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How to Copy and Paste Ads and MAKE $100 – $500 PER DAY | Instant Cash Solution Proof

How to Copy and Paste Ads and MAKE $100 – $500 PER DAY | Instant Cash Solution Proof

hey how you doing it’s Dan Froelke and
welcome to another instant cash solution update here and in this video I’m gonna
show you how to copy and paste ads and make 100 200 300 and even $500 instant
commissions sent directly to you okay because that’s really what instant cash
solution is all about it’s a member to member instant pay program and it’s an
extremely easy copy and paste system alright so you know I’ve been online for
over nine years and I get this question asked all the time okay they say hey Dan
I don’t have a lot of money to advertise where should I go is there any free
places or any of the low-cost and really that’s what instant cash solution is all
about okay so we have a lot of training inside for free lead and generation and
low cost lead generation methods all right and we have all the display ads
and everything you need to be successful in this very simple copy and paste
system so in this video I thought I’d share with you how easy it is to copy
and paste at this is what we’re gonna do I’m gonna show you how to copy and paste
the ads on facebook in the Facebook groups and how to copy and paste ads on
Craigslist okay I’m gonna show you exactly how it’s done and I’m gonna
share with you two solo ad the vendors that are absolutely awesome who I’m
having success with in instant cash solution and people who join me too
because I turned them turn them on to these guys to It’s completely automated
you don’t have to post ads it is hands-free solo ads top-tier traffic I’m
gonna turn you guys on to that and hopefully you can use them in your
business as well so if this is your first time on my channel welcome I
really appreciate you being on here I know there’s gazillion videos to watch
on here but this channel is all about how to make money online how to generate
a full-time or part-time income so you can create a lifestyle of
freedom and time freedom and really that’s why I minute to spend much more
time with my family and friends so uh I want to get to this video okay how to
copy and paste ads and make 100 200 300 and 500 dollars instantly paid directly
to you okay so let’s get this going it’s gonna be a little longer and I
jam-packed it with a lot of value so I’d appreciate it if you give me a thumbs up
that’d be awesome and I will continue to add all this value okay so let’s start
it off right now and I almost forgot I’m gonna show you
some results too because this is the first week of December 2018 we are
approaching the holiday season rapidly and if you want a good holiday season
and you want to make a little extra money this is the system right here
instant cash solution okay so again I came off of a great
month I had a fantastic month of over 16,000 dollars in this system right here
and I’m gonna show you some results right now and then we’ll get to the
training and all that really good stuff okay so let’s do it right now I am truly
blessed to have aligned myself with this very simple copy and paste ads system
and here’s a deal you may or may not know me at all but I just want to show
you these results so that you know that I’m on the level to show you how to do
this online stuff all right so let’s login Oh first of all I forgot the
disclaimer just a little legal disclaimer here these are my results in
no way do I guarantee that you are gonna get these same results if any at all I
work very hard for these results and results are not typical
alright so let’s log in right here first of all I want to show you today’s date
is December 3rd 2018 right here okay let me bring this back up here and I’m gonna
login I will show you indeed that this is my account your profile that is me
right there alright so we’re gonna go back we’re
click on Commission’s earned in this will say I have one sale because it is
the very beginning of the month here I’ve got a sale this morning I spoke to
three people over the weekend so this evening they’re gonna come in so I will
have three more sales this evening so but here’s last month like I told you I
am it’s just very blessed about this very simple copy and paste system so
here’s what I earned last month of November okay just uh three days ago all
right right here is so I earned total commissions for the month over sixteen
thousand dollars now that is fantastic for just one of my income streams okay
and I can share with you exactly how I get these results I share you know with
all all my team members the the strategies and the resources and help
you set your system up and we have everything that you need right in the
back office now there’s all kinds of great programs out there right you can
make money with a lot of them all right now if if you failed in the past maybe
it wasn’t the system maybe it was the person that you joined okay so you have
to kind of take that under consideration it’s very important for you to line
yourself who’s someone who actually walks the walk okay so this this last
month of November $16,300 in October I’ll show you ill end and as you can see here
it’s a sale or two or three or four every single day that is how half the
system is and it’s it isn’t only converting for me it’s converting for
people who have never made a dime online either right so this is great oh and so
I started in October October was little over seven thousand okay with instant
cash and solution so let’s get back to the training here we go okay the first
marketing method that I’m going to show you is absolutely free okay we’re gonna
copy and paste ads right into Facebook groups and again this is free but you
have to remember so anything that’s free you know you’re gonna do some work and
it’s gonna take up a little bit of your time all right so
the very first thing we have to do is join Facebook groups that pertain to
your niche so our niche is home based business work from home online marketing
internet marketing multi-level marketing and affiliate marketing so those are the
groups that we have to search out and so I’m gonna go really fast here we have
all the training in the back office of our instant cash solution back-office
all the training in all the display ads okay but the very first thing we want to
do is search out some groups so what I’m gonna put in the search bar here is
let’s say work from home groups all right and you’re gonna do a search will
go on groups and as you can see all kinds of groups there are hundreds and
hundreds and hundreds of groups but what I want you to do is I want you to choose
a group with a lot of members like this one as 24,000 so any group that has
let’s say about about 15,000 all the way up
okay there’s groups at eighty thousand hundred thousand now this might be a
good group for you so all you have to do is click join and what’s gonna happen
the admin or other members of the group are gonna let you in now here’s the
thing that I want to warn you I would only join about eight to ten groups per
day okay and I want you to spread it out just don’t go down the line click and
click click click alright you have to you have to spread this out because
obviously you don’t want to end up in facebook jail I’m sure you’ve probably
heard about that so anyway for example just open up this
group and what you’re gonna do work on homegroup you’re gonna read the rules if
they have any if they have any rules here and they usually have them up
frontier I don’t really see it as you can see you can see people you know post
their opportunity and but I’m gonna show you a way to post that that’s not
get you in facebook jail alright and I’m gonna show you that right now and once
you’ve been approved by you know six to ten groups then you can start posting
alright and I happen to have a group right here that I belong this this group
here is that huge group it’s eighty let’s see what is it eighty eight
thousand people in this group alright so your little ad there is gonna be seen by
a lot of people but the object of this is to post in multiple groups but again
you can’t do it fast okay so here’s how this is gonna work now I want to jump
back to our instant cash solution back-office
and we have all the image ads right here as a matter of fact we’ve got about 25
Facebook image ads for you to use as you can see right here I’m gonna go slow and
I’m gonna choose one of them and let’s see this one I liked because it wasn’t
so right here let’s see all right let’s choose this one so what we’re gonna do
we’re gonna right-click it and we’re gonna copy it
alright this is copy and paste right copy and paste ads alright so once we
have a copied we’re gonna go back to Facebook right here
and we’re going to right click and paste I mean sorry I’m just gonna click hand
paste alright and as you can see here is that image right here alright but we’re
not done alright so what I want you to do I just don’t want you to spam your
link in here what I want you to do is write something that pertains to this ad
with a little call to action okay and I have something already written up here
let me show you and you can write something like this and
again super easy and it’s absolutely free okay so I’m gonna paste that in
there and as you can see here it is who needs a fast income before Christmas
make a hundred to five hundred dollars daily working only two to three hours
per day okay and then here’s the call to action comment info below and I will send
you the info okay that’s that’s really and you can put little emojis in there
if you want to but anyway here that’s how easy that was copy and paste I just
want you to write something in here that pertains to this ad okay if it’s around
the holidays like it is now write something like this all right
so and then all you have to do is click post just like that okay and there you
have it one two three and if you do this to eight to ten groups per day you’re
gonna get some leads okay you’re gonna get some signups all right let’s try it
again so I’m gonna go back to my ads here and I’ll choose another one this is a great one right here okay
right-click copy go back over there okay we’re gonna paste it in paste all right
and then it’s gonna show up right here and we were gonna take our little our
text right here that we wrote out all right and we’re gonna copy that we’re
gonna go back gonna paste that in and it’s as easy as that
okay copy and paste ad system and we’re gonna post now these people are going to
respond you’re gonna reach out to him you’re gonna have a little conversation
with him and you’re gonna send them your link okay
this is absolutely free method copy and paste okay and all the training is right
in the back office I just went over this super fast but it is in the back office
okay okay this is copy and paste method number two and it’s Craigslist this is
not free but it’s very inexpensive now all we’re gonna do here is copy and
paste ads and you will get leads for your instant cash solution business or
whatever business that you’re doing okay let’s get started
and so first you need a craigslist account and it’s free to set one up so
i’m gonna log into my account and show you how this is done okay so once you
have your account you’re gonna click on create a posting and as you can see I’m
in the Minneapolis and st. Paul area that’s my area and I highly suggest that
you just place ads in your area just for now okay until you get the hang of this
in until you learn more advanced strategies that’s what I suggest you do
so we’re gonna gonna create an account alright and I’m in the Hennepin County
this is the largest one in the in the area so we’re gonna click on that and
we’re gonna offer job offer we’re gonna scroll down to sales we’re
gonna and click that and as you can see
there’s a price of $35 to place this ad and that’s really very inexpensive okay
so then we’re gonna click right below here is is continue the very first thing
we’re gonna do is create our headline and the really good news is we have all
this stuff in the ICS training back-office so I will jump over to
Craigslist training that we have and these are the headlines that we that we
have for Craigslist there’s actually a lot more where that came from but I just
want to show you a few right here and to be honest with you yeah it’s okay to to
copy/paste these but you know what everybody’s gonna be using them so I
highly suggest that you create your own headlines very easy to do and you can
experiment with these you can you know you can use versions of these but this
is what I do and I’m just again I’m showing you exactly what I do if you
want to copy me word for word that’s okay I’m gonna be switching these up
anyway so let’s start right here I’m gonna show you what what I have for you
so let’s put this hiring today and then post ads for our business work from your
location all right that’s always good work from your location you know I don’t
want to put too many exclamation marks in there okay so let’s uh okay so my
area of course Minneapolis look so yeah let’s forget the O in there all right
area Minneapolis area and I just happened to know that the zip code for
the actual heart of Minneapolis is what is it five five one zero eight I believe
yep and then we’re gonna go back to our Craigslist training and we’ve got all
these image ads all right we’ve got lots of them back
there you can choose from what everyone you want but again I’m just gonna show
you what I’m doing so I’m using this very first display ad because I really
like it because it’s just very low-key right there’s no flashy headlines
there’s no red involved and it is kind of very very simple and it happens to be
the very first one okay and we have lots of them I don’t want to scroll down
because it goes it goes on and on very well-written ads by by the owner rich
Meyer he does a great job with these ads and they they actually work they
actually get lots of leads for you so but here’s all we’re gonna do okay so
this is the image code right here in this whole just between the brackets so
what you’re gonna do you’re gonna copy and paste because after all that’s what
we do right copy and paste ads we’re gonna copy this okay so you can copy it
you can control see it’s copy or you can right-click it and copy either way but I
just did that so every ad has an image ad code okay
very easy so we’re gonna jump back to Craigslist and we’re just gonna place
the code okay so you can control V or you can do right click and paste either
way all right and that’s all we’re gonna do so so this image add this image ad
is right in place right in the body all right and we are going to do click on
full time here and we don’t have to worry about this and describe
compensation let’s put a hundred percent commissions and I’m having a hard time
today all right okay one hundred percent commission we can skip that email yes
your email it’s Dan Froelke at gmail.com its Dan Froelke at gmail.com now here’s
the thing these people are going to reply to this
email address okay you can put whatever one you want in there or whichever one
corresponds to your craigslist account I should say all right and you can leave
that blank you were gonna put your phone number because if they want to people
can reply by sending you a text right that’d be awesome
be easy seven six three two one 350 361 alright and you don’t have to here let
me oh there’s a there’s a continue so over here right below this you can’t see
it but all you have to do is click continue right here and you don’t have
to worry about this you’re gonna click continue again okay all done with images
and here we go okay how are we today you don’t worry about this hiring today
post ads for your for our business work from any location that’s the headline
and they’re gonna they’re gonna see this okay read it and they’re gonna
respond and you’re gonna get notification from Craigslist and then
here’s what you’re gonna do you’re gonna go back and you’re gonna copy and paste
an email to reply back to these people okay very easy super simple business it
couldn’t get any easier than this it’s a copy and paste business alright so all
this looks good and here let me push this down a bit so
what you’re gonna do you’re gonna click this and you’ll publish the ad you’ll
pay for the ad his $35 where I am it all depends where you are so the ad started
at five dollars and they go at about forty five bucks all depends where you
post the ad in which category okay all right so we’ve got some email swipes
that you can send to your prospects that reply to your Craigslist ad all you have
to do is put your your your capture page URL right here you can replace that you
can send them these email swipes here and then what they’re gonna do they’re
gonna go through your your sales funnel and purchase this system from you in the
products and you get paid directly to you
okay it’s it’s as easy as that alright you guys I gotta wrap this up because I
went completely way over my allotted time here so anyway I I told you earlier
that I wanted to share with you some solo ad vendors who I’ve have had a lot of
success with and here they are these are two fantastic solo ad vendors this guy
here his name is Jaszdeep so it’s Jaszdeep solo ads I don’t have a referral
link for you but all you have to do is just to do a search
Jaszdeep solo ads you’ll you’ll find all of his information here he’s really
well-respected in this industry he’s a top solo ad provider and again he’s a
really good stand-up guy and I’ve gotten to know him well over the last month or
two I’ve actually spent a lot of money on his solo ads and probably about
three thousand dollars okay just on on him alone so that’s how much I think of
his traffic okay he’s got excellent traffic it converts with instant cash
solution or anything that you have in this work-from-home niche alright so
anyway I’m not gonna get into too much all you have to do is go to Jaszdeep
solo ads and let me scroll down here he has two versions of clicks he has his
regular clicks which is 80% tier one traffic or his premium and his prices
will reflect that 100 clicks hundred dollars 100 clicks $85 alright so I
invite you to check out his website again I highly recommend him and you
know he’s become a good online friend of mine and we kind of go back and forth
share some ideas and it’s good to have some insider information like that but
anyway he’s very well respected and I highly recommend Jaszdeep solo ads now
here’s the other solo ad vendor that I highly recommend it’s called epic solos
okay and it’s just epic solos epic SOLAS calm and his name is Thomas
Utt and I highly recommend this guy he’s got very clean
traffic and in his prices are just about the same as Jaszdeep and he has tier 1
and tier 2 traffic as well you can check him out I’ve had success with him as
well very very well known in the industry very well respected and he’s
got great traffic okay so that’s epic solos okay and I encourage you to check
him out it’s got a lot of testimonials he’s got great communication he’ll reach
out to you and it will run very smoothly okay so I highly recommend epic solos
okay there you have it I hope you got some value out of it you know I try to
add value in every single video I certainly just don’t want to show you it
can results because how is that gonna help you right so if you haven’t had
success online you know what maybe it’s just not you right you know there’s all
kinds of great programs out there you know there’s a lot of good ones and if
you haven’t had success maybe you’re just not aligning yourself with someone
who’s actually gonna help you out okay with someone who actually walks the walk
and I can certainly I work with you one-on-one and I will certainly help you
out and be a mentor to you too so I appreciate you watching this video again
I know there’s a bazillion of them out there and what I want you to do is
subscribe to my channel and click the bell notification so you are notified
every time I upload a brand new video so you can get some valuable content so
anyway with that said what I want you to do now is click the link below and check
out more of instant cash solution and how I can help you okay
because I put all kinds of things in place for people who join me and I want
you to take a look at that stuff right now okay this is Dan Froelke I have all
my contact information below and if you have any questions he’ll be standing by
to answer those and I look forward to working with you alright
hey have a great marketing day!

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