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How To Create A Facebook Ad 2019 – Step-by-Step Facebook Advertising Tutorial For Beginners

How To Create A Facebook Ad 2019 – Step-by-Step Facebook Advertising Tutorial For Beginners

What’s up you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today’s video I’m gonna give you a complete Facebook Ads tutorial if you’re a complete beginner What I actually did is I created a brand new Facebook Ads account so I can show you everything From scratch. So if you’re just barely brand new getting started I’ll show you how to create your Facebook pixel how to actually get that set up on your website how to create facebook custom audiences custom conversions Literally everything A to Z. So you can start running some successful Facebook Ads so you can generate leads make sales Whatever your goal is with your business. So with that said, I know you’re busy So let’s jump into this enough of the intro and I want to show you guys Exactly how to get all this setup inside of the Facebook Ads manager Alright guys. So here we are inside a brand new Facebook Ads account And this is if you’re starting from scratch with the Facebook Ads manager this is exactly what it’s going to look like and I want to start from scratch today because if you are a beginner you need to know the right steps to take so first what we’re gonna do is set up what it’s called a Facebook pixel and we Want to do all this before you set up your first facebook ad campaign A lot of people like to jump in and get their first ad set up But you want to set up the tracking first, make sure you have the right audiences to target all that stuff So we’re gonna do this in the proper order and if just to show you guys really quick This is my main Facebook ad account that I run for my business and I’ve spent over a million dollars on Facebook ads for lead generation sales. So I’ve got a lot of experience on what works what doesn’t work So I want to be able to share all of that with you right here in this video. So coming back over here To our brand new Facebook Ads account. What we’re gonna first do is set up what is called the Facebook Pixel now this is a little piece of code that’s gonna go on your website on a blog if you have it on any landing pages on any sales funnels so you can track every single Person that is interacting with your business because then what we can do is create a custom Audience and show ads just to people who have already visited our website. Ok, so we’re gonna come over here We’re just going to type in pixels up here in this search bar And we’ll click on that and this will put pop up We need to make sure we’re right in the right ad account up here, which we are And so we come over here. We set up a new pixel Okay, so we click on set up pixel and we’re gonna manually add the pixel code to our website ourselves and guys This is very easy. I know the word pixel sounds like crazy because maybe foreign to you All it is is being able to copy and paste a little bit of code So if you can copy and paste inside like a Microsoft Word document you can easily do this So we’re just gonna click on this and then right up here at the top you can see this is the Facebook pixel code and I have no idea what any of this stuff means. All I know is that it works. So we just click right here and Then if you have access to the backend of your website Whether it’s WordPress Wix or whatever website platform You use you’re gonna go in there and paste that inside It says copy and paste the pixel code into the Baader bottom of the header section of your website Right. So like let’s say this is a random real estate agent website that I found if you have access to the backend go put That in the header section or if you have like a web developer, you’ve got like a big team or something like that Just send that code to the web developer and say hey Can you put this in the header section and then it will be tracking? everyone who visits this website and you want to do the same thing for your blog and then all of your Landing pages now a landing page is basically a simple site That is set up this generate leads because this website right here This is more for information for discovery about your business but here’s a simple landing page software we use and These are landing pages that we’ve set up So if we’ve all we got to do and this is gonna work for a lot of different landing page software You got leadpages. You got clickfunnels. You’ve got a whole different bunch of different platforms here, but I’ll just show you this example here so we’ll just click on edit right here and This will kick us into the little website builder We click on page Advanced and then this is that header tracking code case. Remember we want to go and put it in the head tag so we just click on that and then we’ll go and put it into we’ll just paste it in right there and hit save and We are good to go. Okay, so that that’s all we have to do very easy very simple to do So now we are tracking every single person that’s coming to our landing page if we’ve got on our website tracking everyone Website our blog if you have a Shopify store all this works the same exact way, okay So now the second thing we want to do is hit continue and we’ll hit cancel right there is we want to create custom Audiences so that we can show our adds to our low-hanging fruit of people who have already visited our website Because those are going to be the ads they’re going to convert the best for you whether you’re trying to generate leads make sales whatever it is, so we’re gonna come back up here to the search business spot right here, and we’re gonna type in Audiences, okay so we’ll click on that and now what we’ll do is We will create a custom audience Okay, so we’re just gonna click on this right here Create a custom audience. And the first one we want to do is just website traffic Okay, so anyone that is visiting our website? So basically what its gonna do is gonna pull everyone Who like that pixel code has tracked each person that visit our website We create one there And then if you have a list of emails like a database of past clients customers leads whatever it is You can upload that information into Facebook and then they’ll match those emails those phone numbers those names with people that they have on file that have facebook accounts and they can go through and connect those and then we can even do stuff with like Facebook page if they have liked or commented on any pulse on our Facebook page if they’ve interacted with their Facebook page We can go through and create that as well. So for this example, we’re just gonna create the website traffic and We’ll come down here and we’ll say all website visitors So anyone who’s visited any page of our website, it doesn’t matter if its landing page blog web site Whatever it is And then I like to do one audience that this the maximum is a hundred and eighty days so you can see right here So I like to do one audience where I’m capturing as much data as possible So six months back how many people have this is my website if you’re getting like a thousand people per month to your website That’s six thousand people. So like what I’ll do right here. I’ll say all website Visitors and then I’ll say something like 180 days Just so I can go through and remember that is I’m setting up my Facebook Ads then choosing the right audience And then will come over here and click on create audience Right and so this is gonna take a second to populate it because sometimes it takes a couple of hours But you can jump in and start creating your ad campaigns right away You don’t have to wait for this all to be done. But same thing guys if you have a list of leads or a database of people you can easily come over here custom audience and What we’re gonna do actually we don’t want to do that We want to do a custom audience and instead of that. We’ll just jump right to website traffic for some reason Well, we’ll do a customer list and then use a file that doesn’t include LTV LTV means lifetime value. So if you actually this is for like if you’ve actually been have been selling stuff online Okay, like a Shopify store and say they’ve been buying like hundred dollar products $50 products. You can match that up for this example we’re just gonna say that does not include that and You can copy and paste the emails the phone numbers all that right here Or you can just upload like a CSV file an excel file. That’s gonna have all that information right there Okay, so then you just give it a name. My list of leads my leads database whatever you want to call it, right? So now at this point we’ve got our tracking in place on all of our websites We’ve got our custom audiences of our low-hanging fruit. And those audiences are gonna be the best of target starting out So if you have a small budget five ten dollars per day these are gonna be the best audiences because they’ve already shown interest in whatever you are doing and Then the third thing that we want to do is set up what is called custom conversions so a custom conversion is anytime someone converts into a lead or converts into a sale, so they’d be like a website visitor and then they went through the process of often into a landing page to convert to a lead or they bought a product of yours and They convert it into an actual buyer We want to be able to track that before we set up any of our facebook ad campaigns So we’re gonna come up here is will search for custom conversions. You see it’s already in the recently used So it’s not there just type in custom conversions. So we’ll click on that and This is popping up a different ad accounts when you make sure we’re in the right one Alright, so here we are and This one looks like we already created a demo account right here listening these demo campaign So we’re just going to create a custom conversion Okay, so it’s very simple easy to do and what we’re gonna do is come back up here. So like let’s say this is our Conversion that we want to track so this is a landing page And then we’ve got the Facebook pixel all set up for our business We’re tracking every one that comes to this page for our website and they click on get me the list Well as soon as they put in their name their email and their Phone number and They’ve hit submit Right here as this URL is showing just the website visitors But once they hit submit they’re going to what is called a thank-you page or a confirmation page and this URL Means that they have become a lead so they have converted into a lead So we want to track this custom conversion of this URL. So anyone who’s hit this URL so we’ll just select that and Usually what happens is when you have like a confirmation URL right here. You have some unique ID unique and unique identifiers So like that’s kind of like your driver’s license. It’s unique to each different person. So we don’t want that but everything before that and then we’ll throw this in right here and we’ll give this a name so lead and then they’ll say demo and Then the cool thing is is you can select different categories. So like the this person Is that URL tracking if they you know? Maybe they became a contact when they completed a registration added payment info. They started the checkout. They made a purchase So this one we’re just gonna say they are a lead You can give them a value slyke’s let’s say it’s 10 bucks work to you Every time somebody actually goes through and becomes a lead and then we just hit create All right. So now it says done ok, so now we can go through look back and see what all this info is and we’ve got this lead demo and you can See, there’s no activity yet well if you want to like have the coactive what we want to do is come back over here to this page this confirmation page that we just set up and Just refresh it. So just hit this refresh button And now what’s gonna happen is the Facebook pixel code is gonna talk with Facebook Ads manager And then it’s gonna go once we refresh it. It’s gonna have that communication And then once we refresh this page, it’ll say active right here. Okay? Now at this point we don’t need to go through and even have this active you can go and start setting up your own Facebook ad campaign, so that’s what we’re gonna do right now. We’re actually gonna come over here to the Facebook Ads manager and Now we’re at a point that we can actually get our first Facebook ad campaign set up from scratch So we set up the Facebook pixel Which is the tracking we set up our Facebook custom audiences so we can have some low-hanging Fruit of people to target if we have a small budget We set up our custom conversions of anyone that’s gonna hit URLs. That means that they become a lead. They’ve scheduled appointment with us They bought a product from us whatever it is And now what we can do is come over here to create and this is creating a new Facebook ad campaign Okay. So at first it’s gonna say what’s your marketing? Objective, right? Do we want to send people to our website? You want to get engagement? This is like likes and comments on our Facebook posts do want it. Generate leads is using something called Facebook’s lead form having chopped into messenger Conversions remember how we set up that custom conversion? that’s where we can go through and set up an ad campaign to Optimize for people converting into new leads or purchases or whatever. It might be. So for this example I’m gonna use conversions because we did set up that custom conversion and we’ll go down here. Give it a name This can be whatever you want to name it This is specific to you and just so you can keep track of all your different campaigns. So we’ll say demo right there and Then to create split test and campaign budget optimization If you’re starting out from scratch like this is like super advanced stuff guys Like I’ve spent over a million bucks on Facebook Ads and I rarely even mess around with these so just like you really don’t need A mess with this. Okay. So now we’re going to set up the ad account It’s going to have you put in like your country your time what currency you want to go through and set things up with so we’re just gonna do currency for dollars right now and Your payment information that they’ll be able to collect that later. You’re not gonna actually pay for Facebook Ads until Facebook has shown the ad to your audience Okay, and then you can have like billing thresholds and I believe by default. It’s five hundred dollars So once you’ve spent five hundred dollars, they’ll charge your card and then let’s say you’ve only spent two hundred dollars It’s after like a certain amount of weeks I think it’s like six to eight weeks where if you’re not spitting if you’re not meeting that threshold They’ll just go ahead and charge your car the two hundred bucks or whatever you owe Facebook Okay, so now here the ad set name This is going to be the name of whatever like I usually like to target like like to name it. Whatever I’m whoever I’m targeting. All right so this is you’re only gonna see this is not like something that customers are gonna see so we’re gonna say all website visitors that custom audience that we just made it’s at 180 days and then the conversion If we’re sending people to let’s say this website right here this landing page because we want to generate leads with this ad Right. We are going to set up The conversion of people opting in and hitting this URL, right? So coming back here will just select the the lead demo right here So and this is red because it says no activity yet You usually are totally fine to keep running this even if it’s red. And once that has that first trick like fire It’s like once the Facebook pixel code is communicating back with the Facebook Ads manager It will go green. So you’re totally good to go there and then coming down this custom audience This is where we’re gonna go and hit that low-hanging fruit of people That we have just put into that custom audience of all of our website visitors. So we’ll click right here We’ve got the all website visitors It says fewer than 1000 and that could be the case If you don’t have like a lot of traffic come to your website or it could be that Facebook hasn’t fully populated that audience Which once again, we don’t need a wait to happen, like it’ll automatically populate so you just don’t have to worry about that Okay, so we click on that now coming down here if you are setting up like let’s say you’re a local business Then you want to go and mess around with like specific locations and all this stuff However, if you are setting up a campaign that is custom to only it’s only going to show your ad to people who have already Visited your website Usually people who visit your website are already in your ideal target audience so you really don’t have to mess around with your location your age your gender your language any of that stuff because they’re usually Already within that audience. Okay. So now we’ll just come down here once again detail targeting You don’t have to mess around with that because once again if they’ve already miss your website They’ve already shown that interest now this expand your detail targeting to reach more people. I usually like to uncheck that I’m you I just have never seen it work Well for my business or my clients businesses and then placements This is automatic placements recommended this is the best way to go. It used to be not the case So down here you’ll be able to see all the different placements. You’ll be able to place your ads on. Okay, so you’ve got Facebook Facebook’s audience Network Instagram and Facebook Messenger Okay So you can see all the different places where? It will be able to show your ad if you come down here Facebook stories Instagram stories Messages in articles apps I so all these different things which just to make it easier Just click on the automatic placements which is recommended and then coming down We will want to set a budget. All right now usually What I like to do is if it’s a cold audience so people who don’t have any idea who you are You’re just marketing to your specific community or your area or people that are interested in whatever product you have to sell I usually like to do 10 dollars for every 10,000 people. Okay. So ten dollars for every 10,000 people on a daily budget now if you have a hundred thousand audience But you don’t have a hundred dollars to put per day to your your targeting. No problem You can start out with ten twenty twenty-five dollars and usually if you’re brand new to ads Facebook ads I recommend you start there Now if you’re going after an audience of people who have already visited your website like we’ve got set up here You’ll usually want to do 50 to $100 per day for per 10,000 people Okay, because what we’re doing is we’re remarketing to these people they’ve already shown interest so we want to show our ads more to these people because they’re like super highly targeted people that we are setting up with our advertising campaign now once again, If you don’t have the 50 to $100 per day to start out Don’t worry just start out with ten twenty twenty-five dollars per day. Whatever you had the budget for Okay, I usually don’t like to go lower than ten dollars per day I just have seen like that’s the kind of the the minimum threshold But if you do have like a twenty twenty-five dollar per day budget That’s perfect place to start but with this one since it’s like just our website visitors. I’m just gonna do ten dollars per day All right now coming down here none of this other stuff. If I don’t talk about it on this video guys You don’t need a mess with this. Don’t be stressing out like a men’s conversion window. We didn’t talk about that Just leave it as is and so now coming over here. We’re gonna hit continue and For this example, we are gonna be setting up a real estate ad let’s say your real estate agent But this is gonna be the same set up no matter what type of business you’re in just the ad cop he’s just gonna be a little bit different because you’re gonna be talking to your ideal customer your ideal client as opposed to a Real estate agents ideal customer or client. Alright so over here, where are we? I want to choose our Facebook page So let’s come down here We’ll say demo ad examples and it’s best if you use a facebook business page that has your name It’s great for personal branding and if you think about social media People want to engage with other people. They don’t want to engage with brands with businesses or anything like that So if you’ve got a picture of yourself, like just a headshot and your name, you’re gonna get a lot more interaction a lot more engagement Right now coming down here We’re just gonna do a single image ad for this ad right here And we’ll just grab you can upload an image from your desktop super easy You can browse the library of previous images that you’ve uploaded or this free stock images This is kind of nice because you don’t have a great picture you want to use then? you know, you can easily go up come in here and grab let’s say a Picture of a home let’s come in here Type in home Oh, all right. So coming down here. We can kind of find an image that we like All right now for this one You kind of got you want to match up whatever the image is with Typically the background image of your landing page and whatever the messaging is on this landing page as well. So coming down here Let’s just say let’s just say this is the home that is on the landing page. We hit continue and Then I’ve got some basic Facebook ad cops so if you are a realtor just drop a comment down below I can share this Facebook ad copy with you if You’re not a realtor then obviously you want to tweak it you want to say something similar to get people to actually Click and opt-in to your landing page if you’re going for lead generation We’ll just come down here We’ll throw this in here new listings see before it hits before anyone else five beds we could say four Vas something like that go here to get price location plus more pictures So what we’re gonna do is we’d have this link out to this landing page right here Okay, so you need to grab this URL but if you have a long URL like this what you can do is use a service called bitly and you can create a free account come in here create a link and just paste the long link in there hit create and Then it’s got this little customize link right there. Okay, so we just copy this We throw it right in there. So like if we pull this up we put that into a new browser window it Pops up this exact website right there. Okay. So now we just come in here we would we would have a couple paragraphs describing about this home or about whatever opt-ins like if you’re going for dental leads or Chiropractic leads or mortgage leads or whatever it might be Make sure you’re using this ad copy to reach out and basically kind of like call out your ideal target market All right. So now coming down here Will say beautiful Home for sale in whatever area live in so like let’s say Portland and So that’s gonna show up right down here. So you’ve got this primary text primary text which is the top part the headline which is gonna be down here and Then you’re gonna throw in your website URL and I like to use the actual URL right there So this is whatever page we’re trying to get people to okay so this is your Shopify store your landing page or website and that is where we throw that in right there and then coming down I Usually like to do either learn more or have no button Okay, those are the two call to actions that I like to have so you can see right over here if we refresh there’s no button right there and We just come down here Languages just leave as is tracking. This is you we’ve already set all this up and then we just hit confirm. Okay So now this point that guys that is a literally complete ad set up from Ground Zero a brand new ads account We’ve set up the Facebook pixel the Facebook cuz some audiences for your tracking your Facebook custom conversions Brand new Facebook ad campaign for conversions into leads I show you guys the targeting the ad campaign the ads set up little just like everything you need from A to Z So now what happens is after you hit confirm, which I’m not going to do because this is obviously a demo account Is you want it’s gonna take about an hour? Usually it takes less than an hour for Facebook to review your ad and then once it’s reviewed and confirmed and good to go It’s gonna go live right and then once it goes live Give it a minimum four to five days before you jump in and change anything Okay, because what happens is Facebook’s algorithm It takes a few days to learn who it should be showing the ad to who are the best people Even when you’re doing kind of like this warm targeting of people have already visit your website. You still Want to give it a few days to optimize? To a good cost per lead for your business Now there’s times where in the first like hour – like you’re generating leads already but there’s some times where it’s like you don’t generate these till day 2 or 3 and then after like You know day six seven it starts performing extremely well, so give it time Don’t turn off too soon. And then also let’s say that you’re running It’s ten dollars per day and you’re like man like this is a great cost per lead I’m getting like $3.00 leads 500 of these whatever it is I want to up the budget to 20 30 40 don’t go in and change the budget. So like let me jump in here I just want to show you guys this ads account So like if I’m over here and I’m like man this ads performing super well, okay like this one Which is not it’s like alright don’t come in here and change the budget alright, you want to duplicate the ad set and Then increase the budget. Okay, so you see I’m spending 50 bucks a day I don’t want to come in here and change that I Want to duplicate it and then increase to 75 or a hundred dollars per day. That’s what I want to do, right? So anyway guys, I hope this video was helpful as far as a complete from scratch tutorial of the Facebook Ads platform once again If you want my free facebook as mini-course I’ll have a link to that in the description as well as pinned in the top comment, and if you guys have any questions Drop a comment down below. I Answer every single one other questions right here on my youtube channel So ask it but get the help that you need and with that said guys if you’re brand new to the channel Make sure you subscribe because I launch new videos every single week how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So thank you so much for watching. Give the video a thumbs up and I will see you in the next video

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