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How To Create A Dark Post On Facebook – Facebook Ads Tutorial

How To Create A Dark Post On Facebook – Facebook Ads Tutorial

hey guys this is a quick video about how
to create Facebook dark poster how to create an
unlisted post on Facebook or how to create a a dark post on Facebook depending on I
you know how you heard about it and my name is Gabe Strom and I want to share
with you a lot of people are using this strategy summers on my my Facebook fan page in the the way that
you access our poses use ever go to the top right hand corner click on manage ads okay I’ll take you to the the back the the backside of Facebook’s
advertising platform now worker the car the key secrets I to
using facebook effectively is to use their power was called up our editors
almost like a comparator now some sleep if you’re not familiar
with the power to it so it’s a third party application Facebook read this as an
external tool arm you know someone what Google users
further adds manager but essentially it’s a place where you can our custom target specific audiences
from within are the Facebook platform sickness
really cool things the way that you access a dark post the big difference
here arm if you notice like yours on my my
fan page a normal post arm is a status update you can promote
different status updates this is publicly what are posted allows you to laser target on run
multiple ads without your facebook fan base seen on all the different activity
unless the phone a demographic so here’s what I mean is such a special unit F one
is gonna create a simple app some call the sample arm FB dark post income I’m occurred as an add-on leave
it as a for fam page using a fam Bob fam post
I’m a slut the fan page and I want which is a man’s news my gave strong dot com and years
word it’s fun so you can essentially arm promote an existing posted you
already have something that’s already on your fam page or you can create a new on publish post okay this is where you
can create a dark post and I what you just click on this box in
a pope a a box concrete unpublished page post you can
use for a link for photo for video for status om I’ve had the most success with photos on
you can upload em right to the editor right here Obama just the big arm the big kicker
here is this check box right here right there’s two options one you can this post will only be used as an ad
which is the dark post section into this post will be published on the page
right this is where you can choose to arm create a brand new post that will
show on your fam picked like the here’s my gave strum fan page on Facebook here
also appear what we’re talking about here is this
first check box which is this post will only be used as an ad this is how you set up a dark posts now
the real value there’s so much cool stuff I could show you a Facebook and
I’ve got some more trainings worries if you like
this little tip I’m head over a simple video system dot com and enter your
email address I got some more cool videos in our tutorials to teach you how to do arm
some simple stuff a video on some simple stuff Facebook stuff in the meantime I wanna
share with you this one big to on because I don’t see a lot of
people using Facebook this way in a substantially will allow
you to laser target whatever audience you want to target if it’s are you know men between the ages of 45
and 50 that live in the united states that you know like a golf page for
example you can you really specific with your audiences and I think I don’t post that you don’t
have to overwhelm your fan base right your fans won’t see fifty different status updates from you
if you’re running a lot of campaigns the back and so hope we found value in this little tip
on how to create I’m a facebook dark posts on this really cool stuff you like
some more tips and strategies about how to use on
Facebook and drug advertising on Facebook and also
you to watch video the head over simple video system dot com I put together some
cool tutorials that I got coming out I think you really gonna enjoy this page may look different time you
get here but there’s a link right below this for you can click that as well so a rock and a head over simple video
system not converse more awesome tips you know catches on

13 thoughts on “How To Create A Dark Post On Facebook – Facebook Ads Tutorial

  1. I am not getting the window that you are accessing (1:24 mark on video). I got so frustrated with it, I just closed it out with lotsa' colorful language. I did see a bar up top, on the left, next to the others that said download editor. I clicked and another foreign window popped up, at least foreign to me. Uhg.

  2. Are dark posts only limited to your fan page or can they be extended to the entire FB population?  Thanks for the vid btw!!

  3. Thank you so much. You really cleared up a lot of information for me regarding dark posts. Your instructions are clear and precise and very understandable. Thank You 🙂

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  5. Hey, I followed your tutorial, but I'm still having trouble.  Even though I did NOT select the "post to wall" option, it still posted to the wall.  Do you have an email that I can contact you at?

  6. I will tell you something important for you !!! when you want to teach someone to kick the ball you don´t need to explain all history of football !!

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