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How to create a Display Network Campaign in Google Adwords (Latest Video) 2017

How to create a Display Network Campaign in Google Adwords (Latest Video) 2017

Display Network Campaign in Google Adwords

35 thoughts on “How to create a Display Network Campaign in Google Adwords (Latest Video) 2017

  1. Thank you sir:)
    +AD -image ad is very interesting, and whole video very important for me.
    thank you once again:)

  2. Excellent video, nicely explained. I am a Content Writer from Pakistan, just trying now to get into the Digital Marketing Field.
    This video was extremely helpful for me. Please make more videos related to Adwords, Calculating ROI, KPI etc. This video definitely deserves more views

  3. Hi Pratik, can i get more video related to Adwords, Calculating ROI, KPI etc and how to create campaign on google search Network? This bunch of videos are really helpful, thank you so much….

  4. Hi Pratik, Does Display network campaign give you the option of creating banner Ads / Pop up that show your ads on youtube videos ?
    I don't want the pop ads to appear only in my videos , i need to spread it out to other targeted videos on youtube , how do i create it and under which settings can it be created ?

  5. Greate info. but i did not understand the bid strategy 🙁 how we can set it just 10 rupee. where is total budget. as you select 500 per day and cpc 10 rupees

  6. Hi! if we add specific websites in placement tab for ad display. is it replace all the setting that google displaying my ads??

  7. hi! in video you explain all the things but did not tell which is the best option that we have to choose. like how to target your ad has 3 options. display keywords, remarketing & differ target method . so what is the best option?

  8. Would you like to know how to become Google Adwords Certified Professional..??? Here is something you should be looking into: https://www.digitalmarketingforfree.com/google-adwords-certification/

  9. How many of you would like to have a brand new 2017 tutorial on Google Display Network? Just doing this survey to enhance the video tutorial for you people… let me know 🙂

  10. 3 Google Adwords Display Network Mistakes To Avoid | Digital Marketing Strategy Ep. #046

  11. The M in CPM isn't 'mile' as in the distance, it's 'mille' as in the Roman numeral for 1000. http://www.latiumfigures.info/large-latin-numbers/1000-in-latin.htm

  12. Great video. Just started in digital advertising with an agency a couple months ago and now getting hands on with adwords. Although this isn't the new interface, you provided a LOT of information in this video. I'll be looking at more of your videos as well. Thank you!

    Do you have videos on how to optimize search and display campaigns?

  13. Awesome bro… whole video was very good… however I didn't understood the concept of affinity and in market audience…could you please explain me the difference with another example…it would be quite helpful…

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