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How to Copy and Paste Ads and MAKE $100 $500 DAILY! (Step by Step Training)

How to Copy and Paste Ads and MAKE $100 $500 DAILY! (Step by Step Training)

hey guys how you doing it’s Dan Froelke
and I am super excited about this video here you guys are gonna love it today
alright because in this video I’m gonna show you how to make 100 200 300 and
even 500 dollars per day with a very simple copy and paste ad system and all
we’re doing we’re copying pasting ads on social
media sites on Craigslist and other marketing platforms but first if this is
your first time on my channel welcome this channel is all about how to make
money online 2019 how to generate a full-time or part-time income so you can
create financial freedom and time freedom by leveraging the power of the
internet and member to member direct pay programs like the one I’m gonna have
to show you now I’ve jam-packed this video with a
lot of value actually step-by-step training chances are you are in other
programs and that’s cool because this is gonna help you out I was going to share
this with only members of my team but I thought no I’m gonna put this out there
I’m all about giving value and I’ve been very successful online and I just want
to give back to you guys but here you go I’ve got three websites where you can
generate free traffic alright and I’m gonna show those to you step-by-step
right now okay here we go but first I want to show you some
results that I’m getting from a very simple copy and paste ads business. Now
this YouTube video here is all about copy and paste ads and you know I’m not
going to redirect you to some other offer that really doesn’t pertain to
copy and paste ads this is the real deal right here I want to show you some
results that I’ve been getting with this business right now but first a little
income disclaimer all right now these are my results results are not typical
in no way do I guarantee that you will get these results if any at all. let’s
log in right now I want to show you the date really quickly here it is Wednesday
August 21st 2019 all right login right here and this is me as you
can see right here okay let’s go to Commission surd all right so again it is
August 21st and I’m at eleven thousand seven hundred dollars this month and
this is a very consistent business as you can see here
five hundred five hundred 200 500 500 and this is every day okay I am getting
sales every day and this is the first of August seven hundred five hundred five
hundred three hundred five hundred so this is a very very consistent
copy-and-paste ads business where you can make 100 200 300 and even five
hundred dollars per sale okay that’s per sale and that’s a hundred percent
Commission’s sent directly to you this is August let’s go back to July right
here I made fifteen thousand seven hundred
June fifteen thousand one hundred May nineteen thousand three hundred dollars
very consistent business this is the copy and paste ads business to be honest
with you I’ve been online for nine years this is the very best small ticket
business that I’ve ever aligned myself with April twenty one thousand one
hundred march twenty thousand nine hundred let’s go back one more and in
february nineteen thousand dollars again we’re in August right here now
this is a start of the busy season as you can say June July
you know August little slower right now this is the start of the busy season if
you have not had success online for this year yet it’s not too late we are in
August okay but it’s not too late to align yourself with copy-and-paste ads
business like the one that I’m going to show you right here and there’s two
reasons why I’m showing these results okay number one I just want you to know
that this is working number two you may not know me from a hole in the ground right
so I just wanted to let you know that I’m on the level to show you how to do
this stuff and what I mean by that to show you how to make money online
whether that’s just making an extra 500 to $1,500 per week or earning a
full-time six-figure plus income with this just just this one income stream
like I’m doing alright let’s get back to the training okay let’s get started with
the training right now I’m really excited to share with you three websites
where you can advertise absolutely free get traffic leads and sales all right so
this first one is a classified ad site alright it’s called the free advertising
forum and not a lot of people know about this they have over a hundred thousand
people registered here so your ads will get seen there’s no question about that
and what I love about it is that their business opportunity friendly so you can
post whatever affiliate program whatever work from home opportunity you have here
and it will be just fine it’ll get eyeballs on it and you’ll get leads
alright so again this is called the free ad form so right now I’m gonna show you
how to copy and paste ads and make 100 to 500 dollars online with this training
first thing we’re going to do is register for our account very very easy
to do email address confirm email enter the access code here I already have an
account as you see but put your username and the password you want
confirm your password and agree to their terms of service and then click Submit
then it’s going to ask you to go to your email and confirm your subscription
that’s all you have to do all right so now we’re going to login all right I
have my information here we have to do this access code here you always have to
do that so let me do that right now okay login and this is actually what it’s
gonna look like when you log in right here what you want to do you want to
click on place it for yet which brings you to this page right here and what
we’re gonna do is choose a category I would not worry about this right here
because we’re gonna be placing a free ad you have the option to have your ad out
front and to be seen longer okay but I’ll get into that in a little bit so
what we want to do is we want to click on jobs then we want to click on
business opportunities okay that’s cool now make sure this says 90 days no cost
because we’re not gonna pay for this ad like I said there are some options right
here but you’re gonna choose 90-day no-cost and they’re gonna put in your
title alright now in the description of this video there’s a link I’ve created a
whole swipe file for you I’ve got headlines I’ve got the body
itself and I’ve got some other things I created it especially for you absolutely
free now I’m not sure what opportunity that you’re promoting what affiliate
program but these ads or these headlines and ad copy will work for most all right
and again absolutely free it’s in the link at the bottom of this video okay so
let’s get started we’re gonna post the title okay we’re gonna copy and paste
the title so I have some right here so these are the headlines right here and
I’m gonna choose let’s see which one do I want okay could you use five hundred
dollars today step by
instructions okay let’s do that one so we’re gonna copy we’re gonna go back
over here we’re gonna post the title in just like that easy as that
now we’ve got the body okay this is the body and I have those as well again in
the description of this video there’s gonna be a link with all of these and I’m gonna
add a lot more to him okay let’s see here
let’s do and this is good okay again we’re gonna copy I’m gonna go back and
we’re gonna paste that in just like that now the tags here really good to use
tags people will do searches certain keywords how to make money from home
make money from home all that stuff now I have the tags in here as well so so
when you do tags there must be a comma after okay for example work from home
comma work from home jobs comma okay so these are keywords that people might
search for all right and what we want to do let’s just copy all of them you don’t
have to put all of them in there but let’s just put all of them in there
right now okay we’re gonna paste those in there and you don’t have to worry
about price anything like that your email address with the country the
United States and of course I’m in Minnesota let’s just do that but you can
post anywhere all right and let’s do Minneapolis st. Paul okay now this is
very important you’re gonna put the URL to your capture pages okay I’ll do that
right now all right that goes right to my capture
page you can also put images in here and I actually have some images here that
I’ve already used put those in here it’s easy to find images as a matter of fact
if you go to google okay let’s just put this in there roll of money
okay and we’ll use this one would be cool right here you can download this save as gonna save this computer
I’ll just put roll 1 download that to my desktop and I’ll show you how I’ll just
switch that out for you okay so we’ll get rid of that select the file again
and that should be right here oh here it is miss all right there okay so we’ve
got that or you got the idea you can put money or anything you want
in there there’s an option to place your YouTube video now of course I have a
youtube channel so absolutely I will I’ll just put my
YouTube video in there right there okay post ads make money now if you
don’t have one you can always use my video that’s fine okay so that’s really
all you have to do here now it’s a zero cost now if you want to add these little
attention getters here that’s fine but as mentioned before this is absolutely
free so we’re not gonna do that okay you can preview your ad right here
let’s just check it out see how it looks here alright so here’s the ad I am gonna
replace that I don’t like that at all you get the idea all right here’s your
ad and right here is where the links gonna be visit my website there you go
you just have to click accept and submit okay and there you have it your order
has been received successfully Thanks that’s it and here’s the actual ad I
just posted here posted a couple others – here you can see they’re getting views
and actually that was just the other day okay very excellent website to get
absolutely free traffic to your offer now I’m going to show you the second
website that you can use to copy and paste ads and make money with it’s
absolutely free again this is a free classified ad site and it’s called free
global classified ads it works the same way as the other one all you have to do
is register for your free account once you have you just have to log in alright
and this is what it looks like right here and of course we want to click on
this orange button up there publish your ad for free and again it kind of works
the same way so you have to choose in a category now this one has a work from
home as well as a business opportunity so we can choose work from home and here
are your going to put your headline in and remember the swipe file that I’m
going to give you for free in the description okay you can put the
headline in here put the body right here again you can get those from my swipe
file you know worried about the price the
country now here is where you’re gonna put your website and right here again
we’re gonna do the keywords you also have those in my swipe file as well you
can also put a YouTube video in here okay and then you click on publish now
they have some upgrades if you want to but absolutely free in between those two
sites you can get a lot of visitors leads and hopefully some sales. all right
now the third website that I wanted to show you it’s a it’s actually a strategy
okay it’s actually a really cool strategy and I just learned this not too
long ago so I wanted to pass this on to you but
it’s in Craigslist now I know what you’re thinking we’re not gonna actually
post a Craigslist ad okay here’s what we’re gonna do and it’s really a cool
method. I want to bring my screen down here because I really want to show you
what we’re what we’re after right here again a lot of people will come to
Craigslist with an opportunity will think hey I’m gonna post ads well here’s
a whole other strategy okay so let’s go after the people who actually have
resumes okay so you click on resumes you’re gonna go over here now I should
have widened my screen sorry about that as you can see now a lot of these people
really don’t have a profession they’re just looking for work okay and it
probably really doesn’t matter to them they just need money I guess the best
way to do this what I’ve learned is just to put in here work from home and you
can see I already did it and there’s a handful of people in my area here now
this is good one looking for odds-and-ends abs flexible part-time
okay now you can reply to these people and I actually have this script in that
swipe file alright so what we’re gonna do we’re gonna reply let’s do Gmail okay
and let me show you the script here Craigslist script
this is why you’re innocent first hi I saw your inquiry on Craigslist about you
looking for work I may have just what you’re looking for it pays out 100%
commissions of 100 to 500 dollars and there’s absolutely no explaining selling
or stocking of inventory please feel free to contact me here and we will send
you some information to review about our company and opportunity. okay so we just
want to reach out to him first you don’t want to spam I’m your link all right he
want a conversation with him and say hey I may have something that you’d be
interested in would you care looking at it okay just gonna copy okay copy and
you’re gonna paste that where did I go right there okay
all right and that’s really all you have to do again let’s go down here and click
send and that’s that all right now I have gotten some good response and I
want to show that to you right now all right I’m in my gmail account right here
just want to show you the date August 13th 2019 here and this is a response
that I got from a person so this strategy does work this Craigslist
strategy right here she says I would love to hear more please send me details
okay now when you get this you can respond to them by the other script I
have. let me show you that right there I’m not going to read all this but it
just outlines a little bit what we have and then you know you can put your
website link in there I did not do that but I responded to her earlier but what
you do you put your website link in there
you just copy and paste this and send it right after they message you back all
right so three ways three absolutely free ways to get traffic to your site
okay now I mentioned before if you don’t have a website if you don’t have an
opportunity I have one that I’ve been involved with for over nine months now
and you can make one hundred two hundred three hundred and even five hundred
dollar 100 percent Commission’s paid directly to you so to learn more about
that all you have to do is click the first link in the description of this
video and you can learn a lot more all FAQ’s and I also have that swipe
file in there absolutely free for you okay and that is in the description as
well alright there you go three websites that you can use to generate absolutely
free traffic to whatever you’re promoting okay so if you are looking to
ways to supplement your income from home or you you want to replace your job
altogether I can help you out okay I’ve been working online from home for the
past eight years and I’ve helped a lot of people along the way okay but you
don’t have to take my word for it all I want you to do now is opt-in to the link
below click the link below you’re going to learn more about me why you should
listen to me in the first place and some income proof and proof that I’ve helped
others out along the way too so if you are looking to earn one hundred two
hundred three hundred and even five hundred dollars per day okay with a very
simple copy and paste ad system then I want you to click the link below alright
if you have any questions I’ve got my contact information right below and I’ll
be standing by to answer whatever questions that you have okay so thanks
for watching I really appreciate it have a great marketing day!

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