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How To Communicate your Mental Health Needs – Psychology with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

How To Communicate your Mental Health Needs - Psychology with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

25 thoughts on “How To Communicate your Mental Health Needs – Psychology with Kati Morton | Kati Morton

  1. i tried to open up this way with my sister n law (of 15 years) who i adore her children and it worked one time. I was vulnerable and said that my heart was moving to ask to talk, even if it was on the phone once a week to try to get to know her and then her and my brother (who use to be my best friend since childhood) moved and they had all of their friends involved with helping and she never responded to continue to talk. I feel like she punished me and I can never do right. Then the vicious cycle of anxiety and depression hits and I'm emotionally exhausted that i don't even try to reach out. But i do want to say thanks Kati for being YOU 🙂 i have been a huge fan and i appreciate all your videos of help and wisdom. I'm sending you positivity !!!!!

  2. My sister made a Easter dinner this pass Sunday. It's because I'm so scared of being judged by my family because I'm struggling with a drug addiction I just didn't show up at all

  3. “First you do number 1, then you do number 2, then….. nobody thinks like that.”

    I think like that :/

    Kati’s channel is amazing! I have a much better understanding of my mental health and what to expect while trying to get through this tough time.

  4. I feel like I need help for my mental health, I wanna tell my parents but I don't know how, I think my problem is an anxiety like thing, I just don't know how to start..

  5. Hi Kati, I realized that the reason why sometimes healthy communication is so difficult for me is because I don' have much statistics of such language in my mind (in a Psycholinguistic class from my college I learned that humans learn to speak language has a lot to do with the statistics they collect in their brain from their surroundings). How would you recommend us to build up our "statistics of healthy communication/language"?

  6. Hey Kati/anyone else reading, what are we counting as a crisis? I have ideas in mind but I’m not too sure where I would differentiate a crisis to some bad news.

    One idea of a crisis I have is if I’m in this really dark, shitty place and I am in a position where I might actually harm myself or attempt to take my life, rather than just think of it. It’s weird, it can go into this grey area where the lines between being able to contain these wants and urges in thoughts and having those thoughts overwhelm me can be a bit blurry to see sometimes. Anyway, ramble aside, that would count as a crisis, right?

    What else would count as a crisis? Would love to hear back so I can be educated and know how to take better care of myself 🙂

  7. Kati, THANK YOU very much for making these video's. Helping so many teenagers / adults. Thank you for your time and effort.

  8. Wow I’ve been having moments (that turn into hours then days and sometimes weeks) that I didn’t know what to call where I just started crying nonstop with trouble sleeping just very overwhelmed I guess with life and where things are going wrong or all the stress I haven’t let out and on top of that I would burst out in tears just making a doctors appointment. I guess I call that a crisis and preparing for that is awesome. When you said that I thought of making a note to myself and to someone I would vent to. I also heard from someone else that it’d be cool to make a self care box for yourself through those crisis

  9. How do I explain to my kids 7 & 5 that I’m going to go to inpatient? they get very emotional if they know I’m going to the hospital and will break down crying instantly if I tell them I’m leaving. I went to impatient twice over the past 4 years once was for two weeks and my husband refused to bring them to “a place like that” to see me he also said he doesn’t want to be around people like that and so I was alone the entire time. And the second time I was there for less then 24 hours because I had to be rushed to the hospital for a perforated peptic ulcer and was told when I arrived that I was going to die if I didn’t get emergency surgery but a miracle happened and the doctor seen on the MRI after a second look before I was going into surgery that my small intestine flipped up and suctioned onto the hole in my stomach stoping the bleeding… I was then admitted for 10 days at that point. Since then I’ve had to get two surgery’s and was in the hospital for just under a week each time. I know I desperately need serious help but what do I do when I feel like it will cause my children trauma if i Leave? I’ve been very good at keeping it together in front of them and putting on my “happy everything if fine mask” yet m dyeing inside. Also, I don’t know how my husband will pay the mortgage or any bills at all if he can’t work because I’m gone, we have no support system around us, we are each others support system.

  10. Do you have a video about people who shut people out (ignoring messages) Not communicating. I have a near and dear friend who has shut me out for over a year and I’m heartbroken. And it’s not the first time. 💔😢 I’m invisible. 😢

  11. In the last year I had Maybe 5 probably more episodes where I screamed at my partner to please send me away. I did therapy for a little while but left do to my therapist canceling multiple appointments with next to no notice. My partner and roomate both told me i just needed to calm down and think of the kids. Problem was I was thinking of the kids and how meny times I have lashed out on them verbally because I was not dealing with my issues properly.

  12. Please collab with Dan Howell he once advised you in a mental health video and I know for sure you'll reach a big audience which is very important. Thanx!

  13. Hi, Kati! Thank you for making this video. I have difficulties how to tell people how I feel without offending them or sounding mellow dramatic or being judged.

  14. Sometimes we don’t know what we need in a crisis. Or we need treatment but it’s unavailable because we don’t have insurance and don’t want to go into massive debt. Which the thought of that often adds to our crisis. For example I’ve been struggling with anxiety that has me housebound, suicidal thoughts, and self harm and I want treatment but have no insurance and the thought of having such massive debt especially when I am already a burden on family and unable to provide for myself just adds to the reasons that it would be better for everyone if I would just hurry up and die.

  15. What if I l don’t know what I need? I keep being told that I will never get better if I don’t communicate what I need from them but I dont know what I need 🙁

  16. I have Autism and ADHD. Sometimes I have these Autistic meltdowns, and I feel awful. I don't know what to do. I feel like I've exhausted all of my resources. I cannot control my situation. I have a therapist but I don't like her.

  17. Here in Italy whenever I try to open up about my mental problems people always say: just eat! (and I can tell you, I m not skinny)

  18. KATI I WOULD LOVE TO CALAB PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. i know my channels not big and i havent been at it for long, but i have alot of knowledge and have helped alot of people and im even getting the oppertunity to teach my own group at my counseling center

  19. Well…..my experience is I can't open up because if I try to tell even the slightest thing that bothers me or pulls me down I just get something like "nay don't whine you're a boy" or "you just imagining things"
    When i try to explain I have a hole in my being when I should feel emotions except for 1 person they say something like "this is stupid"

    And these are family and a few of my close surrounding.

    Any tips? :'D

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