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How To Control what Ads are Displayed on your YouTube Videos

How To Control what Ads are Displayed on your YouTube Videos

Hey, guys.  My name is Tim Schmoyer, and
it’s Thursday.  Time for some YouTube Q&A with you guys.  myyoutube912 wrote and asked
this, “Hi Tim.  Is there a way to limit what types of commercials are played in my videos
when I am a Partner?  There are some that I find inappropriate for my target audience.
 Thanks.” Yes, there is, and it’s actually very easy.  If you log in to your AdSense
account, at the very top you will see a link that says Allow and Block Ads. You click on
that and then you’ll have all these different options right here.  So, advertiser URLs,
you can put the URL of the advertiser whose ads that you don’t want to be displaying on
your content.  General categories that you can just eliminate, disallow or allow, if
you just kind of want to be like, “I don’t want any clothing stuff to show up on my-,”
 that you can kind of drill down to these a little bit, too, if you want. There are
other categories, sensitive categories, that some people kind of want to. . . Maybe, you
don’t want religion, or you don’t want dating stuff.  You can just disallow each of those.
 Then you also have the Ad Review Center where you can review different ads for your
account and things like that.  Everything in there is pretty self-explanatory, and if
you have any questions the Help menus make it really easy to understand. If any of you
guys have used this tool before and have some tips and ideas about how we can best utilize
this tool for blocking and allowing ads, please comment below and let us know.  I haven’t
used it a whole lot, just for a couple of little things here and there, so I’d love
to learn from you guys. If you have a question about YouTube or online video audience development,
whatever, that you’d like me to answer in an upcoming Thursday, comment on it below,
or in the description text of this video, you’ll find a link where you can send me a
video of you asking me your question.  It would be awesome to actually just put your
face right here and just interact with you guys a little bit that way.  So go check
that out, and if this is your first time here, we’d love to have you subscribe.  Every Tuesday
we take a look at online video news, talk about the latest things that are happening
in this industry, what it means for us as video creators.  On Tuesdays, we give you
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 And I do it all because I really believe that a lot of you guys have messages that
people out there really need to hear, and I’m going to help you guys get your message
to connect to the people who need to hear it and be changed by what you have to say.
 Thank you for letting me help you guys do that, so subscribe and I will see you guys
again next week.  Bye.

54 thoughts on “How To Control what Ads are Displayed on your YouTube Videos

  1. I blocked arts and entertainment because ads for movies are sometimes very violent. Despite the fact that all my content is family friendly those ads still played before my videos.

  2. Unless you own all commercial rights to a piece of content or have written permission to use it for commercial purposes from the copyright owner, you cannot use it on YouTube. Doesn't matter if it's a video game sound track, footage, characters, graphics, or anything else.

    The exception is if you're use of it is considered Fair Use, which is a grey and sticky area. I try to avoid it unless I'm clearly giving a commentary on copyrighted material. Even then, I try to avoid it.

  3. Are inappropriate ads ads showing up on your videos? Or maybe the ads of a competitor? Here's how to control what ads are displayed against your videos.
    #youtube   #adsense   #youtubetips   #adsensetips  

  4. Wow 36% of earnings from Religion and 14% from get rich quick? What do you attribute that too, tag words? Just curious. I really enjoy your vids, keep up the good work 😀 All the best ~Chris~

  5. does this block affect the income you make for ads on YouTube? I mean, blocking things like movie ads would affect your earnings? I'm thinking about blocking my competitors but worries me that could lower my earnings, any input, tim or others?

  6. I wonder if there's a way to see what ads have been placed on your videos through you AdSense account as opposed to clicking your own videos regularly to see what comes up. I am a Christian and an artist, so I have no problem with Christian ads, but I do with other religions or certain Christians that I would like the option not to have on my content. I understand MsDiaperD about violence for family-friendly content, again I would want to easily see what ads display on my content & go from there

  7. Hey Tim, can you talk to us a little bit about green screens, lighting, and all that good stuff and what your thoughts and opinions are on it? Any tips are greatly appreciated. I'm looking into making videos where I'd like weekly news on gaming, and I would love to hear what you have to say about this subject. Thanks!

  8. Well, theoretically AdWords is supposed to display ads that target viewers, so if those viewers are on your content, then I guess they're gonna show them those ads.

    However, that said, my personal experience is that I often see ads that are totally not targeted very well. Like, razors for women's legs? Ummm… Wrong audience.

  9. Yeah, somewhat, but it could affect it positively if you end up blocking the cheap guys. 🙂 Personally, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I doubt you'll see a significant difference in blocking your competitors.

  10. Hmm… I'm not sure there is. I think ultimately AdWords is targeting viewers, not content. If viewers who would be interested in a certain ad are watching your videos, then those ads will show up. I think you'd have to control who your viewers are in order to control every ad that shows up on your stuff, but I'm not positive about that.

  11. Do you have a specific question about this? I don't plan in getting into production-type stuff on this channel since it's already so heavily discussed on other channels. I'm focusing mostly on the audience development and optimization side of YouTube.

  12. Not really, just wanted to see your opinions on this subject because you have a really good level of knowledge on video in general. I went ahead and made some purchases, so I'm going to mess around with it. Thanks!

  13. Hey, Tim. What do you think about the new YouTube paid model that YouTube has just opened up to some? /channels/paid_channels I can't wait to hear your thought on this. 🙂

  14. Hmm… I don't know. Are you running ads on your videos? How long have you had ads active on your account?

  15. I'm not a full partner but I was under the impression that you can't block ads on your YouTube content but on websites you can. I may be wrong??

  16. Hello Tim;
    I appreciate your videos!
    I want to add background music to my videos , but I still want to generate revenue from the video. I am not exactly sure of the procedure. I downloaded some free music from Kevin Macleod and made a donation to his cause as well. Do I just add the music and tell where it comes from and then license it or is there an easier way. I know youtube has its own music. I see many channels that have music and state nothing of its origin. I tried downloading the music from youtube, but the video is being revued for monitization for about 3 months now???? Not sure what is going on….
    Any help at all would be appreciated.
    Thanks very much!     Al

  17. Tim…a competitor has been advertising on all my ads.  I found this out and yesterday I went into AdSense and put their domain on the "Block" list.  Today, their ads are still running on my videos.  Know how this could be?  What could I have done wrong?  Thanks for all the great info…..

  18. Thank you so much! I really want to monetize my videos, and I was concerned about this. You helped me out!

  19. Thank you, SO MUCH!
    This is going to greatly help me.
    As a Christian, the last thing I want/need are alcohol and undwear ads popping up on my channel.

  20. Is there not a way to control what ads you see on other videos? I'm from the U.S. but live in Central America, all my ads are in spanish and play over and over, it's annoying.

  21. Hey Tim. I optimized my video last month. It was only at the beginning of my video. I'm up to about 95,000 minutes per 28 days (WAHOO!!) Then I decided I'd let them place banner (overlay) ads on the interior at a couple different spots. The problem is they are placing skippable display ads in the middle now too. I'm afraid of people prematurely logging off my video. Is there a way to allow a skippable at the beginning and only banners thereafter?

  22. i want to display high paid adds on my videos , how i wud know that , this one or that one is high paying add, please guide

  23. Can you say "sweeeeeeeeeeet" because I swear you sound like Cartman from South Park. (especially end of this video!)

  24. Hi Tim, beneath my videos I see a "sponsored" section that is suggested products by google that they feel are related to my videos. (Carousel ads) How do I remove that?

  25. serious ad display question for you…

    on this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj3IizUeMvc )
    i have ads showing above the description with pictures of the product i review in the video. however these are not affiliate links or anything i entered into the video.

    my channel is monitized and so is this video.
    however these are not my amazon affiliate links (those are in the description.)

    so any clue how those have appeared there and what gives?
    i don't see a dime from those ads i am sure since i did not put them there.

    thanks for any leads or help!

  26. Can you control when and where the ads are placed and can u choose the length of ads? I have several youtube channels and have reached the mark where I can sign up. I try to make all my videos under 10 minutes and prefer to have just one ad in the beginning that runs 15-30 seconds only. Thanks

  27. i don't wanna empty all the adds on my upload but like to reduce it (to say just one). also can i control how they appear !

  28. Thank you really good information. Can you tell me what format to download a video to when I burn it to a DVD disk. I download some youtube videos and want to burn them to a disk that will play on my DVD player. Is it WMV or MP3 or 4 …???or one of the other modes? Thank you

  29. Hi Mr Tim first of all thank you so much for this informative video. I do have a question, my channel is ASMR channel so my viewers do not like loud ads during the video and I barely make any money from my videos so I would like to know how can I just choose those banner ads during the video, no loud pop up ads. Please reply. Thank you again. I subscribed to your channel.

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