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How to Create a Dark Post on Facebook | Facebook Ads for Free

How to Create a Dark Post on Facebook | Facebook Ads for Free

I guys Adam pain he cannot you all the
way from central Japan and today I wanna do something special I
wanna show you how you can create How to Create a Dark Post on Facebook on Facebook
essentially I’m gonna show you how you can advertise
on Facebook for free and believe me know a lot of
people know how to do this now before you watch this video and it
meant must be said that you need a couple of things you will need to call something to sell
and you will need a fan page 92 a fan page 33i but you will need a fan page because
you’ll need to place you i’d on your fan page now most people will
have you on the right side their place their ads down here How to Create a Dark Post on Facebook and they’ll pay every time somebody use
it or every time somebody clicks on it there are other ads which appear in your
news feed for example and you have to pay people
will you know I pay money every time somebody
clicks on an act that appears in any state have a what people don’t have to do is
have to place an ad the free on their anti-smoking you an
example me get this link on the top right click
once New York band pages will come up and this is one parent page I have is
called top bonus office that we scroll down and
you’ll notice How to Create a Dark Post on Facebook hiya I haven’t image unlike most images this is a clickable imagine if we click
this image once it will take somebody to capture page outsider Facebook hi haven’t paid anything for you know this is is my
capture page but I didn’t pay Facebook anything and
now all happens here is that people can enter their email
here I’m not only will they go on to my list my able East I would also be able to an some
commissions from this and the people happy because I can
actually try hundred dollars Dunkin Donuts it out okay have had to do it festival
took place for these at you must be logged in to your my account I’m you must be are using
Google Chrome and you must come to the time to go shop
our editor know what you did is your let’s just see if you can find
it will come here and click on a random post so then down my left side
has all my group in which contains an applicant at manager wants I’m like this place
should I go up and down the left side it will save power editor you click once I mean what you’ll
notice when his lights up is the hold up your
group should populate on this drop down menu okay now you one thing
will I didn’t items in book witness to manage
pages and see what comes up I don’t go me hiya and my page top bonus offers but you might have seen before the I had
more pages than this I had other pages let’s say I wanted to
advertise on my green tea party wanted appetizer supplement also green tea or three of the united to create a my green
tea parties yet so what do I did this is what we did you
basically have to go back into your 9 Facebook page go to your page one finds our green tea fast charge I’m not exactly a I have code list of numbers hoping all
these numbers don’t pop the question mark for the
forward slash just copy these numbers got nine as my 119 likes on this page
about 10,000 people at the Tustin what is
copied typed copy that and we’ll come back to
album I’m nine-page and we want to go back to out
power editor where the click on the ice come back to ads manager yen and power and its are again now I need
to get my green tea page uploaded into my power hitter but although it sounds strange actually have
to download first click on Download pages and put my number in here where it says
page ID act download continue that should be
that now that’s just checked manage pages now see here my
green tea fans page is here now what a pleasant at on my
green tea fans page all I will please pick on
green tea bags want for it to load up it is very easy
guys it’s completely free create post put the URL might capture
page here okay Watson text he s but people will see the headline from I had leave the caption black description and named How to Create a Dark Post on Facebook very very important image so for example
you would can’t upload image and select image in a
note from your desktop or click on a page summer on the web you
want to use you can import it into a website once it’s done you just click on Create
post nap would be that so we’re gonna dairies
we’re gonna go and find it when I find an image and then I’m gonna a do it for you to
hold on one sec for recording I okay so what we gonna do
he will give you an example now they should really be a captured by
let’s imagine I want to protect my block duties added I N Go my post text could be a for limited time earning crying your discount the net the up packets old green something at the top of my head this is
an the going to be the best copy but you get the idea link headline could be for example playing say alway Braun central Japan mean caption will leave that’s blank a description again I might put the same
thing here and iPhones a.m. the the limited and we ok round arts very Saints vs emergency upload an image which I just here argument’s sake guy and now if you’re a fan pages got
only American people you don’t worry about it
my green tea page as gots actually talked to people that I
only speak English English I want its all kinda English
people to I don’t people don’t read English to the
coming here occasionally that plank know what I
would do is click on create post and Wealden I want it is now
in case people on his page CDs before I have time to remove it but once I create post this will
automatically populate onto my crazy fan page anybody clicks on this image will be
taken to my blog of a facebook completely free as it cost
me anything would like traffic to my website quick
look like traffic to my capture page where I can get the late very very simple doesn’t count service
for example and if we just go back to keep
well-guarded example the only done before my donkey Meyer Dunkin Donuts one where our way top bonus offers it would basically Appiah like this now
course you can create the image in Photoshop you can add a border to rate you can do
lots of different things you can use an iStockphoto whatever you
wanna mean eye-catching he’s not going to just hear it’s really up to you
should be that really warm sense you can advertise for
free not cause if your Facebook doesn’t have many people course you want to build up your Lights
Festival no I thought this Facebook page when the rest of this page December 7 I started this page 733 lights let’s just today dates who website today so I just approved
today’s date farm today’s I its today is December 12 so part diaries I’ve got 733 like to mister big grease
because I know what do you got to get lights side literally you can create
money out of thin air you can create a Facebook page you can
make a banner you can run Linux you can get lights and
then you can start advertising for free once you have a
decent number lots on your page course if you only a 10-15 lakhs country
is kinda pointless because she people then we will see the side of
course with people on your part watching know how to build a facebook
fan page you can advertise for free to these people I you
can of course what about content bad this is how you can create a top post on
Facebook and he if you already have a fan page when you
go to: how editor you can’t find your fan page 2 appetizer
show you this video have grabbed your fan page men cry
appetite happy families be a useful go Japan page advertise for free okay
Adam paid with my country and I think appetizing are gonna take care How to Create a Dark Post on Facebook

17 thoughts on “How to Create a Dark Post on Facebook | Facebook Ads for Free

  1. Hi Adam, I'm getting this message when I goto download my page.
    Ad Images:
    Connection Objects:
    Custom Audiences:
    Offsite Events:
    Partner Categories:
    Rate Cards:
    Saved Target Group:
    Timezone Offsets:
    Some of your information couldn't be downloaded to Power Editor. Please try downloading your information again.

    All are checked marked except for "PAGES" (I am using Google Chrome)

  2. Thanks Adam.  I went  to your Dunking Donut example here tinyurl dot com forwardslash dunkydo100.  And it did not behave like clickable link to a landing page. What did I miss?

  3. Hey Adam… great information on using Dark Post to advertise to FaceBook Fans. Please connect with me on Google+ @Troy Holadia and LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/troyholadia/

  4. When I finished the dark post it was only created but not advertised, and they also want to charge me for this! What can I do? help me, please!!

  5. hI Adam this is fab- however i can't manage to do with the new Facebook as it stands 2017- can we still do it? if so how? hahaha thank you 🙂

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