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How to Crack Your Own Back. Without a Chiropractor.

How to Crack Your Own Back. Without a Chiropractor.

♪ Bob and Brad the two most famous ♪ ♪ physical therapists on the internet ♪ Hi, I’m Bob Schrupp, physical therapist,
Brad Heineck physical therapist and together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet In our opinion of course Bob Brad, today we’re going to show the folks out there how to crack their own back -You better believe it
-Without a chiropractor or without a physical therapist. -Exactly
-So let’s start off You can simply use a chair with a back like this I use my office chair- my computer chair quite a bit at work. You really need a specific chair for this, Brad I mean the shoulder blades have to fit over the top this Right, if it’s too high it’s not going to work. And if this is not solid–
You can’t have a flexible back on this And then– you’re going to go back like this and relax
and I usually go like this and -Then he just leans over the back of the chair so the edge of the chair is using it to correct the back -And then I slide down I’ll get different levels too. Then I usually go about like to there, and then I’m done Some people do it as more like a hallelujah stretch, we call it They bring their arms up “hallelujah” And then back down again
-Yeah, I’m not doing that though As an alternative, if you don’t have a chair that fits you sometimes people can kind of put your hand in this position here and You can actually take your hand and you can go right up on the spine,
and push up on the spine [Brad] And kind of angle it like this [Bob] So I’m angling up this way and you and while I do that, then I lean back [Bob] There and it just cracked
[Brad] There ya go And you can get different levels that way
-You bet But you need to have fairly good flexibility with your shoulder on that one Let’s see one laying down Bob All right laying down would be one with the foam roller [Brad] Oh, this is one of my favorites too
[Bob] So, you buy a foam roller They’ve got them pretty much everywhere now, don’t they? [Brad] Oh yeah
[Bob] Just go onto to the internet and type in foam roller Just going to go ahead [Brad] I like the 6-inch diameter for this one, but you could go at the 4-inch [Bob] They have a lot of different textures don’t they, Brad? And you just roll on to it like this And Brad and I do this one every day, don’t we Brad?
[Brad] Yeah, it’s great for your posture [Bob] Yeah, I do this one every morning before I run, and you do it before you bike, right? Well yeah I– I’ve vary Bob I have a– I don’t have
[Bob] He has a routine that changes every day [Brad] Yeah, but this is a– can I do it, Bob?
[Bob] Yeah, go ahead [stretching] And I like the arch over like this a little bit differently than Bob and I go right up to my neck Gah, that’s good All right, I don’t wanna get you jealous [Bob] Alright, next one. We’re going to go ahead and do the– Okay, I’m going to be down this way now this is the one for the lower back, and this is a twist, basically you’d call it This one actually doesn’t work for me, but it works for a lot of people I want you to start on your side, and then I got these bands on here so hopefully you can see better you know with my black pants
-Some contrast The lower leg you’re going to go ahead and straighten and then the upper leg you’re going to take the foot and put it behind the knee
-Right here Like that and then, you want to go ahead and flatten your back So I’m flattening my back and bringing the right shoulder over [Brad] One thing that helps is to bring this shoulder up a little bit this direction Okay, now I’m taking this hand– which was the upper hand and, by the way if you have a disc problem I wouldn’t be doing this one And you can start off getting into this real gently.
If this is too much you could just try to work your way over but then eventually you want to do it– bring the hand out this way and I’m looking toward the hand This hand is actually pushing down like this
-Right there [Bob] So you can take deep breaths Breathe in, breathe out, and push down a little bit. Breathe in, breathe out, push down like this, a little bit. Now you can vary this too, Brad. The farther you bring the leg up the farther up on the back it’s going. And if you really want to get aggressive you can actually put the leg over the edge like this. [Brad] And none of these should cause any pain. If they’re painful stop [Bob] Stop, yep and I’m going to show the other way real quickly So again, you’re going to start with the bottom leg straight This leg bent with the foot behind the knee you’re going to start straightening–
working your way towards… [Brad] This shoulder coming down
[Bob] You can actually oscillate if you want Then, put it down bringing this shoulder forward And now this one is there this one’s here. And again, I can take deep breaths and oscillate or Just go ahead and give a little crack or let it go off the edge here Alright and Brad’s got another one,
we’re just full of them today This, when I was younger,
used to always give me a crack and usually, you know if you’re going to get a crack, it’s going to happen once and then you’re done. You’re not going to get repetitive ones Okay, so this one here I like to call it the pretzel one.
So, the right knee is up Left elbow goes over the top, and then you look behind you like you’re looking behind your rear-view… window and your car, and then I press here, relax, and just stretch right there. [Bob] His back is real straight when you’re doing this.
You’re not bent And it is a good rotational stretch And it just feels good.
If it doesn’t crack it still feels good. It gives you some good stretch And again, we admonish you with all these if you start feeling pain with any of these, don’t do them. exactly and I would not do it if you think you suspect you have a disc problem or a herniated disc This would not be the thing for that
-Exactly So good luck and keep on cracking
-Yeah [laughing]

98 thoughts on “How to Crack Your Own Back. Without a Chiropractor.

  1. I remember these guys from a while back and they had a couple thousand subs and here i am a couple years later and I'm so proud of them

  2. I broke my hip 4 months ago, and the stretch on the bed with one foot tucked behind the knee looks like it could b e a good stretch for my hip. ????

  3. I have a chair that works perfectly, in math class. Literally every morning I crack my back on it. I push up on the desk (they’re connected), and lean back. It cracks my back instantly, and being a swimmer, I need my muscles to be loose, so it’s always really nice. I’m glad to see that actual chiropractors recommend this.

  4. I can see why physical therapists are not legally allowed to give chiropractic adjustments. What you demonstrated are stretches, not adjustments. You also demonstrated you know nothing about chiropractic. An adjustment has a precise use of force that restores the nerve flow and range of motion of the joint. You're doing nothing to stabilize the spine. If anything this video may cause someone who has a serious spinal to postpone going to a chiropractor and getting a long lasting, positive result. I challenge you to be more scientific on your next video and show before and after changes in posture, range of motion and x-ray with your cracking stretches. You won't because you can't. Only chiropractic can do that.

  5. I bent over to pick up something and my spine cracked three times… My back has never been right since. No thanks.

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  7. The hallelujah stretch huh 🤔 I’ve been a athlete my whole life 💯 I must’ve missed that stretch though 🤦🏽‍♂️

  8. I was doing the side stretch b/c I woke up with the worst back/neck/shoulder pain of my adolescent life but my left hip was. Not. Having. It. Ouch.

  9. Hello Doctor. l have a short femur with around 81mm and a shorter tibia of the opposite legs with around 43mm. I would like to know whether there are ways to make my legs' length even at the age of 27.

    Thank you!

  10. It’s so nice doing that chair thing, it really works for my back so now I do it pretty often. I just wonder if it could be dangerous in some way, should I think about anything while I do it? I read on the internet that you shouldn’t crack your back yourself, but now I just can’t stop cause it feels nice…

  11. I'm new here and I'm expecting something knowled…

    Sees intro

    Oh… Ni-nice! I was… m-moved, I guess.

    *certainly not expecting that

  12. I had a slipped disc. My chiropractor says I should visit monthly for the rest of my life for "tweaking". Is he correct or is he just trying to make more money?

  13. I don't know if this aplies to other people, but let me share with you that i got a thoraxic disc herniation cracking my back in the way that's shown with the chair, but with another object…

  14. If I have disc issues.. can I do these as long as it doesn't hurt? Or will it make the disc issue worse, regardless of if there is pain or not? 🤔🤔 I love doing these twisting exercises to stretch my back. But don't want to make my disc issues worse.

  15. This is terrible advice. No decent physical therapist would be recommending ways to crack your back. I know its satisfying but if you got back problems you are going to fuck your whole shit up

  16. I cracked my lower back my whole life the way you did the last one…after my 3rd child two years ago I cannot do it on my right side anymore. Not because of pain, but because it simply won't go even though it feels like it needs to. What's going on? I also have what I've been told is SJD and my flares are on that side as well.

  17. Wow the first two ways were what I already do, didn't even get told, at least I know I am doing this safely! Thanks. Also my GP told me to lie flat on my back, tuck my knees up, close them together and swing from waist to the right and left, cracks whole spine!

  18. That intro song tho…. . don't know how to react….. I want to laugh really really loud… then again … i want to cry really really hard .cause it did hurt my ears really really bad…. i just don't know…i'm so confused….. ..

  19. I liked the video and the presenters. I actually have a habit of doing the one sitting on the chair and leaning back… but I was under the impression that for the other options it was always bad to crack your back while twisting?

  20. Well the chair is not working for me. I tried slinging my arms in the air too. I wish my back and neck would pop/crack soooo bad!

  21. "These techniques are for educational purposes only. Consult with your Doctor, Physical Therapist or Chiropractor before performing." You should take this video down IMHOP

  22. I have wanted to know how to do this forever…and now my chiropractor is gone for more than two weeks…so really happy to get this…these guys are such a gift to us.

  23. Look my back wont crack. Ive tried everything. Im so worried when it does. The pain os so bad i want to smoke crack. Cracking my back scares the shit out of me.

  24. Thank you so much this really helped to know that u have my back (haha) also pls put ur intro on spotify that is all thank u for being u

  25. I always did this on the school desk when I was a student and I thought it was something unhealthy to do lol. Although now I have 3 herniated disks on my neck because of harmful movements at sports and cracking certainly feels painful when I attempt.

  26. Oh How helpful this was! It feels good! I don't know if it hurted or not but surely I felt the muscles stretching and it felt good. I'm a runner so my back is pretty stiff, is there a way to make it crack like when kines are pushing against the whole torax? 🙂 Thank you.

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