
you learn how to write really great Facebook ads they will sell so the first
thing you want to do is to just make sure to increase the amount of copy that
you’re writing and that you’re testing so for example right now if you go into
your ad account and you see that you have a couple different types of copy
that you’ve written out for ads we’ll make sure to like 10x that so you know
this week sit down and just maybe you’re on an airplane or on the way to work or
whatever write out ten different
styles of coffee even if it’s the same product just write them in different
ways and you’ll see different results you launch those kill off the losers
really really quickly and then you’ll be stuck with these like top 20% which will
be amazing especially when you combine it with the other things I’m about to
teach you right here so start looking on your Facebook and look at current
customers or your competitors customers look at their Facebook’s look at how
they speak try to pick up different types of lingo that they use you know
might be slang might be just like different words they that they use for
their industry look at how they write copy it down onto a piece of you know a
notepad or whatever and start using those in your upcoming ads literally
copy paste their words and you will relate so much better to them then start
rewriting all of your past ads but use their words instead of your words this
was one of the things that just went right over my head I’m at the start but
nowadays this I typically just use my customers words and figure out what
their problems are and then I just put those in my ads and they just you know
the click-through rate goes goes crazy and at some other places you can find
like how your customers speak or your competitors customers speak our forums
or Facebook groups go in there and figure out exactly what their pain point
is though you know go complain about like man I’ve been trying to lose weight
for so long it’s so frustrating copy paste into your ad maybe change it up a
little bit and boom you’re gonna have a much higher click-through rate and then
what else you can do is you can send out email blasts if you have an email list
or you have a Facebook group or a messenger bot list ask them one question
you know what is your biggest struggle when it comes to whatever your product
service you know fixes right and they will tell you exactly what their problem
is screenshot those you know keep building them up and like right now I
have a list of a thousand screenshots of exactly what my perfect
customer you know what their problem is and they say it in their own words so I
use those words in my coffee for my ads and that relates so much better to them
then if I were to just like guessing chicken that’s exactly what I did before
I used to just say you know like hey buy my product it does this this and this
and that was like a pushy tactic that didn’t always relate to my whole segment
of clients that I was trying to attract right so if you use their words that
they tell you what their problem is then you’re gonna relate soso much better and
then test different types like for example what I’ve been talking about
right now is like trying to use their words to identify their problem so you
can relate but then you also want to try other types of copies so for example you
should have like 10 20 30 different answers from your customers or you
looked at their Facebook page so you have all these different types of copy
that are the types of copy that you’re just trying to relate and then fix their
pain point but then you can try other types of copy as in you know showing off
features of if you have an app or a store showing off features of that
product and say hey it does this this and this okay that’s one type of copy
and then maybe another type of copy is showing off one feature your top feature
right so that’s another type of copy and then another one could be like a urgency
tactic right hey this is only here for 24 more hours so that’s another type and
then you could get like kind of pushy in one of your ads and say hey you know
this isn’t only here for 12 more hours we are sold out you have to buy it today
that’s another type and the key is to figure out all of these different types
of copy that you could try and then launch them to your ads see which one’s
perform because the way I do it is I pretend I don’t know anything these days
I don’t know you know you know I know of course when my product does but I don’t
know what copy is gonna relate to them so I test tens or twenties or hundreds
of different types of copy and then I quickly see okay well this one did well
while this 80% didn’t do well and that’s fine you just want to kill off the
losers quickly and then you keep the winners you scale them up and then you
really just relate to their pain points and tests as much
as possible and that’s how you do it that’s how you write Facebook ads that
sell I could go on for hours and hours about this and exactly how you can write
out different features and using an urgency scarcity all that good stuff but
at the end of the day you just want to have all these different tactics that
you use to create you know hundreds of different types of copy and then you
just launch them to your Facebook Ads and you let the data tell you where to
go from here the data is gonna say hey 80% of those sucked which is fine
20% we’re great okay let’s keep these let’s jot them down let’s keep it in
mind and let’s use them in other elements of our ads and just like that
that’s how you write Facebook ads that sell so it’s funny a lot of clients or
potential clients that I talk to entrepreneurs business owners they think
that you know their coffee is right on and I look into their account and they
have like two or three different tests running and then I’m just like okay well
I can definitely help you and a lot of the times we take them on and boom
within the first week twenty to thirty percent gains because we go in and we
look at what works for them we look at their customers we look at their
competitors and how they speak and then we launch like twenty or thirty
different types of coffee and simply just kill off the 80% that don’t work
and we see this huge increase in click-through rate and conversions and
like I said just right off the bat that happens all the time twenty to thirty
percent improvement just like that so in review test way more use automation to
test look at your Facebook pages look at how
they you know the your customers speak and use their actual verbage rewrite the
ads in their words solving the problem that they told you that they have go to
forums groups you know send out email blasts and out messenger blasts get them
to tell you exactly what their problem is and then you solve that problem
inside of the ad with your products your app whatever and if it’s not a you know
if you don’t have a service that’s like fixing a problem that’s totally fine as
well why do you want the sweatshirt why do you want
you know this shirt why do you want to play this game and they’ll tell
you exactly why and then you use that in the ads and then test all types of copy
you know use the ones I told you about using their words test copy showing off
features test copy you know being a little pushy and just see what works
best and what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna imagine you have a thousand
customers right you know twenty percent is gonna work that you know you copy
that’s talking about features is gonna work for twenty percent of the audience
but the copy that’s pushy is gonna work for another fifteen percent of the off
audience and the the copy that you’re relating to them is gonna work for
another thirty percent so you gotta kind of imagine it everybody’s a little bit
different and they take a little bit type of different copy to kind of relate
to and convert on so just test as much as possible at the end of the day and
you will absolutely crush it now if you want to work with us or use our our
software that actually automates the testing of all of this copy for example
will launch like ten twenty different types of copy into our software and then
it will blast it out over the next week or so and tell us exactly hey this these
are your winners these are your losers and it helps you scale Facebook Ads
click the link below and you can book a free demo to get add chill and to talk
to myself or my team and absolutely crushing with Facebook Ads what’s going
on in this video I’m gonna show you exactly how to make Facebook ads that
convert like crazy so go ahead and like subscribe and make sure to stick around
till the end where I give you something really cool that’s gonna help you crush
it with Facebook Ads so if you’re tired of your Facebook Ads
that just are not converting you see everybody else killing it with Facebook
Ads but yours aren’t doing what they should be doing this video is going to
help you or if you feel like you have an amazing product app or service that you
want to get into the hands of people and it’s just you’re just having a hard time
getting the people to get to your product service in a reasonable manner
without spending too much money and make sure that they’re profitable people then
watch this video so it’s a really big opportunity because once you do
converting Facebook Ads once you start to use the strategies I’m about to teach
you and you’re as convert day after day hour after hour whether you’re sleeping
eating out with family whatever your business is gonna go like this because
before your business was relying on email and you know SEO and stuff that’s
slow and boring but Facebook ads are fast and make fortunes I tried to do
something there but it didn’t really work so anyways when I first started
with Facebook guys you know I was in the position where I was trying to be that
growth hacker testing all these different things they would grow my
business really fast but then not work for the next three months so it was kind
of this endless loop and then wasn’t really growing because I would go right
so once I finally figured out hey if I could pay a certain amount per
conversion and I could get more money on the back end then my business would grow
infinitely I should do that so how do I do that
Facebook Ads I dove in a few years ago and I obsess over them like eight hours
a day just in there cranking out different ads testing everything and now
I have a strategy that works for you write this down
a CE o a CE o audience creative offer audience creative offer those are the
three things within a Facebook ad that make them convert so let me go ahead and
talk to you about that and figure and show you exactly how that works so
audience that’s the first thing you want to test ten times as many audiences go
ahead and make a custom audience inside of Facebook ads for every single thing
you possibly can so everybody who’s been to your website everybody who is you
know purchase something everybody who’s booked a call everybody who’s been to
your blog everybody who’s been to your app whatever make a custom audience for
every single thing on your website inside your app wherever your
conversions are make a custom audience for all of them and then make custom
audiences for every video you’ve made five you know 10 seconds 25% 50% 75% and
so on and so on and custom audience for people who’ve
been gay with your page people who have sent you
a message and you can see this list goes on and on and on and you’ll have a list
of like 30-plus custom audiences you can make and what is gonna happen there is
you can then start retargeting those custom audiences it’s the lowest hanging
fruit but most people are only doing retargeting if any just to a couple
custom audiences like their Add to Cart or their view content I want you to set
up a small budget retargeting campaign going to each of those custom audiences
even if it’s a dollar per day even at $1 per day you will see results because
those people are warm they already know about your product or service and they
are interested so make sure to follow them around the web and then remember a
CEO ten ten times everything a CEO all audiences whatever how many however many
audiences you’re testing now do 10 times as many and kill the losers really
really quickly and scale the winners so if you’re thinking hey my conversions
are too expensive to test that many ads like maybe it’s a ten dollar purchase or
a twenty dollar purchase or a hundred or whatever it might be well look at the
ads that you have running that show a good purchase amount and then scroll
back to a higher lower level conversion like click right so you see okay this ad
says ten dollars and that is a perfect ad for me what’s the cost per click on
that now take that take note to that cost per click and then with all of
these new ads you’re launching you’ll actually base them off cost per click so
for example if that cost per click of your perfect ad was $1 then never let an
ad run more than $1 if it doesn’t have a click or two if it has a click or two
now you know you can get 50 cent clicks now you chase that and you just keep
competing with yourself and you will crush it like I said killed losers quick
and scale winners use automation tools whenever possible if you can have a tool
that launches all of these look-alike audiences and all of these different
creative tests for you and then just automatically turns off the ones that go
over $1 CPC or whatever your conversion is then you’re gonna save a ton of time
you’re gonna launch way more ads and I absolutely crush it for every single
client I bring on because they’re usually focused on their business
they’re not focused on launching a ton of ads every single day like will
literally launch hundreds of ads kill the losers really quickly and just let
that 20 percent of winners go ahead and crush it for us so we’re happy our
clients are happy and it’s really fun so test every look-alike possible and then
test every video possible it doesn’t matter if it’s a polished video or like
a scrappy video I’ve mentioned this before but we’ve had clients come to us
with huge budgets and you know a million bucks per month and they have these
amazing videos and then I’ll just run like some tests of some scrappy videos
that I like through together and they’ll be like what is this and almost kind of
get mad at me until I show them the data of how my crappy video actually
outperformed their like expensive paulus video sometimes you know they’re big
brands and they don’t want it even with the great conversions but it’s amazing
to see like you know we’ll get a conversion for half the price of their
conversions because people see these polished videos and they’re like oh I
don’t I don’t want any ads but then they see my crappy video and they’re like oh
this is probably my buddy posting this or something and they click on the ad so
it’s just like that and that works really well so make as many videos as
possible even if you don’t have a budget to like pay somebody make videos make
them with your phone make them within shot and so on and so on
automate as much as possible you can use tools like add chill to launch all of
these look-alikes all these videos and then the oh so I went over audience look
like audiences creative always use a video test like 10 15 20 videos and then
your offer you can kind of whether you’re selling one product or molded
products for each product you can construe a different type of offer with
your words you know if I’m selling a water bottle for example one day I could
say you know this water bottle is gonna keep you
extremely hydrated list out some features you should click here and buy
it okay the next day I could say and a
different type of coffee I could say hey this water bottle there’s only a hundred
left go ahead and grab yours now okay that’s one that’s a two totally
different offers gonna like relate to – totally
different people and then I another one I could say you know today only it’s 50%
off and then another one I could say don’t you feel so much better when
you’re hydrated and so on and so on so you can see there’s an endless amount of
offers you can make for the same product there’s an endless amount of videos you
can make for the same product of the same service and there’s an endless
amount of look-alike audiences and interest audiences you can test now the
key is to just make sure you can do it in a short time so you can do it every
day so use automation tools to do that and that’s really really it the last
thing I want to go over is retargeting you know I talked about it a little bit
earlier really really focus on retargeting because this is how it goes
you know I’m sorry to say it and it took it hurt me too but people don’t care at
all about your product or your service all they care about are their results
and usually they’re scrolling through Facebook or Instagram
they hate ads and they don’t care at all right so those people they don’t know
anything about your product they’re cold cold traffic they don’t know about you
they don’t care about you nothing but retargeting traffic traffic they are
already in your custom audiences they know about your product so if you set up
ads retargeting ads going towards those people they’re so much more likely to
convert because they are aware of their problem they’re aware of your product
and then now they’re becoming aware oh you have a solution for me okay so if
you set a retargeting that’s the lowest hanging fruit and that’s where you’ll
make quick money quick sales quick clients whatever you’re doing that that
that’s the easiest start to get started so so if your retargeting set up a ton
of different offers for retargeting using different videos I’m testing all
of those different custom audiences and then scale out to look-alikes and in
cold traffic a lot of business owners I talked to you know we have a ton clients
that we have to turn down because you know for whatever reasons but a lot do
come to us and they say hey you know I heard you know so-and-so down the street
business owner was extremely well with Facebook ads but I
can’t do that because I don’t have the right type of business right and I’m
just like what do you what do you mean does your customer have a cell phone
are they connected to Facebook or Instagram and it’s always yes the answer
is always yes then you do have the right type of business it doesn’t matter if
you’re selling to other businesses you know if you’re selling b2b you might
want to start my business but who runs my business a person mean and what do I
do I scroll through Facebook and Instagram
so it doesn’t matter if you’re doing b2b b2c
you’re selling clothes you’re selling you know contracts we have clients that
are you know selling contracts for thousands and thousands of dollars per
month and then we have clients who are selling $10 widgets it doesn’t matter
everybody is connected to Facebook or Instagram so in review guys a CEO is the
biggest thing to remember audience creative an offer as long as you ten
times you 10x everything you do and you’re testing more audiences more
creatives and more offers you will keep dwindling down your CPA your cost per
acquisition no matter what every single day or every single day you’re testing
something new just make just like if you if you do one thing every day test one
new thing on Facebook ads and every week you’ll see 10% better or 10% better or
10% better then you’ll get to this point where all of your ads are super
profitable and your business is growing like this and you will have to start
turning away leads like we do we have clients coming to us and we have to say
no sometimes we have to pick and choose who we work with simply because we have
too many people coming in the door because we have our facebook ads on
point now you know test ten times as many of all a cos and then 80/20 things
right so 80% expect them to be losers kill them off kill them off quick don’t
spend too much money look at the CPC kill them off of quick twenty percent
are gonna be your winners and let those ride or scale them up let’s see what
else use automation tools like add shell I’ll talk to you about that in a second
test every look-alike possible test different videos test different
offers and you will see better results and then set up retargeting as soon as
possible so if you want to have to absolutely crush it like we are and
we’re doing with our clients you remember remember audience creative an
offer well ad to actually test all those three
things for you so you can do like eight hours of work in like five minutes
launch a ton of ads if you want to work with us and use our software click the
link below to understand free to get a free demo of AD chill make sure it’s a
good fit for you and then we can move on from there also what’s going on guys so
right here right now I’m gonna show you exactly how to get more sales with your
Facebook Ads whether that sales for your ecommerce store or sales for your high
ticket b2b product whatever like and subscribe and I will show you exactly
how to do that so if you’re tired of seeing everybody else crush it with
Facebook Ads and you’re not able to crack that code I’m gonna help you do
that right here right now if you’re having a lot of people come to your
website but they’re not converting into sales I want to show you exactly how to
do that and if you want to you know live that life that you see others living
with Facebook and they saying hey I’m killing it with Facebook Ads you know
sending me buyers all the time if you want to live that life where you know
for a fact you’re getting new buyers and new sales every single day keep watching
and I will show you just that it’s a huge opportunity right if you do crack
the code of Facebook ads and you get sales you’re gonna get them 24/7 you’re
gonna be able to spend your time on building your business your brand right
wow you have Facebook ads saying hey here’s buyers buyers buyers buyers let
me know what that’s gonna do to your business because I know it has
absolutely helped me scale all of my businesses and all of my clients
businesses over the past couple years since I jumped into facebook ads because
I was that growth hacker right trying to find all these different ways to you
know grow my businesses you know whether it is my ego more might have business or
my b2b business all these little hacks that would work for maybe a week a month
two months whatever but in the end of the day they wouldn’t work in long-term
way like Facebook Ads do now so I jumped in I totally mastered
them and all of my business clients businesses are killing it so the
first thing you want to do in order to get more sales with Facebook Ads is to
test more ads you have to test everything and I’m talking you know like
a lot more 10x everything if you’re testing 10 ads per week right now or 10
ads per month test a hundred focus on your audience your creative and your
offer a co audience creative offer so you want to set every single custom
audience and look like audience you want to test as many videos as possible even
if they’re silly videos test it you don’t know and then you want to test all
of your different copy all your different offers spin things say
different things connect to people talk like they talk and you will crush it
with Facebook guys next thing is on your landing page or your store page make
sure there’s a couple of things urgency to make them buy today scarcity
and some social proof so they see other people are buying this product and it’s
very scarce they have to buy it today right and then secondly you want to make
sure there’s you know you can still some trust and still some trust with your
user or your buyer your potential buyer and show them you know testimonials if
you have them or comments of people saying hey I got my product and it’s
awesome make sure that you know low pop-up comes up and says hey boom that
person just bought make sure to talk about your return policy make sure you
have a phone number and an email address make sure you have all of these badges
these trust badges on your store or on your page and your conversion rate will
go up it’s about balancing that conversion rate so you get as many sales
as possible for as little Facebook ad spend as possible and then run new ads
every single day no matter what whether you’re sick or you’re tired or whatever
at least launch one new ad it could just be a simple change in copy saying hey
you know Yatta Yatta it’s 50% off today or oh my
god what would it feel like when you do get your brand new cell phone or what
would it feel like when you do hit a jackpot in my game whatever whatever
like it doesn’t matter what you try just make sure you’re always trying different
things within your copy which is your offer testing or things in your videos
and try to speak to them like they speak to you and you will see a compounding
effect at the end of the day because every single person that has come to me
and my company to get help with Facebook Ads
they’re not testing enough ads and once we test enough ad form they see 30 40 50
percent better conversions and many more sales so a lot of business owners think
that there’s like some set price with Facebook ads and that you know you have
to pay what you have to pay for each impression but that’s just 100% not true
you know we had a client just a couple months ago come to us and he’s doing
$1,000 per month and we started testing different offers testing different
creative testing different audiences and now he’s doing like 50k plus per month
every single month like clockwork because we took him from where he
thought he was running Facebook Ads to how we run ads 10x SEO audience creative
offer if you do that you will get better conversions you will get more sales and
I’m happy to share this with you and help however I can
but in review essentially you want to test more ads a CEO scarcity social
proof and urgency trust badges return policy support number end email and then
run new ads every single day no matter what and you will see a compounding
effect and your sales come in for a cheaper price with your Facebook Ads so
what’s going on in this video right here I’m going to show you how to cut your
conversion costs by half on Facebook Ads so make sure to subscribe and hit that
thumbs up if you like this content if you’re tired of seeing all of the
youtubers the face boogers all that absolutely crushing it on Facebook ads
you hear other business owners saying hey you know we make all our money on
Facebook ads because we buy a user for ten dollars or buy a buyer or a client
for ten bucks and monetize them at 50 a hundred that’s how it works
but if you’re tired of not getting those results this video is for you you know
if you have tried to star Facebook Ads and you just haven’t be able to been
able to kind of crack the code I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that here and
lastly you might have a good offer you might have a good product or whatever
you know your service product whatever is you might believe in it but for some
reason people aren’t you know getting from the
Facebook ad – inside of your bank account
well I’m gonna show you exactly how to do this and once you’re able to do this
your business is gonna exponentially explode because 24/7 whether you’re
sleeping whether you’re out with your family whether you’re traveling whatever
you’re doing Facebook’s are always going to be
driving you more traffic more users more clients more buyers whatever all day
long now what’s going to happen to your business there I’m gonna show you
exactly how to cut those conversions in half if you’re running Facebook ads or
you’re not yet let me show you exactly how to do this I was that entrepreneur
running multiple businesses when somebody that asked me what I did I
would say you know I have an econ business app business apps business a
b2b business all these things but at the same time they were all doing okay right
because I was that growth hacker trying to figure out hey you know if I did this
I could get a bunch of users or if I did this I get a bunch of clients or if I
did this I could get a bunch of downloads or if I did this I could get a
bunch of sales on my Shopify store and it would work you know for a couple
weeks a month I’d find that secret I would work really hard I’d bladestorm
all the time and figure out hey how do I do this but the thing was it wasn’t
consistent growth you know you know it worked for a month but then it would
dwindle off until I jumped into facebook ads took it very seriously and now I’m
here you know a few years later after working inside Facebook ads every single
day testing everything and literally any business I touch I have like the magic
stick right any business I touch is gonna grow so all of my businesses are
questioning now all of my clients businesses are crushing it because I
figured out the formula and that formula comes down to AC Oh first off get
started with Facebook Ads if you’re not but then remember AC of audience
creative offer those are the three things if you test every single day and
you tested four angles you will crush it your Facebook ad conversions will drop
by half at least everybody that comes with us and works with us sees at least
30% better conversions mostly 40 50 60 so that’s
the first thing get started if you haven’t and if you have already started
test 10 times more the more shots you take the more you score at the end of
the day start testing more interests here’s one little tip for you is go to
your you know current customers or customers of your competitors and look
at their Facebook page look at what they like look at what they share and look at
these likes and then go to audience insights or add show and put those
interests in and see what else pops out you’re gonna see all of these similar
interests high affinity interests that you can then put into your Facebook Ads
test one interest per ad and if you test ten twenty thirty fifty interests you’re
gonna have the 80/20 rule show up really quickly and you kill off eighty percent
and you scale or keep the same those twenty that are working so the more
interest you tests the more winning interest you find and as long as you
test them separately so test as many interests as possible and create custom
audiences if you I’m sure you know you’ve heard of custom audiences if you
haven’t tested every single custom audience go back right now I talked to
you know clients who come to me and say that hey we’re crushing with Facebook at
100k a month whatever cool well I look at their custom audiences and I see well
they have four or five custom audiences okay that’s okay but what about all the
others you know 10-second video of you twenty five percent 50 percent seventy
five percent 95 percent video view that’s already five post engagers page
engages page messengers post CTA clickers and I’ve even gotten to the
page yet people who land on your page you will add the car people booked a
call people who purchase and so on and so on and so on you can build all of
these different custom audiences and I just named like 15 but I could probably
rattle off 30 years so and you want to build all of these custom audiences and
make sure there’s at least one ad in your account for each custom audience
that’s just retargeting even if it’s a couple bucks a day each audience is
extremely valuable and if you see that don’t work that’s fine but you know if
I’m competing with you and I’m testing everything I can on Facebook ads and
you’re testing just what you think is gonna work I’m gonna win because I’m not
thinking all I know is Facebook ads is a tool I can use and there’s all of these
different little tweaks you can make as in hey I can test every interest I can
test all thousand interests or I can test ten that I think are gonna work I
pretend I don’t know anything and test everything so if I test every custom
audience I’m gonna find little secrets that my competitors will not find so if
you go do that you will Excel and your CPA whatever
your cost per conversion is now it’s gonna drop in half if you do this every
single day remember a CEO audience creative and offer so let’s move on to
the creative so actually before moving on the crater creative I want to talk
about looking like audiences look like audiences are pretty much saying hey
Facebook I want more people that look like my custom audiences so I want more
people who look like my purchasers I want more people that look like the
people that book the call I want more people who look like the people want
landing on my page and make look like audiences one to ten percent even up to
twenty percent if you use tools like add show and build these look like audiences
at the same scale as you did before with the custom audiences so you built 40
custom audiences let me make one through twenty percent off of every single one
of those custom audiences and then boom you have hundreds of look-alike
audiences you just launch them to your ads with an automation tool so you don’t
have to do one by one and the next day you see okay well these didn’t convert
well let me turn them off but this twenty percent absolutely crushing it
better than I have ever seen before and that’s what I wake up for every single
morning I get so hyped because I know yesterday I launched all of these new
ads with all these new angles a CEO and what happened is 80% loss 20% absolutely
crushed it so you’re looking for that 20% and you
will find winners off of look-alike audiences now you created a creative may
you’re using video if you’re not already using video you can make simple videos
it can be slideshow videos with tools like add to or Animoto it can be you
know face videos it can be videos off in shot app it can be videos text videos
whatever you can do to make even an image into a video you will get better
results and make sure to test different angles even angles that you think might
not work because you know what happens to me most of time is I’ll be like silly
and like test this or that and like oh there’s no way that’s gonna work but I
know in my mind I don’t know anything so I test it and it works so what if I
did test it because I didn’t think it was gonna work you know that’s like when
clients come to me they say you know we we don’t want to test that because we
don’t think it’s gonna work well did you test it so we’ll test it and what
happens sometimes it doesn’t work yeah sure but sometimes it works and and this
whole you know kind of process of testing everything because you don’t
know anything the only thing that knows anything is your client and the data you
got to test everything so test all the types of idios and then it comes your
offer so remember a CEO audience creative offer so offer is a lot in your
copywriting as well so I have one product for example if I was selling
this iPhone I could sell it in so many different ways I could say hey 50% off
today boom that’s one cup one type of offer and then the next day buy one get
one free boom same pretty much the same thing but
that’s a different type of offer and the next day I could say hey it’s Black
Friday boom that’s another type of offer and the next thing I could say you know
we only have 20 left make sure to grab yours today that’s another type of offer
so you can make all of these different type of offers inside your copy you can
say oh my god this is differing so much laughter and excitement to your you know
your day you’re gonna have so much more fun interacting with your friends like
all of these things like again I don’t know anything I’m just brainstorming and
throwing ideas up there and testing them and as long as you use automation tools
to test you’re not going to be spending a lot of time like I spent 10 20
today on my facebook ads for myself and all my clients but I get results because
I test everything automatically so that is the offer part so a CEO remember that
and test everything 10x everything and you will crush it so a lot of business
owners really think that hey you know Facebook Ads are only gonna work for
this or that not their business but the thing is everybody is on Facebook or
Instagram and Facebook owns both of them and guess what they also own whatsapp so
eventually we’ll be able to advertise there so everywhere anybody goes they
have their cell phone and whether you’re doing b2b or you know b2c you will be
able to get to the decision maker of your whatever you’re selling whether
it’s a $20 product or a $20,000 product we have clients doing both of them and
they’re absolutely crushing them with Facebook Ads so what’s going on in this
video right here I want to show you exactly how you can increase your row as
return on adspend you know you put $10 in you get $50 out
that’s a 5x row ass and I’m gonna show you all of that right now
so go ahead and like subscribe if you haven’t already and if you’re your kind
of sick of your return on adspend being kind of mediocre or fluctuating up and
down are you sick of all these youtubers and Facebookers that are showing off
their big row has days and absolutely crushing them with facebook ads well I’m
gonna try to get you to that level because I know it works we’re doing it
for ourselves we’re gonna for our clients and once you do get to that
point where your row as is positive enough your business is gonna just
skyrocket because 24/7 365 your ads are gonna be pumping leads and sales to your
business at all times which is pretty pretty awesome right so that’s a pretty
big opportunity there when I started Facebook ads you know I was getting some
clicks some some downloads some add to cart’ so you know how a business econ
business agency b2b stuff so I’m all over the place but you know
the ads and the RO ass was kind of like me all over the place sometimes it would
be up sometimes it’d be down but now we’re at a point where we have figured
out the strategy to keep our row as extremely high not only for our stuff
our apps our econ business our b2b stuff but for all our clients accounts as well
and they’re doing everything you know from EECOM to apps to lead gen 2 to
small businesses and so on and so on but the first thing you got to do is really
just pick your ideal row as if you want a 5 X row as make that your goal go put
it up on a white board and make sure to chase that number and anything that is
under that number turn the ad off and keep chasing it keep chasing it you want
to focus on a couple of things in order to get the the best row as possible and
I like to say a CEO audience creative and offer those are the three elements
that you know we personally focus on to get all our clients results because if
you have the perfect audience plus the perfect creative and the perfect offer
there’s no stopping it’s no stopping you you’re gonna get a 10 out of 10
relevance score people are gonna be clicking on your ads they’re gonna be
relating to them and buying your product or signing up for your service and so on
and so on and that brings me to relating with your potential buyer you have to be
able to speak their language you have to use the words that they use if they use
slang use that slang if there’s terminology use that terminology in all
of your ads and you will see a better row as another quick tip here is engage
them on the posts ask them a question and then when they do answer that
question or post on your posts make sure they know that you are a human behind
that company it’s not just an advertisement but you actually care and
help them respond to their their posts on your ad and that’s going to give you
a viral effect and you’re gonna broadcast out to all of their friends
and likely if their friends are gonna be potential clients for you as well and
you don’t actually have to pay for those Facebook ads that they bring in so if
they comment all their friends see and then you don’t have to pay for those ads
which is awesome because that’s gonna increase your return on adspend
and then one of the big things is to just work on your conversion rate not
only on the ads but also on your landing page or you know if it’s a two-step
process whatever it might be if you have a store or you have clients and it’s
two-step process funnel or whatever make sure each page you’re working you’re
working on it you know your every single day your if you’re at 20 percent opt-in
rate get to 30 percent once you get to 30 percent get to 40 percent then get to
50 percent you just have to put focus on the places that are are necessary and
you know if you have a long list of things to do each day figure out what’s
the most important what would happen to your business if you had a 5x row ass
right it would blow up if you had a 10x row ass what would happen you would grow
exponentially so that should be the first thing on your list to do every
single day and then how do you get to that 10x row as well I need to get a 50%
opt-in rate on my landing page if you’re a 25% every single day just go up a
couple percent and what’s gonna happen is that’s all gonna back out to you to
an amazing return on adspend make sure that you have urgency scarcity trust and
social proof on your landing page and that’s gonna increase your return on
adspend and then use look-alikes and retargeting
heavily first set up all your retargeting campaigns obviously people
who have heard about your business they’re warm they might be hot they
might be ready to buy right so you want to make sure that you’re spending 30
percent of your budget on people who already know and are your retargeting
them right because those are gonna turn out to have a higher role as than people
who don’t know anything about your business right so work on that make sure
that your retargeting is set up and then move on to look-alikes and launch as
many as possible look at low level metrics like cost per clicks or you can
kill off quick you know figure out hey you
know for a good conversion if my conversion cost is 10 bucks and I need
$10 conversions the cost per click is 75 cents well don’t allow anything to go
over 75 cents screw what they say about hey I have to let it optimize for
two-three days because if you do that you’re gonna it’s kind of making an
excuse for yourself to not test as many ads if you’ve seen my other videos you
know I talk about a CEO audience creative an offer but the only way to
really hone in on the perfect audience and the perfect creative and the perfect
offer quickly is to test tens or 20s or hundreds of ads and then kill them off
quickly at the low level metrics like cost per click so you know it’s funny
because I talk to business owners every single day you know from fortune 500 to
you know your small mom-and-pop stuff but a lot of them that are running
Facebook ads while a lot aren’t already which is baffles me but a lot that are
running Facebook ads have this one line they say you know my row has is pretty
dialed in right now I don’t think I can increase it any more and I’m just like
man that’s like saying you know I’ve been lifting weights and I can’t go any
higher because I’ve been lifting weights for five years or yada yada I can’t do
this because I’ve hit a peak you’ve never hit a peak I promise you that and
it’s funny I would say 95% percent of those clients that we start to work with
that have dialed in their row as we dive in we fix a couple things on their
conversion on their actual landing page we fix a couple things within their ads
we target you know only newsfeed or different little things that we have and
we increase that row as and then it’s like oh I guess I guess it wasn’t that
dialed in right so it’s kind of funny but you can do this and all you have to
do or the steps that I just went over in this video so go ahead watch it again as
a little recap I’ll give you a little recap here is first things first pick
your OS whatever you want your return on adspend to be if you want to put in $1
and get $10 out that’s a 10x row is right pick it write it on a whiteboard
or write it on a piece of paper and make that your first priority every single
day and get there you will get there always be testing AC
audience creative and offer if you test more ads 8020 them kill off the 80% that
are losers and scale the winners then start combining things together right
speak your customers language go look at their Facebook profiles look at how they
speak to their friends look how they’re talking in groups look at what pages
they like figure out who they are build this avatar and speak directly to them
work on your your conversion rate for every single page that anybody sees you
know that goes for your Facebook ad that goes for your landing page that goes for
you Thank You page and so on and so on every single page that somebody sees
work on that conversion rate use urgency scarcity trust social proof and so on
and you will increase that conversion rate put testimonials when you can
everything you can do to increase that conversion rate is gonna increase your
row as and then test look-alikes don’t skip that skip you skip you know a few
look-alikes and you might not find the one that’s gonna crush it for you there
are thousands of look-alikes you can make based off of you know probably
50-plus custom audiences and make every single one of them launch them all you
can use automation with agile or you know whatever you’re using for Facebook
Ads and then kill the losers quickly so is it going in this video I’m going to
show you exactly how to increase your click-through rate CTR on your Facebook
Ads so go ahead and like subscribe and make sure to stick around till the end
cuz I’ve got something that will help you increase your CTR that I’ll give you
there so if you’re tired of your CTR your click-through rate being low and
not being able to increase it or maybe you’re just not even aware of your
click-through rate it’s very very very important for the success of your
Facebook ads and maybe you have a good product a good service an app or
whatever and your ads just they’re not converting because that click-through
rate is not there let me show you exactly how we do this we have a
strategy that helps increase not only our stuff but our clients stuff we run
millions of dollars and spend for other people and our cell
so it’s a great time my name is John I’m from add chill and I’m gonna walk you
through this one I first started with Facebook ads I actually didn’t even look
at click-through rate you know I kind of ignored it there’s so many other numbers
to look at but nowadays that’s one of the first things I look at when we take
on a new client I look at their click-through rate and most the time if
they’re not focusing on launching new ads every day their click-through rate
is relatively low and it’s a really good metric to kind of figure out how well
you’re doing so we always focus on it and it’s one of the first things we look
at when we do take on a client so the first thing you can do to get started on
increasing your click-through rate and this might sound a little silly but just
set a goal like we have a goal of a 5% click-through rate on all of our ads now
that’s very very high but what it does it keeps me chasing something which is
great so we put that go along all of our clients eyes as well hey 5% let’s get
let’s get after it and we know we don’t always make it
there but you know we might hit 2 3 4 4 % so it absolutely absolutely does
something great for you when you have a high bar that you keep chasing and then
e c.o is pretty much everything when it comes to high converting facebook at
your audience you know who are you targeting to your Facebook guys you’re
creative you know what videos are you using hopefully you’re using videos
because videos are the best and your offer pretty much how do you pitch it
your copy you know are you pitching a kind of urgency scarcity deal are you
showing them off features are you talking like your client got a bunch of
videos about that which is good and then essentially you want to take these three
elements and then test them religiously and what I mean is like every single day
have new campaigns or ad sets going up to all of your new audiences start with
interest of course if you’re starting a new campaign use software like audiences
Facebook audience insights or add show to find new interests and launch all of
these interests that you probably would have never found before without those
tools launch them kill off the 80% and then you’re stuck with this 20% that’s
really really great and probably has a very high CTR look at your CTR on all
your ad sets and figure out hey what has given me the best CPR track it in an
excel and keep it forever especially if you plan on keeping that account right
so that’s the first thing is your audience then you want to move on to
look-alike audiences more powerful audience that’s pretty much and you want
to make hundreds of look-alikes so every custom audience you can make on Facebook
you should make a look like audience one through three percent at minimum on
accounts that we’re really scaling will go all the way to twenty percent because
we use the Facebook ad API through ad chill so we can go past ten percent
that’s how we do that but we test hundreds and hundreds of look-alikes all
the time and we just kill off the losers as quickly as possible it’s just based
off of the CPC because we know our CPC is X amount for our good purchase
conversions or our things like that so definitely work on interests look-alikes
those are two huge things because you have to nail your audience to get a
really really great click-through rate then you want to start working on your
your videos you know test five six seven eight videos I tell this story all the
time but you know we have clients that come to us they’re doing you know
they’re spending a lot on Facebook Ads so they have really really great videos
and they’re high polished you can tell they spend thousands of dollars on them
but then I’ll go make like a scrappy little video and it will outperform
their video and my hypothesis here is that people on Facebook are you know
they’re scrolling to you know socialize with their friends or whatever catch up
on their friends business so when they see a polished ad they’re like oh this
is an oh and then when they see a scrappy video from John it’s like oh is
this my buddy and they might click on it and download your app or buy your
product or you know sign up for whatever which is pretty cool because you know I
figured that out simply by you know not being afraid of testing videos I guess
you know when I first started Facebook guys I didn’t have a ton of money to pay
people to make videos so I didn’t do that
I used scrappy videos and they actually turned out to do really really well so
definitely test scrappy videos because they will do well
for you and then you want to do the same thing with your offer you want to write
a bunch of different copy pretty much look at how you
customers are speaking on their Facebook page or in their groups and figure out
what their problem is and then use their words in your Facebook ads and that will
relate so much more to them like for example if I were on a Facebook group
complaining about yada yada whatever and I say it with my slang or or whatever
and then later you run an ad to me using my words and addressing my problem I’m
gonna be like I’m not I probably won’t realize what you did there but I’ll be
like oh this guy gets me or this this company gives me I need to click on that
ad and that goes for anything you know whether you’re selling a product on
Shopify whether you’re doing v2b stuff whether you’re trying to get somebody to
download your game whatever you’re doing if you speak the way your customer
speaks they’re gonna relate so much better and your click-through rate is
gonna go through the roof and then just really repeat that those steps daily you
can schedule them out if you want but you want to always be testing new
audiences new videos creative and new offers so go ahead and get started with
that you know I talked to a lot of business owners and entrepreneurs all
the time and and some of them you don’t come to me I asked him you know what’s
your click-through rate they’re like oh yeah we got that dialed in 2%
boom my cool cool and then later we’ll work with them and take on their account
and we’ll do some tests and see like what they actually have been doing
inside of their account and you know they don’t actually have that many tests
running so we just take what works do some more angles off of what works
create like a hundred different audiences you know 10 20 different types
of copy and a couple few more videos and since we knew we see what works for them
we just make things similar but then we also find out exactly how their
customers talking and boom we increase their conversion rate just like that
their click-through rate just like that so never settle set a high goal that’s
kind of the first thing in review of what we talked about today is you know
set that 5 percent click-through rate goal as long as you have a high bar
you’ll always be chasing and if you’re always chasing metrics
like click-through rate or conversion rate on your facebook ads that’s gonna
directly impact your business in a very very very positive positive way so keep
doing that remember a CEO audience creative and offer test those elements
like crazy test the audience’s test the creatives and test the offers you
literally have no reason to ever be stuck with Facebook ads because there’s
always something that you can combine you can always combine a new audience
with an old copy or a new copy with a new video and so on and so on there’s
endless combinations and that’s why I personally love Facebook ads because
it’s a game that never stops there’s no ending you just keep raising your bar
and you keep chasing it and that directly impacts your business and then
just repeat weekly and write down what worked and don’t worry about what didn’t
work just find the winning elements you know might be a winning audience it
might be a winning type of copy it might be a winning video write it down in an
excel sheet or ever how you track things and keep using those things and new
future ads and just keep test and keep testing keep testing so if you actually
want a piece of software that does all this for you you know you can make
audiences creative and offers inside of the platform and then it automatically
kind of tests to figure out hey what’s my best audio what’s my best creative
and whatever my best copy and then just spits out more ads like that it actually
took my time from 8 hours to 5 minutes a day and I’m still launching hundreds of
ads don’t know if I mentioned it but I launched a couple hundred ads before I
jumped on this video in like two minutes which is really awesome schedule them
what’s going on guys in this video right here I’m gonna tell you and show you
exactly how you can start analyzing your Facebook ads so you can stop guessing
and stop having that kind of worry of you know should I turn this off or
should I scare it I get this question all the time from our clients make sure
to go ahead and subscribe and like this video for
more content like this so if you’re frustrated with looking at your ad data
inside of Facebook and not really knowing if you should kill or if you
should scale and add I’m here to put that to rest if you feel that your ads
could be performing better but for some reason they’re just not and you might
not be 100 percent confident when an ad is technically a loser verse when it’s a
winner you know it’s kind of difficult to tell very early on especially when
you’re going to use the tactics that I show you later to mass upload whether to
kill or scale or what to do but once you do figure out how to run this strategy
like we do and how we do it for all our clients you will be able to scale your
facebook ads with an ROI you’ve never seen before my name is John from add
chill and before I got into Facebook ads and really automating the the testing
process I was the type of guy who is looking for all of the growth hacks you
know I had an e-commerce business an app business an agency and so on and so on
and all I wanted to do is find that growth hack that would help me grow my
business right and a lot of those growth hacks they worked for a week to two
weeks a month maybe but at the end of the day they didn’t give me sustain
growth to my business until I jumped into Facebook ads but one of the first
problems I came across inside of Facebook ads which was a good problem
was I was getting a ton of traffic from all of my campaigns but I didn’t know
which ones to turn off versus which ones to scale because a lot of them would get
clicks most of them would get clicks they would get ad to carts they would
get calls whatever and whatever my optimization was at the time you know
app business it was for app downloads agency stuff it was for phone calls
ecommerce stuff is for purchases but all of those conversions were kind of
expensive and I always had this mentality of testing testing testing so
just like you may be you know you might be in this position as well where you
are running ads but you don’t know when to scale or wind
kill now the first thing you want to do is make sure that you are launching
enough ads that you do have this problem if you have this problem with four or
five ads let me tell you right now if you have like four or five ads going and
you’re having this problem it’s not a good position to be in because you want
to have this problem when you have like 40 or 50 ads going on because if you’re
doing that that means you’re testing everything possible and what I mean is
you’re testing the audience the creative and the offer you’re testing all of
these elements in every single ad that’s how you come up with 40 50 60 different
ads as long as you continue to test then you can start looking at lower level
metrics so if if you’re doing e-commerce for example your your your main
objective is get purchases right if you’re if you have a b2b your main
objective is probably to schedule calls if you’re doing apps it’s probably to
get app downloads but in all those cases those end goals are a little more
expensive then if you were to go and look at lower level metrics such as when
somebody lands on your page or when they click your ad now if you’re using our
approach of a CEO audience creative and offer were you testing a ton of ads
every single day you’re gonna end up spending a lot more money if you don’t
start looking at lower level metrics so what I recommend doing is looking at
your best ad campaign where it has the the most conversions maybe you ran it
last week maybe it was last year whatever look at it and then scroll all
the way back to the cheapest conversion and look for that conversion and then go
look at the cost per click for that conversion let’s say you had a few
conversions for $20 and you had a couple ad sets for conversions of $10 well
you’re obviously gonna want to look at those $10 conversions now if you use our
strategy of pretty much shotgunning a ton of different ads testing audience
creative and the offer over and over again if you were to wait for that $10
conversion again it would be very expensive ten times 50
ads that could get very expensive very quickly so what I recommend is looking
at the lower-level metric you see what that $10 conversion ad look at the cost
per click on that $10 conversion ad if on that $10 conversion ad which is your
cheapest has a 50 cent click while the $20 one has $1 click well I’m gonna
write that down and I’m gonna take note okay I know for a fact that I can get
clicks for 50 cents and if I get clicks for 50 cents that is probably gonna lead
to my ultimate good conversions right so bring bring it back a little bit launch
as many ads as possible testing everything you can once you find that
conversion that fits your business look at the cost per click because that’s
going to be the cheapest and the cheapest metric to go off of and then
use that as your new baseline and if you use that your new baseline and you just
continue to compete with yourself then you will be you know you’ll be golden
because every single day when you’re testing new audiences creatives and
offers you’re gonna be competing with yourself at that 50 cent cost per click
level and then now you know within one day of launching your ads if you did
like a five dollar ad set or even a three dollar ad set you can launch a
hundred ads and the next day they’ve all spent – three bucks if they don’t have
that 50 cent cost per click well just turn it off right because you know
you’re using this strategy of testing every audience every creative and every
offer you can and you have new ads coming up every single day that if you
see something that has an 80 or $1 click turn it off write anything over that 50
cents because you know you have more ads coming in behind so these are the
strategies we use in our company to absolutely crush it across all verticals
and we help our clients do the same pretty much every client that comes to
us we save them at least 30% because we’re testing so many audiences so many
creatives and so many offers and once we we get that CPC down for a good
conversion we know they’re conversions are X and we know to get that conversion
cost you have to have this CPC well we just chased that over and over again and
let’s see what else we have here when you do duplicate your ads you want to go
ahead and duplicate then switch in a new audience or a new creative and you want
to duplicate that one ad that had the 50 cent CPC because if I take that 50 cent
CPC or that low cost per click ad and I duplicate and I put in a new audience
voila maybe I get a 40 cent and then that’s your new standard right so you’re
always chasing that lowest CPC and you know a common myth within Facebook ad
marketers is hey you have to let your ads run for two three days to optimize
and I don’t go by that all because if I were to do that and my conversions are
10 20 $30 whatever they may be that’s gonna cost a lot of money and it’s gonna
slow my testing down I won’t be able to launch as many ads because you know if I
have to spend 10 20 30 40 bucks per ad set I can’t do that with hundreds of ads
but if I bring it all the way back to the CPC level then boom I can test
hundreds of ads kill off the losers really quickly within the first couple
bucks and then just work with the 20% that are doing well for me does that
make sense so essentially what we went over today is you want to look at lower
level metrics you don’t want to you know you want to kind of match your your high
level metrics to your lower level match metrics as in you know if you if you
want to twin our conversion then look at what it takes at a CPC level for that
test ten times as many ads as you’re testing now test different audiences
different creatives and different offers use automation software if needed and
just test test test and then kill losers 80/20 and you’ll be you’ll be left with
this 20% that are great and then just compete with yourself every single day
every single day you know if you get that CPC to $0.50 and then next week
it’s at 40 cents well now start killing anything over 40 cents right and just
keep competing with yourself and as long as you do that your business
is gonna go like this because you’re gonna have conversions being sent to
your business all day long all night from Facebook and you’ll be growing like
crazy so if you want on in this video right here I’m gonna show you exactly
how to get your Facebook Ads to go viral so if you’re new here make sure to
subscribe if you’re coming back hit that thumbs up button and let’s get right
into it so by making your Facebook Ads go viral you’re gonna absolutely crush
Facebook all your competitors if you know you’re going you haven’t added this
viral while your competitor has the same ad this not viral who’s gonna win who’s
gonna get cheaper conversions you are so if you need a lower CPA if you’re tired
of everybody else’s ads going viral and yours not well this is the video for you
or if you’re just using Facebook ads and you haven’t cracked the code yet well
rest assured because I’m going to show you exactly how to do this right here so
the opportunity here is that if like I said if your ads they go viral wow your
competitors or someone else’s ads don’t well you’re gonna get cheaper
conversions right and we all want cheaper conversions we want more sales
we want more clients we want more calls we want more downloads whatever it might
be if you’re running Facebook Ads if you can get twice as many conversions for
the same price well what’s gonna happen you’re gonna win so it’s really awesome
and you know before this you know I was running multiple businesses I still am
running multiple businesses working with a ton of clients but I was that guy that
was trying to find all the growth hacks that might work for a week two weeks a
month but they slowly start to dwindle out and my businesses would go like this
right I had app businesses econ businesses b2b businesses but once I
started to focus in on Facebook ads because I realized everybody has a cell
phone right facebook is connected to everybody’s cell phone if not they have
Instagram right once I started to focus in there all of my businesses started to
skyrocket 24/7 I would get leads and not only my business
but every single clients business that I touched would absolutely skyrocket
because I figured out not only how to run Facebook ads but how to run them
extremely profitably and how to get a ton of free leads off of viral facebook
ads as well so how do you make your Facebook ads viral that is the question
so the number one thing you need to do is to listen to your customer a lot of
clients that come to me they say you know we’ve set up some Facebook Ads
I look at their ads and I see there’s one type of copy that’s saying hey buy
this buy this buy this well what if you went and you went and looked at your
customer right you looked at this page looked at how they talked looked at the
group’s they were and looked at the likes they have and look at how they
conversation with their friends looked at you know what questions they had
inside of those groups listened to them and asked questions for example in your
first email to them hey you know what are you struggling with you get a bunch
of emails back and they tell you exactly what they’re struggling with or you have
a free group right you ask them a question and you say hey what’s the
number-one problem you’re trying to solve well they tell you that number one
problem you screenshot it and then every couple months you go through all those
screenshots and you have all of these answers of exactly what your ideal
customer is struggling with and their words and then you can take those those
exact words and create ads pretty much from their words do you see how that’s
going to make your ads go viral because now not only are you usually an
advertising where you’re gonna get you know in front of people’s faces 24/7 but
now you’re actually using their words and exactly how they speak and speaking
directly to their problem what’s gonna happen your ads are gonna convert so
much better than if you’re like hey go buy my product or hey go sign up for a
call or hey download my app right people don’t like being sold to they like being
taught right they like being told like this is how you do this and that so do
that and you will give viral at not only that though there’s more so the second
thing I love to do is I like to ask questions inside of my ads number one
it’s really really hard to scroll through Facebook or Instagram and see a
question and not answer it at least in your mind now are they going to answer
on the post hmm maybe some well not everybody but at least in their mind
they will answer it in their mind you will build this brand recognition and
what’s going to happen is some people are going to answer that question on the
post on the ad do you see where I’m leaning with this right
so they post on your ad now every single person in their friend circle sees their
ads so if you’re targeting a 45 year old mother right and you ask them a question
and they answer that question on their post well all their mom friends are
gonna see that that ad and them posting on that ad so it’s gonna give them
credibility so boom you just opened up to a whole new network of mom friends
that see one mom friend posted on this ad and they’re like what is this product
boom you actually don’t pay for those impressions either so with Facebook ads
you only pay for the person you’re targeting but if you get them to post on
your ad then you get all of that other exposure for free so you see how that
makes your ad kind of go viral and not only that there is more so once they do
post on your ad and you know they ask you a question or they make a comment
whatever you have to reply hit the thumb the thumbs up or the love button to give
them a nice reaction but then also reply you know say something nice give them a
compliment and then ask them a question what is this gonna do it’s gonna make
them respond now are they all going to respond of course not
but some are gonna respond to respond and what’s gonna happen is you’re gonna
start this conversation and if you start a conversation within your ad then just
gonna go hyper hyper viral right because now instead of just one comment from
this lady who posted on your ad you’re gonna get multiple comments from her and
now everybody in her groups gonna see it now other people are gonna start liking
it people are gonna start sharing it and so on and so on
now when I say viral I’m not talking like you know super ten billion likes
viral I’m talking about you spending a hundred dollars on ads and getting
$1,000 worth of spend out of it instead of spending a thousand dollars in ads
and not getting any conversions right so these are three quick ways that you can
just instantly make your Facebook ads semi viral that will help you grow your
business like no other and just keep the conversation going inside of your ads
and you absolutely crush it so it’s when people come to me saying hey we need you
to run our Facebook ads or this or that it’s commonly kind of a myth here that
they think that you have to pay what Facebook you have to pay what you have
to pay for Facebook ads right if there’s kind of a set predetermined price but
there’s actually not you know if I’m a better marketer than you and and I run
the same offer as you and I run it in a way that speaks to the end user better
I’m gonna get conversions for a tenth of the price so if if you were thinking
before like you have to pay will you have to pay for Facebook ads and their
set price there is absolutely no set price it isn’t an auction and it is
heavily determined on your engagement rate and your click-through rate on your
ads so if you run better ads by watching these videos then you will crush it so
essentially three things to do is listen to your client you know listen to your
customer look at their profile see how they speak and speak back to them in the
same way ask them questions in your ad and then follow up and start a
conversation inside of your app on that post and you will absolutely crush it so
I’m gonna show you exactly how you can find the most profitable Facebook ads
and audiences in five minutes per day that will provide you a consistent
reliably low CPA which will enable you to scale with an ROI like you’ve never
seen before let’s face it Facebook ads are extremely competitive and the only
ones that are actually crushing it are those that can identify the perfect
audience to advertise to and not just the perfect audience but the perfect
creative whether that’s image or video but also combined with the perfect copy
for that perfect audience so a combination of all three
enables them to absolutely crush Facebook ads and if you’re not able to
do that you’re not gonna see optimal results
so what’s awesome about this is it works for all Facebook ads whether you’re
doing e-commerce apps SAS lead gen coaching consulting maybe you’re an
affiliate whatever you’re running Facebook Ads for this is gonna help you
save ninety five percent of your time and double if not triple your
conversions and don’t worry at the end of this short presentation I’m gonna
show you examples proof all that good stuff of all of these niches so like I
said these days in Facebook Ads the only people really crushing it are the ones
who have the combination of the perfect audience the perfect creative and the
perfect copy Facebook Ads are getting more and more competitive by the day so
if you can’t identify those three things and combine them your results are not
gonna be as great as your competitors and we both know every single day ads
are getting more expensive and more competitive and the prices are not going
to go down with the surge of marketers just flocking the Facebook Ads because
of the endless amounts of data it’s just simple supply and demand right
more marketers that the ad costs are gonna go up right so as more marketers
come in and they want to advertise on Facebook the prices will continue to go
up making it harder for you to acquire customers clients users purchasers
whatever for the price that you want now how do you find that perfect creative
copy and audience so you see results that you’ve never seen before and it’s
simple the same exact way that anybody who is great at anything does it they
put in their 10,000 hours they test they practice they practice they practice you
know Edison we all know that he failed a thousand times before he created the
light bulb but guess what he made 999 tests tweaking testing and
refining his formula before he created light bulb and we all know Wayne Gretzky
you know you miss 100% of the shots you never take and that’s so true and
doesn’t it hold kind of the same for testing different images or different
videos if I test one image or video am I gonna see as good a results if as if I
test 10 or 20 probably not if I test 20 I’m gonna see a couple huge winners I’m
gonna see a lot of losers but I’m gonna take those winners and combine them with
other elements and if I never would have tested those 20 different videos
then I would have never seen those results in Michael Jordan you know one
of the best fastball players ever he said I’ve failed over and over and
over again in my life and that is why I succeed and it’s so true look we all
know that word sell if you test one type of copy but you don’t go on and test 10
20 30 you’re not gonna find which words really relate to your audience but if
you sit there even if you’re not a good copywriter if you sit there and you
write 10 20 30 different types of copy you launch them to your ads one of them
is gonna stand out maybe two three are gonna stand out they’re gonna really
relate to your audience and you’re gonna keep rolling with those boom you just
doubled your conversions now whatever you think of Kobe Bryant you have to
respect his his sickening work ethic this is just a little quote he says you
wake up at three you train at for four to six come home eat breakfast relax now
you’re back at it and I into eleven relax back at it again from two to four
now you’re back at it from seven to nine by year five and six it doesn’t matter
what kind of work they do during the summer they will never ever catch up and
that is so true if I am competing with you and every single day I’m testing 10
20 different look like audiences you know I scale the winners kill the losers
every single day I do that and I know that you’re sitting there testing maybe
5 10 per week or per month what’s gonna happen I’m gonna find so many audiences
I’m gonna crush it right so if you sit down and you test audience after
audience after audience and you just have a sick work ethic and just do it
over and over again you’re gonna find so many profitable audiences and you
combine them with your new creative and your new copy and you absolutely crush
it right that’s how it works if you test more you find more winners right the
more you shoot the more you score right now you might be asking yourself but how
do I test all of these ad combinations every single day I only have so much
time right we have like 956 other things so doing our business we can’t just sit
inside of Facebook ads all day switching things out making new tests duplicating
fiddling with Facebook ads right so let me introduce ad show to you ad show is
an ad crushing machine that will find highly profitable Facebook ads and
audiences in 5 minutes per day so you can get reliably low CPAs without
wasting your time Achille will constantly test different audiences and
create different videos interests and ads so you can
really figure out which ones are your winners while killing off your losers
really quickly so you don’t spend any money and it’s gonna help you find
profitable ads 24/7 365 without you sitting there in your ads manager all
day long pretty awesome right so we’ve been using agile for the last couple
years internally to spend millions of dollars on Facebook Ads extremely
profitably now we open that show up a few months ago and now there are
thousands of top-tier marketers absolutely crushing it with AD show by
using ad show you’re going to double if not triple your Facebook and Instagram
conversions while spending ninety five percent less time and you won’t be
spending more money now it’s gonna enable you to spend more money if you
want to because even you will have winning ads that you can spend more
money on and become even more profitable but the key here is you’re gonna be
getting better conversions and spending less time pretty amazing right so to go
over a few things that you can do for you you know it will create hundreds if
not thousands of look-alikes in seconds and then you can launch them to your ads
we all know the process right you find a custom audience and you make a US one
percent then a US two percent then a US three percent look-alike audience and
you go four or five six seven and so on and so on and then you do that for every
single custom audience you created why because it’s extremely profitable and
you take all those custom audiences that you spent you know seven hours on and
you put them onto your ads you duplicate you test this audience test this onions
it’s extremely profitable but it takes so much time so now with ad show what
you can do is you can say hey for these ten custom audiences I want to select
these countries and make one through seven percent look like audiences and
then boom just in you know three seconds you make four hundred five hundred
different audiences and then launch them to past winning ads now this is a huge
time saver as well we’re able to manage multiple accounts and multiple campaigns
at the same time this saves at least a couple hours every single morning
because we can say hey anything that is over 5 dollars per purchase let’s turn
it off anything is under let’s see it let’s scale them do whatever we want
launch new ads new look-alikes and so on so it’s pretty cool right
you can say hey ad show I want to see all my losers I’m gonna turn them off
with one button okay I want to see all my winners I want
to scale them up you know by 10% 20% or individually or hey I want to take some
of these winners and launch a new look like ads based off of them pretty
awesome right you can see how much time you’re gonna be saving every single
morning now if you’re in the manual bidding same thing I can see say hey at
you let me see all of my winners and then I can manual bid on him click click
I want to increase the bid here I want to lower the bid here you know I want to
turn this one on I want to turn this one off across multiple campaigns across
multiple accounts at the same exact time but what about new campaigns maybe new
products new services whatever I need to find some new audiences well instead of
going over to audience insights or stocking your competitors customers
pages to see what their interests are how about typing into ad show one
interest and AD chill goes and finds hundreds of high affinity extremely
targeted interest that you can just simply add to a folder save it forever
and your yoga folder or whatever and then launch a new ads to them over and
over again and see which ones have the best cost per click over time which ones
have the best click-through rate over time and you build these folders of
different interests that you can target over and over again and then you make
different selections of those interests and you add chill spits out more
interests that were like those interests so it’s a you know it’s an interest
building machine it’s pretty awesome right so then you can take those ten
interest or one hundred or a thousand and create tens or hundreds of ads just
like that schedule them over time so you don’t spend too much money
kill the losers and scale the winners Achille also makes it super easy to
build out ads or page post whether that’s dark posts or on your page
instead of filling with Facebook you can just create your you know video or image
ad right inside of AD show then save it to a folder and take it in apply it to
other ads so maybe you have five different look like audiences that are
doing really well you want to test them against five new page posts with new
copy on them right you want to see what resonates and you go click like boom
twenty five new ads schedule them over a couple days five ten bucks apiece scale
the winners kill the losers so isn’t that pretty awesome like want to take
those look like audiences that you just created and then apply them to brand new
page posts where you have brand new copy maybe hitting a different angle to see
if it resonates with your you know your client now if your Shopify user and I
understand not everybody is but we also released an app they’ll allow you to do
the whole process of testing a new product you
find in Aliexpress putting it on your store and then creating the video and
creating the ad campaign targeting different interests and launching the
the ads that process used to take us an hour and a half now with our ad chill
app it takes three minutes so we can test 10 products per hour now I’m
talking the video the interest targeting the whole campaign launched into my ads
and three minutes you can see if you’re launching different products you can
absolutely crush your competition now that you can test 10 to 15 times faster
than they can you’ll be able to get rid of your extra ad buyer on your team or
maybe you have an agency right now running your Facebook ads doing these
tests for you ahead chill can be your new agency because it will go harder
than any agency possibly can go and it will test more ads find more profitable
audiences and save you so much time and money you’ll also be able to get rid of
any outdated ad tools that you might be using look you know we’re a bunch of
marketers building an ad show to work for marketers like us right we’re not a
huge corporation that couldn’t really care less about your success we have a
mastermind group where if you ever have a question a strategy question a problem
whatever we’re there we want to see you succeed now we all know videos are way
better than images right so sometimes it just it’s hard to make videos right 30
minutes 45 minutes to make a video you have to pay somebody or you have to you
know pay with your time we also built a really cool you know really quick video
maker inside the ad show that you can take a few images create a video and
then it’s saved inside of your Facebook ads and you can use it inside of agile
to make new ads and then take that video that you just created in two seconds
test it against your your look-alikes that you created test it against
different interests test it with different copy and you’re finding more
and more winners so every single day your ads are improving you’re getting
better you have a sick work ethic without having to spend all day inside
of Facebook ads you spend five ten minutes a day and every single day your
ads will get better so a chill is created simply because we saw this huge
problem right it was a good problem to have
it was simply hey if we launch more ads testing different things you know
different different images different videos different interests different
look-alike audiences different copy if we test with all these things every
single day we were guaranteed to see better results from the day before and
we were too able to continue to do that every single
day and dwindle down that our CPA was absolutely crushing it and the only
problem there was it just took a lot of time like myself and my team we were all
sitting inside of Facebook ads eight hours a day like you know everything
else in the business took a backseat to Facebook ads because we knew if we spent
the time there we would get conversions for so cheap so we decided you know
we’ve been building software for the last seven years why not build out
something that will test all of these elements for us and that kind of brings
us to ad show right it’s all about finding these golden nuggets inside of
your ads what copy works what audiences work what look likes what you know what
videos work best and then you combine them together and you’re starting to see
how you’re absolutely gonna crush it with a show right yeah of course so I
know I just threw a ton at you you know we went over look alikes interest you
know managing bulk accounts or boat campaigns at the same time manual
bidding creating ads really quickly page post dark posts the video maker the
3-minute campaign launched for Shopify how you can run this for your e-commerce
business your app business new agency you’re a Philly business and so on and
so on I know there’s a ton so I mean really I kind of want to invite you if
if you are struggling with scaling your facebook ads because of time or
conversion costs book a demo below will show you inside of ad show and exactly
how it’s going to work with your specific business like I said if you’re
running any Facebook Ads ad shows absolutely gonna crush it for you so you
don’t take twenty minutes jump on a call with either me or somebody on my team
and we’ll walk you through the exactly the full platform how it’s gonna work
for your business and how you’re absolutely gonna crush it so there
should be a big button below to do that now and you can book that and from here
I just want to like show off some some cool results some little case studies
the people who are crushing it and all that good stuff so with AD show we were
able to grow stores Shopify stores from a couple hundred dollars a day so this
is one store and you can see you got up to twenty four thousand dollars per day
why because we were able to find the perfect audience and the perfect copy
that resonated perfectly with them and then the perfect video to go with that
because we test it every single day new element new element new I’m gonna every
single day we got two three percent better two three percent better over the
course of 30 days you see what happens right so absolutely crushing with the
Shopify process and ad show here’s Chris who’s super pumped he’s like day 2 of
using that you I created a ton of different look-alikes I created a
hundred different ad says just like that long story short he said I am blown away
I have never seen an ROI like this before
so don’t you want to see an ROI that you’ve never seen before right like
that’s the whole goal here is to be able to test so quickly that you absolutely
crush it now a little example of mobile apps if you run into mobile apps like ad
show helped us get over 25 million downloads in the App Store published on
a bunch of blogs and you can see the bottom right here I highlighted this
because this is the cost per mobile app install and we typically you know
clients that come to us and say hey we run our mobile apps or can we use a
trail they typically see two to three times better results now the reason I
highlighted this below because that those screenshots 69 cents our iPad
installs and 44 cents our iPhone installs now if you’re in the industry
you know iPad installs are more expensive iPhone installs are a little
less expensive but the point here is this is in a niche where competitors are
spending up to $10 upwards of $10 per install and we’re paying forty four
cents 69 cents why how because we find the perfect combination of the perfect
audience the perfect creative plus the perfect copy because every single day
we’re launching new ads with AD chill so make sure to book your demo below if you
are you know running Facebook ads and you want to absolutely crush it here’s
Deon he he jumped into the group just the other day new ad show user and he
said once this app catches on people will be buying it like ice cream in the
summer mark my words on this I’m rarely wrong
on apps take it from the laziest man in econ and I know Deon
absolutely crushes the shopify ecommerce game so it’s pretty cool to hear that I
hear that from him but uh you know take it from him he’s using it out absolutely
crushing you can book a call below and yeah let’s get started now like I said
it’s not just for EECOM or apps you know this is some lead gen so if you have an
agency or you know you trying to set up consulting calls or coaching calls
whatever it might be like I said I’d show works wonders for all Facebook ads
because it finds the perfect audience perfect creative and the perfect copy
combines them and you crush it right that’s the element of any winning
Facebook ad you can see this is one day of calls that are set up all day long
and this is what the calendars look like every single day so if you need people
to put calls or make appointments you have to be using ad Joe for your
Facebook Ads so there still should be a button below
where you can book that free demo now let’s just check out some more success
you know the guys over Jonathan and Bridget over away or truths they said
being a team of to time is always thin ad show solves a bunch of problems we
used to have with Facebook ads it helps us create a ton of interest and look
like audiences that we would have never tested before and that makes sense right
then launches them in seconds which used to take us hours we’ve been able to
dramatically drop our CPC with these new audiences we also love being able to
create videos quickly inside of AD so instead of having to create them
manually the only thing I wish that I had add chill during the holiday season
though the only thing I wish is that I had had children the holiday season so
cool I chose a must for anyone running Facebook at school thanks to Jonathan
and Bridget that’s nice a little comment there I know they were absolutely
crushing it with AD Joe and you know they’re right on so I’m really excited
to see all our clients just dominate during holiday season because they’re
gonna be able to find so many profitable ads now Robert also said you know I’ll
try not to read this whole thing but he said before I used to create weight I
used to spend way too much time creating ads before the video creator has helped
me from stealing videos so if you’re out there stealing videos you know you can
use our video creator to launch ads really quickly and he said they find
even the interest inside of ads are extremely valuable as well and then just
some results from another client of ours is using ancho to absolutely crush it so
you can see people are absolutely dominating with ad showed you can book a
call below and you know we’ll stop here with Dean I could go on for hours if you
have any questions we’ll answer them in in the demo call but he said until we
started using heo we were having a problem we’re having to use multiple
apps plus a lot of manual work to manage ads and we run a lot of them now that
we’ve gotten the hang of things took about an hour we’ve cut what took hours
down to about 15 minutes so that’s awesome
you know a chill is changing the way people run their businesses imagine
you’re spending a couple hours on Facebook
or maybe more and you can cut that down you know to 15 minutes 10 minutes
whatever you know there is a little bit of a learning curve to add so of course
it’s a really really in-depth piece of software but Dean was able to learn it
in one hour and the cool thing is is we walk you through everything we have
onboarding calls and like I said we’re not a huge we’re not a huge company that
you know we don’t really listen to people we’re there for you that anytime
you do have a question we answer it you know whether it’s making a video or text
whatever we’re there to help you crush it so guys if you are struggling with
scaling your ads because of either time or conversion costs you can book a demo
below we’re gonna walk you through the entire backend of AD she will show you
exactly how it looks and all that good stuff you can have any questions you
have we’ll answer them for you and we’ll show you exactly how ad shows
gonna work for your specific business as I mentioned it doesn’t matter what type
of Facebook ad you’re running ecommerce people are crushing it drop shipping
people are crushing it mobile apps people are crushing it you know online
apps Shopify apps all that good stuff consulting coaching lead gen agencies
affiliates if you’re running Facebook Ads you will crush it with AD show
please do let me know me or my team know inside of the during the call if you
have any questions we’ll answer them all for you I’m gonna hop off here because I
know this is getting a little long but thank you so much for sticking around to
this point and and learning a little bit about AD show I hope you can see the
value that it will bring to your business
like I said mobile times we’re here to help if you have any questions bring
them to the call ask him in the group and yeah I’ll talk to you soon all right


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